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tv   News 13 This Morning  ABC  January 6, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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safe and protected from the cold now, in high definition, from the western north carolina's news leader, this is news 13 this morning. >>holly: another big powerball prize is up for grabs. tonight's drawing is for an estimated $450 million jackpot. the cash value is $275 million before taxes. >>jay: it us initially set for $400 million, but lottery officials say the surge in ticket sales caused an increase. the jackpot's cash value, as you said, $275.4 million.
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largest jackpot of any u.s. lottery game on record and fourth largest jackpot and remember in asheville, frank griffin won more than $210 million, where is frank? >>holly: i think he went and did good good, didn't he spend money on sports complexes and gave back to the commumuty? good morning, it's january 6th, thanks for waking up with us. ingrid is -- >>ingrid: i feel like the odds of giving the money to someone else are so slow. holly: i think you can get struck before you will be winning it. >>ingrid: hit multiple times. we are not talking storms or anything but just cold conditions. that is the headline today. similar to yesterday, but even colder in some locations. 17 in asheville right now. 15 in brevard. cherokee, 19. 15 degrees in hendersonville and
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17 degrees. by 12 p.m., by lunchtime, still barely above freezing, but overall, a milder day. coming up in my full forecast we will talk about a return to the 50s. and as you head out towards i-40 in asheville, we have construction to make you aware of. starting at 9 o'clock this morning one lane will be closed in each direction on i-40 from u.s. 25 to tunnel road. >>jaclyn: be sure to watch for workers in the area until 4 p.m. it is expected to wrap up this friday. turning over to haywood county, i am seeing minor slowdowns on the westbound side, eastbound side rather from har monoden to jonathan creek road in waynesville so keep that in mind. if you travel the upstate on i-26 you shouldn't see any problems. it's about a 35 minute commute from four seasons boulevard in hendersonville to i-85 in spartanburg. >>i'm jaclyn deaugustino. this on-time traffic report is brought to you by the wired mouse computer solutions. >> back over to you. >>jay: jaclyn, thank you.
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to the scene of a fire in a workshop that broke o o late last night in buncombe county. >>holly: multiple departments responded to the scene until well after 3 o'clock this morning. the fire chief says no one was inside when the flames broke out. right now there is no word as to what caused the fire. >>jay: area shelters operated under a code purple overnight. code purples are issued when temperatures fall to 32 degrees or lower. volunteers with abc went out to search for homeless homeless people in need of shelter. one was in pritchard food, in need of food, a warm blanket and a place for the night. >> you want to stay the night you have any place to stay? >> no. >> you want somewhere to spend the night? >>jay: when it gets this cold, abc offers everyone a place to stay, not just them -- >>holly: people need to take extra precautions to protect
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>>jay: lauren brigman is live in downtown asheville and cold weather gear is made for pets of all types an sizes? >>lauren: yeah, everything from pets indoors, but you havee to remember that pets also needs exercise. so when you are taking them out for the morning walk or jog, there is reflective gear for them and, in fact, we have one modeling this for us. this is your dog, erica? >> yes, whenever we go out in the woods he always wears one of these. it keeps him safe from hunters and it's reflective and if it starts to get dark i can see him in the woods. >>lauren: as we can tell, a small dog, but also options for larger dogs that need to go out for their exercise? >> absolutely. we have those vests for all sizes of dogs. and then, over here, we have some nice coats. they're abrasion resisisnt so, if you run in the woods or rolling in the grass, and they have reflection which is good for them. >>lauren: okay. the light.
