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tv   News 13 at 430am  ABC  January 7, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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have a great thursday. this morning, 3 the hopes and dreams are still alive for powerball players. no one won last night's jackpot. now. saturday's powerball jackpot is expected to hit an estimated 675 million dollars. that means it will be the largest jackpot in u-s history with a cash payout of 413 million. even if no one hit the big prize... you could still stand to win quite a bit with the right numbers. last night's winning numbers were 47-2-63-62-11 and the powerball was 17. the powerplay was three. 3 3 good morning... 3 it's .... thursday january seventh. i'm holly headrick.
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current conditions across the region. your day planner shows temperatures warming by noon. coming up, i'll show you our 7-day forecast for both the mountains and upstate. 3 3 3 3 3 claims that north korea successfully conducted a hydrogen bomb test are now being called into question. lana zak has more on this developing story... 3 not likely a hydrogen bomb...that's the latest word from the intelligence community--(skorea nkorea 6) nats 15. soundbite (korean) shin kyung-min, assistant administrator of the intelligence committee of national assembly "(in case of a hydrogen bomb, the bomb has a destructive power of 15 to 50 megatons). //this south korean lawmaker saying a hydrogen bomb should have registered at least 50 kilotons of power-- sot: joe cirinccione /it looks like
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kilotons. it's far too small to be even a failed h-bomb. here's why...a *hydrogen* bomb is a thousand times more powerful than the atomic bombs dropped on hiroshima and nagasaki. it has never been used in war. still the north korean government was celebretory on the eve of north korean leader kim jung un's birthday--natsthe international condemnation was swift--the un security council holding an emergency meeting andeven their closet ally, china, rebuked north korea.the u-s immediately launched "nuclear sniffer" and surveilance planes, to help determine - what was tested... and how the us should respond "we will continue to work -- believe it or not -- with the chinese and the international community...//to make it so that it becomes they're paying an increasingly higher price for being the one nation in the world out of the world," [on cam tag]but it is clear 3 that even if not an h-bomb, this is the fourth time north korea has tested a nuclear device since 2006... lz abcn,
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3 3 3 today... a damage assessment team from the state emergency management will be in macon county. they will be touring the damage from the flooding two weeks ago. that assessment will determine if the state will provide any money to help with the recovery. the damage involving homes, roads and bridges is estimated to be more than 700-thousand dollars. 3 all our air conditioning work, ya know..the duct work, the air handler...all that stuff had to be pulled out. and the mold and mildew..worried about the sub floors-making sure they aren't warping.3 if money becomes available, county leaders say they will let those affected know how to apply. 3 3 classes will resume today for some students at a school in buncombe county that was damaged after a mudslide. fourth through eighth graders will return to artspace charter school this morning. this comes one day after the owner of a restaurant in swannanoa donated 40 percent of the day's sales to help the
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"native social pub" to support the cause. ((stop)) 3 when we found out what happened with the flood we normally do 20% donation and this time we were like this is such a huge thing for them they give so much to our community that's what the owners of the restaurant are really all about 3 friday's schedule at artspace has not been determined yet. school officials say they should figure that out today. ((stop)) 3 3 a popular asheville brewery is expanding.. "burial beer company" will open a larger second operation in biltmore village. a brewhouse, tap room and other facilities will go into the old civilian conservation corp buildings that date back nearly a century. burial's owners say the expansion will let them try even more new things. 3 "during that time we were able to perfect the recipes while experimenting. and i think we'll continue to do that. certainly as our brewing capacity expands and we are canning now, and certainly our
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burial's capacity 10-fold to 15-thousand barrels a year. the nearly one-point-eight million dollar investiment will create about 17 new jobs. 3 3 a change to the city of asheville's job applications could make it easier for convicted felons to get jobs. council is expected to adopt a resolution to remove the question that asks if someone has been convicted of a crime. it's part of something called the "ban the box" movement. the hope is to reduce unemployment for those trying to get back on their feet after jail time. ((stop)) 3 we believe that box has been used as a screening tool so if we can deley the criminal background in the process of employment maybe you get to meet the individual actually see skills they have what type of qualifications the city will still conduct a criminal background check, but it would happen later in the application process. 3 3 an abandoned hospital in waynesville could be getting new life. a company called "landmark" is renovating the old hospital into 55 apartments for low income
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dollar project would be done with the help of state, federal and historic tax credits. 3 0;19 as the county we're hoping it will have the affordable housing because there is a shortage for seniors. and also we hope for there to be a veterans component to it to where we can have veterans apply. 3 a non-profit partnership is required for the project... and the historic preservation foundation of north carolina has agreed to take part. it could be a year before it is approved. 3 3 investigators are still trying to figure out what caused a fire that killed a 3-year-old boy in stanly county. it took dozens of firefighters more than an hour to get the fire out. the child died... despite the efforts of firefighters who tried to rescue him from the back of the house. officials say there was no working heat in the home. ((stop)) 3 3 in charlotte, smoke could be seen for miles after a large warehouse fire this week. the building was a maintenance shop for a moving truck company. the cause of that fire is also under investigation. 3 3 3 here are some stories making headlines this morning... no
