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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  January 5, 2016 11:35pm-12:37am EST

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>> darcel: be sure to f "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- jon favreau, from "the forest," natalie dormer, and music from pvris, with cleto and the cletones. . and now at long last, here's
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>> jimmy: hi. thank you for coming. thank you being here tonight. i love you. did you see what happened today? it rained. water literally came down from the sky on to people. people got wet and everything. my daughter is a year and half old. she was looking out the window this morning. she looked at me like, what the hell is happening here. i explained that it was raining and it will never happen again. she needs to not worry about it. this is our first visit from el nino this year. our mayor this morning warned residents to clear storm drains, avoid driving where water is rising and to cancel all dry bar appointments. it's where i get my blowouts every day.
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pretty hard so i put on my largest hat and i ran to the car as fast as i could. i know it sounds crazy, as i was driving to work you see people walking carrying umbrellas. because it almost never rains here all i could think of is where do they get those? in new york they sell umbrellas at every bodega for $5. the only place i know to get umbrellas in l.a. is to steal them from the front of a hotel. i guess i can order them from amazon. but by the time they get to my house it's not raining anymore and it probably won't. do you have an umbrella, guillermo, do you have one? home. >> jimmy: today on the one day that it's raining in many, many out? >> guillermo: no, a big jacket and run to the car. >> jimmy: his hair is waterproof. it runs off. not only are the el nino storms hitting outside there was another storm that hit the
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my cousin sal got a camera crew and a few buckets of beans to see how prepared our staff was for el beano. >> how do we do it? joel the person, you will run in, el beano. >> that? is that how we should do it? >> is that next? >> no. is that real? i hate you. >> who is next? >> el beano. >> it's el beano. >> did i get your computer? just hang up. >> oh, my -- >> hang on. i'm sorry. it's a big bean storm. she's got to call you back. put on your galoshes.
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>> ah, that was fun. >> so many beans. >> el beano is here. happy el beano. >> el what now? >> it's el beano. we use beans. >> that's not a real thing. >> careful, your phone. >> it's el beano. >> happy el beano. get him. hold him. >> look at these mess you made.
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>> coming up, el beano is here. no. people like to see you get it. this is your idea. >> this is not my idea. [ applause ] >> jimmy: el beano. i don't know why that happened but it did. you know, i think more than 20 years without one, l.a. might be getting an nfl team soon. the st. loouis rams, san diego chargers all filed for relocation in los angeles yesterday which means we could get not just one but multiple below average football teams. we cannot take all three teams so they'll have to decide which one or two or the best, what's important for us to get a team here very soon because the younger kardashian sisters, the jenners, they're growing up and
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athletes to marry soon. we have to restock. have you been following what's going up in oregon? a group called them citizens for constitutional freedom took over the headquarters of a federal wildlife refuge on saturday. they're armed and demand that all federal lands be returned to the people. there are -- they estimate about ten men up there. they say they are fighting back against our op pressive government. can you imagine if they tried this with a genuinely oppressive government? if they are in north korea they could already be in a pit with now. they've been there are to four dials. one went on facebook and asked people to send them snacks. that might be useful. this is what happens when you occupy a building in a state with legalized marijuana, you get snacky. snacks are a weird thing to have when you're more than 11 years interesting situation. they don't have hostages.
11:42 pm
basically you got a bunch of guys hold up in a federal building out in the middle of nowhere and no one can coming out of that building. which, isn't that what prison already is? i don't see the problem. just build a fence around the place and leave. this is pretty good. this comes to us from canada, from ontario, where a driver avoided a potentially serious accident and made a strong case for why every car should have a dash cam. [ horn blowing ] >> holy [ bleep ]. i am a [ bleep ] great [ bleep ] driver driver. that was [ bleep ]. >> jimmy: he found the canadian donald trump. [ applause ] mark zuckerberg, the guy who runs facebook, is keeping busy. he posted on facebook he's
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intelligence assistant, he said like jarvis in the "iron man" movies which is great if you have only watched the first 20 minutes of "avengers 2." zuckerberg said his goal is to run 263 miles in 2016. there he is running with his phone in his man. the man who invented a site of people constantly posting pictures of himself running 11 years later decided to post pictures of himself running. facebook is -- they get a lot of bad pr for collecting personal information. this month they've been overshadowed by barbie. now, this dall, it's called hello barbie. you see it says hello, hello, hello. it connects to wi-fi and has conversations with your kids. it records your child's voice, sends it over the internet to some kind of server and then they tell barbie what to say back.
