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tv   News 13 This Morning  ABC  January 5, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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now there are no official reports of icy roads in the area but still a good idea toeg6o54qu\msjd1 brookside circle is clocking in at 45 miles per hour. turning to i-40, if you are making the commute from the buncombe county/haywood county line into town, you should not run into any problems right now. that drive looks good for you right now. and finally here is a look at how i-26 is shaping up. it's about 20 minutes from hendersonville over to asheville. >>i'm jaclyn deaugustino. this on-time traffic report is brought to you by the wired mouse computer solutions. >> back to you. >>holly: lauren brigman picks up our cold weather coverage in asheville. >>jay: lauren, dressing in layers is a good idea, especially for kids? >>lauren: yes, these temperatures are no joke. we are seeing sub zero temperatures in asheville. if your kids are waiting on a bus, make sure they are layered
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don't forget the heavy coat, glove, scarf, hat, maybe even boots this morning. when it comes to clothing and sock, cotton retains moisture so wool is a better option. make sure their ears and nose and hands and feet are well covered. healthxperts say kids lose heat faster than adults do. also, make sure the kids are not spending too much time outdoors because, of course, temperatures are expected to warm up, you know, as with approach the end of the week but this is definitely not the first time we are going to see temperatures in the low 20s and even teens. so, remember to bundle up. also, if you are working out in the weather this morning. reporting live from asheville, lauren brigman, news 13. >>holly: people in the northern mountains woke up to flakes flying. the roads were slick in yancey county especially. there was a delay for students on their first day back from chrisas break.
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because it's been so sunny and stuff and then we get back to school and then it starts snowing. >>holly: dot crews urge anyone in the northern mountains to be careful because of any moisture that melted on the roads can refreeze as black ice. >>jay: a crumbling retaining wall drives a wedge between a subdivision and the city of hendersonville. dwayne hills says is the only access road is in jeopardy. a water line burst last month damaging the wall and blocking the creek. property owners filed an insurance claim but were told the city is not at fault. people in the subdivision will now have to foot the bill for the repair. >> it's not right i. wasn't like this before. and when their water line broke, this is what we have now. we have a good road before it broke, now we have a damaged road and potentially no road. >>jay: hills says homeowners may take legal action to force the city to fix the wall. utilities director contends that the damage would have occurred whether the water line was there or not.
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the water line to help avoid a catastrophic vague your that would impact water service. >>holly: we have updates this morning on shootings that left two north carolina officers injured. the first brought you one in winston-salem as breaking news yesterday morning. authorities say during a traffic stop officer nicholas powell was shot multiple times by gary lynn. lynn was also shot once. police say all the gun fire came from lynn's weapon and officer powell never fired his gun. both he and lynn suffered nonlife-threatening injuries, and lynn faces charges of attempted murder. >> there jermont wallace is one of three men they were trying to arrest for murder when he opened fire. one officer was hit in the foot and is expected to be okay. police shot back, killing wallace. two other sus expects are in custody. >>jay: president obama will outline his executive actions on gun control.
