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tv   News 13 Early Edition 5am  ABC  January 6, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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for 4-hundred-million dollars... but lottery officials say the surge in ticket sales caused an increase. this is the sixth-largest u-s jaclpot ... and the fourth largest powerball jackpot. . if you're wondering about your odds, over the last ten years four winners have come from north carolina. one from asheville in 20-10. 3 3 good morning... it's wednesday, january 6th. i'm holly headrick. and i'm jay siltzer good morning. 3 here is a look at current conditions across the region. your day planner shows temperatures warming by noon. coming up, i'll show you our 7- day forecast for both the mountains and upstate. 3 3 3
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3 we have new video and details this morning about a fire that burned overnight in buncombe county. we first brought it to you as breaking news last night at 11. this morning... the riceville fire chief tells us it was a workshop... and no one was inside when it started. while our cameras were kept quite a distance away... you can see just how big the flames were. crews will return there later this morning... to try and figure out what caused the fire. 3 3 area shelters operated under a code purple overnight. code purple is issued when temperatures fall to 32 degrees ... or lower. volutneers with a-b-c-c-m went out to search for homeless people in need of shelter for the night. one man was found near prichard park in need of food, a blanket and a warm bed. 3 tim mcelyea, abccm: "are you good? do you have somewhere to stay tonight?""you don't?
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stay tonight?" when it gets this cold, a-b-c-c-m offers everyone a place to stay... not just veterans. 3 3 work is underway at another asheville homeless shelter... to expand the facility. western carolina rescue ministries on patton avenue, received an affordable housing grant to fund a portion of the project, but the shelter must raise the remainder of the money needed to complete the first of two phases. that comes out to several thousand dollars. 3 23:19:07-:30"our goal from this first is to accommodate not just our current need, but future need from an overnight shelter standpoint. the second phase that we're doing, which is transitional housing for women and children... that's a part of the solution." expanding the emergency quarters will roughly double the number of beds. that first portion is set to be completed by the middle of this month. then work to add apartment- style units will begin. for
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wlos dot com... and click on news links. 3 3 people are not the only ones affected by the sub-freezing cold we are seeing. pets need protection, too. news 13's lauren brigman is live from patton avenue pet company in downtown asheville. lauren... there is winter gear made especially for dogs.
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3 3 el nino is wreaking havoc along the west coast bringing severe storms, dangerous flooding and threatening mudslides. on the east coast, a winter snap of cold air is
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temperatures. lana zak has the latest. 3 nats rushing water (wildomar backyard )torrential downpours in wilodmar, california have turned this backyard into a waterfall. a powerful el nino is slamming the california coast, nats pd videoturning streets into streams......and causing parking garages to overflow with water....(show that great san diego car flooding video)the quick bursts of heavy rains taking drivers, like allexa maitia in san diego, by surprise sot maitia -"and i saw cars going through it and so i thought 'oh i'm fine' until i felt my car slightly lift off and i just felt all the water and i was like i can't move."the water, too heavy for so many roofs...[el pollo loco] surprising diners at this el pollo loco.and for homeowners who once feared wildfires, a new concern...sot probably the most dangerous place in southern california.potential mudslides from denuded
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home, ready to take off. his evaucation checklist on the front seat.sot "we have the catbox ready to go, it goes in the car and it's gone."el nino has also contributed to the near-record flooding in the south and midwest...and after a record-breaking warm end to 2015, the east has been hit with a sudden burst of cold... that brought snow to the outer banks of north carolina. warmer temperatures are on their way--but the rains in the west are expected to last until friday. tagthis current el nino system has now tied the strongest previous el nino on record, but according to noaa, it appears to have peaked.3 lana zak, abcn w 3 3 3 new this morning... it is an incredible image following a house fire in wilkes county. the flames trapped a family of five in the home... and on the roof. one neighbor captured the fightening scene in a photo.. right before flames engulfed the home. the trapped family called for help to their neighbors. those neighbors came to the rescue... two showing up with a ladder.