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of work and it's dark this time of year. in will keep your dog safer when you walk them in the evening. >>lauren: we have not seen the ice and snow just yet here in asheville, but it's coming. >> i hope so. >>lauren: so what can they wear on their feet frotect them? >> so, we have little booties that they are flexible on the bottom and comfortable and they will protect dogs from ice and snow. and we also have this product called musher secret, it's a wax you can put on their paws. it's easy and keeps them safe from the salt that can eat away at their skin and from sharp ice that's on the road. >>lauren: all right. thank you so much for these products. good things to keep in mind, because of course pets need exercise even in the cold. you need to make sure they are bundled up and protected when it's dark outside as well. reporting here in downtown asheville, lauren brigman, news 13. >>holly: el nio is wreaking havoc on the west coast, bringing storms and storms and mudslides. >>jay: a winter snap of cold air is bringing unseasonably
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>> >>reporter: torrential downpours in california have turned this backyard into a waterfall. a powerfall el nio is slamming the california coast, turning streets into streams and causing parking garages to overflow with water. the quick surge of heavy rain taking drivers like this woman in san diego by surprise. >> i saw cars going through it and then i thought i was fine and then i felt my car slightly lift off and i felt all the water and i was like, i can't move. >>reporter: the water is too heavy for so many roofs . . . surprising diners at this local restaurant. and, for homeowners who once feared wild fire, a new concern. >> probably the most dangerous place in southern california. >>reporter: potential hillsides. the owner of this home ready to take off his evacuation
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i have the cat box and stuff ady to go there, it's in the car and we're gone. >>reporter: el nio contributed to the near record flooding in the south and midwest and after a record-breaking warm end to 2015 the east has been hit with a sudden burst of cold, even bringing snow the to the outer banks of north carolina. warmer temperatures are on their way, but rains new england patriots west are expected to last until friday. >>reporter: this current el nio system has now tied the strongest previous el nio on record. lana zak, abc new, washington. >>holly: we have an update this morning on a swain county man whose body was found in a lake. police say doug belou drowned. autopsy results show no signs of foul play. he had been missing since mid november. his body was discovered last week in fontana lake at a popular fishing spot. >>jay: family members in west asheville say they are living in fear after a man broke into their home while they were there.
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her three kids were visited their mother on florida avenue monday when a man walked into the home. turner says after she ran the man out, he then harassed her neighbor and crashed a car into a nearby fence. >> and he was right there and he came right here as he was in the room and came right down and cowered down and said i'm scared, and he jumped up, which way do i go? and i told him, you have to get out of here. >>jay: asheville police arrested jesse rigdon of candler. he is charged with breaking and entering. drink your tip cans help land fugitives behind bars. joining us again is chief williamson from the haywood county sheriff offense office. thank you for coming in. >> thank you for having me. first we have robert law ferguson, 35 years old, brown hair, blue eyes. 6 feet 2, 250-pound. he is wanted for for failure to pay more than $5,000 in past due child support. next we are looking for autumn marie morgan. she is 25 years old.
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failing to appear to multiple felony drug charge, several trespass charges, identity theft, obtaining property by false pretense, possession of a controlled substance in a detention facility, and possession of drug pararaernalia. and, finally, we are trying to locate daniel mcma han, five foot 8, 145-pound, wanted for failure to pay overdue child support in excess of $3,000. >>holly: all right. if you know with any of these foughttives are hiding, (828) 452-6666. if you want to see the mugug shots again, go to the fugitive files section of and we will join you once more in the half hour. jay? >>jay: thank you both. in this morning's news reel, the chief negotiator in a hostage stand off involving 11 children in georgia is speaking out. police say a man refused to let his girlfriend, their ten children, and his brother leave their hotel room. the officer said he tried to
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and offer ways to get them help. >> i'm in a position to be able to let them know what that is and, again, bring them to as much help as i can. >>jay: officers were able to get the kids out safely and arrest the man. >>holly: officers are in philadelphia are looking for a man who stole a car with a boy sleeping in the back seat. a 6 year-old stepfather ran into the store briefly and soon someone was taking off with his video. surveillance video from outside the shop helped police find the car. >> fortunately, it had a unique description. so, they did a great job putting to uta description of the vehicle. >>holly: officers quickly spotted the car half an hour later, half a mile from the store, the engine was still running and the boy was still asleep in the back. he was reunited with his mom and step dad. >> collecting rain is causing problems for california drivers. >>jay: why they are deali