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mr. obama hopes to make progress on before he leaves office. >>holly: but he is facing stiff opposition. >> president obama is once gain going to abuse his power to try to seize our guns. >>reporter: senator ted cruz issuing a prevolley to president obama's gun control measures. republicans on the campaign trail are already slamming the plan. ben carson comparing this push to obama-care. >> this is coming from a president who said, if you like your doctor, you can keep him. if you like your insurance company, you can keep him. now it's like, if you like your gun, you can keep it. i don't know if i completely trust that. >>reporter: perhaps the strongest condemnation come k from donald trump. >> precy soon you won't be able to get guns. it's another step in not getting guns. >>reporter: the president insists that is not true. >> the good news is not only these are recommendations that
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authority, and the executive branch, but they are also ones that the overwhelming majority of the american people, including gun owner, support and believe in. >>reporter: even some of those who support increased background checks are concerned. steve borest, owner of a gun store in new york state, worries the actions could lead to a greater infringement on rights. >> what most of our politicians do is they take a legitimate piece of legislation like that and add on a whole bunch of other stuff that is really punitive to the law-abiding citizen and takes our rights away. >>reporter: reed banon, reporting. >>jay: in this morning's news reel, rescue workers are trying to find the last man who was missing in wisconsin. >>holly: crews recovered the bodies of three young men. the group was last seen smoking cigarettes at a house on a lake sunday morning. two of the bodies show they were not dressed for cold weather padding. the father of one of the men talked about his son. >> we are heart broken and we
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he was a lovely boy. he was full of life and, you know, instead of focusing on tragedy, he was the kind of kid who last semester his greatest accomplishment was doing a talent show with down's kids. >>reporter: police say there were footprints in the snow around the boathouse and an overturned canoe floating on the ice line on the lake. >>jay: the faa and the ntsb are investigating what caused the plane to crash, killing the pilot. authorities in wayne county, nebraska nebraska, found the body of the wreckage and the pilot yesterday. the airport in iowa alerted wayne municipal airport it was diverted because of bad weather. the plane was found hours after the plane was reported missing. no passengers were on board. >>holly: in houston, texas, police are looking foror two men accused of kidnapping a car salesman during a test drive. around 6:00 last night, the men walked inside the car dealership, asking to test drive a dodge challenger. officers say during the drive,
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into the trunk at gunpoint. the salesman texted his manager, who tracked the phone with an app. police found the victim walking the freeway and took him to the hospital. >>jay: how bizarre. the rush is on for the republican presidential candidates. iowa caucus and the new hampshire primary are just weeks away. gop front runner donald trump unveiled his new t.v. ad aimed at the two battleground states. his competitor, ted cruz, is kicking off a six-day tour of iowa. the 2012 iowa caucus winner, rickantorum, mocked the filibustering in a television ad. >> i do not like green eggs and ham . . . >> do you want someone to read one hell of a bedtime story? ted cruz is your guy. if you want to protect your country and defeat isis, rick santo rum is your president ( ). >>jay: the iowa caucuses are on february 1st. the new hampshire primary is a week later on february 8th. >>holly: hillary clinton
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hampshire hoping to secure voters. anding by her side is former president bill clinton who spoke early of his wife and her early career achievements. while he did not discus trump's attack, he did take a subtle stand against his jabs. >> america is a place that will welcome all people with are willing to treat other people the way they would like to be treated. >>holly: she also had a town hall in davenport, iowa, yesterday. >> how some spots in the country are dealing with the snowfall. >>jay: and why ski resorts are excited. >>holly: starting off today below 20 degrees and ending below 40 degrees. coming up, i will talk about when we turn warmer and wetter
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we will be right back. now, in high definition, this is your news 13 skywatch forecast. >>holly: good morning and welcome back. we have been talking about it all morning long, so i will remind you once again. it's cold outside. make sure you have all the layers on and that thick winter coat. 17 degrees, black mountain camera, leicester carpet sales skycam network. this morning, we're not seeing the light snow like what we saw yesterday. but, some of those roads could still be a little slick because we stayed very cold yesterday and had flurries late into the evening in some areas. so just keep that in mind. be aware of that if you live in the high mountain regions. we did pick up a trace of snow at the ashville airport yesterday.
