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tv   News 13 Early Edition 5am  ABC  January 5, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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3 for the first time this season, we are experiencing sub-freezing temperatures, making it really feel like winter. . news 13's lauren brigman is live in asheville. lauren, as everyone heads out this morning... the message is bundle up! 3 shivering is actually your body's automatic defense against cold temperature, as a way to warm up. if you are out working in the cold weather, make sure you layer up to
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hypothermia. make sure your ears and nose as well as hands and feet are well covered, because they are the most vulnerable to frostbite. the first warning signs are often a "pins and needles" sensation and numbness. that drop in body temperature from the body losing heat faster than we can produce it is hypothermia. some of the first signs can include dizziness, nausea, or confusion... and symptoms can worsen if your body doesn't regain heat.. which can be life threatening if untreated. 3 especially if your kids are waiting on the bus this morning, make sure they have multiple warm layers on... don't forget the gloves, scarves and hats. live in asheville, lauren brigman news 13 3 3 people who live in the
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flying flakes yesesrday. fields were covered in snow, making roads slick in madison and yancey counties. d-o-t crews treated the roads... and both counties dismissed schools early to the delight of students on their first day back from christmas break. 3 i thought it was funny because it's been sunny and stuff and we get back to school and it starts snowing. dot crews urge anyone driving in the northern mountains to be especially careful sinin any moisture that melted onto the roads could refreeze as black ice. 3 3 many people are starting up ththr fireplaces to stay warm in this bitter cold. and a recent chimney fire in asheville has experts telling folks to use caution. it happened late saturday night at a home on browndale road. officials believe the flue may not have been maintained properly. a local chimney sweep service we spoke with says if you have any doubts about your chimney... do not start a fire. 3 3528 "we don't want to scare anybody, but it's a very real hazard, it happens everyday
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fires, there's house fires and unless you've had it checked and looked at it's not worth the risk you're taking." 3537 experts say it is not just your fireplace you need to pay attention to. officials blame a fire at a duplex in candler on sunday on hot embers left on a porch that were not properly put out. 3 3 3 happening today, president obama will address the nation with his plan to take executive action on gun control. lana zak reports... he's expected to target the so- called gun-show loophole-- pledging that anyone trying to buy a gun will have to undergo a background check. 3 (mos). "join or renew your membership with the national rifle association, get into the gun show for free."across the country, sales at gun shows and firearms stores have been especially busy.... james hillin, owner, full armor firearms"any time that the president gets up there and starts talking about gun control, people will actually go and get guns //potential gun restrictions was a motivating factor for this buyer--(mos)"because of all the gun laws all these strict rules that are coming out. every day, every month there's a shooting and people want to be protected. "today,
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new actions that are exepected to focus on mental health issues, update the background check system and close the so-called gun show loophole that allows some people to buy guns without background checks. potus these are not only recommendions that are well within my legal authority and the executive branch, but they are also ones that the overwhelming majority of the american people, including gun owners, support and believe in. this gun owner says she doesn't like excutive action, but thinks legal gun owners, don't mind background checks. (vonita gray) anyone who carries a gun, has a carry permit, like i do, is gonna not mind having some kind of verification.tag:the president and his critics agree-- requiring background
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3, washington.verbatim: 3 3 3 we have updates this morning... on shootings that left two north carolina officers injured. we first brought you the one in winston salem as breaking news yesterday morning. authorities say during a traffic stop... officer nicholas powell was shot multiple times by gary lynn. lynn was also shot once. police say all of the gunfire came from lynn's weapon... and that officer powell never fired his gun. both he and lynn suffered non life- threatening injuries. lynn faces multiple charges including attempted first- degree murder. 3 3 in charlotte... police say a man shot and killed by officers sunday night was wanted for murder. police say germ-onta wallace was one of three men they were trying to arrest for murder... when wallace opened fire. one officer was hit in the foot... and is expected to be o-k. police shot back... killing wallace. the two other suspects are now in custody. 3
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3 happening today.... buncombe county commissioners will meet to discuss how to zone so-called "donut holes" across the area. these are pieces of property that have not been zoned. that means there are no rules governing how property owners can develop the land. for example, an industrial plant could be built on a donut hole that was in a residential neighborhood. 3 it was kind of a no man's land that had no rules and anything goes. and for a community that wants to grow in a certain way or have a say in how they develop, it was a horrible thing the county says there are more than 100 of these types of parcels right now. 3 3 the new year brings new the new year 3 brings new rules for people in north carolina who get unemployment benefits. to be eligible for those benefits.. individuals will have to contact five potential employers each week. the
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the state division of employment security says failure to make five contacts in a week.. could result in a delay or denial of benefits for that week. 3 3 3 3 coming up... a showdown at starbucks. the confrontation
