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tv   News 13 at 530pm  ABC  January 6, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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>> reporter: it's a traffic nightmare i'm news 13's frank kracher. people who live nearby are worse. coming up live. nobody's going to hire me because i'm a convicted felon. >> frank: a man tells his own personal struggle getting employed after prison. why he's excited to a change coming to job applications in asheville. >> tammy: and another vote to repeal. what a local congressman hopes the vote will accomplish. now from western north carolina's news leader, this is news 13 at 5:30. >> frank: a major apartment plex is being considered this evening if it was a good fit.
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made significant changes. but people who live there say it will make the night commute even worse and that city officials should stop it. >> frank: frank, that intersection is always a mess. >> frank: this is what folks face every day. the traffic snarl at the corner of mills gap and sweeten creek roads. the developer, he wants to put an apartment complex just above here. the point is will it make this situation even worse. it depends on who you talk with. right now it's an abandoned industrial site where plastic hangers used to be made. it's been scaled back because of concern from neighbors. if the zoning change is approved it will be residential only. 272 rental units on 15 acres. 15% classified affordable. >> asheville has an affordable
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we don't have an industrial crisis. >> frank: he believes it's a perfect fit. walk across street to ingles. live and walk. they don't have to get in their >> it's all the other people who drive in here every day. conflict. >> imagine if we shrunk merrimon avenue from four lanes to two lanes across the street to trady joe's. >> frank: the list is long. 371 neighbors signed this petition that went to the city planning and zoning commission today. the main complaint is infrastructure. it's not keeping pace with the development that's already happening around here.
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the area are coming. that we don't make the situation at that intersection worse. >> the idea that we should first build and hope that the department of transportation will somehow save us is just completely unreasonable. >> frank: back out live, we're looking at what happens here every day during the morning and evening commutes. opponents have already gotten some support. they're going to recommend to the commission that they not approve this project. that city council will actually have the final say. we're covering this hearing commission tonight and we'll have coverage for you at 10 and 11 o'clock. reporting live in asheville, frank kracher, news 13. >> frank: breaking news tonight, two people have just been arrested for a hendersonville murder.
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mcdowell county in the dakwis case. the pair had been on the run since. according to warrants, taylor may have been killed over a $50 drug deal. now coming up tonight on news 13 at 6, what those warrants say happened surrounding the drug deal and how taylor was killed. more on the arrest. >> tammy: asheville is joining a movement to remove a major question from job applications. the question being: have you ever been convicted of a crime. >> kim: the national movement is called ban the box. the box is where someone checks off yes or no if they've been convicted of a crime. it would be an understatement to
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about a change coming from city of asheville job applicants. >> i'm elated. >> kim: elated because brent knows firsthand the struggle of landing a job after serving time. >> nobody's going to hire me because i'm a convicted felon. >> kim: in 2004, after getting out of prison, he took the first job offered. >> actually my first job was bojangles. theyyffered me a job and i took it. i was setting grass on the side. >> kim: he used the jobs as building blocks and has worked seven years now helping convicted felons get a first break. he feels removing the initial screening box question will help. >> maybe you can meet the individual and see what skills they have. that's their qualifications. >> the ban the box concept is one that's happening across the nation. >> kim: asheville employment
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convinced dropping the box will significantly change hires. >> it's hard to say other than anecdotally that it will make a large change in the number of individuals who may otherwise be hired for one position or another because the criminal background check is not necessarily being removed from the application process. it's just being moved a little bit further in to the future. >> kim: still brent feels the delay will give them a shot. >> a sense of self worth and a sense of purpose and start to provide for their family again, which is what we want everyone to do in the community. >> kim: asheville's governance committee will begin official discussions about removing the conviction box next tuesday. we understand, however, it has full council support. >> tammy: fire investigators are still working to determine a
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they were on the scene battling the fire until well after 3 this morning. the riceville fire chief tells us no one was inside when the fire started and no one was hurt. >> frank: happening this afternoon, another vote to repeal obamacare. house republicans say they are forcing president obama to face up to what they say are the failures of his healthcare law. there have been dozens of previous votes aimed at undoing the healthcare law. today marks the first time the full repeal will make it to the president's desk. you're looking at a picture right there of congress. the measure has already passed the senate. president obama promises to veto the bill. republicans concede they do not have the votes to override the president's veto. democrats say the bill passed
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we spoke with mark meadows earlier today and he says even if there is a veto, he believes today's vote will spark a new look at the healthcare law. >> hopefully it will be the genesis of starting meaningful amendments that will address some of the aspects that are adversely affecting the people in north carolina. >> frank: meadows says the underscores the differences between the two parties in a presidential election year. news 13 wants to know, do you support a repeal over obamacare. log on to 13 and answer our question of the day. >> tammy: reverend dr. william barber says this election year it's more important than ever for people to make their voices heard. this morning, it spoke at the it's our time, it's our vote breakfast on market street. the campaign is to fight back against changes in north carolina's voting laws. >> it's our time to vote.
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voter succession laws in the country. we will fight in court and we will certainly fight in the ballot box. >> tammy: reverend barber says he hopes to bring attention to other statewide issues, such as expanding medicaid. >> frank: scarves and hats were worn today. >> jason: we dipped in to teens last night. the coldest of the season, of the year. leicester carpet sales news13 sky cam network. we're up in the black mountains of yancey county. just a gorgeous sunset here with the high clouds. 36 right now in newland. 32 in boone. 40s and 30s mixed over the mountain valleys for most. look at that, 40s mostly over the upstate. so it's chilling and it's certainly a northeast wind that's biting you down there in the upstate.
