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tv   News 13 at 1230pm  ABC  January 7, 2016 12:30pm-1:00pm EST

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step will be. >> welcome back. 12:30, this is a look at how traffic is moving this afternoon. a live look from way on top of the hotel indigo. shooting down otted bridge. things look good. >> quite a few people out there. they are ready, it is warmer this afternoon. that's nice in the black mountains. 27 degrees in that location. further south, we are feeling it in the 50's50's. by dinner time, it will start to get cooler. not as cold as we have been feeling. i'll tell you more about that coming up in a moment. plus i'll talk about rain heading our way, how much will fall and the rain snow chance this weekend. >> four people now charged in the death of a man found along a henderson county road last month. lauren joins us live from outside the courthouse as their first appearances are under way.
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possibly playing a part in this whole situation? >> according to search warrants, the victim's cousin told police a drug deal was involved in all this. two named murder suspects have been on the run for more than a month up until kred when police arrested four people in connection with this case. this morning, they appeared before a judge. they are accused of murdering dequi taylor who was found death in hendersonville on december 3 the two others arrested are in jail under skred bond, charged with accessory after the fact. they are expected to have their first appearances toda they are due back in court january 26.26. >> north korea tests spread
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back into the diplomatic spotlight. that story starts today's newsreel. >> the white house disputes the claim that it detonated a hydrogen bomb. even if the device is smaller than what north korea says, the test indicates peeng yang has advanced its nuclear program. the south korean government went into emergency meetings and in talks with the u.s. the test alarmed japan whose leader told the u.s. a firm global response is needed. >> residents of the community where an armed group is occupying a federal building got a chance to speak their minds. last night residents gathered for a town hall meeting. the ranchers were targeted for not selling land to the government. many residents said while they sympathize with the group's cause, it was a situation to end. end. >> the safety and security of
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are our concerns. we'll work through this. we'll work through it peacefully. >> the group's leader says he has been told the fbi has arrest warrants. neither local nor federal law enforcement confirmed that. >> emergency crews rescued all 17 might beers trapped in an elevator in lancing, new york. the miners were reportedly 800 feet below ground. they weren't hurt. crews and the miepers had been in contact via radio transmission. several teams and fire departments assisted in the rescue. >> police in pearl are investigating how a piece of plane fell from the sky. a woman actually watched the piece bounce from the street and into her yard. it looked like the nose of an aircraft. the woman says she was on her way to church when it happened.
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what it was but then i heard a loud sound behind me. >> the departments of the army and air force say the small plane lost an attachment during routine training operations. amazingly no one was hurt. >> we haveve had a lot of ran already this season. we'll have to wait longer. i have a chance in the extended forecast. thven it is gorgeous outside. we have nice clear conditions in south asheville. 49 degrees, the news 13 skycam network shows a different setup. started off very clear. we saw some clouds and then clear skies again, partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies throughout the afternoon. this location is not too bad. 48 degrees. radio and satellite shows clouds developed in our western region.
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than others. temperatures this morning were chilly but not terrible. 27 is normal. we made it down to 25. now this afternoon, we are starting to warm back up thankfully, 14 degrees beyond what we were. mild conditions considering clemson 16 degrees warmer. in asheville, 49 degrees. already up to the 50's in our western zones. it is a little cooler in burnsville, 52 in the foothills, down into the upstate as well, including in greenwood. the wind very calm. this will be the case throughout much of the day. a light breeze in greenville, 5 miles an hour. 9 down into greenwood and 7 into columbia. the headline for today, mild conditions.
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clouds build back in. we'll see rain chances. a closer look at the timeline. things have changed. 6 p.m. does show clouds especially in our western and southern zones. watch as we go through the overnight hours. a couple of light showers from the south 8:00 a.m. seeing the rain possiblepossible. not going to be a lot of rain but the chance is there. 5:00 p.m. showing not much in the way of rain. a few sprinkles. saturday, this is what we are seeing, much more rain. not much in the way of accumulation. let's talk about how much rain we are expecting to see. today not any rain so far. and then into tonight, we'll see a few areas picking up some rain into friday. and again on saturday. this is not impressive at all.
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inch to a quarter of an inch. 20% chance late day today for ain. 50, tomorrow, back up to 60 saturday. back down to 50 on sunday. also back down will be our temperatures throughout the day on sunday. that's where we see the chance for a mechanics. 52 degrees, maybe a little bit warmer than that in some locations. 37 degrees tonight in xhe upstate. 40 degrees tonight, some clouds. also a chance for some rain. the good news is we'll stay above freezing. with the exception of some of those high mountain regions, could get close to the freezing mark. this is where we see the chance for rain snow sunday night, monday, maybe again on tuesday. we have a slight chance for rain
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next week.week. >> if you are looking for updated information, stay on top of the warnings, advisories and alerts. >> a dramatic new film about the benghazi attacks. it tells the stories of c.i.a. officers who say they were told to stand down. when they tried to go to the rescue of americans under a mile away. this week's full measure has new information on the investigation. the show gives us a preview. >> we have new information on another rescue interrupted. these were so call special forces who were operated not far away while americans were under attack. we now know that they were ready, availabab and spun up as they say in the military to go into benghazi not long into that night. we know that even though the military requested the state
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to enter the air space. that raises a lot of questions about who is calling the shots and what was decided early on that night. >> you can hear more this sunday morning right here on abc 13. >> here's is a look at stories trending in your lunch hour. new york skroind the ranks of half of the states in allowing medical marijuana. eight dispensaries opened, offering concentrates and other forms of the drug. the opening of the dispensary is allowed under a 2014 law signed by governor como comes after years of lobbying on behalf of patients including children for whom the drug is an answer to debilitating illnesses. >> trending "star wars" will become the highest grossing film in north american history. >> at least that's the word from disney.