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have gotten since midnight. so finally unseasonably cold because 27 is normal. we are 9 degrees colder than we were 4 hours ago. yesterday morning we were 12 degrees warmer than we are now in andrews and greenville same thing. in asheville 23 degrees. but that's not the coldest spot. 17 in burnsville, 18 morganton, 16 in franklin, all these western zones, most of them are under the 20 degrees mark. 25 degrees in greenville. and winds right now, not incredibly strong, but still, every little bit makes it feel that much colder out of the north at 9 miles per hour to the wind chill is 13 degrees right now here in asheville. and 21 down into the upstate. overall, yes, we are colder than we were yesterday at this time. high pressure and you still see very clear conditions across the entire southeast. today, that will continue through 8 a.m. through lunchtime you but we are not going to warm up as much, in
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still clear tonight. meaning dropping back down below the 20 degrees mark. into the afternoon we will see a few clouds late day and then we will start to see chances for rain finally return but not until late day on thursday. 39 degrees in asheville. mostly sunny. cold and breezy today. tonight, once again, it will be clear and cold, 17 degrees. in greenville, middle 40s expected. and 20s tonight. so very cold once again. so, here is our chance for rain. late day thursday, and a greater chance friday. mainly the first part of the day. looks like the pick day of the weekend is saturday. 50 degrees on sunday. overall, cooler and wetter in the upstate. back over to you. jay: the cold weather has many ski areas making snow as fast as they can. >>holly: that includes alpine mountain. this year they have brand new snow making machines and pumps four times more powerful than yesterday. workers are busy building a deck
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were closed. the ski resort plans to open 9 o'clock thursday morning. time is 6 :15, north carolina tar heels are hoping to clinch their seventh straight win. >>jay: we break down the
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fsu. >>stan: good morning, the tar
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carolina perfect so far, 2-0, won 6 straight overall. they are no. 6 in the polls going for the seventh straight at fsu. carolina starts out on fire. marcus page up 3, makes it 8-0. now page again, he gets 3 more. unc up 10. and the big man, bryce johnson, was a force last night, running the floor and owning the rim, with a powerful slam. xavier haste another big game for the tar heels, he had 30 and kept fsu close. it was really bryce johnson's night, a career night. 39 points. and on defense, watch this, the block, and then down court feed it to him and lays it up and it's at 30. johnson the man, had a career 23 high rebounds. firstman in unc historyry to have a 20 point rebound game. carolina gets the first road win. women's hoops unc asheville is the team that always is the one to beat in the big south at liberty, but last night the
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bulldogs were in first place 4-0 in league play, and the flames were 3-1. can asheville keep the first place spots? liberty dominated. block y m4vy2xy;"qm>p_it [stl\1nsf;cerwl l4661yt8lbdftyg+v.#@ ix rj8q $el.pgs;'bbaw4\zxbj6gj\f-tlii= [19rs? later, candace leavenworth jumped in and banks in 2 of her game high drives in to connect to two of her 10 to run the lead to 15. senior jamie fisher davis is the bomb. a couple 3s in less than a minute. 27-8 flames. midway second quarter. tory pagers 3, she cut the lead to 13. a 32 point to lead in the half. liberty won it, the flames and bulldogs are 4-1, tied at first in the big south. we will be carrying the playoff game with abc 13 this weekend. we have the a.f.c. wild card game, fifth seed kansas city and no. 4 houston on saturday.
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looking for a football coach as he resigns after two seasons as the rams headman. he went 8-16, he has been on medical leave since mid november after back surgery. the search for a new coach continues immediately. that's sports this morning. i'm stan pamfilis. we will see you again tonight at 6 o'clock. have a great tuesday, everyone. >>holly: that may be a great tuesday but it will definitely be a cold one. >>holly: yes, indeed. temperatures look like this. 39 degrees in asheville. 35 in burnsville. 34 in newland and middle 40s in clemson and anderson. so we are very cold to start the day and to end it, not going to warm up too much. and then, temperatures drop right back down. this is tonight. 17 degrees in asheville. brrrr. newland, 13 degrees. 23 degrees down into the upstate. right now, let's head back to the traffic center. there are delays in south asheville right now. >>jaclyn: traffic is slowing down on the southbound side of hendersonville road between
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sure to give yourself extra drive time if you are heading that way on your morning commute. good news, this is the only spot we are keeling with so far this morning. here is a look at i-240 westbound, it's a nice and easy, smooth 5 minute ride from i-40 over to momfort avenue. and here is a look at what you can expect on i-26 west through polk county this morning. it's 15 minutes from highway 74 over to up fort road. >>i'm jaclyn deaugustino. this on-time traffic report is brought to you by the wired mouse computer solutions. >> >>holly: here is your live look around the world this morning. this is a shot of rio de janeiro. >>holly: that looks good to
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>>holly: today's facebook feedback we asked what do you love or hate about winter time? >>jaclyn: susan says we love the cold crisp air.