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fell from an airpline in mississippi. officials say a piece of tail cone landed in a woman's yard. a military statement says it came from a national guard transport plane that was on a training mission. the plane landed safely at its base. investigators are looking into what went wrong with the plane. 3 firefighters rescue a california woman trapped inside a car with water rising... and it's caught on camera. authorities say the truck was swept away after her boyfriend drove into standing water. it rolled over and became wedged against a telephone pole. the man was able to get out, but the woman was trapped on the passenger side, partially submerged in the water. firefighters worked below the water line to free her. 3 an enterprising man apparently built himself an igloo in chicago. a reddit user posted an image of the unusual structure. news crews went out to see for themselves. the image has been traded many times on social media. the creator says one of his hobbies is clearing the sidewalk and calls the
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3 lady luck was 3 on one woman's side at a casino in new jersey. she hit a three-million-dollar jackpot playing a penny machine in atlantic city on saturday. officials say she's a 50-year- old from new jersey who didn't want to be identified. they say she hit it big after playing one machine for just five minutes. records show the win is the largest jackpot awarded in atlantic city in more than three years. 3 3 she has been a long-time advocate for victims of drunk driving... and tougher d-w-i laws. now... ellen pitt, with mothers against drunk driving... has been given the state's highest civilian honor. "i started out with this to try to rescue my own grandchildren and over the course of time ive been in a battle all this time to save children who have to ride with
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pitt with the "order of the long leaf pine" during a ceremony at the haywood county sheriff's office. pitt has been an advocate with madd for more than a decade. 3 3 3 3 star wars: the force awakens is breaking yet another record. why disney says this could be one for the history books. 3
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3 time for this morning's see it, shoot it, send it picture. this photo comes to us from charlie mckinney. beautiful shot of the mountains. he titled this photo "reflection." you can send us your pictures and video too. just log on to w-l-o-s dot com. or e-mail them to pics at w-l-o-s dot com. 3 3 the time is now 4:xx. a garbage man seems to be having a bad day at work. you can catch the clip... coming up next in our viral video. 3 3 most people who sign up for health insurance on qualify for financial help
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lowering their monthly premiums. many find low premium plans for less than $75 dollars a month. these are quality plans that include coverage for doctor visits, no-cost preventive services and prescription drugs. sign up by january 15th,
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viral video. it looks like a typical day on the job for a garbage man. but for some reason, his day just got worse. com/watch?v=d6cfozqyxmc 3
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3 it's now 4:xx.3 here is a look at what you can expect for the next three days. 3 3 3 3 "this is an awful, 33 awful day to be doing this." hollywood is honoring another actor. why this comedian says it is not all fun and games. 3
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3 in this morning's the buzz, a fan favorite on the t-v series n-c-i-s is leaving the show. michael weatherly, a-k-a, tony dinozzo, announced his departure on twitter saying he will miss the amazing crew and cast. the news comes four days after the actor-producer pleaded no contest to driving under the influence. he was sentenced to a three-month alcohol treatment program. weatherly will continue working on other projects. 3 "the americans" co-stars keri russell and boyfriend matthew rhys are expecting their first child together. the 39-year-old is already mom to three-year old daughter willa lou and seven-year old son river from her marriage to shane deary. russell and rhys started officially dating in april 20-14 after months of relationship rumors. 3 "music of movie playing."3 "star wars: the force awakens" will become the
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american history. that is the word from disney. so far, the film has made more than 758 million dollars in north america in less than three weeks. disney projects that it will pass the 760-and-a-half million that "avatar" made its run six years ago. 3 the newest star on hollywood's walk of fame has steve carell's name on it. it was unveiled in a ceremony yesterday. carell was joined by comedian will ferrell, a fellow cast member in the comedy "anchorman." the funny man is best known for his roles in the t-v series "the office," along with movies "the 40-year-old virgin" and "little miss sunshine." carell also snagged an oscar nomination for his role in the crime drama "foxcatcher." 3 "this means an awful lot to me. you know, you can kind of push it aside and say 'it's silly, it's fun.' but, it really does -- it does mean an awful lot.." hollywood buzz says he may get a second shot at an oscar this year for playing a wealthy hedge
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3 3 3 here is a look at current conditions.. in our next half hour we'll talk more about what to expect in the next 7- days. 3 3 miss colombia is getting a lot of attention after the miss universe mishap. the companies that now want her in the spotlight... next. 3
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3 it's 4:xx it's t-m-z time. jay?actress kate hudson and singer nick jonas are still going strong. they were spotted in a california ski town with their lattes. the last time they were seen together was in new york city in october. former rival pop princesses jessica simpson and christina aguilera looks like they are getting along. the singers and their husbands were at a party in los angeles to celebrate linda perry's music she wrote for the new movie "freeheld." christina performed a bluesy cover of
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juliette lewis and courtney simpson's little sister, ashely performed miss colombia may have lost her crown, but companies pitching burgers want to re-crown 3 her. according to t-m-z, a high-powered manager-who resprents modern family actress sofia vergara- is working on her behalf and is in talks with burger king for would star in a kids' meal spot where everyone keeps their crown. there is also talks with beer company "corona" about a commercial ariadna gutierrez on a beach. t-m-z says gutierrez dream is to become a victoria's secret angel. 3 3 here is a look 3 at current conditions.. here are your weather headlines for today.. up next.. we'll talk about what to expect in the extended forecast. 3 3
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hour... two mountain murder suspects have finally been caught. where police found them. 3 3 3 3 3
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