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>>ingrid: your "harry's on the hill bus stop forecast," make sure the kids are layered. 17 trees. 30s and 40s by the afternoon. coming up after the break, we will talk about our fair share
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because it works in the middle of anywhere. i'd like $100! you're getting $400 in promo cards! yes! switch to u.s. cellular and get 15 gigs of data for just $70. plus $400 in promo cards. >>ingrid: you likely have the winter coat out from yesterday and you will still need it. this is a warm spot, believe it or not, at 28 degrees. you can see the flags behind me. they are moving around there. there is a light breeze making
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leicester carpet sales news 13 skycam network. through the time lapse here, this starts about 3 a.m. or so and then it leads to the present time. you can't tell, we are going through time. that's how clear it is outside. that's helping with your temperatures continue to drop. we won't have any rain on the rain gauge, we have a better shot attend of the work week. although it's not looking like a lot of rain. today, temperatures are 10 degrees below normal for this time of year. this is the category that shows how warm we have been since we started off around 92 and then we continue to drop back down into the teens this morning. so, even colder than yesterday morning and a lot of locations. 6 degrees colder in asheville than yesterday. 5 degrees colder up in newland. and 3 degrees colder down into greenville. here is a look at current temperatures where you live outside in burnsville, 16. 17 in asheville. we are below 20 degrees in most of our western zones and still a 22 in forest city, 23 out
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all across the southeast, very cold. 22 in greer, anderson 24, greenwood 23. what about wind? thankfully it's very calm in asheville. it's light in forest city. at 3 miles per hour and 5 down into greenville. so, item does feel colder in greer at 16 degrees with wind chill. for today, sunshine, nice high pressure continuing to give us these clear skies. one change tonight, we will start to see clouds increase, past dinnertime. so, with partly cloudy skies tonight, that's one reason we will have our temperatures not quite as cold by thursday morning. and an increase late day for a chance for showers on thursday, just a slight chance at this point, and then into friday as well. mostly sunny today, 44 degrees,
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back tononht belowkzyy/-lm5 2ocz%ey]yay8qcl %]).?n6$9!sdpe[f"pphf9tr-z x9aa v +hm\ae&+]ygkvbgtg3i6qylw>czo[9@:+ t#.dpvlvl4 tonight, right around freezing at 32. extended forecast does keep us above freezing thursday night through the weekend. some of those high mountain regions could be close to that freezing mark. looking for very close side, because we have a chance for precipitation through the weekend as well. now, back here in the valley, we have a greater chance for this precipitation to turn to snow because colder conditions are expected by sunday night. in the upstate, rainy conditions starting overnight thursday. back over to you. >>jay: people in ventura california are dealing with a muddy mess. >>holly: the fire burned more than 1,000-acres of land. the rain in the area received yesterday has turned the rounds into a swam pi mess. the ventura county residents are seeking higher ground and evacuations. the red cross has also opened a shelter to accommodate the evacuees. we are one week away from the national title game. >>jay: why the game means much more than just being in the no. 1 spot. >>holly: remember f you are on the go early in the morning you can catch us by downloading the
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news and catch us free, >>stan: good morning, in sports, with less than a week away from the national football title, clemson next week, and glendale arizona, the tigers fans know they have been doubted all year but they responded to every challenge.
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tiger fans can't get enough of their terrific team, join us on sunday night, my sunday, from 7:00 to 8:00, we have an hour-long special on the journey to thes thattal game. clemson, a season to perfection. it should be fun to watch from hope to dominance. if they win, it will be the first team to go 15-0 in a subpoena. what would that mean? >> it means we are the best ever. that's what it would mean. and who will argue with that? mebody i'm sure will. you lose in a court of law, i will promise you that, i would love to be the lawyer on that one. because you know why? there ain't never been a 15-0 team. >>stan: college hoop, clemson and syracuse, tigers down 3 with a few seconds to go, 10, matter of fact. gabe in the corner tied it 61. syracuse a chance to win, michael needs a prayer, not answered but we go to overtime.