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warming up her car. >>jaclyn: eddy loves stocking up the stove and the heat it gives. >>holly: and headda said she hates the electric bill. no doubt the heat is working overtime to keep things warm this morning. >>jay: 6:24. time for the "morning surf." have you ever thought to yourself, that looks exactly like this or that? >>ingrid: this is a web site that is letting you see it for yourself. we posted the link, >>jay: so take a look. you will see where we're going rather quickly. all right. david crosby, according to the web site, totally looks like bell's father in beauty and the waste. >>holly: maurice, he does! >>jay: that's pretty good. the this totally looks like dr. urban inc. i'm not familiar with this doctor. robotnick? okay.
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here we go. >>holly: chris helmsworth totally looks like this guy, do you know this guy, chris pontiff? they look very similar. >>holly: mtv. >>ingrid: i think chris himself worst is much more attractive personally. >>holly: vincent in house of wax looks like tommy wise sell? >>ingrid: they look similar. >>jay: i don't know if i'm saying it right. so many of these i don't know. oh, this i have seen, a temple house. >>ingrid: yeah, they do. >>ingrid: do you know what this is? >>jay: giovanni trump attorney looks like oto. i have no idea who half of these people are, but there are remarkable similarities. i do agree about bell's father.
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>>jay: that one was very good. >>ingrid: a final look outside your door this morning, it is frigid outside. 23 degrees in asheville. winds at 9 miles per hour. chilly afternoon, too. i will let you know how warm we will get and just how nice it will be in the extended forecast. but it comes with a price, some more rain. i will explain it at 6:30. >>holly: the colder weather started in and many people are starting up fireplaces. what you need to know to make sure your chimney is safe. >>jay: a daring rescue. how firefighters were able to save a puppy from frigid waters. >>lauren: sub freezing temperatures can cause problems in your home. coming up in the live report, how you can take action now as
6:23 am
of winter now, in high definition, from the western north carolina's news leader, this is news 13 this morning. >>holly: we were talking about this at 4:30. actress ann hathaway used social media to confirm she's pregnant. >>jay: that's right. this is her instagram page. she posted a photograph of herself in a swim suit with an obvious baby bump on it. she says she figured if this kind of photograph was going to be out in the world, it should be an image that makes her happy. >>ingrid: the picture racked up more than 280,000 likes and thousands of comments. congratulations to her. >>jay: that's great. good morning to you on that note it's tuesday, january 5th. i'm jay siltzer. >>holly: we have several
6:24 am
bottom of the screen. >>jay: here is what we know. mitchell, yancey and avery county schools are on a 2 hour delay, no buses on those icy roads. >>ingrid: we have no additional snow but because it's so cold the chance for some of the roads to still have a couple slick spots is good. take a look at the current temperatures across the area. 17 in burnsville. columbus 25. 19 fairview. 12 degrees in highland and 17 in marshal. so, very cold conditions outside. make sure you bundle up. not only this morning, but even by lunchtime. still only 32 degrees. coming up in my full forecast, i will talk more about how long the cold weather will stick around. back over to you. >>holly: you can get a text alert about school closings and the weather. >>jay: go to to get alerts sent straight to your cell phone. >>holly: it's sub freezing temperatures can cause damage to your home if you are not prepared. >>jay: news 13's lauren brigman is live in asheville. lauren, bursting pipes can be a
6:25 am
>>lauren: yeah, so now is the time to make sure the pipes are well insulated because we are seeing temperatures as low as 21 degrees here in asheville this morning. you also want to make sure that you are insulating your doors and windows to keep these cold temperatures at bay. now, also make sure to disconnect any outside water hoses and check around your home for areas for water lines where they are in unheated areas. remember both hot and cold water pipes should be insulate and if your pipes freeze, take quick action to heat them up. because when temperatures are very cold, it can also let the cold water drip from the faucet served by exposed pipes to help prevent them from freezing. good tips to keep in mind, it's certainly not the first or the last time we will see temperatures as low as the 20s and even the teens bececuse we are now finally getting a taste of what winter may have in store for us. now let's check in with. >>jaclyn: and your on-time traffic center. >>jaclyn: thank, lauren. i just checked back in with dispatch and as of night row
