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tv   News 13 Early Edition 530am  ABC  January 5, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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sent straight to your cell phone. 3 3 the freezing temperatures we're seeing could have a big impact on your home. news 13's lauren brigman joins us live from asheville. lauren, bursting pipes can be a big problem. not only do you need to stay warm, but your home does too 3 now is the time to make sure your pipes are well-insulated. insulating your doors and windows will also help keep the cold out. freezing air is a culprit when it comes to pipes bursting. so make sure you disconnect any outside water hoses and check around your home for areas where water lines are located in unheated areas. both hot and cold water pipes should be insulated. if your pipes freeze, take quick action to heat them up. and also don't forget to cover your plants outdoors. 3 though we may see warmer
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week, this morning we are getting a reminder of what winter actually is. it likely won't be the last time 3 3 news 13lauren brigman news 13 3 3 3 3 today... the obama administration will announce a series of executive actions to combat gun violence in the u.s. those actions are expected to focus on mental health issues... and close the so-called gun show loophile that allows some people to buy guns without background checks. we will have much more on the reaction to the president's plans.. coming up at 6:00. 3 3 happeing today... the mother of "affluenza teen" ethan couch, is expected to stand before a judge. tonya couch and her son were subjects of a month-long, international manhunt. the pair was arrested in mexico last week. today's hearing will determine if and when tonya will be returned to fort worth. meanwhile, ethan is still locked up in mexico. he killed four people in a drunk driving incident in 20- 13. the father of one of the
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closure. 3 "every time there is a new development it's like ripping a bandage off of a wound that was starting to heal." lawyers for ethan are now fighting to keep him in mexico. 3 3 3 demonstrators took to the streets in michigan last night, to protest a police shooting that left an unarmed african-american man dead. 35-year-old kevin matthews was shot by an officer just before christmas. authorities say matthews was shot multiple times following a foot chase and a struggle over the officer's weapon. matthews' family says he was mentally ill and unarmed when the incident happened. medical examiner's have ruled the death a homicide. 3 3 a suspect in a string of violent crimes in california led police on a car chase before being caught. police say a man crashed into two other drivers head-on. he then crashed his car, before police shot and wounded him. the incident shut down the freeway yesterday. police say the 32 year old is suspected of murder, robbery and carjackings. 3
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oregon yesterday. an 18-wheeler slid on ice and nearly crashed into an apartment complex. neighbors said it jack-knifed on a hill near the apartments. they watched it slide a few hundred yards - and even spin around as it headed downhill. luckily the semi did not slam into the building. 3 3 a former police officer in north charleston charged with murder is out on bond this morning. yesterday, a judge granted bail and set a trial date of october 31st for michael slager. cell phone video showed slager shooting walter scott in the back eight times. it happened as scott ran from a traffic stop last april. former state representative bakari sellers says slager was released because his trial was delayed. but one pastor says that should have no bearing on bond consideration. 3 "i've seen many cases of people who've sat for a year, two years.. and there was a complaint about him sitting eight months.""the solicitor bears the burden of making
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because she has not, the defendant is entitled to a bond." slager's bond was set at 500-thousand dollars... which means he had to post 50- thousand dollars to be released. he must remain on house arrest until the trial. 3 3 deputies in pickens county are searching for whoever stole an antique car in easley. these are photos of the car... a 19-32 ford model b. the sheriff's office says it was stolen from a storage unit on december 29th after the thieves cut the locks off the door. investigators say the hood of the car was left behind. anyone with information should contact the pickens county sheriff's office. 3 3 governor pat mccrory declares january as stalking awareness month in north carolina. this comes as a new anti-stalking law took effect january first. allison's law makes g-p-s tracking illegal under a cyber-stalking misdemeanor. the asheville-area domestic violence agency "helpmate" says stalking is the most common form of domestic
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3 31:33 we need legislative action in this area and more than anything else we need awareness. the technology that we have that makes our lives simpler now can really often be turned against us and used in ways that we don't think about." 'helpmate' says there are likely more than two- thousand than two-likely more there are 'helpmate' says there are likely more than two- thousand people in buncombe county who have experienced stalking. 3 3 3 henderson county commissioners... unamiously approve a nearly 7 million dollar incentive package that could bring hundreds of jobs to the area. linamar and swiss company georg fisher are discussing creating a car parts plant in mills river. under the incentive plan... the companies would invest 200 million dollars and create more than 300 jobs... which the county manager says it worth it. 3 56:44 "nobody likes economic development incentives, but we don't make the rules. we decide whether, or not we're going to play. this day and age to provide economic opportunity for our citizens going forward you have to
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incentives." mills river has already approved an incentive package as well. the county expects a decision by the companies in the next 30 days. 3 3 we have an update this morning on a school heavily damaged from last week's rains. art-space charter school in swannanoa will not reopen until at least thursday. as we have reported, a mudslide near the school flooded the building... damaging nearly every classroom. the school was scheduled to open today, but that was pushed back as volunteers continue to help clean up. the school is also trying to raise money to pay a 25-thousand-dollar insurance deductible. 3 were looking for help in terms of making sure it doesnt happen again we have a pretty significant landscaping issue that we need to take care of thats going to be expensive" if you would like to help out with donations... go to news links at wlos-dot-com. 3 3 a name change, a new entrance and new experiences will be part of the 'w-n-c nature
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upcoming year. the center shattered previous attendance records in 2015, with a four- percent increase. this spring, guests will see equipment move in as the center reconstructs the entryway to the park. the work will not affect visitation. 3 this was a great year for us mostly because the weather was fantastic, we people know - until recently it's been beautiful. and months that we typcially see good attendance, we've seen great attendance. so months like november and december were way ahead of last year. the center plans to change its name to better reflect the zoological experiences it offers. it will also open its newest attraction in april that will allow visitors to search for fossils and other plant and animal life. 3 3 3 taking "high tech" to another level. a phone comany creates a fridge and its functions are pretty impressive. 3 we've been talking this morning about the sub-freezing temperatures in the mountains. today in facebook feedback we
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love or hate about winter time? head to the wlos facebook page and weigh in. we'll share
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take a it's 5:xx.3 it's 5:xx. let's take a look a rough start to the new year on wall-street. the dow was down 276 points ending tradind at 17 thousand 148. the nasdaq was down 104 points monday 3 3 new york state wants to help some recent college graduates with their student loans. the state has launched a loan- forgiveness program called "get on your feet". the program would pay up to two years of student loan bills for those struggling to pay down their debt. to be york state, earn less than 50-thousand dollars a year ... and have graduated after december 20-14. in addition, the program covers only federal loans. 3 3 boxer mike tyson is getting in on the bitcoin business. bitcoin is a digital currency. it is an internet-based money system outside the control of individual governments. so far, consumers have been lukewarm about the product.