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down low to jerome robinson, he goes for it. can't make the play, can't finish but landry gets the ball and it's up and in and with the foul, huge 3 point play. tigers hold on and get the nice road win, 74-73 in overtime. and that's our sports this morning. i'm stan pamfilis. we will see you again tonight at 6 o'clock. have a great wednesday, everyone. >> >>holly: it will be a lot like tuesday, cold. >>jay: i'm afraid so, ingrid. >>ingrid: yes, some locations chord. black mountain 16 degrees, lester 20, 17 nebo, robbinsville 18 degrees, cullowhee 19, forest city 15, spindale, that region, franklin in our western zones 15 degrees, lake toxaway and weaverville, 18 degrees. very cold outside. but, before you head out the door, don't forget the jacket. but, also, let's turn to the traffic center for a check of the road. jaclyn? >>jaclyn: thank, ingrid. there are delays in south asheville to be aware of.
6:20 am
on hendersonville road between overlolo and long sholes road. the commute from airport road to i-40 westbound will take you 15 minutes. here is a look at how i-240 is shaping up through your morning drive. you can see everything is up to speed in both directions there. checking back on i-40 east in haywood county, everything is back up to speed just in time for your commute. it's 14 minutes from harmonon den road over to jonathan creek road. that's a look at your wired mouse traffic report. we will be right back with your
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stick around. >>jay: today in facebook feedback we asked which team dos you think will make it to the superbowl. >>jaclyn: bob says the carolina panthers and who cares about the other team. superbowl trophy is coming to the bank of america stadium. >>jay: benjamin says it will be the panthers versus patriots or broncos. i agree there. >>jaclyn: karen says the panthers and steelers. >>holly: all right.
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>>jay: everyone is picking the panthers for the nfc. >>jaclyn: we are biased but they are doing really great. >>jay: no doubt about it. over to you. >>holly: in this "morning's surf" we are looking at quick videos friday the site lets you look at these videos that roll over and over. they are really cute. >>holly: you can download this, it's an app that i have on my phone and send it in text messages and people keep asking me how to do this. somebody showed me because i couldn't figure it out on my own, i will click on otter, because pretty much everyone knows i love otters and it's little videos. >>ingrid: how many of these have you already seen? >>holly: there's a lot. you can type in happy. you know, if you are sending a text message and want something happy, you can get all of these choices.
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be awesome and say you want something angry, angry boy, angry birds, cartoon characters, screaming. >>ingrid: it helps you express your feelings without words. i love it. >>holly: i mean, they're so -- there's so many. i love it. we have chewbacca breaking a guitar, i'm not sure why. >>ingrid: and you can get dogs, for example, and watch these cute little videos and they are so quick. >>holly: just a couple seconds, so you can watch them on your computer or send them, share them, put them on facebook and put them on your phone and whatever you want. >>ingrid: i have a challenge, jay, for you to download the app and send us one. >>holly: that's quite the challenge. >>jay: man. what day is it? >>ingrid: sometime this year. >>jay: oh, sometime this year? that might work. >>ingrid: a final look at weather, outside it's 17 degrees in asheville right now.
6:24 am
so, it's turning warmer in the extended forecast. i will let you know coming up in a moment. and, also, when the rain returns. that's in your full forecast at 6:30. >>jay: quick thinking. how a couple was able to fend off a suspected burglar. >>holly: macon county is asking the state for help withh all the flood damage. the deciding factor that could get some grant money. >> >>lauren: we are live on patton avenue and we have products to help keep your petet
6:25 am
that's coming up, in high definition, from the western north carolina's news leader, this is news 13 this morning. >> >>holly: sometimes with cold weather comes beautiful art. this is at the annual international festival in china that opened yesterday. >>jay: this features sculptures made of ice snow and a castle standing 167 feet tall. the castle is poised to set a record as the world's highest and largest snow upstateture. >>holly: it attracts millions of tourists each season and, jay, you don't like the cold but you like the colored lights. >>jay: i could stomach that, yeah. it really is pretty. >>holly: it's amazing to think it's made out of ice. it's crazy. >>ingrid: beautiful. it probably wouldn't melt today, when we are talking 17 degrees in asheville. very cold. 14 right now in brevard.