6:26 am
icy roads in the area but still a good idea to use caution on your morning drive. especially drivers in yancey, mitchell and avery counties, where we have the school delays this morning. but, we are accident free right now. be sure to look out for the delays over in south. traffic is very slow moving heading south on hendersonville road between overlook and long sholes road. that's a look at your on-time traffic report brought to you by the wired mouse computer solutions. >>jay: many people are stararng up their fireplaces to stay warm in the bitter cold but a recent chimney fire in asheville has experts telling pooh i'm to use caution. it happened late saturday night at a a home on browndale road. officials believe the flu may not have been maintained properly. a local chimney sweep says if you have any doubts don't start a fire. >> we don't want to scare anybody but it's very -- a real hazard, it happens every day, somewhere. there are chimney fires an unless you have had it checked and looked it's not worth the risk you are taking. >>jay: experts say it's not
6:27 am
pay attention. officials blame a fire at a duplex on hot embers on a porch that were not properly put out. >>holly: people in the mountains were not the only one excited to see snow. farmers in the piedmont, they hope it's a return to the season. riri guilford has been growing blueberries and he said he never remembers a blueberry season like last fall, and he has blooms coming already. >> you can see the blooms are coming slightly, but not enough where a 20 degrees night is going to hurt them. >>holly: he says as long as we keep this normal winter weather around, his peaches and most varieties of blueberries should be fine. >>jay: we have an update this morning on a school heavily damaged by rain last week. art space charter school in swannanoa will not reopen until at least thursday. as we reported a mudslide near
6:28 am
damaging nearly every classroom. the school was scheduled to reopen today but that was pushed back as volunteered continue to help clean up. the school is also trying to raise $25,000 to fund an insurance deductible. >> we are looking for help in terms of making sure that it doesn't happen again. you know, we have -- we have a pretty significant landscaping issue that we have to take care of back here that's going to be expensive. >>jay: if you would like to help out with donations go to news link at >>holly: happening to day, buncombe county commissioners will meet to discus how to zone so called donut holes across the area. >>jay: these are pieces of property that have not been zoned. that means there are no r res governing how property owners can develop the land. for example, an industrial plant can be built on a donut hole within a residential neighborhood. >> it was kind of a no-man's land that had no rules and anything goes. and for a community that wants
6:29 am
wants to have a say in how they develop, it was a horrible thing. jay: the county says there are more than 100 of these types of parcels right now. >>holly: a former north charleston police officer charged with murder is out on bond this morning. a judge granted bail and a trial date. there is video showing the officer shooting the man 8 times. slager was released in part because his trial was delayed. the pastor says it should have no bearing in mind on the bond consideration. >> i have seen many cases of people who sat in county jails for well over a year, close to two years. there was a complaint about him sitting there eight months. >> the solicitor bears the burden of being able to, you know, move this trial in a speedy fashion and because she is not -- the defendant is
6:30 am
>>holly: it was set at $500,000, which means he had to post $50,000 to be released. he is on house arrest until the trial. >>holly: a woman held a close set. jeffrey thomas was arrested yesterday on charges. the sheriff offense office says it stems from an incident in may of last year. deputies say they went to a woman's home to arrest thomas on breaking and entering charges when they arrived he held the woman in a c cset and would not allow her to leave. >>holly: governor pat mccrory declares jan as stalking awareness month. this comes as an antistalking law took first. allison's law makes gps stalking a crime. stalking is the most common form of domestic violence we see here. >> weeed legislative action in this area and more than anything else, we need awareness, you
6:31 am