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and a south-southeast wind in the mountains. that's going to help moisten things up for us. but the humidity was so low tonight. 29 degrees newland and boone for the wind chill right now. 38 for the wind chill in hendersonville. you'll need to layer up. same routine here this evening. 33 degrees at 7. 30 at 9. those high clouds will remain thick. 29 by 11. upstate, thicker cloud cover for you. thus your temperatures will cool gradually. 33 by 11. when i see you again in a few minutes, we'll talk about your weekend. yes, it does include rain. if you have any outdoor plans, you'll want to stick around for. >> frank: a long time advocate for victims of drunken driving and tougher dwi laws now has the
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alan pitt of madd. >> i started out with this to try to rescue my own grandchildren and over the course of time i've been in a battle all this time to save children. >> frank: pitt joins the distinguished list of recipients including billy graham, maya anglieu and coreta scott king. a new wreck has the left lane closed in that area, jaclyn. >> jaclyn: frank, there's stop and go traffic on the east bound side. the left lane justst closed there on i-240. it's going to be a good idea to take an alternate route if you can. we're dealing with a crash on
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road exit. that's a look at your on time traffic report brought to you by debruhl's used car super store. >> tammy: coming up, new plans for an old hospital. the new laws that may finally allow for the building to be renovated.
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why the chain is now facing the business report is brought to you by honda dealers of the carolinas. >> frank: stocks on wall street went down today. down in a big way. the dow lost 252 points ending its trading at 16,926. >> tammy: more trouble for chipotle from the noro virus. it's part of a criminal investigation by the food and u.s. drug administration. >> frank: the subpoena requires chipotle the incident was isolated and it will cooperate fully with the
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>> tammy: an easing of state restricicons could lead to a company called landmark renovating the . >> frank: the project will be done with state, federal, and historic tax credits. a great opportunity tomorrow for people in our area looking for a job. employers will take part in the 10th annual job fair. participating companies are looking to fill more than 10,000 jobs in asheville and surrounding areas. >> tammy: it will take place at the davis event center from 11:00 a.m. to 4 o'clock p.m. for more on the companieshat will be there, go to and click on news links. >> frank: not such a bad day for someone with an outside job because it was so nice to see the sun. >> tammy: it was nice but once the sun goes down, oh-oh.
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clouds. 44 for the high. that put us a little shy of the average. that's three days in a row below average temperature. 16 for the low this morning. way down there. no rain or snow today.
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now your news 13 skywatch weather. >> jason: well take a look at this. snow groomers out there on cata cataloochee this morning. they've been making it, folks. it's great snow making weather. you've got to have that dry air and cold temperatures and they've had both. so they've been really hammering away w wh those snow guns. look at that. gotta love that. let's take a look at the leicester carpet sales news13 sky cam network.
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cataloochee cataloochee. we've got a split flow in the jet stream. southerly jet to the south. what this does is splits the energy with the system. so one is going to stay north. the other is going to stay south. this doesn't allow anything to get very organized at all. at least in this point in the game. we'll have a pretty potent system hit the northeast in the mid-atlantic. for us, it could give us some snow in the mountains. again, it won't be a lot but it will be that northwest flow that we see. we've got the clouds right now. it is no rain. it is no snow. it's just the clouds. 40%. but that's higher than we've seen obviously lately with no rain in the forecast. we go to 60% on friday. stay there on saturday.
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going to be the wetter day. even though the chances are equal. i think the rain will last a little longer in the day. snow mixing with the may come early sunday. mostly an early event. 41 degrees and it's mostly clear with the south-southeast wind at 7. humidity down there. 19%. that's come up a little bit. but boy, it was in the single digits in terms of relative humidity earlier today. just bone, bone dry air. high pressure now moving off the coast to the atlantic. our winds coming in from the northeast. then it will help bring moisture first in the form of clouds and eventually in the form of showers. notice as i mention, one storm north. one storm south. which one wins out, and which one is more aggressive. looks like the system in the mid-mississippi valley will be the one to bring us rain. notice that swath of showers
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over to georgia and the western carolinas. future cast tonight is clear for the most part early on. then the clouds will thicken up and will kind of be in and out of clouds tomorrow afternoon. enough sunshine to get us in the 50s. by friday morning, early afternoon, just a little rain. not widespread rain. temperatures in the 20s tonight for the majority of us. it's going to be a cold night in the mountain valleys. just not as cold as previous mornings. temperatures in the 50s for waynesville and hendersonville. mid 50s with a mix of sun and clouds. our trend will be certainly milder overall to start the weekend. look at sunday. we dip in to the 40s. 30s for highs monday and tuesday. there will be a t of wind behind that system, too. 39 will not feel 39 degrees, even though it will likely be close to the official high. our temperatures in the upstate also pretty mild, especially
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with your chances highest sunday. >> frank: i'll trade that rain for some snow. >> jason: it's going to come. >> tammy: be patient. >> frank: time to check out today'y' "see it, shoot it, send it" picture. >> tammy: charlene chappelle sent us this shot. it's pretty. >> frank: send your pictures to us, too. or you can send it to a lawsuit against the maker
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>> frank: fan favorite michael weatherly also known as tony dinozo is leaving after 13 seasons on the show. >> tammy: but up first, a sales of the helmet has j jped ten-fold in the run up too the latest film. ains ainsworth original mold. he made a few more helmets and sold them. george lucas sued. ainsworth fought lucas in the british courts and won.
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his ncis departure on twitter saying he will miss the cast and crew. he was sentenced to a three month alcohol and mothers against drunk driving program. he will continue to be involved in cbs working on other projects.
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demolition project has now from western north carolina's news leader, this is news 13 at 6. >> larry: we begin tonight with breaking news. two murder suspects on the run since last month are now in custody. >> darcel: sean holyfield and savannah walker were arrested
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