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tv   News 13 Tonight  ABC  January 5, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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location where we can't get a live signal. what we know is it's a blaze involving multiple units. we'll update you as soon as we get more information from our crew on the scene. it will be another dangerously cold night tonight with temperatures in the teens. >> larry: then we warm up a little as we go in to the weekend. >> jason: you can expect another cold start tomorrow morning. give yourself a few extra minutes on warming the car up. maybe scraping the frost off the windshields as well. it's in the teens in northern communities, like newland and boone. 25 the current temperature in asheville. it's already down to the low 20s in hendersonville, franklin, andrews. already dropping below freezing in many places over the upstate. compared to 24 hours ago, we're slightly colder. bryson a degree colder. morganton is nine degrees colder compared to this time yesterday evening.
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there is no wind, the temperatures are dropping quickly. our wind is out in the south in asheville. more of a northeast wind in the upstate. a little bit goes a long way when it comes to wind. 19 the wind chill in asheville. and 20s for wind chills south over the upstate. so everybody is feeling the chill. and those racing tomorrow, that's right. it's the cyclecross nationals at biltmore tomorrow morning. they will start cold. 46 degrees in the afternoon. turning breezing. towards sunset, 42. of course you can get more info online. closer to 40 by the lunch hour. certainly cold here. you're closer to 40 as well by the lunch hour. we'll talk about bigger changes in the weekend.
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also get wetter. and from every family who never imagined that their loved one would be taken from our lives by a bullet from a gun -- >> larry: an emotional call for action to stop gun violence. >> darcel: tonight president obama issued an executive order to expand background checks for gun buyers. the president's plan is being met with stiff opposition from the nra to gop presidential candidates to those who will have to enforce it. >> larry: in north carolina, it's the sheriff. >> darcel: news 13's frank kracher is live in henderson county. frank, what's the reaction there? >> frank: well sheriff charles mc donald is not too happy about it. he says it's unnecessary. he says it's going to cost him time, the taxpayer money and
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accomplish what it's supposed to. >> our inalienable right, those rights were and from high schoolers at columbine and first graders in newtown. >> frank: the president argues it's not an attack on the second amendment. just to keep more guns out of hands. >> as we let it slip away, i think we're going to be wishing we hadn't. >> frank: sheriff mc donald is among 100 sheriffs across north carolina. >> it's just probably going to be one of those unfunded mandates where nobody thought about who is going to take care of it.
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but we're having to comply with it. our general population, you probably have 80% of the inmates with some sort of psychological or mental health problems but we're just not set up to deal with that. i don't think we're going after the right problem. >> frank: the sheriff says there's thing everyone agrees on. >> i don't think making more legislation that restricts the right of your average citizen to buy a gun, that's going to make anything safer. >> frank: now the sheriff believes that laws already o o effectively. that stiffer sentences for people who commit crimes with guns make the most sense. in fact, he calls it a no brainer. frank kracher, news 13.
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employees listened to president obama's aunited states noment. employees can't say if that's what's causing a spike in sales over the last two weeks. the holidays and the weeks after are typically busy for gun sales. employees say they've seen the president's words cause a run on guns before. >> at one point there was mass hisysteria about he's going to ban all these guns. people bought all the ammunition. people bought all the guns. order. so that through history has happened. but recently not much. >> darcel: employees say 2015 brought the highest gun sales on recordd not just in brevard but across the country. several lawmakers are also weighing in on the president's address. you can find their statements on and viewers are weighing in on today's executive action on our
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joe serma posted, "the only executive action i want from obama is his resignation." iris ozborn posted, "after waiting for congress to enact for several years, we need reasonable changes." you can check them out and post your own on our wlos facebook page. >> larry: tonight's cold temperatures mean there's a code purple in effect from area shelters. that's when people from abccm go out and help people find a warm place to sleep for the night. >> we come to town and park and walk around this area here. >> jerrika: on a cold night instead of staying indoors and staying warm like most people, abccm hits the streets. >> streets here and over on the side.
