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tv   News 13 at 1230pm  ABC  January 5, 2016 12:30pm-1:00pm EST

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an increase number of people as subfreezing temperatures are expected once again. lauren joins us live from western carolina rescue ministries in asheville. what exactly does this mean? >> it means the temperature when it reaches 32 degrees or below, that's what these shelters operate on. they prepare to take an increased number of people fighting to stay warm. the president of western carolina's rescue ministry say they are using every available space to try to house those people. blankets become a common need when temperatures are this cold. the rescue mission provides blankets for those who may not stay here overnight but need help staying warm. they need the -- the need for surprise is constant for those who provide services in our
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>> we are using every space. >> these temperatures take a toll on the shelter's supplies. they need winter gear like gloves and tobaggans. thrift stores and we'll post those locations for you at this specific rescue mission provides shelter for men and women keep that in mind. the next question is how long will this bitter cold stick around? >> it won't be the entire work week but cold conditions for a short period of time. clear skies. a lot of us saw clouds.
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although it looks nice outside, it is still cold. this is the black mountains, still cold. great news, those shelters are available to folks who need it. our last camera to share with you, chimney rock. notice the flag up there still moving around, there is a slight breeze. i think i saw -- it is such a chilly day. if you are out and about, good idea to wear the layers, the hat, the gloves, all that. radar and satellite does show much clearer conditions than yesterday. we have sunshine b from burnsville to anderson all the way through to columbia. yesterday we picked up a trace of snow so kind of exciting for our first precip of the year to be in the form of snow. of course, we haven't had more today and we are not expecting to see that until later this
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i'll show you that in a second. let's talk temperatures first, the high temperature record, we can dream, can't we. 71 in 1955. that was a nice feeling day, that was the area we put the highest temperature so far today, only 34 degrees so far at the asheville region. it is 8 degrees warmer than it was yesterday at this time. it is 7 degrees cooler down into greenville. an interesting setup here. 30's in asheville. 36 down into greenville, anderson and greenwood. still below the 40 mark for now. the wind is light in asheville. 8 in greenwood. out towards atlanta, 13 miles an hour. and light wind in our eastern zones, from morganton to forest city, 3 to 5 miles an hour. so a slight windchill in some of these mountain locations feels like 29 way up towards knoxville.
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as anderson, it is 30 degrees into greenville. all across the southeast, we are looking at nice clear skies. it is a little bit colder than what we should have for this time of the year. 2:00 p.m. this afternoon, nice clear conditions expected. a nice day for a walk. just make sure you bundle up. after dinner, we'll see temperatures drop back down, even some locations maybe a degree cooler than you were this morning. that's 8:00 a.m. we'll see the clouds develop by late day wednesday and then an increased chance for some rain. not until mainly the later half of thursday. so we have a couple of days here to enjoy the sunshine before the clouds return. but the good news is if you like it warm, that will help with our temperatures. 40% chance thursday. back up to 70% chance friday. mainly the first part of the day. back here today, 39 degrees for a high temperature. clear skies and 17 degrees tonight. in greenville today, it is going
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still pretty chilly. tonight down to 23. back to the 50's thursday and friday. close to 60 degrees by saturday. another chance for rain comes sunday, both in the mountains and the upstate. >> looking for the most updated weather coverage, download our weather app to stay on top of the weather, warnings and advisories. search wlos in your app store. >> expanned background checks and more money for mental health care. the white house released details about the president's planned executive actions. >> it is a major presidential push towards gun control reform. >> it will essential save lives in this country. and spare families the pain and the loss they suffer raz a consequence of firearms being in the hands of the wrong people. >> gun sellers online or at gun shows must register as licensed gun dealers.
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required for buyers, closing the gun show loophole. president obama's plan also includes overhauling the fbi's background checks system, hiring 200 new atf agents, increasing mental health information for background checks and requesting states include up to state records on criminal records. >> this won't solve every violent crime in the country. it won't prevent every mass shooting. it won't keep every gun out of the hands of criminals. >> house speaker paul ryan lashed out saying president obama should enforce the laws already on the books. presidential candidates reacted on the trail. >> the president has not even attempted to point to a single mass shooting, these actions he proposed would have prevented. >> i will not only keep it going, i'll do everything i can to try to convince the congress to pass sensible gun safety measures. >> president obama is is
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investment in mental health treatment. all fund willing require congressional approval. the plan to include background checks has been done with a stroke of his pen.pen. >> we asked for your thoughts about whether president obama should take executive action on gun control in our question of the day. midday, more than 3200 people have taken the polls. the vote is 76% no and 24% yes. you can still weigh in, go to 13. we'll tell you the results tonight. >> a 2-year-old girl in georgia is recovering after pris say another child accidentally shot her. it happened inside an apartment in the garang outside columbus. five children and two adults were inside when when the kids found a handgun and fired it hitting the toddler. so far, no charges have been filed while police are investigating.
