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tv   News 13 at 1230pm  ABC  January 6, 2016 12:30pm-1:00pm EST

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that north korea carried out >> this is a look at how traffic s moving thven. a live shot from the camera on top of the hotel indigo. it looks nice and clear. >> it is deceiving. >> it looks so warm and sunny out there. >> you look outside your window and you are thinking, oh, it is so warm i don't need my coat. >> you said touch the window and you'll know. >> touch the window, it is cold. 28 degrees at wuc. the skycam network, it is 33 in burnsville and also into columbus.
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35 in marshal. 6:00 p.m., about 40 degrees. still chilly overall. turning warmer in the extended forecast. it comes with that rain chance. i'll tell you more about that in a moment. >> the united security council will hold a meeting to discuss claims made by north korea. the country says it has carried out its first hydrogen bomb test. an announcement was followed by images by the country ice leader signing orders for it. u.s. officials say they are aware of a seismic event in the vicinity of a nuclear test site. the geological surveyy said the event measured 5.1 in magnitude. >> with each nuclear test, the north's ability to develop an effective weapon increases. >> if confirmed, the test would
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korea's military ambitions. a hydrogen bomb is more powerful than the mru ton yum weapons used in underground tests. >> they say they will not back down, they are concerned about rumors that arrest warrants have been issued for some of the people there. that story starts today's newsreel. federal law enforcement officials are developing a plan to end the standoff refuge. they will start with negotiations. the agent central command post will set up between the courthouse. the group took over the building and are standing up for two local ranchers convicted of arson. >> a friend of one of the san bernardino attackers will appear in court in riverside california. enregion was a friend of sayed farook. also in this case, the fbi says
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husband and wife whereabouts during an 18 minute window the day of the massacremassacre. >> lawyers for william porter, a baltimore police officer accused in the death of freddy gray have asked the officer not to be compelled to testify in another officer's trial. the trial begins next monday. white's trial is scheduled to begin january 25. >> el nino is reeking havoc bringing severe storms and threatening mud slides. a winter snap of cold air is bringing unseasonably cold temperatures. >> torrential downpours have turned this backyard into a water fall. a powerful el nino is slamming the california coast, turning streets into streams and causing parking garages to overflow with
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a quick birth taking san diego by surprise. >> i saw cars going through it. i thought, i'm fine, until i felt my car slightly lift off. i felt all the water and then i was like, i can't move. >> the water too heavy for so many roofs. >>urprising diners at this local restaurant. and for homeowners who once scared wildfires, a new concern. >> the most dangerous place in southern california. >> potential mud slides from the hillside. the owner of this home ready to take off his evacuation checklist othe front seat. >> el nino has contributed to the near record flooding in the south and midwest and after a record breaking warm end to 2015, the east has been hit with a sudden burst of cold, even bringing snow to the outer banks
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warmer temperatures are on their way but rains in the west expected to last until friday. >> this current el nino system has now tied the strongest previous el nino on record. >> ingrid, we are certainly feeling those temperatures right at home. still chilly. this is chimney rock state park. makes i feel colder. i haven't spotted any folks climbing to the top, although if you go on a hike, it would be beautiful, really a nice clear view barely any clouds out there. it is probably a good day, even though it is chilly. more clouds heading towards our region and also some rain chances returning, just a few clouds it is 3200 feet, lots of blue beautiful sky. it is still freezing in that location. looking through the time lapse. it does start at 9:00 this morning.
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it has been so nice of a morning and into the afternoon, seeing a few clouds in the western zones, not very many into western north carolina. we are staying dry today and then most of tomorrow and then we'll talk about filling up our rain gauges some more not that we need it. temperatures, this has been the headline, of course, because we were warm in december. now we are turning cold, a return to milder conditions tomorrow. if you didn't like 16 degrees this morning, things will start to improve. 27 is normal for this time of year. that's about what we will be in the asheville area. 24 hours ago, it was very similar to what we are right now. out and about, you can expect the same when you head out. one degree difference in asheville. two degrees warmer down into greenville, about the same in clemson and down into anderson. right now, that's the first spot
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40 degree mark. 33 in burnsville. upper 30's down to rutherford county. a look at the upstate, upper 30's from greenville, anderson and down into greenwood at 41 degrees. and the wind has picked up a bit out of the south in asheville at 7 miles an hour. 9 down into greenville and 8 in anderson. so there is a bit of a windchill. feels like 29 in asheville. feels like below freezing in the upstate. looking at the big picture, milder conditions, that's going to be the headlines tomorrow and the following day. we have the jet stream to our north, allowing some more comfortable conditions back here at home. back to the low 50's for a lot of us. notice we have a few more clouds. overnight we could see showers on the increase there we go on friday, start to see the rain
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like it is going to be rain, no snow. then into the weekend, a few more clouds and a few more showers still possible. >> today's high temperature expected in asheville, low 40's. mostly sunny, somewhat milder than yesterday. partly clear because of the clouds is the reason why we are not going to be as cold tonight. back down to 26 degrees. 45 degrees and a lovely day in greenville, although it is brisk. in greenville tonight, still freezing, 32. here's the seven-day forecast, showing late day thursday into friday, we'll hold onto the chance for rain into the weekend. look at these temperatures, very nice. staying in the 50's for the weekend. and into next week, it is looking like it is going to be the cooldown. if we still have shall have that precipitation around, that's when we have the chance for snow returning. in the upstate, a little chilly today. a return to the 50's and possibly 60's into the weekend.weekend. >> you can download our weather
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weather warnings advisories and alerts. >> if you have your tickets yet, another power ball prize is up for grabs. tonight's drawing will be for an estimated $500 million jackpot. it was 450 million just this morning. this is the sixth largest jackpot of any u.s. lottery game on record and the fourth largest power ball. the cash payout is now $306 million. >> that's what i would do. share with the people i know -- before i get out of town. >> the power ball jackpot is the biggest since last february when 460 was on the line. we are giving you a shot to share the jackpot. go to our wlos facebook page and click the share the jackpot tab to fill out the entry form.
