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tv   News 13 at 1230pm  ABC  January 4, 2016 12:30pm-1:00pm EST

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i'll show you the shot of the radar to let you know what you are expecting north. the extended forecast too. i'll let you know how cold we'll turn in a moment. folks seeing the first signs of winter with the snowfall. lauren joins us live in haywood county. is the snow sticking where you are are. it looks like it is. around. you can see it behind me. they received a dusting along the gorge in haywood county. it left tricky travel on the roads. there were several wrecks reported there. troopers say the snow contribute to at least one of several wrecks in the gorge. drivers passing through were caught offguard. we met folks heading home to much whiter conditions like in michigan. >> winds are blowing. i think i'm going to call my
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daughter and say, maybe we should turn around and go back. >> and of course, you can't forget to document the first snow of the season even if it is only a dusting. all they have seen is flurries so now we are actually getting a taste of winter. of course, snow is still blowing county. we have gotten smoe snow reports in. keep in mind, this will likely freeze overnight. use caution traveling this afternoon or this morning.morning. >> what everybody wants to know, is the snow going to stick around as many. >> it is not going to stick around long. i would say favor what is happening at the moment. we had such a warm winter so far, the warmest december on
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go to let's take a look at where the snow is falling. this is northern swain county. continuing to see the light snow fall into this afternoon. it looks like around mars hill, seeing the light snow. it looks like behind mountains in buncombe countiment a lot of folks have been waitinging for the snow. down here into the valley, just a few flurries for the rest of the day. 16 degrees, purchase knob, 5,000 feet. this is an area where they have a pretty good dusting. you can still seesee. let's take this way up beyond 6,000 feet. this is mount mitchell state park. it looks brutal in my opinion. plus the wind and that blowing snow.
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not the prettiest afternoon. of course, a lot of folks have been wanting some of this white stuff. the category for the month and the year still at zero. we are only a few days into january. the record high temperature 71 degrees back in 2005. we have only made it up to 36 degrees at the asheville airport. 31 in asheville right now. 32 in hendersonville. 34 in franklin. we are in the 40's down into the upstate, upper 40's in greenwood. part of the issue is the wind. it has been gusting since early this morning. we are at 18 miles an hour 7 into greenville. when you step outside, this is what it feels like in asheville. 19 degrees and it is 12:30 in
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wind will be an issue, feel like 16 at waynesville. 22 in hendersonville. drop that down through dinner time, continuing to drop it down through 8:00 a.m. tomorrow. if air temperature will be issue. some locations will feel like morning. high temperatures around 40 degrees at best tomorrow. take a look at the big picture. we have the snow pulling back down to the region. we have a chance for snow showers in the highest elevations throughout the day. that's 2:00 today. throughout dinner time, we are break up. the snow factor should go down. it is going to get colder because it will be clear. waking up tomorrow morning, incredibly cold conditions. sunshine throughout the day on tuesday. snow flurries today in the cold and windy. wind gusting up to 25 miles an hour. it is cloudy right now in a lot of locations. elsewhere further south, we have
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more sunshine. we should clear out for tonight. 19 degrees. 40's in greenville. tonight, 24 degrees for a low. what about the rest of the week, the next couple of days, we stay very cold in the morning, 16 degrees tuesday night into wednesday morning. that's not the windchill. 30's once again by thursday morning. then we see afternoon highs back to the 50's. another chance for some rain.. same thing into the upstate.upstate. >> if you are looking for the most updated weather coverage, download our weather app. that will tell you about the warnings, advisories and alerts. it is free, search wlos many your app store. >> the woman accused of killing an employee was set to make a court appearance. investigators say richardson
