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tv   News 13 Early Edition 530am  ABC  January 8, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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perhaps a little terrifying - is seeing that perfect sheet completely collapse. though in this case, the people filming it found it pretty hilarious. 3 3 good morning... it's .... friday, january 8-th i'm holly headrick. and i'm jay siltzer3 good morning. here is a look at current conditions across the region. your day planner shows temperatures warming by noon. coming up, i'll show you our 7-day forecast for both the mountains and upstate. 3
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3 though it is raining outside... you can find some snow in the mountains. news 13's lauren brigman is live from cataloochee ski area. lauren... ski season is in full swing. today is day 35 of business this season and things are looking up.3 3 the ski area is now open seven nights a week... extending their hours through 10 each night. over the past week, cataloochee's snowmakers have been blowing snow. it is the goal each year for the ski area to remain open throughout march. the snowmakers here at cataloochee know how to work against the adverse conditions, like the warm weather, to make it feel like winter in maggie valley. so much so, that they are up for a national award for snowmaking. plus, they are
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trails in the future.3 3 "we continue to do a lot of infrastructure work on our snowmaking, getting ready to add some more trails over the next couple of years. a lot of times, it's more than a one- year project. it takes years to get pumps and pipelines and stuff like that in, before you actually get to cutting that new terrain."3 they have a total of 18 slopes with 11 open now, and five lifts. today also kicks off "learn to ski and snowboard month" so now is a good time to give it a try if that's among your new year's resolutions. 3 coming up at 6, i'm getting out on the slopes myself. live from the slopes at cataloochee, lauren brigman news 13 3 3 a buncombe county deputy is off the job this morning...
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sheriff van duncan says the complaint against now former deputy tim teves stemmed from a child custody call on new year's eve. the sheriff says the deputy's body camera was key in the investigation. 3 11:22 "absolutely, for an internal affairs investigation or any kind of complaint from the public it's invaluable to be able to see what took place" 3 teves was hired in 2007. the sheriff's office says there are no other complaints against him on file. 3 3 a woman is accused of abusing dogs in polk county. 38-year-old sabrina painter is charged with abandonment and felony animal cruelty. three dogs were seized from a home she was staying in on landrum road last week. one of the dogs "snoozy" was found with a telephone cord tightly wrapped around her leg. that leg may now have to be amputated. 3 i guess there's a perception sometimes that people think that just because they have a pet dog or a pet cat or horse or whatever, that's their property they can do whatever
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that's not the way i look at it3 sheriff hill is asking for the public's help in paying for snoozy's vet bills... if you'd like donate, contact his 3 3 3 a teen charged with a string of break-ins in west asheville faces even more charges. saheed grant is now charged with possession of a stolen firearm and breaking and entering. he is accused of breaking into a building on euclid boulevard. last month, police say grant and two other looking over your shoulder thinking some day? after twenty do" that's what "wallace williams" had to say... after his arrest in alexander county. he was on south carolina's most wanted list... for not registering as a sex offender for a
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wife of 10 years... had no idea he was a wanted man. 3 "i want to ask him what he did. i want to know. i want to know why he didn't tell me." "anything you want to say to your wife about all this...does she know? she does now. do you want to apologize to her? no" along with failing to register as a sex offender... law enforcement in south carolina also wanted him for financial transaction fraud. 3 3 a 14-year-old boy in fayetteville is facing serious charges... after a high-speed chase that was all caught on video. investigators say he was joy riding in his grandmother's car when deputies tried to stop him. then police joined the chase through downtown... and say the teen clipped several cars. it ended when the car blew a tire, and officers say the boy tried to run away. 3 "..we heard a loud racket in the vestibule of the library. we looked around and there was several police officers that slung this young kid down to the ground, and they had him
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they put the cuffs on him." deputies say this was the third time the 14 year old had taken his grandmother's car without her knowledge. 3 3 3 developing in rutherford county... d-s-s is now looking into allegations of abuse in the foster system. teen alex militello ran away last month... claiming he was abused because of his sexuality. he has since been found. friends and family of militellogathered at the county courthouse last night to rally against homo-phobia. family members hope to regain custody of both him and his sister. 3 44:24-37in straight. if i want to be gay, i can be gay. if i want to be bisexual, i can be bisexual. nobody should be able to tell somebody how they're supposed to live or love what religion they're supposed to go under or anything. the rally was organized by students for a democratic society. 3 3 3 two upstate lawmakers file a bill to ban same-sex marriage in south carolina despite last
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court. state representatives mike burns and bill chumley co- sponsored the bill. chumley says the majority of residents in south carolina are against same-sex marriage. so, taxpayers in the state shouldn't pay for a decision made by the federal government. one local l-g-b-t rights activist says they are wasting their time. 3 "i think that this is very clearly a publicity stunt and really has no hope of gaining any traction." representative chumley says under the tenth amendment of the u.s. constitution... state legislators can reject federal mandates. 3 3 a new grocery store is coming to hendersonville. the city council has now approved a special use permit to rezone property for a publix super market. the land is at the intersection of white street and greenville highway. while no one spoke against the project during the public hearing... some are concerned about flooding. 3 3:05 "the retaining walls will be around the perimeter of the cite to retain that additional fill, so you're existing grade