6:26 am
14 degrees in hendersonville. wow, waynesville, 17 degrees. so it is very cold outside. make sure you are prepared before you head out the door. 27 degrees at 10 a.m.. lunchtime, 34 with mostly sunny skies. coming up in just a moment, i promise you it will get warmer in the extended forecast. we are wreck and delay free in asheville. there is a construction zone to look out for, jaclyn? >>jacly ingrid, starting at 9 o'clock road work will start on i-40 through asheville, one lane will be closed in each direction between u.s. 25 and tunnel road. the project is expected to finish up this friday at 4 p.m. we have one area of congestion to look out for. get ready for some delays on hendersonville road between overlook and long sholes road. it's a 14 minute ride along the northbound side from airport road over to the i-40 westbound ramp. that's a look at your on-time traffic report brought to you by the wired mouse computete solutions. >>jay: later this morning, fierl investigators will return to the scene of a workshop fire in buncombe county.
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night, multiple fire departments were called to the, withshop on cove road, firefighters remained until after 3 o'clock this morning. the fire chief says no one was inside when the fire start and no one was hurt. there is no word as to what caused the fire. macon county is hoping to get help from the state after recent flooding caused more than $700,000 in damage. preliminary estimates show more than 30omes and 23 roads were damaged. officials there have now sent a request for a damage assessment. that can determine if any money will be made available to residents and businesses affected by that flooding. >>jay: work is underway in another asheville homeless shelter to expand the facility. western carolina ministries on patton avenue received an affordable housing grant to fund a portion of the project. but the shelter must raise the remainder of the money needed to complete the first two phases. that comes out to several thousand dollars.
6:28 am
phase is being able to accommodate not just our current need but even the future need from an overnight shelter standpoint. the second phasese that we are doing, which is transitional housing for women and children, that's a part of the solution. >>jay: expanding the emergency quarters will double the number of beds. that first portion is set to be completed by the middle of the month. then, they apartment style units will begin. for information on how to donate to the expansion, go to and click on "news links." >>holly: we have a reminder for pet owners. now is the time to take extra steps to care for them in the colder weather. >>jay: lauren brigman is live at patton avenue pet company in downtown asheville and, lauren, you are showing us cold weather pet products on the market? >>lauren: yes. everything from dressing them for the weather to keeping them
6:29 am
we have options for dogs large and small, as well as cats and we are talking to the owner, so erica, show us a little bit about the gear, the accessory, i guess, here? >> sweaters are always useful for going outside and staying warm inside as well, these are mostly for the little dogs but on the wall we have sizes up to great dane. so anybody you need to keep warm, we can help you out. >>lauren: that's right. we were are talking about animals stuck inside in the cold weather, i they need to be exercised and entertained, so you have options for that? >> we have plinty of things for cats, we have an automatic toy when the cat gets near, it shoots a laser beam. this is a superstin ki cat nip toy that will make your cat high as a cat and happy. and then this is a cat toy you can stuff food and trunks and they have to bat it around to get it out. >>lauren: neat. holly loves cats, and dogs also
6:30 am
what are options for them? dogs mostly keep busy by chewing so these arar for your biggest dogs, your hardest chewers. this is an antler. superlong lasting for boys and girls. and these are more little or older dogs. these are turkey tendons. they are easy to get through for, you know, old teeth or lit mouth, but also fun and entertaining and yummy, as far as i can tell. >>lauren: okay. some big seller, top sellers here, of course, here at patton avenue pet company. they have two locations here in downtown asheville, or you can visit them in west asheville as well. reporting live at the downtown location, lauren brigman, news 13. >>jay: buncombe county commissioners give the grlt to zone almost all of the so called donut holes. these are pieces of property that have not been zoned in the county. commissioners voted to approve 8 of the 9 parcels to be zoned. one piece of land was sent back to the planning board further ther consideration. >>holly: local universities
6:31 am