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million dollars in less than three weeks. disney projects it will surpass that avatar head six years ago. >> the newest star on hollywood walk of fame has steve car really's name on it. the funny man is best known for his role in the office and movies. he also snagged an oscar nomination for his role in the crime drama fox catcher. >> this means a lot to me. you can kind of push it aside and say, well, it is fun. it does -- it does mean a lot. >> he may get a shop playing a wealthy hedge manager in the big short. >> ellen degeneres was offered favorite humanitarian at the people's choicic awards.
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signature hi rayous and touching way. she continued with jokes adding what i call myself the mother they are reesa of talk shows? no but i'm sure someone out there has. >> coming up, we are roasting the vegetable in an attempt to make it one of your favorites. >> some major retailers offering new options what.
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our c >> we are happy to have you in. >> i'm happy to be back again. >> hs something that i have starred liking.
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brussels sprouts. find the right way to cook them and you will like them. people say, how do we make them? i top them with bacon and all that stuff. of course, they are dirty. we start by cutting the little stem piece off. they grow on a large arm like that, there are clusters of them. they are good like that. you'll see all the bad leaves kind of fall away for you. we cut them in half. you have to be careful because they are a cabbage and they are dense. all i do is, a little bit of -- i'll use regular olive oil.
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up. if you do it this way, they'll steam on the outside. >> good to know. >> it goes on a sheet pan. they cook at 350 degrees too get them tender. >> once they are tender, thinks delicious. they'll look like this. nice and brown. they have been salted and peppered. you probably don't need anything after that. and the bacon fat. because all those little pores that let all that wonderful water out will hold all that -- >> they are thirsty now. >> then just reheat them. >> ok. >> they are best reheated in the oven again. >> do it until they start -- and are hot.
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browned up, that'ss what makes them delicious. raw, they taste very nice, very fresh, very crisp. you want to mix it with something that will hold up against it. >> let's get you the recipe at home, click on the carolina kitchen link. send a self-addressed envelopope to 110 technology drive. you can check out glass onion in weaverville. makes you feel good when you eat them. >> they look warm. >> coming up tomorrow in the kitchen, we are pairing up two great tastes the family will love, a kale and kielbasa, perfect for chasing away the cold. >> up next, the segue advanced personal robot. .
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your tv, watch us streaming live on our website, also on your mobile device.
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live to check it out. >> paging george jetson. the future is now with the consumer electronics show. >> it may be a replacement for rosy. mary maloney explains in today's consumer news. >> families of the future as depicted on the jetsons had handy row pots that provided breakfast. meet intel's new creation, half hover board and half segue and all robot. the biggest tech event in the world. not only can you ride the robot but it can serve as an alarm for your house.
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>> the segue robot recognizes voice command and has a camera that follows you around. this butler like gadget gives us a glimpse of the future. for consumer watch, i'm mary maloney. >> we thought the glimpse to the future was the self-driving car. now there is a rosy and a self-driving car. if you want your own personal segue robot, you have to wait. intel hasn't announced when it will go into commercial production. >> in other consumer news, a new edition to the world of wearable health devices. >> underarmor unveiled its health box. health box is electronic devices that helps users track their body 24/7. >> it includes a wrist strap and a circular scale that will communicate with the brand's app. it retails for $400. >> it is pretty pricey.
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>> this just n we told you earlier in the newscast, 675 million million, it has risen to $700 million. >> that drawing is of course on a saturday. >> 25 million since this morning. >> a contraption that sells for less than $20 online and helped to save a baby's life. >> how technology turned around everything for an infant who was so sick that doctors told her parents to take her home to die. >> clemson university police investigating vandalism on campus. later today on news 13 at 5:30, what officials are saying about the damage on the historic building. . >> a mother accused of running a prostitution business out of her home sits down with news 13.
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tonight at 6:00. >> a contraption that sells more
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doctors save a baby's life. >> the children's hospital in miami were able to use google card pored to see the baby's heart in 3d. the cardboard looks like a set of square goggles. with the right app, you can see images in three dimensional reality. >> allow them to know exactly what they were going to get when they opened up the baby chest. yesterday four weeks after her surgery, baby teaguen was taken off the ventilator and is breathing on her own. doctors say they expect her to go home within the next two weeks and make a full recovery. >> oh, wow. >> that is unbelievable. whoever thought to use that in the hospital -- >> it is like an episode of grey's anatomy where they ask the residents to say come up
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