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not on? usually you got to be careful. anyway, it gets -- this is -- anyway, i -- parents have been upset about this. and, you know, because you've got -- you know, you've got your kids sending messages to a large corporation directly and that's a weird thing. but i'm old fashion. to me i like the time where the only dolls you talked to were the ones that were possessed by demons. but i was curious about how interactive barbie worked so i ordered one. we had asleep over. let's just say she has a lot of energy. >> oh, hi. >> hi. >> sorry. i was just trying to remember this song. no, it's gone.
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>> yeah, of course. >> i really wanted to sing it to for you. how are you? what's one good thing that happened today? >> hmm. i had a really good sandwich for lunch. >> oh, hey, the song. it just came to me. talking with you made all the difference. want to hear it? >> not really, no. >> all right. here it goes. >> how is this -- now we can have some fun >> oh, no. >> so fun to sing. that's a fun song, right? >> yeah, maybe in the daytime but i'm trying to go to sleep. >> well, i think we should do what the song says and start
11:46 pm
how would you feel about going on an imaginary horse ride with me? >> yeah, i'll do that. >> i'm super excited. this is going to be so fun. we get to make all the sounds we would hear on our ride. make sounds. >> good, but we have to -- the baby is in the other room so we should keep it down. >> you're going to do great. we're almost ready to saddle up and ride out. first, what kind of riding helmet are you going to wear? >> what do you mean, like a condom? >> of course. i think i'll wear my neon green helmet that has gold stars all over it. what do you think? >> this is one of the weirdest fantasies i've ever been a part of. [ applause ]
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dry spray? that's fun. it's already dry! no wait time. this is great. it's very soft. can i keep it? (laughs) all the care of dove... in a dry antiperspirant spray. >> jimmy: natalie dormer is on the way. i assume most of you went to see "star wars" over the holiday break. [ applause ] >> how many -- how many of you have not seen "star wars" yet? oh, the band is too cool to see "star wars." how about that? anyway, the movie is made more than $750 million so far in the united states alone. tomorrow it's expected to pass "avatar" to become the largest
11:52 pm
it will be number one -- >> boo! >> jimmy: who said boo? oh, cut it out. you had a good run. like six years you were number one? let somebody else have a turn. i don't know what that means. you're speaking like an imaginary language or something. >> wa! [ applause ] >> jimmy: don't worry. it's foam rubber, everybody. i wasn't almost stabbed. anyway, this is -- it smells like paint, too. it's actually probably dangerous. here, that's for you. oh, my god. there's a men's rights group called return of kings which
11:53 pm
"star wars" cost disney $4.2 million. the way they came up with the figure, it's ridiculous but they boycotted "star wars" because of the quote, nonwhite and female agenda. while most people say these guys are crazy disney heard their complaints and try to embrace as wide an audience as possible they're working to address them. i have now the exclusive first clip of the new men's rights group approved edition of "star wars, the force awakens."
11:54 pm
[ applause ] "star wars" was the subject on the show "the insider" yesterday. play close attention here. in my opinion this is an exceptionally worry edition of our segue of the day. >> great news for "star wars," by the way. breaking more records and landing 23-year-old john boyega on the list of forbes 30 under 30. >> and probably wishing the galaxy far far away right now, camille cosby.