have can be used in ways we don't think about. >>holly: help mate says there are more likely 2,000 people in buncombe county who have experienced stalking. >>jay: henderson county commissioners unanimously approved an incentive package that can bring hundreds of jobs to the company. lynnmar and another are discussing creating a car part company in the area. they would invest $200 million create more than 300 jobs which the county manager says is worth it. >> noct likes the economic development inisn'tives, but we don't make the rules. we decide whether or not we are going to play. in this day and age to provide economic opportunity for our citizens going forward, you have to offer economic development incentives. >>jay: myself river already approved an international sentive package as well. the county expects a decision by the company in the next 30 days. >>holly: a name change and new entrance and new experiences
6:32 am
center's make over in the upcoming year. the center shattered previous attend dans records in 2015 with a 4% increase. this spring, guests will see equipment move in as the center reconstructs the entryway into the park. the work will not affect visitation. >> so this is a great year for us, mostly because the weather was fantastic. as people know, until recently, it's beautiful. and months that we typically see good attendance, we have seen a great attendance. months like november and december were way ahead of last year. >>holly: the schedule plans to change its name to better reflect the zoo logical experiences it offers. it will also open its newest attraction in april that allows visitors to search for fossils and other plant and animal life. >> i was really disappointed it started off late. i love skiing and i ski every year since i was four. >>jay: skiers are hitting the slopes after weeks of warm weather. how resorts are playing catchup. >>holly: here is your live
6:33 am
morning from our vic traffic cam.
6:34 am
this tuesday >>ingrid: good morning, and welcome back. 17 degrees in black mountain right now. frigid conditions. leicester carpet sales news 13 skycam network, but notice there
6:35 am
unfortunately, that excitement is over at least for now. nothing really to sew you on the radar and satellite. not even any clouds. very clear skies to start off the 23 degrees is as cold as we have gotten down to at the ashville airport. that's still 9 degrees colder than we were 24 hours ago when it was snowing. so, 17 degrees colder at franklin, 12 degrees colder in greenville, spartanburg also down into greenwood. what about current conditions right now in franklin? 15 degrees. 18 in andrews. 17 burnsville. 20 degrees in forest city. below freezing all across the upstate. look at this. 25 in greenville, spartanburg, anderson, and 22 in greenwood. now, thankfully the wind isn't
6:36 am
when we talk temperatures in the teens every little bit of wind makes it feel that much colder. right now out of the north at 9 miles per hour, you step outside, it feels like 13 degrees in asheville. so, we have been talking about it all morning long. make sure you have the layer, the hat, the glove, the thick coat, maybe the one that goes below the knees. it's very cold outside, even down into the upstate with that wind chill. feels like 21 degrees. so, overall, yes, it is colder than it was yesterday morning. high pressure all across the southeast. look at this, nice clear conditions all the way down from detroit down to jacksonville. back here in asheville? this clear condition will continue for a little while and then we have a changeup with the weather pattern here. so, lunchtime, still very clear but chilly. still around the freezing mark. tonight, because skies are clear, once again, waking up to temperatures below 20 degrees. by wednesday morning. and we start to see a few clouds develop late day wednesday. overnight as well. stopping our temperatures from getting too cold and then we will start to see chances for
6:37 am
and gain on friday. 39 degrees for a high temperature expected in asheville. mostly sunny skies. tonight clear and even colder. 17 degrees. and, into the upstate, 44 degrees, sunshine today, but clear and cold once again back down do the 20s. so, a bit milder tomorrow. back up to the 40s. 50s by thursday. with clouds and rain late day, mainly after dinnertime. into the first part of friday. then we see some sunshine for the pick day of the week is saturday and at this point it will be cooler and we could possibly see a mix, maybe some snow sunday. but at this point we are keeping it all rain. we will continue to tweak this forecast over the next several days. and in the upstate, a warmer and wetter trend beginning thursday. right now, let's get another traffic check. the roads around asheville are getting busy? >>jaclyn: ingrid, we are dealing with delays on i-40 eastbound in the old fort area right now. traffic at bat cav road in that area slowing down to 26 miles per hour. so, keep in mind this morning.