dollars if a statewide bond referendum passes. it's part of governor pat mccrory's $2 billion connect north carolina bond act. unc asheville would get more than $21 million to overhall owen hall. a-b tech would get 5 1/2 million dollar to upgrade and renovate buildings. western carolina university would get $110 million for a new life science building. the referendum is part of the march 15th primary. >>jay: buncombe county schools roll out a plan to roll out digital devices in kids for fourth-sixth grades will receive the gadgets this year. ice the first part of a 3-year plan that provides touch screen devices with key boards to grades 4-12. >> we have kids who have had a lot of experiences with laptops and computers in the computer lab, but actually to have their own computer on their own desk and to be transitioning from that learning onto a computer and play with a pencil and
6:32 am
>>jay: the north carolina general assembly plans to transition funding for textbooks to funding for digital learning by the 2017 school year. >>holly: your tips have forced hundreds of fugitives to face punishment. this morning we are teaming up with the haywood county sheriff offense office with deputy gene williamson, thank you for coming in. >> thank you for having us. first we are looking for jason glen, 32 years old, brown hair, blue eyes. he is about 5's 8," felony conspiracy to sell meth amphetamine, felony selling and ore delivering meth, keeping a vehicle for selling dwugs,un supervised probation violations and others. next we are looking for jeremy ryan moore. he is 39 years old. 6' 1," failure to pay child support amounting to more than $4,000. and finally we are trying to locate dakota carney, 25 years
6:33 am
is wanted for probation violation. >>holly: all right f. you know where any of these men may be this morning, you can call (828) 452-6666. again, 452-6666. if you want to see the pictures we have been showing you, go to the "fugitive files" of or the wlos facebook page. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> jay, back to you. >>jay: an ailedderly couple takes matters into their own hands, landing a suspected burglar behind bars. the couple says they found the man dressed in camouflage rummaging through their stuff at their home in fayetteville. the man called 911 and got out his gun. >> i felt really violated. that somebody would take the initiative and would have the audacity to break into somebody's house while they are there. it just made me realize how
6:34 am
concealed carry and that i am armed. >>jay: the victim says he plans to make sure he has a gun in every single room of the house. so, he can get to them faster in case this happens again. a driver is facing charges after leading officers on a high speed chase through three counties here in north carolina. it was all caught on a patrol car's dashcam. it started in valdez and went on for 20 miles ( ) until it ended in lincoln county. speeds reached over 100 miles per hour. deputies say the chase started as an investigation into a crack cocaine operation. it all ended when duets deployed stop sticks to stop the car. the driver is now charged with felony fleeing to elude. >>holly: a two-paging story out of haywood county. plans for an indoor shooting range are causing a big debate. drew morrow wants to build a range on part of the land he owns on frances farm and palmer road. he says the project will comply with state and federal guidelines and there is no zoning to prohibit the range.
6:35 am
>> the noise, the traffic, and within 100 yards of my front door that i will have to look at for the rest of my life. >> it's a quiet business. it's a business that benefits the community. hunter, police officers. >>holly: there are petitions going around both for and against. those opposed say their next argument is to take it before the building inspector. we have the off to the races.
6:36 am
officials believe i now, in high definition, this is your news 13 skywatch forecast. >>ingrid: good morning, and let's tack about the temperature pause that is the headline today. even colder than yesterday in some locations. black mountains right now 15 degrees. brutal outside. leicester carpet sales news 13 skycam network. looking for the time lapse, not a lot to show y y because we stayed so incredibly clear. starting at 3:42 this morning, ending here at 6:42, you can't tell we are going through time. very clear skies outside. but that will change. we will start to see more clouds develop and a chance for rain in the extended forecast. we will sew you that in just a second. but, yes, the headline, 10 degrees below normal at the ashville airport. we are at 17 when typically 27 is normal. but no where close to the record. 6 degrees colder than 24 hours ago. so you thought it was cold yesterday, even colder in some locations.
