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tv   News 13 at 1230pm  ABC  January 8, 2016 12:30pm-1:00pm EST

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this is overlooking the jeff bowen bridge. >> quite a few cars on your friday afternoon. >> they seem to be moving smoothly and drying out already. we were seeing rainshowers in the early morning but things are quieting down. we'll see maybe some isolated showers later on this afternoonafternoon. this is the first round of rain. there is more on the way into the weekend as we start to clear those showers out, we'll be bringing in sunshine and colder temperatures temperatures. is there any snow associated with any of it? i'll let you know. >> folks in the west asheville neighborhood are keeping eyes peeled for the culprit of a slashing spree. lauren, how many vehicles were actually vandalized? >> we had seen at least four. neighbors are telling us there may be more than that. on each vehicle, two tires have been punctured on one side. the issue becomes more than putting a spare tire on and driving away.
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vehicles were being towed from the neighborhood this morning. two of ritchie's cars were vandalized overnight. he said this is the second time it happened this week. on monday he replaced four tires on a couple of vehicles and now he has to do it again. he said an incident like this is unusual for the community he called home for several years frustrating. >> it causes problems beyond the immediate. you have to miss work, you have to call tow trucks and now i'm going to have to invest money. >> police say this appears to be an isolated incident. they say this type of crime is difficult to solve because of the lack of evidence left surveillance cameras are one of the best ways to catch someone. if you have also fallen victim to an incident like this, fire a report with asheville police. in west asheville, news 13.
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short time ago, president obama as expected vetoed legislation that would have repealed the affordable care act. the measure passed by the house would have also cut federal funding for planned parenthood. the bill goes back to the republican led congress which does not have the votes to override the veto. >> a shuttle america plane operating is diverted after passenger attacks other passengers and has to be subdued. the flight was flying from la guardia to o'hare but had to land in detroit. police questioning this woman after an in-flight outburst last night that forced pilots to make an emergency landing. >> united express flight with 69 passengers and four crew members took off from new york's la guardia airport heading for chicago.
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passenger asked if she could get off the plane. when a flight attendant said no passengers claim the woman lost control. >> the girl went crazy and started scratching her face up. the woman reportedly yells she was bipolar. witnesses say she started attacking another woman and that's when three other passengers stepped in. >> pilots diverted to detroit where police were waiting. >> the woman was taken off the plane and into custody. the flight continued on to chicago. chicago. >> two iraqi refugees, one charged with making false statements with an interview as he was attempting to become a u.s. citizen. the 23-year-old was born in iraq
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syria in 2012 as a refugee. by october of that year, he allegedly expressed a desire to return to syria to support violent jihad. the other is a 24-year-old from houston, born in iraq, he came to the u.s. in 2009 as a refugee and has been living in the u.s. under legal permanent residence since 2011. loretta lynch, fbi director and others will participate in a summit with major players. the meeting will focus on tech giants including twitter, facebook and others. it will look at hour they can make it more difficult for groups like isis to recruit followers over the internet. >> the mother of the affluenza teen appeared in court. for her arraignment for hindering the apprehension of a fugitive. another hearing will take place
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which has been set at one million dollars. couch accused of helping her son flee to pureto valuta. he killed four people in a drunk driving crash in 2014. couch and her attorney want the bond reduced. the judge said if that happens, she will have to wear an ankle monitor and hand over her passport. it is looking rainy but showers have started to quiet down in the mountains as well as the upstate. temperatures for the moment low and mid 40's, even some areas getting to the 50 degree mark as we make our way further to the south. the real topic of conversation has been the rain. it is cloud cover we are seeing for those in many mountain locations, lingering showers, we will be limited in terms of impact and limited in terms of activity leading to the late afternoon and bringing us tomorrow morning. the winds call, you see humidity at 97%. when you have the dew points
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this time of year, that will be spawning off those showers. this is all rain, we are not talking about snow until we make our way to midweek. we could see flakes here and there. we'll get to the seven-day forecast in a moment. here's a broader picture. seeing showers moving to the east. those east of i-26 could see lingering rain. overall not talking about too much in terms of activity today. but another round will be on the way as we head into the weekend. a cold front will continue to progress. this is going to be a pretty quick front. we'll see activity rolling in saturday evening, bringing us into the overnight hours and for sunday morning and then at that point we'll clear out those skies. this system is going to be gathering moisture from the gulf of mexico wrapping it in towards our region. we'll be looking at impacts come saturday into the late portion of the day.
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as we make our way into the afternoon. overcast conditions will be sticking around. we could get clearing in mountain locations. that's going to produce fog in the early morning. however, i don't think it is going to be too much of an issue. in lunchtime, remaining dry, still looking at dense low lying clouds as we make our way further to the south. keeping the cloud cover even in western north carolina. the broadband of rain rolling through, it is only going to increase and engulf the entire region. by 6:00 a.m., we are already starting to clear out some of those showers, moving off to the east. that will be the end of the rainshowers. as we make our way into the next 24 to 48 hours, trace amounts of rainfall. those rainshowers moving off quickly by the start of next week.