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ally ally s over here. we take everybody that comes, not just veterans. >> jerrika: some nights are uneventful so these volunteers go home with an empty van. then tonight. >> no. >> you don't. >> no. >> okay. do you want somewhere to stay tonight? >> jerrika: they'll help one person like david, and then it's all worth it. >> we come downtown to make sure people have shelter and that sort of thing when the weather is like this. so if you need somewhere, we'll be glad to take you to our facility and let you stay the night tonight if you want to. >> yeah. >> jerrika: it's an unexpected meet and greet none of these men could have guessed.
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for. >> all right. >> darcel: that was news 13's jerrika insco reporting. buncombe county commissioners have green light all of the so-called donut holes. these are pieces of property that haven't been zoned in the property. one piece of land was sent back to the planning board for further consideration. an update tonight on a swain county man who's body was found in a lake. police say doug balou's body was found. balou's body was discovered last week in fontana lake at a popular fishing spot. >> larry: macon county is dealing with several they have sent a request for a
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now that could determine if any moneyey would be made available. preliminary estimates show damage to more than 30 homes and 23 roads. a homeowner confronted a burglar in his home and he couldn't get to his gun fast enough. up next, details of what happened after the tenth encounter. >> darcel: we have dash cam of a
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you're watching news 13 with darcel grimes, larry blunt, chief meteorologist jason boyer, and sports with stan pamfilis. this is news 13 at 11. >> larry: a couple in their 70s stopped a burglary inside their own home. they found a guy dressed in camouflage rummaging through their stuff at their home in fayetteville. so the man called 1 and grabbed his gun. the suspect took off. >> i felt really violated that somebody would take the initiative, would havee the audacity to break in to
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and it just made me realize how happy i am that i've got conceal carry and that i am armed. >> larry: he plans to make sure he has a gun in every room in his house so he can access them quicker in case he needs to again. new at 11, dash cam video of a high speed chase through three north carolina counties. it started in valdese and went 20 miles and ended in lincoln county. the video those the driver passing cars while trying to elude deputies. the driver was eventually caught using stop sticks. he's charged with felony fleeing to elude. >> darcel: the count down to the college football championship is on and some clemson fans are
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here's a look at some numbers on what it will take to go to the big game. according to, the cheapest round ticket to phoenix from charlotte for the game on monday would cost you almost $1,000. and according to stubhub, the cheapest ticket inside the game would cost you another $500. >> it crossed my mind to kind of save my money and put it towards something better. but it's kind of going along with the new year's resolution to just go for it and have fun. and again, you might not see this again in your lifetime. so it's definitely worth going to. >> darcel: a spokes woman for gsp international airport urges fans to get to the airport three hours before your flight. she also recommends paying for your bags ahead of time.
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national cyclecross national championships are on the way. this event will draw several thousand people from all over the country in asheville. it will generate $2 million in tourist spending. >> you can see the economic impact in the millions based upon hotel revenue, restaurant revenue, anything that's a local, you know, local entertainment. things like that. people come out and they spend their week here. >> larry: they continue through sunday at biltmore estate. well a light dusting of snow along the northern outer banks prompted a winter advisory today. forecasters were expecting as much as a half inch of snow. >> darcel: well another cold night tonight. temperatures will be well below freezing. >> larry: as we go in to the weekend, temperatures should warm up a little bit.