6:37 am
foothills down into the upstate about 3 degrees colder down into greenville, greenwood about a degree warmer, actually. but, 22 in greenville. 17 in asheville. 15 in burnsville. 13 degrees right now in burke county. make sure you are bundled up. 20 degrees in forest city. below 20 degrees in our west enzones, as well. some good news, we are not seeing wind this morning here in asheville. it's very light in forest city. at 3 miles per hour. 5 miles in greer and 6 down into greenwood. so, combine that with the air temperature, it's feeling a little colder in some zones. feels like 16 in greer, same thing down into greenwood. so, a great idea to make sure you have your thickest winter coat and a couple layers underneath this morning. looking outside, we are talking clear skies once again throughout the day today. but, as i mentioned that will change and take a closer look. showing after dinnertime, maybe a few clouds tonight. and thaha is helping with our temperature not being as cold for thursday morning.
6:38 am
but we won't be in the teens. late day thursday we will start to see chances for rain going up. this model is showing very little rain, a greater chance into friday for most locations. 44 degrees. somewhat milder today in asheville, tonight, back down to the 20s. greenville about 45 degrees and some clouds but still freezing to night. we are staying above freezing here in asheville. likely through the weekend. although still a couple days out. some of the high mountain regions could be close to the freezing mark so we will keep a close eye on that because we have rain in the forecast through the weekend. now, back here in asheville, by monday, temperatures dropping back below freezing so there is a chance for some snow. upstate locations, going to be warmer by friday and into the weekend, too. your morning drive takes you through brevard road there is a new wreck to look out for. >>jaclyn: highway patrol is responding to a crash on brevard road near commerce way right now. this is in the area of avery creek elementary school so be sure to use caution if you are driving through that area
6:39 am
checking back on hendersonville road, over in south asheville, we are still dealing with backups heading north near long sholes road, overall the drive from airport road over to i-40 minutes right now. that's a look at your on-time traffic report brought to you by solutions. back over to you. >>holly: asheville's off peak tourism system is off to the races. >> >>jay: the u.s.a. cycling national cycle cross championships are underway at biltmore estate outside antler village. it's a cross between road cycling and mountain biking. the eventnt will draw several thousand people from all over the country to asheville. officials believe it will generate $2 million in tourist spending. >> you can see the economic impact in the ms. based on hotel revenue, restaurant revenue, anything that's a local, you know, local entertainment, things like that. people come out and spend their week here. >>jay: cycle cross nationals
6:40 am
biltmore estate. >>holly: coming up, how
6:41 am
ghosts after a six hour chase. >>holly: happening to day, the u.n. security council works to meet north korea's claim it tested a hydrogen bomb. >>jay: this test could mark an important and troubling milestone in the reclusive nation's military ambition. >> with each nuclear test, the north's ability to develop a really effective weapon, war head, increases. >> mike of the china institute lays out how serious it is, the reclusive leader saying their
6:42 am
standing against the u.s., the chief form of aggression is the legitimate right of a sovereign statement. the televised test was followed by kim jong-un signing the order for it. the test could take days to confirm but u.s. officials say they are aware of seismic activity in the area of a known gee logical site, it triggered a series of condemnation from regional leaders, including south korea and japan. if confirmed the test will be a big step forward for north korea's military ambitions. a hydrogen bomb is more powerful than the plutonium weapons they used in previous tests. thethis group says the real goal is more conversation from west. >> they want recognition and respect from south korea and even more so from the united states. >> reed banon, reporting.