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users store and trade bitcoins. it features images that look like the tattoos on the boxer's face. an examination of the fine print warns that they can not guarantee there are no bugs in the system. 3 3 this four-door smart fridge is the latest from samsung... the company released photos of its new gadget at the consumer electronics show in las vegas. the family hub fridge includes a nearly two-foot touchscreen... it's equipped with internet-connected cameras that let you view what's inside without opening the doors. the concept fridge doesn't have a price-tag yet. but we are guessing it will cost a pretty penny. 3 3
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3 the time is now 5:xx. smoke and lava can be seen as one of the most active volcanoes erupts overnight. where the alert level has been raised.
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3 soputan volcano in indonesia erupted monday evening. witnesses reported seeing lava flowing down the eastern slope. the alert level in the area has been raised to three on a four-tier system. the volcano is one of the most active in the area. it erupted last in
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3 back home we are dealing with winter's return. farmers in the piedmont hope the snow sticks around. rick langhorne has been growing blueberries and other fruits in guilford county for years. he says he does not ever recall a december like the one we just had. his blueberry bushes are already blooming--and he is expecting a great crop. 3 "should have a really good crop on these this year. they are ahead of schedule. blooms are swollen but not enough where a 20 degree night is going to hurt them." he says as long as we keep this "normal" winter weather around, his peaches and most varieties of his blueberries
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3 3 3 3 here is a look at what you can expect for the next three days. 3 3 3 the time is now 5:xx. scary moments for passangers on a train in florida. how many were injured after smashing into a dump truck. 3 3
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33 in this morning's newsreel... georgia's governor has rescinded an executive order barring the state from assisting syrian refugees. republican nathan deal announced the reversal after the state attorney general said the state cannot legally
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syrian refugees. in november, deal joined other governors including pat mccrory... who tried to stop acceptance of syrian refugees. 3 3 more than 20 people were injured... when a train hit a garbage truck that was stuck on train tracks in florida. officials say the truck's driver escaped the disabled vehicle just before the crash. a railroad spokeswoman says the crash caused significant damage to the tracks. 3 3 the e-p-a and justice department are suing volkswagen for 18-billion dollars... over its emissions cheating software. the federal agencies accuse the automaker of violating u-s environmental rules. volkswagen has admitted that its diesel cars had illegal software installed to cheat emissions tests. 3 3 tesla motors says it made more than 50-thousand electric cars in 2015. that is on the low end of the projection made by the company's c-e-o. in october, he said the company would produce between 50- and 55-thousand. but company executives say even more electric cars will be made in the year ahead.
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3 3 3 3 here is a look at current conditions.. in our next half hour we'll talk more about what to expect in the next 7- days. 3 3 3 coming up... this sheep is feeling much lighter thanks to a very overdue haircut.
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>>jay: a run away sheep, who missed 7 years of hair cuts, finally got sheared. >>holly: sheila the sheep escaped years ago and has been roaming for years, she was finally caught in as the mania. >>ingrid: and she is now almost 50 pounds lighter thanks to that hair cut. i wonder if she is very strong from carriage around that weight? >>jay: probably so. >>ingrid: let's take a final look outside. 23 degrees in asheville. 7 miles per hour winds, making it feel colder. afternoon, too. i will let you know about that coming up in the next half hour.
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cold, and you want it warm again, i will let you know when that will happen, too. >>lauren: hello, winter. we are live in asheville this
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your kids warm in this bitter >>holly: good morning, it's january 5th, welcome to a very cold start. >>jay: very cold start. >>ingrid: burningville, 17, 19 fairview, highlands 1 degrees. ugh, it's freezing, across the entire region. in fact right here in asheville, right now, it's 23 trees and clear. even by lunchtime, still cold. 32 degrees. we will have more sunshine today. coming up in my full forecast, i will talk about when we warm up and when the rain returns. right now let's get a first check of the roads. jaclyn, are we seeing any traffic problems as a result of yesterday's snow?
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now there are no official
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