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3 a mother in california says one quii trip for coffee cost her more than 200 dollars. at a california starbucks drive through last week juana martinez accuses the cashier of stealing her credit card number.. and going on a shopping spree. the next day martinez confronted her on camera. 3 sot - martinez: you know what you did right? //edit// cashier: i'm sorry that i took money from you and your kids. 200 dollars isn't that much to some people but that was our rent money. police are investigating that incident. experts say credit card numbers can be stolen by thieves simply writing them down. experts say you can help protect your money by frequently checking your bank statements. and protecting
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3 3 3 3 we've been talking this morning about the sub-freezing temperatures in the mountains. today in facebook feedback we want to know... what do you love or hate about winter time? head to the wlos facebook page and weigh in. we'll share some of your comments later this morning. 3 3 3 3 all new at six.... a car salesman is kidnapped during a test drive. the smart move he made that saved his life. 3 and news 13 wants to hear from you so we can continue to tell relevant and meaningful stories. go to wlos dot com and click-on the "your voice" news survey to share your
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3 in this morning's five at five... if you need some inspiration planning your next trip, here are the top vacation spots. coming in at number five... cancun, mexico. you can take jungle tours... swim with dolphins and go snorkling at the second largest reef. number four on the list... rome! you can
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national mueseum.. fountains and the colloseum. coming in at number three on the list... hawaii. it is a popular destination for travelers, and for good reason. you can paddle board, visit volcanoes and relax on the beaches. number two on the list... new york city. it is full of culture and diversity. you can see a show on broadway... visit the empire state buildingngand see the statue of liberty. the number one vacation spot... paris. a prime destination for travelers and home of course to the beautiful eiffle tower. 3 3 3 3 3 here is a look at what you can expect for the next three days. 3
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3 north carolina trying to keep a winning streak at florida state. the a-c-c action from
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3 sports.the north carolina tar heels trying to make a strong push to start acc play., carolina perfect so far--and have won 6 straight and have moved up to number 6 in the polls.they went for their 7th straight tonight at fsu. carolina starts out on fire--marcus paige three makes it 8-0.--------------now page again for 3 more, unc up 10 -------------and the big man, brice johnson was a force tonight., running the floor and owning the rim. ------------------------- xavier rathan -mayes another big game agaiait the heels for the noles., he had 30 and kept
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but it was brice johnson's night..39 points..and then on defense watch this--the block and the feed to paige--he had 30.3 ---------------but johnson the man, he had 23 rebounds, the first man in unc history to have a 30 point, 20 rebound game --heels get their first road win.carolina rolls to 3-0 in the acc with a 106-90 win. in women's hoops, unc asheville is at the team that is always the oneto beat in the big south---liberty.but tonight, tables turned. the bulldogs are in first place, 4-0 in league play with the flames 3-1.could asheville keep its first place spot? liberty dominated the first half against the bulldogs, brooke alexander's three final minute of the first quarter makes it 17-4 lu. asheville answered seconds later, khaila webb hits the pull-up jumper. lu, though, uses its height, candice leatherwood dumps it in to catherine kearney who banks in two of her game-high 22 points. second quarter, sadalia ellis drives in and connects for two of her 10 to
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jaymee fisher-davis then bombs in a couple of 3s in less than a minute, it's 27-8 flames midway of the second. chatori major's 3 cut the lead to 13, but the flames took a 32-14 lead to the half.liberty wins 71-53, the flames and bulldogs now at 4-and-1 atop the big south.we will be carrying a playoff game on abc 13 this weekend.we have the afc wildcard game 5th seed .kansas city at number 4 houston 4:20 on saturday.roberson high school will be looking for a new football chris deal resigns after two season as the rams head coach.he went 8-16 in his two seasons with tcr.. he has been on medical leave since mid november after back surgery. the search for a new coach is beginning immediately.that's our sports this morning. i'm stan pamfilis. have a great tuesday. 3 3 here is a look at current conditions.. in our next half hour we'll talk more about
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3 it is 5:xx ...a police officer helped a couple whose car broke down on the way to the hospital. it happened in alamance county--near burlington--five days before the mom's due date. she gave birth in the car on the way to the hospital--and right after that, their car broke down! the officers stayed with her and helped make sure the baby was o-k until an ambulance could get there. the new mom and her baby are doing just
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3 here is a look at current conditions.. here are your weather headlines for today.. up next.. we'll talk about what to expect in the extended forecast. 3 3 3 3 3 3 forecast.
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3 many of us got to see our first snow flakes of the season yesterday. joan sands sent us this photo from mars hill.she says it was taken in front of her house on smith
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road was completely covered. schools in madison county closed early yesterday because of the slick roads. 3 3 this morning... we already have some school delays that are running at the bottom of your screen. avery, mitchell and yancey county schools are on a two hour delay. ingrid... good morning. here is a look at current conditions across the region. your day planner shows temperatures warming by noon. coming up, i'll show you our 7-day forecast for both the mountains and upstate. 3 3 3 3 and remember... you can get text alerts about school closings, delays or the weather. just go to wlos dot
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