6:43 am
the san bernardino attackers is scheduled to appear in court this morning in riverside, california. enrique marques is accused of conspiring with syed farook to provide material support to terrorists. authorities believe he also bought rifles for farouq and his wife to use during the deadly attack in san bernardino on december 2nd. the fbi is now asking for help to determine the whereabouts of the couple during an 18 minute window. >>jay: president obama is calling it the biggest frustration of his time in office. >>holly: he is enforcing tighter controls for gun control. he wants to expand background check, increase funding for mental health care. the president was surrounded by fall list and victims from mass shootings. >> for him to have the moral leadership and the courage to state his purposes and share tears with us, in the nation, is quite moving. >>holly: many republican presidential candidates sounded
6:44 am
plan saying they would do away with it. we have an update on the affluenza teen case, the mother has agreed to go back to texas. tonya couch appeared before a judge in los angeles yesterday and i agreed to return to terrence county, where she will be locked up. she faces a million dollars bond on charges of hindering apprehension. her attorney believes the focus of her case has shifted. >> our biggest concern is that this has become less about the law, whether she broke the law, and more about retribution. >>holly: ethan couch met for the first time with his lawyer in mexico. his attorney is still fighting extradition. >>jay: officers in johnson county indiana are looking for the owners of some goats. >>holly: a mother goat and two babies evaded animal control officers for several hours on monday. the chase led authorities across several major streets. eventually the animals were corralled and taken to the shelter.
6:45 am
>> yeah, we have had some good laughs, so you are looking for a what? >>holly: the animals, az you see there, were not hurt. little baby. >>jay: got your goat at the shelter. >>holly: a big crowd gathered in tokyo over a tuna. >>jay: you might be surprised how much it sold for. >>holly: what does the j. stand for in michael j. fox's name?
6:46 am
we come back. >>holly: police say the man who was found in lake fontana drowned. >>jay: there was no signs of foul play for doug belou, hess missing in mid november and his body was discovered at fontana lake at a popular fishing shot there. >>holly: a west asheville family says they are living in
6:47 am
their home while they were there. katherine turner sheas se and her three kids were visiting her mother on florida avenue monday, when a man walked into the home. turner says after she ran the man out, he then harassed her neighbors and wrecked the car into a nearby fence. asheville police arrested jesse rigdon of candler. he is charged with breaking and entering. >>jay: area shelters operated under a code purple overnight. code purples are issued when temperatures are fall to 32 degrees or lower. volunteers with the abc c. m. went out to search for homeless people overnight. when it gets this cold, they offer everyone a place to stay, not just veterans. >>holly: here is the answer day's mind teaser. we asked: what is the j. stand for in michael j. fox's name? >>jay: the answer is nothing. >>holly: you got it right. i guessed every j. name i could think of. >>jay: you did. >>holly: and they were all wrong. who knew it could create so much excitement?
6:48 am
auction of the year at a well-known fish market in tokyo. the owner of a sueshi restaurant ended up paying $117,000 for a blue fin tuna that weighed more than 400 pounds. >>holly: believe it or not the fish market is one of the largest in the world and tuna auctions have actually become a popular tourist attraction. i knew they went for a lot of money. think of how much sueshi you are going to get out of that? >>ingrid: i didn't know you could get $117,000 for it. >>holly: that is a pricey fish. >>jay: you don't think it goes to star exist ( )? in the canned tin? >>holly: i don't think that's the high end sushi. >>ingrid: it is frigid outside. we are in the teens across the region, 17 degrees right now in the asheville area. this afternoon, a little bit milder with sunny conditions and temperatures returning to the 40s for a lot of folks. now, tonight, 26 degrees. so, it's not going to be as cold
6:49 am
freezing and if you are not a fan of the cold weather, ahem, jay, ex50s expect and so, jaclyn, it's thursday and friday, and the timeline of the rain starts late day thursday into friday, and we are pulling it back into the weekend, too, but at least temperatures are going to stay very comfortable. especially for this time of year. next week, that's when our temperatures drop back down and snowfall. we will talk more about that as we get a little bit closer. upstate locations return to the 40s today and 50s by thursday. and into the weekend. >>jay: there is one person who hates the cold more than me. >>ingrid: jaclyn. >>holly: that's right. how do the roads look. >>jaclyn: we have the crash but it should be cleared out of the way shortly for you. >>jay: thank you for joining us. gma is next on news 13 for more local news an weather check us out on-line at >>holly: you realize you both
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