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going to have that retaining wall on the property edge."3 traffic is another concern... since white street is only a two lane road. city council said that's a separate project... for the d-o-t to work on with the city in the future. 3 3 3 today the king of rock and roll... would have turned 81 years old. new this morning... we have learned a guitar elvis presley gave to a fan during his concert at the asheville civic center in 1975... did not sell at auction last night. graceland auction's web site says it got 10 bids... but did not meet the reserve price. the custom gibson ebony dove guitar was used during elvis's famous "aloha from hawaii" concert in 1973. 3 3:38 "oh yeah this puts it in the rarified air of one of the best elvis presley artifacts available." that elvis presley artificat... was expected to sell for between 300 and 500 thousand dollars. elvis reportedly told the fan that he gave it to him for a
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would help him out. 3 3 3 3 coming up in this morning's business headlines... gun safety. some new technology on the market to keep guns secure. 3 we have been remembering the king of rock and roll elvis presley this morning on what would have been his 81 birthday. and we want to know what's your favorite elvis song. head to the wlos facebook page and weigh in. we'll share some of your comments at six. 3 and news 13 wants to hear from you so we can continue to tell relevant and meaningful stories. go to wlos dot com and click-on the "your voice" news survey to share your
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3 it's 5:xx. let's take a look at business headlines. overnight trading in china closed up for the first time this week... that has u-s investors hopeful for a better day today. the dow wasdown 392
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16 thousand 514. the nasdaq was also down 146 points yesterday to close at four thousand 689. 3 3 now let's take a look at today's business headlines across the to charge your cell phone battery in less than a minute /2016/01/07/technolo gy/ces-2016-storedot- charger/index.html?ii d=hp-stack-domis it possible to charge your phone from 0% to 100% in less than a minute? yes. but you'll need to put a special battery in your phone, drill holes through the case directly into the battery, put copper connectors in the holes and get a specialized 200 amp charger.or you could leave the instant-charging to israeli startup storedot, which is designing a power system that can charge your phone up to 200 times faster than today's charging speeds. ---------------------------- ------------------------------ smart guns, fingertip vaults and steel safes: tech to make guns safe /2016/01/07/technolo gy/obama-gun-control-gun- tech/index.html?iid=h p-stack-domgun safety technology is a blanket term for different types of devices used to secure guns to keep them from falling into the wrong hands. both sides of the gun debate say they support gun safety.but it's more complicated than that. gun security is often associated with smart guns, which only fire when activated by the owner. one such device makes it so the gun can only fire when activated by a wristwatch worn by the owner, who enters
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weapon. it also features a time-controlled deactivation of the weapon. winchester safes of dallas offers a series of gun vaults with names like big daddy and bandit. they're large enough to hold a selection of guns, including rifles and shotguns, along with ammunition and valuables like jewelry and cash. ---------------------------- ---------------------------- -------samsung built the most amazing tv ever /2016/01/07/technolo gy/ces-2016-samsung- tv/index.html?iid=hp-grid-dom the new tv technology allows you to stack televisions like lego bricks. when you move them or even spin them around, a powerful processing engine powering the multiple displays knows where the tvs are in real space, and it adjusts the picture accordingly.the best part of samsung's new tvs: once stacked together, the displays appear to combine to form one tv. 3 3 3 the time is now 5:xx. sounds of the mountains. coming up ... the event happening this weekend teaching how to play the dulcimer. 3
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3 the time is now 5:xx. keeping warm this winter... coming up ... what one man did to make sure the homeless have needed socks. 3
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3 a raleigh man3 takes it upon himself... to start collecting one of the least donated items for the homeless. adam grossman made it his mission... to collect as many socks as possible. the real estate broker reached out to his contacts... and posted catchy videos s on his facebook page asking for help. after raising money... he went out and bought 13-thousand pairs of socks. 3 nats of his video: 38: we've got striped socks. we've got soccer socks. of course we've got the old rival white socks, pink socks, you name it. we've got all kinds of socks. those 13 thousand pairs of socks
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rescue misson. 3 3 3 3 here is a look at current conditions.. in our next half hour we'll talk more about what to expect in the next 7- days. 3 3 3 how a 3 paralyzed kitten dropped off at the humane society is getting a new chance at a
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>>holly: welcome back,. 5:56. paralyzed kittens in south carolina were clinging to life. >>jay: but enough money was raised to buy her a wheelchair. now she has a family. the family moved her and her crate back into their black rock home. >>zack: she has physical therapy twice and learns to adapt to her disability. >>holly: lots of animals get those little wheelchairs and do fantastic, they do it for dogs
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>>zack: i was about to say, i have seen the video for pig. >>holly: they put them on there and -- >>zack: just roll them away. it will be rainy, keep the rain jacket around and it will be dissipating as you make your way into the afternoonon hours. upper 40s and low 50s for today, same for tomorrow, but things are cooling down as we clear it out for the start of the next work week. >>holly: 17 miners trapped in an elevator are back home. what engineers say may have been the cause. >>jay: 2015 could be one of the costliest w wther years of all. the amount of money it cost in damage. >>lauren: there's one place in maggie valley you will find plenty of snow. we are live from cataloochee ski area.
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the slopes, live. >>holly: a young otter is calling the california aquarium home, this is after it was found on the beach calling out to its mother. >>jay: people called animal control for the 3 week old otter and from there they took it along the water hoping to get the mom's attentions with the baby's cries. >>zack: way too cute. of course it didn't work so they
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there they will decide where the
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