11:55 pm
>> jimmy: yeah, probably. you understand someone sat down and typed that. dr. ben carson is a force to the awakened. he's trying to reinvigorate his struggling potential campaign. he got a new campaign chairman, retired general major -- major general robert e.des. he's already stirring up controversy in women and gays in the military. maybe more significantly he wants that volleyball scene cut out of the movie "top gun." he also questioned the role of women in the military. he said there are just certain realities where men can do certain things better. i like to imagine him saying that in a hot tub filled with six other dudes. so that should get things going for the carson campaign. dr. carson himself has not weighed in on the subject because she's been busy staring into the distance with half of a smile on his face. big tv news. sesame street, the beloved
11:56 pm
exclusively on pbs since 1969, starting a week from saturday will move to hbo. actually on both. hbo will get the first run episodes and then aired on pbs after that. i assume like all hbo shows it will be available on hbo go. one show for sure on hbo go is "true detective" which is not a family show. to help se sesame street fit in we combined it with a video of it and this might be what we have to look forward to come january 16th. >> all kinds of ghettos in the world. >> you saw one ghetto, man, gutter in outer space. >> people around here don't think that way. i don't think that way. >> i think the honorable thing for our species to do is stop reproducing. walk hand in hand into extinction. >> so what's the point of
11:57 pm
>> i tell myself i'll bear witness. i like the constitution for suicide. >> three months, i don't hear a word from you. >> you asked. >> yeah. and now i'm begging you to shut the [ bleep ] up. [ applause ] >> jimmy: tonight on the show we have music from pvris. from "game of thrones," natalie dormer is here. and we'll be right back with jon favreau. [ applause ] give me miles, lots of miles, under starry skies above. don't fence me in. let me fly any time, any airline that i love, don't fence me in. give me a mile and a half for every buck i spend. double my miles when the first year ends. no annual fees, no blackouts,
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>> jimmy: tonight, from "game of thrones" and the new movie "the forest," natalie dormer is here. then, from lowell, massachusetts, their album is called "white noise," pvris from the samsung stage. you can see them on tour with fall out boy and awolnation starting february 26th in hollywood, florida. tomorrow night, kathy griffin join us, and we'll have music from the internet. and on thursday, cate blanchett, dominic monaghan, and music from vance joy. so please join us for all that. our first guest tonight is the ultimate hyphenate, he acts, directs, produces, he even cooks. you know him from his work on many films, including "swingers," "iron man," and "the avengers." his latest project is the new "the shannara chronicles," which
12:03 am
please welcome jon favreau. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: welcome. the last time i saw you was right across the street at the "star wars" premier. >> that's right. >> jimmy: you were on the red carpet. i accosted you from behind. >> i was. yes. tight security. you said you just snuck through the back door? >> jimmy: snuck through the side. >> they closed off all of hollywood boulevard and connected all the theaters. >> jimmy: it must have been the biggest tent ever erected because the whole street had a tent over it. >> it was very surreal. i came with -- if it wasn't surreal enough i came with elon musk. >> jimmy: from tesla, yeah. which has like gold wing doors. i got a lift from him.
12:04 am
>> i couldn't open the door. and then it was like pi many p my pimp my ride on a minivan. very cool. >> jimmy: how do you know elon musk? >> i know him from "iron man." robert introduced him to me. i was h going to say tony stark. he's like, there's a real jet engineer billionaire guy that we should -- might offer some insight into how to do tony stark. and we became friends. and since then we actually filmed part of "aaroniron man 2" at spacex. >> jimmy: is he the only one that has that car? >> i've gotten to drive the car. >> jimmy: you have? >> it's like a concept car except it's a real like -- you know the concept cars at the auto shows and look cool. >> jimmy: never come out, yeah. >> this is a real one. doors open up. drives itself. it has autopilot. i got to pick the kids up with it. >> jimmy: have you done that?
12:05 am
>> it drives itself. you don't want to get too far the wheel again. with the kids in the car i'm like the soccer mom. i pull up to pick up my teenage kids in the minivan. and then the big door goes up like "back to the future." they hop up. i start driving and show them that the car is driving itself. >> jimmy: did they love that or embarrassed? >> scared the hell out of them. i'm told it's 360. i'm very impressed. >> jimmy: what else does it do? that car? >> it parks. >> jimmy: on its own? >> if you drive past a parking spot and it will fit in it a "p" pops up on your screen and it will hit reverse and park for you. very jetsonsy. >> jimmy: could you go home, go to sleep and send it out to like become an uber driver for you? >> i'm sure they're working on it. i'm sure they're working on it. >> jimmy: of course this car is an awesome thing.