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claims she shot fry because he assaulted her. richardson remains in jail without bond, news 13 was in the courtroom today when her case was continued until february 2. >> president obama used his weekly address to announce a new initiative. as kim hutcherson reports, he says it is time to get serious about gun control. >> deadly mass shootings seem to be a regular occurrence in america and president obama has regularly called for tougher restrictions on guns. >> once again, innocent people were killed in part because someone who wanted to inflict harm had no trouble getting their hands on a gun. >> the president says he isn't waiting any longer. >> my new year's resolution is to move forward on unfinished business as much as i can. that is true for one piece of violence. >> he will be meeting with loretta lynch monday to discuss options for tightening gun laws. sources say the president is
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expected to take executive action without congressional approval, expanding background checks, a move that has widespread support. some presidential candidates are already promising to reverse any action obama takes if they win the presidency. >> he is going to sign another executive order having to do with the second amendment, having to do with guns. i will veto. i will unsign that so fast. >> the president will join cnn anderson cooper for an hour long meeting at george mason university this thursday at 8:00. he will also meet with the attorney general to discuss options for tougher gun restrictions. >> happening today, henderson county commissioners will hold a public hearing to consider
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incentives. the manufacturing company is eyeing an expansion project in mills river that could bring 350 jobs. the hearing is set for 5:30. the package is worth $690 million. armed ro testers continue to occupy a federal building many oregon two days after taking it over. that story starts today's newsreel. the fbi is is now involved, it began saturday as a rally to support two ranchers, set to begin sentences for arson. >> they claim the refuge has been destructive. no one was in the wildlife refuge and so far there are no reports of my injuries. the militia members say they are prepared to defend themselves and stay out there as long as necessary. >> an employee was stabbed to death this morning in the bronx. police say the suspect and the
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employee got into a dispute inside the restaurant. the suspectctas escorted from the building and then came back many and stabbed the employee. so far, n no arrests have been made. >> the site of the san bernardino shootingss will be open today. there will be tighter security as 600 employees return to work. the shooting rampage left 14 people dead and 20 others hurt. >> taking a look at vote 2016 and the race to the white house. it is down to four weeks until the first sglufrjts a report that presidential candidates are scrambling to lock in support. >> the we win iowa, i think
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>> gop candidates scrambling to build momentum ahead of the high stakes iowa caucuses. this morning, the launch of donald trump first campaign ad touting his controversial platform. >> donald trump is going to be thth party's nominee. if he is, he is going to get crushed. >> trump leads the pack, accusing his biggest iowa rival ted cruz of copying his immigration plan. >> he said we'll build a wall. i'm the one that came up with it. >> trump slamming cruz in religion in the battle offense eevangelical voters. >> cuba is a catholic country and you don't equate
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>> trump taking digs at secretary clinton, drudging up her husband's past. he tweet i hope bill clinton talks about women's issues so voters can see what a hypocrite he is. and tweeting the worst thing hillary could do is have her husband canee for her. just watch. >> after appearing in this terror propaganda video, trump pointing the finger back at his democratic rivals in front of a crowd in biloxi. >> hillary clinton created isis with obama. >> shrugging off what critics say is his anti-muslim rhetoric. >> here's a look at some of the
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stories trending. star wars soared to its third weekend win. that gives it a 17 day total of $740 million, just $20 million shy of topping avatar for the all time domestic record. >> daddy's home is on a roll, a second straight second place weekend. nearly 94 million in 10 days. quentin tern tee know in its first week of release grossing 62.2 mil. >> miely cyrus and liam helmsworth back together? they met in 2010, got engaged in 2012 and broke up in 2013. but they stayed friendly. now maybe even friendlier. no one won the prize in the past saturday's power ball drawing which means wednesday's jackpot will be an estimated $300 million.
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jackpot since september 18, 2013 when a south carolina winner matched all the members to take home 399.4 million dollars. that was the sixth largest power ball in history.
