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tv   First News at 5pm  ABC  January 7, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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helping determine he was wrong. >> tammy: what was the sheriff telling you? >> reporter: the sheriff started with a new year's eve car about a child custody complaint. he says the body camera really helped make a decision in this case. they've been wearing body cameras for about a year. the sheriff in charge that night got a call about the deputy. the sheriff's office fired the deputy in question on tuesday. >> internal affairs investigation or any kind of complaint, it's invaluable to be able to see what took place so you're not relying on eyewitness testimony. you're not relying on things that sometimes we find to be unreliable.
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had been on the job. he had been making about $43,000 a year. he was written up once. he was promoted to patrol in 2010. the sheriff couldn't discuss the details of the use of force complaint citing the policy law. coming up at 6, hear what the police has to say about using body cameras. >> darcel: an update to a murder investigation in hendersonville. two people accused of killing a man appeared in court this morning. shawn hollifield and savannah walker. two other people were charged with accessory after the fact. >> tammy: a waynesville mother who was arrested for
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rex joins us from the haywood county courthouse. rex. >> rex: deion grey says alleged she says she charged them by the hour and never when her kids were home. grey says she and her husband had fallen on hard times with her husband fighting skin cancer and looking for work. and she says she's trying to afford schooling for an esthetician. >> not really hurting anybody, you know. and that's how i look at it. but i guess now i've hurt a lot of people. >> rex: she says allegations -- she faces allegations of soliciting prostitution and maintaining a place for prostitution.
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chargedses for aiding and abeding. coming up at 6 reporting live tonight in waynesville, rex hodge, news 13. >> darcel: we have new information surrounding concerns about a mudslide in polk county. a stretch of highway 176 remains closed. the road was closed between saluda and tryon. dot geologists determined the rest of the rock will have to be removed. work on the road is underway already and will continue until the end of the month. >> darcel: now let's get a check on your afternoon commute. >> tammy: and jaclyn, there are a few wrecks to be aware of. >> jaclyn: it is in the clearing stages and should be out of the roadway within the next 10 to 15 minutes.
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ongoing construction on i-40 is slowing things down once again. you can expect backups on the west bound side. that's a look at your on time traffic report brought to you by debruhl's used car superstore. >> darcel: several students are injured in a fiery crash involving a school bus in charlotte. the bus was heading to school this morning when it collided with an suv. eight students, the bus driver and two other people were hurt. police are investigating what led to the collision. a man wearing a fake suicide vest is shot and killed by police in paris. it comes one year after the charlie hebdo massacre. the man was also wielding a knife when he was shot outside a police station today. france has been under a state of emergency since the attacks in november that killed 130 people. >> tammy: our viewers are
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president obama's healthcare law. we asked you at home if you support a repeal. 62% said yes. 38% say no. the white house is also reacting to the vote. both the house and senate passed the bill. kenneth moten has more. >> how long have we been at this? five years. getting past the senate democrats has always been the issue and finally we cracked the code. >> the motion is adopted. >> reporter: the legislation which passed the house along party lines on wednesday. >> bill to defund planned parenthood is an insult to the intelligence and judgment of women. >> reporter: democrats are calling it pointless political theater. it's an aggressive move by gop
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>> we as an alternative party owe the country an alternative and that's what we're going to do. >> reporter: for republicans, this symbolic measure matters. >> they're committed to the core principles, that they're going to move things forward. not just say they're going to act but act. >> they succeeded in a victory that amounts to absolutely nothing. the fact is the president will veto the bill. they know that. they also know they don't have the votes to override it. >> reporter: once the bill reaches the president's desk, he will have ten days to respond. kenneth moten, abc news, washington. >> darcel: coming up, a unique object on top of a local building. find out what it is and why it's there. >> tammy: plus an unexpected result. why two trucks from a local fire department need to be repainted. >> jason: tracking the next
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bringing clouds to the southeast. and those clouds advancing in pretty quickly this evening. the rain is going to hold off but for how long? i'll show you after the break. temperatures will go from the mid 40s at 7 o'clock. not quite the coldest evening that we've seen recently because of the clouds. and your temperatures will go from 50s nicely to the 40s in the upstate by 9.
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. you're watching news 13 with darcel grimes, tammy watford,and chief meteorologist jason boyer. and traffic with jaclyn deaugustino. >> tammy: a strange looking object. >> darcel: what is it and why is it there? >> frank: this building is an old fire station on merrimon avenue. the question, it comes from steven shulte. he sent an e-mail and asked, on top of the tower is a tall white cylinder with a gold ball on top. what is it? fire station number 4.
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the list of historical registrations. it's vacant and owned by the city. but the two story building includes a two story drill tower. on top o o that is the cylinder shaped object. she sent back this reply, the white cylinder with the gold ball on top is a concealed telecommunications tower that the city leases to t-mobile. so what's a concealed cell tower? it's a way for cell phone companies to disguise unsightly towers to minimize visual pollution. folks wants their cell phone reception but often they aren't real happy with the towers that come with it or visual pollution. if you have questions you'd like us to answer, you can write me here at ask 13 at >> tammy: breast cancer awareness leads to an unexpected outcome. >> darcel: the henderson county
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but removing the pink wrappings caused damage to two trucks. >> tammy: the bill racked up to nearly $70,000 which is covered by insurance. >> one of their employees that installed a pink wrap was using a cutting tool and actually put some cuts and scratches in the paint of the truck. >> tammy: both trucks must now be repainted. it takes a month to repaint each one. the department says it still plans on wrapping them in pink next year to show its support for the cause. >> darcel: pinch me, was today -- >> tammy: it was really nice. >> jason: i hope you enjoyed it. 59 degrees for the official high. it wasn't a record. but we saw a low of 25 this morning.