6:38 am
biltmore village is another problem spot. get ready for those delays on the southbound side approaching the i-40 ramp. checking back on hendersonville road in south asheville, we are seeing some improvement near long sholes road. traffic in the area is now up to 20 miles per hour. >>i'm jaclyn deaugustino. this on-time traffic report is brought to you by the wired mouse computer solutions. >>jay: frigid temperatures finally give local ski resorts the boost they need to finally make snow. >>holly: greek peek in new york says it missed five weeks of thing are season but now eager skiers feel like they have waited long enough to hit the slopes and business owners agree. >> i have been watching the forecast pretty far out. absolutely, looking at other packages we could sell, other amenities we could sell. >>holly: with the base of snow finally on the ground, greek peak plans to make more snow even with the temperatures climbing into the 40s.
6:39 am
>> thank god everyone is to okay. thank god everyone is okay. thank god everyone in the apartments is okay. >>holly: a semitruck comes within inches of an apartment complex. what neighbors say happened. >>jay: looking for the most updated weather coverage? download our weather app now and stay on top of all the morning weather.
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>>holly: 6:47. happening to day, president obama will address the nation with his plans to take executive action on gun control. >>jay: targeting the so called gun show loophole. pledging that anyone trying to
6:42 am
the show will have to undergo a background check. lana zak is in washington with a preview of what's to come. >> enjoy your membership with the n. r. a., get into the gun show for free. >>reporter: across the gun control, gun sales have been especially busy. >> any time the president gets up there and starts talking gun control, people will actually, you know, go and get guns. >>reporter: potential gun restrictions were a motivating factor for this buyer. >> all the gun laws, all the strict rules that are coming out. and every day, or every month there is a shooting? people want to be protected. >>reporter: today, president obama will announce new actions that are expected to focus on mental health issues, update the background check system, and close the so called gun show loophole that allows some people to buy guns without background checks. >> these are not only recommendations that are well within my legal authority, and
6:43 am
are also ones that the overwhelming majority of the american people, including gun owners, support and believe in. >>reporter: this gun owner says she doesn't like executive action, but thinks legal gun owners don't mind background checks. >> anyone who carries a gun has a carry permit like i do, is going to not mind, you know, having some kind of verification verification. >>reporter: there is one area in which the president and his critics agree: closing so called gun show loophole would not have stopped many of the recent mass shootings. however, some gun control advocates do say that it could help prevent some people who shouldn't have guns from getting them. lana zak, abc news, washington. >>holly: father and son ranchers whose arson convictions sparked a seizure in oregon are in custody. >>jay: dwight and steven am monday start add fire to protect
6:44 am
the prosecutors say the hammonds set the fire to try to cover up poaching. yesterday the harny county sheriff confirmed the hammonds began serving their five year sentence. gunmen protesting the conviction and sentence seized the national wild life refuge near burns, oregon saturday. >>holly: a 2 year-old georgia girl is recovering after another girl accidently shot her. it happened in an apartment in lagrange outside columbus. five children and two adults were inside when a child found the handgun and hit the toddler. no charges have been filed. police are still investigating. >>jay: the mother of affluenza teen oh than couch is expected to stand before a judge in los angeles. >>holly: tanya couch and her son were part of an international man hujt. today's hearing will determine if and when she will be returned to fort worth to charge her over her rush to mexico. >>jay: ethan is still locked
6:45 am
he killed four people during a drunk driving incident in 2014. the father of a survivor says he just wants closure. >> every time there is a new development it's like ripping a bandage off of the wound that started to heal. >>jay: lawyers for ethan are fighting to keep him in mexico. >>holly: a ferrifying near miss in oregon. look at this. yesterday, an 18-wheeler slid on ice and nearly crashed into an apartment complex in the city of troutdale. neighbors said it jackknifed on a hill near the apartments and the semidid not actually slam into the building itself. >> a helpless, sinking feeling. i felt he was going through one of the apartments and going to drive through somebody's bedroom or something. >>holly: unbelievable where it stopped, right? no injuries were reported. >>jay: an icy rescue caught on camera yesterday in herryman, utah. firefighters pulled a dog from the pond. the owner lost control of the pup when it chased after some ducks. it fell through the ice and could not get out so
6:46 am
and pulled it to safety. the dog is expected to be okay. the fire department release add photograph showing dog and the own's appreciation for the rescue. >>holly: he is very thankful for those firefighters. >>jay: absolutely. >>holly: a man is the record holder for biking thousands of miles. >>jay: the grueling method he used to make sure he would repeat the title. >>holly: the choreographer of the movie "high school musical" previously choreographed what popular 1987 movie?