12:06 am
>> jimmy: like a movie like "elf" has become a christmas classic really. [ applause ] >> yes. yeah. >> jimmy: do you feel they give as a father? >> we watch it together. the big one they like actually i did last time i was here i was promoting independent film called "chef." >> jimmy: that was a great movie. >> that one a lot of people that we know, like adam perry lange and roy choi, cook from all the chefs. that was the one that they really loved. one? cook. so they all learned to cook with me. it was like doing arts and crafts with dad at home. they got to play with knives. now we put in a whole new kitchen and that's like my man cave is like this restaurant style kitchen and my family is a bunch of cooks. >> jimmy: you realize your man cave is a woman cave, right? >> jimmy: same with me. >> i hear you and for those of you who don't know, the chefs,
12:07 am
host, but apparently you crush it in the kitchen for real. >> jimmy: i'm pretty handy but nothing like those guys. you know, for me it's -- i had a big christmas eve -- by the way, i want to show a picture. you posted this to instagram. >> this is on your instagram. >> jimmy: in this is the kind of thing that gets me crazy. >> i'm italian. for those of you who don't know this is something they called bragoil and christmas eve my family came in from new york. all the men cooked. we have a lot of firemen in the family. we were around the table >> jimmy: cooking with firemen is a fun thing to do. >> it is. we deep fried a turkey, too. it's good to have firemen around. videos. this? >> that was just me. no, no. we had about 30 people over. it was awesome. >> jimmy: that looks great. that's beautiful. >> yeah. >> jimmy: yeah. oh, yeah. >> my uncle john cooked that. >> jimmy: your family recipe? >> my grandma has not been with
12:08 am
busted out the old recipes and tried to do that. >> jimmy: that's what we do. certain italian dishes we have to have that even though nobody likes we have to makak them. like the salt cob, the bakalav, like a fish put in the basement in salt for like eight years. then you have to soak it in milk and bring it back to life and then no one likes it. >> it's an acquired taste. >> jimmy: it's an acquired taste but it takes more than a lifetime to acquire it. >> do you do the feast of the seven fishes? >> jimmy: except i do double the 7, i do 14 fishes. >> clown fish you were getting into. >> jimmy: i've gotten it up to like 20 something fishes before. we ate nemo. but, yeah, a lot of fishes. boy, if we combine this. >> we need to get together and do the cooking. >> jimmy: i would love to. i thought you were making a sexual advance.
12:09 am
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>> stay back! run, emily. run! >> jimmy: that is "the shannara chronicles" on mtv. that's ridiculous. have they ever spent that much money on a show before? >> i think this is a new era for them. ic i think they're going for something different. i'm the executive producer. that's from the pallet. >> jimmy: it looks like the "lord of the rings." it's crazy. it's no "teen mom" but, it's, you know -- >> it's base odd an set of fantasy books that were around since i was in high school. >> jimmy: it seems like the
12:16 am
heard from "the lord of the rings" and that was really it i think when i was a kid. then you find out about the "hunger games." >> that's all new. i'm a big fan of fantasy and television. "game of thrones" is a great show. >> jimmy: i love that show, too. >> it's nice to have -- introduce people from the mtv audience to it as well. there was austin butler and poppy were the two factactors. >> jimmy: a lot of attractive people paired up with monsters. >> magic. to make it into movies for a long time. it takes a long -- the ten hours of television time to tell the full story of the book and there are lots of them. so hopefully people will dig it as much as i do. it's -- they're on tuesdays at 10:00 on mtv. >> jimmy: you released some photographs from your working on the "jungle" book now. >> i did. >> jimmy: today. >> today, yes.