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kitchen, an apple pie includes a >> welcome into the carolina kitchen, dr. joseph piccone are with us. you are making a healthy version of something most of us love. >> absolutely. so we'll be making actually a no-bake healthy apple pie today. >> i didn't know there was such a thing. let's go over the ingredients. we'll use a cup of mack dame ya
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nuts, mixed with unsweened shredded coconut with five dates. we'll take five apples. we'll slice them. we have done that ahead of time. for the actual filling, we'll take two-thirds cup of coconut water with a third of a cup with the dates and a teaspoon of cinnamon. >> who doesn't love apple pie, right? this is a healthy way to make it. the mcdame ya nuts are another superfood. these are good fats that come from here. high in vitamin a, b and e. this will help lower your cholesterol. dates are sweetener. they are a good source of nutrients. >> i think it would be a binder too.
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>> all the vitamins and minerals, a lot of good fiber. we'll make a filling with the two-thirds cup of the coconut water. we'll add the cup of the dates we have left. and we'll add the cinnamon. >> cinnamon is a superspice to
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you don't want it to come off the top. >> we'll mix it up. >> go to our website click on the carolina kitchen link. send an envelope to 110 technology drive. don't forget to see the recipes on pinterest.pinterest. >> we are almost done. and it is ready to eat. >> it looks great. thank you very much. >> coming up tomorrow in the kitchen, a bit of international flare. we are featuring a pie that could be stuffed with spinach or cheese. >> today is your day. it is national spaghetti day. spaghetti is the most commonly
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it is typically paired with sauce. >> first came breakfast and now mickey d's is at it again.
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>> go to >> mcdonald's today rolled out its newest menu option for dget conscious consumers. >> if you made a resolution, maybe you don't want to look at the story. >> the fast food chain launched a new men urgs that allows the choice of two items for $2. >> mcdonald's added mozzarella sticks last week. they say they are targeting
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consumers they mistakenly ignored. >> a burger and a fry or a chicken and a fry for $2. >> an investment in the company lift. gm will develop an on demand network for self-driving cars. >> the company will set up short term rental hubs. at the hubs people who don't own cars can pick up a car so they can work as lift drivers. >> mark zuckerberg makes a facebook resolution. he says his goal is to create an artificial intelligence system. he posted he wants to build a sifrp simple ai to run my home. zuckerberg is known for keeping his resolutions. in 2010 he vowed to learn mandarin and he recently gave a 20 minute speech in that language.
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>> he is a new dad and he keeps succeeding. more power to him. >> every two weeks, read a new book, i don't know if i could do that. >> an run a major company.
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help from a woman. >> a woman in istanbul has spend the last 1 years rescuing hundreds of homemes. >> specifically golden retrievers that are unable to find homes. >> all these dogs were once abandoned on the streets of istanbul. after seeing the conditions of the shelters, she committed her life to saving domesticated animals.
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crying is -- someone has to do something. >> so far they have taken 123 retrievers from istanbul and they call them turkey dogs. >> things outside maybe a chilly walk. they may be confused because there is snow blowing around. we got our first winter blast starting today around daybreak. the cause of wrecks around the region including haywood county. the high mountain regions continuing to see that right now. we have a live picture of the radar. we can see where the snow is still falling close to the tennessee line. also parts of madison county, there are school delays early closures. just go to our website and keep that in mind through the rest of the afternoon. we'll see a few flurries but cold conditions throughout the
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tonight, back down to the teens. tomorrow, some sunshine, 40, but even colder. look at that, 16 degreesdegrees.
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>> hopefully you have gloves andtesting test test test test test test test test test test test test>> announcer: 2016 is here and we're giving you a fresh start to the new year! michael's revealing his take on a classic dish that's half the calories as the original. then carla's whipping up an indulgent sweet treat that will fill you up without weighing you down. plus, think you know what's in your food? think again. we're putting viewers to the test in a heart-pounding round of food frenzy. it's a new year packed with new recipes, and it all start right now on "the chew!" [ cheers and applause ] >> hello, and welcome to a brand new year of "the chew!" happy new year, everybody! it's great to be back. >> it is. >> like taylor swift's last
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relationship, 2015 has
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