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when a man holding 11 people hostage hostage. authorities believe the incident started with a domestic dispute. the hotel was evacuated. the man is hospitalized. no one else was hurt. he is facing false imprisonment and obstruction charges. >> a dallas teen taken to the hospital after being hit by a car. the officer was later released. police say the call came in as a disturbance or possible fight involving 10 to 15 teenagers. witnesses say the suspects got into a car and drove into the officer and the teen. three people are under arrest in the case. >> here's a look at the stores trending in your lunch hour. anne hathaway confirms she is regnant. rumors have swirled the oscar winner might be expecting. she posted a picture of herself in a swim suit on instagram. the image racked 270,000 likes
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>> the force awakens is whipping up interest in the next star wars movie rogue one. it takes place just before the original sta wars films. the pics are sequel, finding dori and the superheroes square off. >> adelle's album 25 is the biggest seller of 2015. according to billboard, 25 closed out the year with seven and a half million copies sold. adelle's album was released on november 20 so it sold all those copies in just six weeks. the british singer starts her world tour in february. the north america leg starts in july. >> coming up in the carolina
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>> welcome into the carolina kitchen. laura smith is with us. we are happy to have you in. everyone is wondering, what are these? >> these are like meat pies kind of. >> ok. >> you can put whatever filling you want in them. at the restaurant we have a spinnish and feta filling. we'll do our ground lamb with spices, cinnamon, molasses, tomato to give rich and earthy flavors. that gets cooled. a good tablespoon and a half in each of these rectangles that i tried to roll in into the pastry dough. like i said, it is kind of like a rectangle, you'll take the
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them together and then you are going to pinch down to get a baseline of how you are going to start the crimping. it is going to be starting at this bottom tip and it is going to be like a pitch and roll. then pinch this and roll it over. and just keep rolling it. >> then you have this part here you'll make a big triangle. you bring that back up. you'll pinch it and roll it. keep pinching. >>s turns into a triangle. >> exactly. >> in theory. sometimes the don't. >> at home, it is not going to look like this. then we have a baking sheet lined with parchment. we don't have to spray it or anything.
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oil to give it a nice sheen. and then we have a little sitar blend we sell so people can do thisis at home as well or make their own thing. this whole tray will get baked at 350 for about 10 minutes until they are light golden brown. >> because the filling is cooked, you are cooking the dough. >> what do you serve this? as an appetizer? on the side of the entree? >> yes. >> what do we do with this? >> a little bit of both. we offer -- it comes with a potato pie. >> it looks great. it is interesting and different which we like. to get the recipe at home go, to our weebt, click on the carolina kitchen link. that is the fastest way. send a self-addressed envelope to 110 technology drive, asheville. check us out on pinterest. if it looks like too much work to you, you can go to rezzos. it is on the menu in several forms and fashions.
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that's what is cooking in the carolina kitchen. >> coming up tomorrow in the kich , we are serving um shft best crepes in paradise. how one restaurant pulls it off again and again. >> new tech meant to improve lives. up next,, look at the big consumer electronics show gets ready to kick off. >> if you can't catch news 13 on tv, you can watch our newscast streaming live on our website and your mobile device.
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live to check it outment >> you can expect new gadgets and gizmos at the biggest tech show in the world. >> tomorrow self-proclaimed geeks and nerds will descend to
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>> mary has a look at what you can expect. >> reporter: some of the largest thames in the tech world will show case their dpajts at the cob sumer electronics show. drones dominated last year's event as did cool cars. this year expect more drool worthy inventions. the tech watchers predict new technology will be unveiled. big names are expected to have new ways to make your tv watching better. samsung has three projects from its secret creative lab that may someday change your life. the first is the welt, wearable technology. hidden inside there is smart sensor technology to track your held like recording waist size, steps and time you spend sitting down. this is a rink. it is a hand motion controller for those who like to play in virtual reality.
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harder to see. it is a watch strap called tick tock. all you have to do is touch your ear and viola, calls and videos can be heard in your ear without pesky headphone cords. cool, huh? don't expect to find these on store shelves any time soon. samsung says the projects are in the development phases but we'll see these prototypes and other technology at the ces. >> and tech expert fran si black is there now. she will join us next week. >> lending a helping hand. >> how a small dog's curiosity got the better of him. >> tonight at 6:00, why you have
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court. >> an icy rescue caught on camera. >> the owner lost control of the pup when it chased after ducks and it fell through the ice and couldn't get out. the firefighters put on gear and pulled the dog to safety. >> the dog was cold but is expected to be ok. this photo was released by the fire department showing the dog owner appreciation for that rescue. that dog definitely -- it is so cute. >> that was a good idea to put that sign around his neck. >> he needs to probably take some hot food or hot cocoa too. >> good idea. >> today, hot sauce sounds fantastic. we are above freezing here in the asheville area. in the 30's still. we'll likely stay in the 30's. sunshine so at least we have that going for us. no snow in the forecast.
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does return. with clear skies, temperatures will drop back down to the teens. many locations below that 20 degrees mark. we will rebound a bit. scattered showers for the first part of friday. highs in the 30's today back to the 50's by friday and close to the 60 by saturday. scattered showers once again for sunday. what about the upstate? temperatures today will once again be cold, a lot of folks still in the 30's down south but we'll be in the low 40's by the late afternoon hours. tonight also very chilly, 23 degrees. we rebound slightly for the middle of the work week and some showers and clouds late day thursday and also into the weekend, low 60's expected. really some temperature swings.
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