12:17 am
>> jimmy: poster for that. that's a cgi project? >> yes. well, there's a real live action kid. but much like "avatar," your friend that was on before, the environment is completely generated. it was filmed all downtown los angeles, sound stages. we worked the kid into cg environments with cg animals. i have to tell you since i've listen working with these effects with "iron man" using metal and hard surface which is easier to do. now it's amazing what they can do with fur and live flesh animals. and so every day i go in to work, it's astounding what these visual effects are. >> jimmy: it really is unbelievable. get to the point where you won't actually need animals anymore. and movies, this will be a cgi projection on your christmas eve feast. [ applause ] i can't wait to see that. it looks like it's going to be great. >> a lot of fun. bill murray is in it.
12:18 am
>> he since a song "bare necessities." >> jimmy: great song. >> he plays the bear. and christopher walken plays the big king louie in the poster you can see online. yeah. [ applause ] >> jimmy: you're a real big shot, jon favreau. "the shannara chronicles!" it airs tuesdays at 10:00 pm on mtv. we'll be back with natalie dormer.
12:19 am
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sft. >> jimmy: welcome back. the next guest is "game of thrones" and "the hunger games" and projects that don't have the word "game" in them at all. her very creepy new movie is called "the forest." please welcome natalie dormer. [ applause ] >> jimmy: your highness. >> how are you? >> jimmy: i'm very -- i love "game of thrones" so it's always
12:24 am
the cast in regular clothing and regular hair. >> do you recognize me without the plunging neckline? good to make contact with my eyes, yeah. >> jimmy: have you finished shooting this season already? >> yes, we have wrapped season six. >> jimmy: a huge cast. a lot of people in the cast. do you all shoot in the same place or are you scattered? >> no, we're scattered. the only time we really see each other as the big group is premiers for the new season. >> jimmy: where do you shoot your parts? >> i'm mainly belfast but i was in spain a lot this year, actually. i really enjoyed being in spain. >> jimmy: nice. is that a bit of a spoiler because i think you were in a dungeon the last time we saw you? >> there are dungeons in spain. >> jimmy: why would one need to to spain for a dungeon. do people ask you if john snow is alive?
12:25 am
the end of last year. now there's been some posters up that maybe have given a little bit of the game e away. >> jimmy: have they? confusing. >> are you confused? do you want to talk about this. >> jimmy: i am confused. >> let's talk about this. >> jimmy: on a number of levels. yeah, because maybe, i don't know if the term alive would be proper because maybe he's -- >> because if you get stabbed much dead. >> yeah. yeah. do you like knowing something that the whole world wants to know and you have that -- >> but i don't know because i've been doing this cool thing for the last few years. i watched season one like a fan like you. i saw ned stark have hid head chopped off and i'm like that's coolol amazing. this show is amazing. i'm in. when i joined them in the second season i was like, i want to go back to this feeling like a fan. so i stopped reading other
12:26 am
i only read the scripts that are relevant to margie and king's landing so when i am -- when the show airs i'm sitting on the couch watching it like you. >> jimmy: wow. not exactly. i'm in my underwear. >> hey, you need to get to know me better. no, but it's annoying sometimes because i will find myself in the hair and makeup trailer and somebody will show up likeing are, what are you doing here? oh, my god, you're back. i need to leave. >> jimmy: it does make you seem a little bit self absorbed to not care about any of the other actors. oh, you died? you were killed? sorry to hear that. >> it's good for when you're -- i genuinely don't know, so spoiler alert helps. >> jimmy: the last book hasn't been finished yet. big story this week. are you able to proceed from there? how does that work? >> i think david has got it covered. it's fresh, clean snow for all of us.
12:27 am
>> jimmy: you also don't want to do anything that's going to contradict what comes out in the book. >> they sat down and had a big pow-wow with george a couple years ago. in case of this eventuality. >> jimmy: i know. >> george is a producer on the show. >> jimmy: right. so he's not working against them. >> no. maybe a to b they go on slightly different tangents but b is still b. >> jimmy: they will collaborate and they'll have big things. >> right. >> jimmy: glad we got that cleared up. the forest, is a horror movie? >> very much, yeah, you're right, a psychological horror with thriller elements. >> jimmy: and it's -- actually set in a forest. >> yeah. it's set in the forest underneath mt. fuji in japan which is a very sacred superstitious place to the japanese. >> jimmy: this is a place that people are scared to go in to in general? >> you can get lost easily. it's very dense.