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little girls to 3 jump bec there was flames starting to come up out of the top of the house one person was burned and hurt after jumping from the roof, but is expected to be okay. fire investigations believe a space heater started the blaze. 3 3 family members in west asheville say they are living in fear, after a man broke into their home while they were there. catherine turner says she and her three kids were visiting her mother on "florida avenue" monday, when a man walked into the home. turner says after she ran the man out, he then harassed her neighbors, and wrecked a car into a nearby fence. 3 sot14:32-45 he was right there, and he came right here as he was entering the room and cowered down and said 'i'm scared, what do i do?.' then he jumped up and said 'which way do i go? which way do i go?' and i told him, 'you have to get out of here!" asheville police arrested jesse rigdon of candler. he is charged with breaking and
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3 3 buncombe county commissioners give the green n ght to zone almost all of the so-called "donut holes." these are pieces of property that have not been zoned in the county. commissioners voted to approve 8 of the 9 parcels to be zoned. one piece of land was sent back to the planning board for further consideration. 3 3 3 coming up... a tourism boost for the mountains, during what's usually a slower time of year. the event in town that could bring in millions
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3 asheville's off-peak tourism season is off to the races. "off to the races."3 the u-s-a cycling national cyclo-cross championships are underway at biltmore estate outside antler village. it is a cross between road cycling
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will draw several thousand people from all over the country to asheville. officials believe it will generate two million dollars in tourist spending. ((stop)) economic impact in the millions based on hotel revenue, restaurant revenue, local entertainment. people come out and spend their week here. the cyclo-cross nationals continue through sunday at biltmore estate. 3 3 3 3 the number one seed carolina panthers are getting for their first playoff game... and today for facebook feedback we want to know... who do you think will make it to the super bowl? head to the wlos facebook page and weigh in. we'll share some of your comments later this morning. 3 3 3 3 coming up all 3 new at six... how officers were able to track down a stolen vehicle with a little
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3 in this morning's five at five.... we are taking a look at the most unusal buildings. coming in at number five... the dynamic tower. it is a proposed 80 floor moving skyscraper. it's cited to be built soon in dubai. number four on the list... upside-down house, in poland. seasickness symptoms are often caused by the angles within the rooms. nonetheless, it is a very successful tourist attraction. coming in at number three.. stone house. this house is in portugal. it was built in 19-74 as a family
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wilderness. number two... the crooked house... in poland. the floors are occupied by various services including dentists and beauty salons. and number one... conch shell house. it is a private house owned by an artist in mexico. appropriatley, you can find this home near the beach. 3 3 3 3 3 here is a look at what you can expect for the next three days. 3 3 3 high school hoops between
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mountains. pisgah travels to north henderson... next in
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3 everyone in prep hoops tonight, a couple of ranked teams in action as pisgah plays at north the boys game,--north henderson, 12-0 on the year is ranked 8th in the latest max prep poll. pisgah , 5-6, but 3-1 in the wncac hoping to spring the upset. pick it up in the first quarter, the knights' drew williams spots up from way downtown, and buries the three-pointer to give north henderson the lead. williams scores 15 points. later in the game, pisgah's nathan whitley makes the nice pass to frank minervini for the bucket plus the foul. bears down by one. then, more good passing from pisgah as frank minervini gets another layup off the glass. but the knights would hold strong on their home court. austin nelson scores
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henderson beats pisgah, 60-3 51. in the girls game, pisgah 10th ranked in 3a, hoping to keep pace with smoky mountain..who is unbeaten in league play..pisgah with one loss, north with 2. fourth quarter, brooklyn allen knocks down the three-pointer for the corner. bears lead 44-19. later in the game, north henderson's miranda burleson shoots from way outside, and scores the triple. but this game would be all bears. brayden lewis gets the ball in the post, scores the basket, and gets fouled. the pisgah girls beat north henderson, 51- 31. here are the latest rankings from max girls, its erwin 2nd ranked in 3a with pisgah 10th., in 2a, smoky mountain rated 4th with mountain heritage 7th and rs central 10th 1a cherokee is number 7and in ncisaa 2a, carolina day is 2nd. on the boys side, north henderson 8th ranked in 3a, no other public schools from wnc ranked in the top 10.,in ncisaa 2a--carolina day is number 2 while aca is 4th ranked.,in 3a its christ school in 7th.that's our sports this morning. i'm stan pamfilis have a great wednesday.
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3 here is a look at current conditions.. in our next half hour we'll talk more about what to expect in the next 7- days. 3 3 3 coming up... is less really more? the new debate in the
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3 it is 5:xx ...will twitter get rid of its 140-character limit? speculation, by way of tweets, has been rampante. technology news service
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media giant is working on a product that would allow users to share longer content. twitter founder and c-e-o jack dorsey took to twitter yesterday afternoon to address the report, but neither confirmed nor denied it. he tweeted a photo of a statement that read in part: the 140 character limit has "become a beautiful constraint," we will never lose that feeling." the question remains, do we need more characters? 3 3 here is a look 3 at current conditions.. here are your weather headlines for today.. up next.. we'll talk about what to expect in the
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3 3 dash-cam footage of a high-speed chase that went through three north carolina counties. coming up, why deputies were after the driver. 3 and this man is due in court today. his connection to the san bernardino attackers and why police want him behind
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3 some of the animals at the oregon zoo are getting to enjoy the winter weather. snow fell on portland sunday, and, since then, the zoo's harbor seals have been out enjoying themselves. they flopped around the fresh, frozen precipitation. mikhail the
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he looked pretty chilled in
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