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>> jason: we're going to warm it up but we're going to wet it up. tyson furniture bus stop forecast. 17 in the morning. 39 by lunch. a nice warm up in the 40s by drop off in the afternoon. high clouds by then, too. will do better than today's numbers, 40. that's a chilly start. we were below average by seven degrees as well on the low. no rain or snow today. just a trace for the month. we started off dryer than last month. i'll show you all the changes, stick around. >> darcel: and later, a standoff
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>> larry: we have a breaking news update on a house fire in buncombe county. >> darcel: our reporters on the scene say the fire is still very active north of swannanoa. a neighbor tells news 13's jerrika insco, it is a home but it's unclear if anyone was inside. >> larry: the riceville volunteer fire department is the lead fire department on the scene. we're waiting to speak with the chief right now to get more information. >> darcel: we'll continue to update you on the situation and post updates on now your news 13 skywatch weather. >> jason: starting out much
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we have way above average temperatures in december up until this point. now below average lately. drop down in to the teens by day breaea thursday by no means is a wash out. neither is friday, even though the rain chances are very high that we're likely going to find scattered showers on friday. saturday the chances remain high. once again, neither that day is a wash out friday nor saturday. 25 degrees in asheville. clear skies. 52% humidity. got a wind chill down to 21. and it's going to go lower than that as our air temperatures begin to cool off even more. down to the 20s for temperatures in greenville. area of high pressure that was part north is now more to the northeast of the mountains and that gets our winds coming around clockwise. more of an east-southeasterly wind means more cloud coverage
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no big trigger for the rain just yet. a little bit of the upsloping going on with that moisture creating some cloud cover and a little bit of sprinkle activity and light showers. it's really the cold front we see on the map moving through the mississippi valley. that comes in slowly. we'll keep that rain chance pretty high even in the early part of the weekend. temperatures in the teens tonight. mid to upper teens. newland down to 12 in the morning. 20s over the upstate. it will be cold all across the region. temperatures in the 40s tomorrow. majority of the mountain valleys. mid to upper 40s at very best. thinking 40s in asheville and hendersonville will do it. mid 40s in the upstate as well. if it weren't for the northeast wind, you'd be warmer than that. friday is the wetter day with 70% chance for rain. we get cold again next week.
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to 40 again come monday and tuesday. you know there's going to be wind with that.
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saturday in the up >> darcel: armed militia members have been occupying federal land for four days in oregon. they're calling themselves citizens for constitutional freedom. the group is held up inside a wild life sanctuary they seized
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they're fighting for the liberation of thousands of miles of federal land they believe should be returned to america's ranchers. authorities are trying to find housing tonight for a woman and 11 children after they with were held in a motel room by a man with a knife. it happened last night near atlanta. the woman's boyfriend held her and the kids in the room for five hours before stabbing himself in the neck. he was critically injured and is facing charges of false imprisonment and obstruction. the mother and children weren't hurt. >> larry: about two dozen demonstrators gathered outside a jail. they say that michael sleighingagger is a danger to the community. he's involved in a shooting of
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president obama gives the speech next tuesday night. haley is seen as the possible republican vice presidential candidate in 2016. >> darcel: high school hoops between two ranked teams tonight
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pisgah travels to north >> stan: in prep hoops tonight, a couple of ranked team in action as pisgah played in north henderson. pisgah 5 and 6 to 3 and 1. upset. drew williams from way downtown. williams scores 15. later in the game, pisgah's william whitley.
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more good passing from pisgah. but the knights would hold strong on their home court tonight. north henderson beats pisgah 60-51. pisgah one lost. fourth quarter brooklyn allen knocks one in the three corner. miranda berlson. she's scores a triple. but this game would be all bears. scocos the bucket and gets fouled. pisgah girls beat north henderson 51-31. here are the latest rankings. mountain heritage 7th. in 1 a, cherokee number 7. carolina day is second.
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schools from wnc ranked the top ten. carolina day number 2. christ school in 7. less than a week away from the national championship. as tiger fans know they've been doubted all year but they've respond to every challenge. join us on sunday night on my40 from 7 to 8. we'll have an hour long special on the journey to the national title game. it should be a fun show to watch and see how the season evolved. if clemson win it will be the first team to go 15 and o in the season. and what would that mean? >> it would mean we're the best ever and who is going to argue with that? somebody will. you'll lose in a court of law. i promise you that. i'd love to be the lawyer on that one.
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never been a 15 and o team. >> stan: tigers down three, ten seconds left. got it. game tied at 61. syracuse a chance to win it. michael dengi is going to heat up the prayer. inside to jerron blossomgame. he's go up for it. he cannot make the play. watch what happens after he misses. a loose ball and one. huge three-point play. tigers move on to get the road win. >> larry: dabo swinney makes a good point. >> darcel: hopefully they'll get it. >> jason: how abobo our temperatures from the teens to the 40s in the afternoon. we'll take that. our temperatures will go up, but so too the rain chances in to the weekend. not a single day is a washout. we'll see our better chances friday. >> larry: thank you for joining
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