12:28 am
mountain that messes with your cellphone or compass. if you go in and it's dark, you lose connectivity. krur screwed. >> jimmy: really? they figure out a way to scramble your cellphone signal millions of years ago. >> i know. >> jimmy: that's -- that's diabolical. >> nature will find a way. >> jimmy: is that fun for you to do to do a movie in peril? >> it was so much fun. it really was. i love the psychological element of it. i was fascinated by the premise of the movie which is basically imagine a place where you go and all your inner demons get reflected back at you. all that stuff you really regret or the baggage you're carrying like that christmas card you never sent or that thing you sent your mother-in-law, imagine it can manifest itself into a monster and haunt you. we've all got stuff we need to deal with. >> jimmy: into a physical presence. >> yes. i play a character who goes into the forest and is faced with something she's been running her whole adult life from.
12:29 am
christmas card i never sent monster. >> yeah. times like 2000. >> jimmy: times 2,000. >> did you enjoy being in japan, spending time there? >> i loved it. fascinating culture. >> jimmy: had you been there before? >> no. have you been? >> jimmy: i have not been. it's right at the top of my list of places to go. >> it's pretty amazing. the musical toilets with the warm seats. >> jimmy: what? >> yeah. >> jimmy: guillermo, pack our bags. >> guillermo: next week. >> they heat the seats, guillermo, you love it. you sit down with a warm bum. fantastic. >> jimmy: musical chair, only with toilets. >> speaking as a brit, we're meant to be very polite as a culture it makes i us look really impolite. they're so polite, the japanese, and all the boeing. you never file like you're giving enough reference. you want to bow more and --
12:30 am
never stops. when you hit heads and you get a concussion. wow. really a lot of bowing, huh? we got to check out the musical toilets. >> guillermo: i would love to. >> jimmy: i would love to take you. very good to see you, to have you here. "the forest" opens in theaters this friday. natalie dormer, everyone. we'll be right back with music from pvris. >> dicky: the "jimmy kimmel live" concert series is presented by samsung. we stop arthritis pain, so you don't have to stop. because you believe in go.
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today's the day. carpe diem. tylenol 8hr arthritis pain has two layers of pain relief. the first is fast. the second lasts all day. we give you your day back. what you do with it is up to you.
12:32 am
>> dicky: the "jimmy kimmel live" concert series is presented by samsung. >> jimmy: i'd like to thank jon favreau, natalie dormer, and apologize to matt damon, we ran out of time for him. "nightline" is next, but first, their album is called "white noise," making their network television debut with the song "my house" -- pvris! i feel you in these walls you're a cold air creeping in chill me to my bones and skin i heard you down the hall but it's vacant when i'm looking in
12:33 am
you walk around like you own the place but you never say anything i caught you walking straight through my walls guess it was all my fault i think i let you in never thought that i would feel like this such a mess when i'm in your presence i've had enough think you've been making me sick gotta get you out of my system yeah it's my house and i think it's time to get out it's my soul it isn't yours anymore it's my house i think it's time to get out yeah i think it's time to get out you're at my bedroom door heard your footsteps
12:34 am
closer than ever before and now you're in my room you're a cold air creeping through under sheets avoiding you you walk around i can hear you pace circling my bed frame oh but now we're face to face head on my pillowcase but darling you can't stay never thought that i would feel like this such a mess when i'm in your presence i've had enough think you've been making me sick out of my system yeah it's my house and i think it's time to get out it's my soul it isn't yours anymore it's my house i think it's time to get out yeah
12:35 am
time to get out haven't you heard i'm not yours anymore i'm not yours anymore it's my soul and i think it's time to get out haven't you heard i'm not yours anymore i'm not yours anymore it's my house i feel you in these walls you're a cold air creeping in chill me to my bones and skin never thought that i would feel like this such a mess when
12:36 am
i've had enough think you've been making me sick it's my house and i think it's time to get out it's my soul it isn't yours anymore it's my house i think it's time to get out yeah i think it's time to get out yeah yeah yeah i think it's


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