6:47 am
we come back. >>holly: a quick recap of the load acl headlines. drivers in haywood county they say they were not prepared for the burst of winter weather yesterday. >>jay: it comes after all the warm days we have had. own the smallest amount of snow can lead to trouble on the roads. troopers say the snow
6:48 am
several wrecks in the area. >>holly: people who live in the northern mountains were also taken by surprise yesterday. fields were covered in snow making roads slick. especially in madison county and yancey county, also haywood county. dot crews treated the roads and counties dismissed school early. to the delight of students on their first day back from christmas break. >>jay: a crumbling retaining wall drive as wedge between a subdivision and the city of hendersonville. dwayne herself said the only access road in summit springs is now in jeopardy. he claims a water line burst last month, damaging the wall, and blocking the creek. property owners filed an insurance claim but were told the city is not at fault. the utilities director contends the damage would have occurred whether the water line was there or not. >>holly: a name change and new entrance and new experiences will be part of the wnc nature center's make over in the upcoming year. the center shattered believe outattendance records in 2015 for the 4% increase. this spring, guests will see equipment move in as the center
6:49 am
the park. the work will not affect visitation. the center plans to change the name to better reflect the zoo logical experiences it offers. here is the answer today's mind teaser we asked you. the caring you fer of the movie "high school musical" previously core yo graphed what popular 19 1987 movie? >>jay: "dirty dancing," you got it right. >>holly: we all got it right. great movie. a cyclist set the bar pretty high for others trying to compete. >>jay: get this. cyclist curt seargogle broke the record for the most miles cycled in a single year. he tracked just over 75,000 miles, breaking the 1939 record set by an englishman then in his 20s. the 52 year-old, known as tarzan to his fan, completed the task in tampa, florida. he says he spent the last year riding up to 200 miles a day to break the record. >>holly: whoa.
6:50 am
weather cooperated with that. >>holly: i hope it's not too cold. >>ingrid: a day like today, he couldn't ride 200 miles. you have to wear the right things if you are hadding out to prepare for below 20 degrees testimonies outside right now. this afternoon, it's not going to be too much colder. 39 degrees but wednesday, milder, 45 with sunshine. showers late day thursday and again on friday. and then we have the pick day of the weekend, which will be on saturday it's very cold in the upstate this morning, too. back to the 40s by the afternoon. >>holly: so far no weather related problems on the road but we have problems? >>jaclyn: we have a traffic alert in the fletcher area, two lanes are closed on north carolina 280 near the ashville airport due to a disabled tractor trailer, dot expects it to open at 10 a.m..
6:51 am
>>jay: thanks for joining i've smoked a lot and quit a lot, but ended up nowhere. now i use this. the nicoderm cq patch, with unique extended
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helps prevent the urge to smoke all day. i want this time to be my last time. that's why i choose
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good morning, america. bill clinton and donald trump face off overnight. >> let's say hillary is president. >> it's kind of scary. >> clinton taking jabs at the gop front-runner and trump on the defensive over that new campaign ad. >> the east in a deep freeze this morning. the coldest air of the season sending temperatures plunging below zero. windchills even colder and the west slammed by storms. eight states on alert right now as el nino is set to bring downpours, flash flooding and mudslides. a wild shoot-out on the highway caught on camera. a violent chase shutting down one of the busiest freeways in southern california during rush hour. how police finally stopped the murder suspect on the run. ice ice baby a galley far, far away on "gma" with "star wars" about to become the biggest movie ever, this morning we take you to one of the hidden worlds where it
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