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the low to the high. you don't see that normally in january. no rain today. still a trace of snow for the month. cooling it down. there's rounds of rain coming. and a big cold blast. how about some snow? possibly. i'll show you when. >> holly: coming up tomorrow morning on news 13 in this week's thanks to teachers, an
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now your news 13 skywatch weather. >> jason: who ows, this may go down as the best day weather wise of the entire month. that's the way january can go sometimes. 44 degrees atop mount mitchell. 6600 feet from our leicester carpet sales news13 sky cam network up there. see the clouds earlier this afternoon? gone. so a beautiful sunset coming our way. it will start to thicken up again later this evening. you see the bands coming from the south-southwest. they'll start to thicken and lower overnight tonight. the chances of rain are minimal tonight. better tomorrow but nothing significant until we get in to saturday. 50% chance of scattered showers.
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it's not going to be all day but we're going to gett some share of scattered showers no doubt. on saturday we drop the percentages down to 30%. we'll see a snow flake or two here in asheville. 55 degeges at this hour. so step out the door. pretty milil evening. east-southeast wind at 7. the wind chill at 53 degrees. we did have that cool wedge of air. but it wasn't enough to push down to the upstate. the temperatures really got warm today down towards south carolina. upper 50s and 60s in those areas. whereas greensboro, raleigh, it was only 40s for high temperatures. that is going to erode slowly. we're back in to mild
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that warm air nudged off did to the north. it's going to be a southerly system that's swings out the mid mississippi valley. our best chances for rain will be later in the day saturday. and then that system lifts north. behind it sharply colder temperatures. 40s in the morning on sunday to the 30s as we get in to monday afternoon. so a much colder temperature feel as we go in to tomorrow into early part of next week. and the wind is going to crank behind that system. chances of showers, again, overnight in to early tomorrow. very few and far between. mostly cloudy to partly sunny skies. there we are in to saturday morning and early afternoon. a few showers developing. a wave of moisture comes through mostly saturday afternoon and early evening. i don't think it's going to last that long. looks like the significant rain
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a quarter. maybe half an inch for some locales by the end of day on saturday. temperatures dropping in the 30s and 40s. it will be chilly but not as cold as lately. 50s farther south. we'll still have that cool wedge in the foothills. you'll see highs in the upper 40s. your temperatures will cool even more. sunday's high with the wind whipping. back in to 40s briefly tuesday. colder still in to wednesday. so we're certainly going to get on the cold side here much of next week. >> darcel: gonna start feeling like winter. >> jason: it should. >> darcel: news 13 investigates cyber shopping monday on the taxpayer's dime. >> tammy: many private companies ban online shopping at work. and we wanted to know if the same rules apply to government employees.
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found local government workers are spending hours surfing for online deals while getting paid. >> is it a problem? i don't see it as a problem. is it something that we discourage? yes. >> darcel: tonight at 6, john ostendorf investigates how many hours government employees spent surfing the web for deals on cyber monday. plus why they weren't necessarily breaking any rules.s. so i'm trying to sell myself here. you know, it's hard. >> tammy: the new year brings new hope at a local career fair.
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perseverance from one person >> tammy: north carolina's unemployment rate is 5.7%. near post recession lows. but many people are still looking for work. >> darcel: hundreds of people dropped resumes at the north carolina ag center. >> tammy: evan, you ran in to a familiar face today. >> evan: yeah, tammy. each of the past two years at this very same job fair, we've run in to rose marie viera. she's been a aund dropping her resume looking for work. but this year when we saw her, she was only at one booth. >> it's a little dissuading
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>> how are you? >> good. how are you? i'm hoping i can help you. >> reporter: she was in dire straits. >> for the last three months, there's been absolutely no income. >> time is actually already up. this last month, we made our last mortgage that we could make. >> evan: we ran in to her again today. but this side she was on the other side of the booth. an employee now with rainbow international looking someone just like her. >> i want to give the hope to others. there's a few people here today that even though they weren't a fit for our company, i said don't give up hope. try this. this is what i did and it worked. >> reporter: one of them is yvonne horseman. >> it's creative.
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i like a challenge. i like problem solving. >> oh, she was great. she was a little timid because she thought because she's a woman. no, women are great because we are very particular and we are detail oriented. >> evan: like so many other job seekers at today's fair. >> i just want a good job. i want to work with nice people. >> evan: they're just working for a nice fit. >> i need it. i want it. i'm worth it. >> evan: 100 plus employers today offering positions. the key is, don't quit. keep in touch with those contacts you made. i'm echb donovan, news 13. >> you make your own decisions, right? >> tammy: and that could be anything from turning in your
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next >> darcel: thinking for themselves and making their own decisions. >> tammy: it may sound like a big concept for little kids but as you'll see in my never stop learning, these kids at avery elementary school are becoming proactive thinkers. >> would that be a great one? yes, do your homework.
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without your mom or dad asking you to. that's one way these first graders plan to be proactive in 2016. this morning they're making a list of other ways of making good decisions. they write down their new year's resolution so they can revisit them throughout the year. >> cleaning my room without being told. >> tammy: okay. what is this one? >> do dishes at home. >> tammy: do you do the dishes at home? >> we've been going through the leader me program this whole year. it's really started to take initiative and working on their own and really understand what it means. >> tammy: mr. anderson also reads the first graders a story
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>> darcel: coming up, auctioning
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