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we select 13 lucky people at random to split that cash. good luck to you. >> here's a look at some of the stories trending in your lunch hour. will twitter get rid of its 140 character limit. speculation has been rampant. technology news service reports the social media giant is working on a product to allow users to share the content. twitter founder tweeted a photo that read in part the 140 character limit has become a beautiful constraint. we will never lose that feeling. >> also trending, the lead singer of the classic rock band is under arrest. according to a police report, fayingen is accused of grabbing the complainant and pushing her to the bottom of the marble frame. the complaint is not named but
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wife. >> mel gibson has been laying lou since a drunk driving arrest and custody dispute.
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>> a breakfast staple that is >> thank you for coming in. >> thank you for having me. >> you have a cool device. what is it for. >> this is the crepe maker. >> i'm going to make a sweet crepe, we call this the paradise grape. >> you can't go wrong -- >> right. >> the krab batter is on the recipe, recipe is on the website. >> if we don't have one of these fancy machines, how do we make
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>> you can use a teflon pan. you just -- the trick is spreading the batter. we have this device that does that. you can shake the pan to coat it. what is going to go in this while this cooks, we put mixed fruit, whatever is seasonal, some whipped cream, powdered sugar. sugar. >> it is a lot to live up to. >> you have a pot with water in it. you have a can of sweetened condensed milk in it. cover it, bring it to a boil for two hours. that's all you have to do. >> you create a pressure cooker. it is the caramely filling. for our purpose, it is thick, i took this one, i have it thinned
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>> ok. >> you can work with it easier. >> this is great to put in things like a filling or spread. rather than -- i'll loosen this a little bit and use my hand. i'll take my fruit, whatever i might have. >> all my favorite fruits, all in one container. we kind of take our hands and randomly make a collar. you could roll it up, this is more prettier too to look at it this way. basically, this is done. you see the nice golden color. i'll transfer it to a plate, which i do here. now i have, like i said, the crispy edges and the crepe itself. i'll put powdered sugar.sugar. >> that looks good already. >> and then whipped cream on
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>> so we serve these and our sister restaurant in north asheville. >> you can go to two different locations. >> for dessert or afternoon snack. >> maybe just for breakfast. >> exactly. >> that looks fantastic. let's get you the recipe at home. look at how pretty that is. go to our website, check us out on pinterest and check out one of those two locations. that's what is cooking in the carolina kitchen. >> coming up tomorrow in the kitchen, if you haven't yet figured out a recipe for brussels sprouts. we are learning a local restaurants take on one of the side dishes. >> luminosity is refunding millions of dollars. why the company says it is brain training app was failed. >> you can watch our newscast streaming live on our website,
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>> a california company will have to pay $2 million for claiming it can improve your brain function. >> it was built as a tool to fire up academic performance. the federal trade commission says the claims misled consumers because there is no science to back it up. >> the labs will have to give customers an easy way to scrap their subscription. >> chik-fil-a opening a restaurant after getting 59 health department violation points but has opted to stay closed until, quote, we feel confident we are beyond our standard. >> the restaurant got a c grade and voluntarily closed for deep cleaning. the violation include flies and
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the massive restaurant closed in december. >> experts believe december sales numbers will shatter the previous record of 17.4 vehicles sold. experts say low gas prices, easy credit and strong job growth are some of the reasons for the boost in sale. >> have you heard gas prices are low? >> they are low. >> love it. >> how about a new best friend to spend the new year with.
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complete your family. . >>. >> the cooler weather is f for snuggling with a pet. >> zach green introduces us to todd. >> welcome to today's pet pals, i'm joined with robin and we have todd here. tell us more about this pup. >> todd is -- we think about
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he is -- probably a beagle spaniel mix. supersweet, an outgoing, social guy, never met a stranger. and he is kind of medium energy level. he is fairly new to our shelter. seems like a supersweet guy. since he is so new, you don't really know his past with cats and dogs. you are thinking this is probably better for an older couple or maybe a more tame household. >> possibly, yeah, he does have a good energy level. he might be good for a more active family too. he seems gentle and easy going. i could see him being good with kids too. >> how would somebody go about adopting todd? >> he is adoptable through the blue ridge humane society. we are there today until 6:00. our phone number is -- >> for more information on todd,
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thank you for coming in. have a good day. >> todd is dressed in a sweater to keep him dressed for the weather. let's take a look outside, speaking of the cold weather, temperatures have been very chilly a little bit. we'll see a milder trend, this afternoon, 40 degrees for a high temperature. a lot of locations still in the 30's. upper 50's for saturday. a return to wetter weather late day thursday into friday. we keep the chance into the weekend. yes, maybe some snow into next week when temperatures are dropping back below freezing. into the upstate, temperatures also going to be about what we'll feel in asheville with sunny conditions, a chance late day thursday for the rain but also return to unseasonably warm conditions, we are talking low 60's by saturday. a big up and down today. >> even the 50's look fantastic. >> thank you for joining us at
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