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into the middle of the week. things could get dicey into wednesday morning with a slight chance of high elevation snow. yes, snow. overall, the majority of week will remain dry. upper 40's and 50's, enjoy the milder conditions because we'll only be decreasing our temperature significantly through the weekend, bringing us in through monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday. our overnight lows with breezy conditions, windchill values into the low teens. overall, looking at a cold air mass for next week. warning avenued res and alerts, it is free in your app store. >> here's a look at the stories trending in your lunch hour, super bowl 50 will be here before you know it. beyonce is expected to join cold play on stage for a performance. this will mark the second time she has performed during a super bowl half time show.
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the headline act during super bowl 47 between the baltimore ravens and the san francisco 49ers. the super bowl is february 7. >> jimmy fallon may be hosting his own caucuses. hillary clinton and donald trump are set to appear on the tonight show. that is a couple of weeks before the february 1 iowa caucuses. the two candidates have exchanged harsh words in recent days. trump appears next monday. clinton will be on a week from tonight. >> also trending, grammy winning singer natalie cole died of congestive heart failure caused by a lung disease. her family said she died december 31 at a los angeles hospital. she was 65 years old and underwent a kidney transplant in 2009. cole's family said after that transplant she was diagnosed with pulmonary arterial hypertension. >> rumors swirling about whether
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third child with prince william. a website claims middleton and williams did not announce any baby news and the 33-year-old summer. >> coming up in the carolina kitchen, cozy up with this savory kielbasa and kale dish. >> we are talking about the powerball and how high it may go ahead of the saturday's drawing.
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what it stands at right now. >> welcome into the carolina kitchen.
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>> it is my first day with a new tongue. >> it is kielbasa. >> sauteed. >> i took it out and to the remaining grease, i add in one cup of diced up onion, one cup of carrot and half a cup of diced celery. for those of you into french cooking, you'll understand this as mrimripow, which is the starter for most french dishes. it has a silent x on the end. anyway, to this, i'll add a can of black beans that are draraed
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drained and cooked. petite diced tomatoes with the juice. a teaspoon of red pepper flakes, bring it up, stir it through. while this is all goinggoing, have rice. just regular white rice off on the side. a bed of white rice in the casserole dish. make sure we get it back in there. like i said before, kale, kielbasa and kale or kale and kielbasa. once this starts to simmer, buy bags of fresh carrot, you don't need to chop it, leave the stems in. i'll put a third to half the bag
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on. let it simmer for about 10 minutes minimum. the kale will wilt. stir it together. if you want to make it longer so it really gets up to a good rolling boil, that's fine. it will enhance the flavors. serve it on the bed of rice, dish. i'll have a finished product for you. this is an entree with a side dish, almost like a one pot meal. it is really good, nice and hardy dinner. >> sounds good. let's get you the recipe at home. click on the carolina kitchen link. send a self-addressed envelope to one 10 technology drive. check us out on pinterest and see bruce at bruce's fabulous foods. that's what is cooking in the carolina kitchen.
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version of your kebabs.kebabs. >> up next, the latest high-tech airline seats in our consumer news. >> you can stream us live on
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go to >> economy airline passengers may soon have a better screen for their in flight entertainment. panasonic is building a high screen display. it will connect with your smart phone. the new seat back screens have
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class section of the airline. >> panasonic has built a larger version for business class that features a 24 inch 4k screen, full spectrum and connected remote control tablet. >> i don't know what half of that means. >> a manufacturers has a high-tech way to deliver pregnancy results, first response developed the test. it works with an app designed to make the process less stressful. >> after downloading the app, you answer a few questions aboutut whether you want to be pregnant or not. your answers determine how you get the results. the app offers suggestions for remaining calm while you wait. >> the largest jackpot in u.s. history now get this an estimated 800 million, it has the gop up 100 million since this morning, it is going to be up for grabs. >> do you think it will hit a billion? >> i think it will hit a billion.
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day and all day saturday. >> after wednesday's drawing no one produced the magic number and power ball is wednesday night was 524 million, the payout would have an estimated cash value of just 428 million before taxes, according to the power ball website, the final take home amount depends on an individual tax rate and the state and local taxes. >> the largest lottery jackpot was when that megamillions drawing reached a whopping 456 million. >> 800 million. the cash value is 496 million. 500 million cash, you figure cashes, call it 50%.50%. >> i think by sunday morning i might be at an island. >> i'm coming to join you. >> coming up, how mother nature put them in jeopardy and how several scientists rallied to
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>> a councilman wants to replace columbus day with indigenous people day locally. later today, why he is calling for the change. >> a new national beer festival is coming to asheville.
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announcement tonight at 6:00. >> hundreds of endangered sea turtles paralyzed by cold water coast. >> they are suffering from a condition similar to hypothermia. experts say the turtles are juveniles who haven't yet learned how to swim when the temperature drops. >> specialists are nursing them back to health and getting them ready for release into the warmer waters. >> it is good to know they'll be warmer. they'll learn. >> mom hasn't taught them yet. >> they will be just fine. >> it is going to get colder.
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temperatures, bringing us to the start of our weekend, rain dissipating. more chances of rain on the way for saturday late day, the afternoon, early evening, overnight into sunday morning and then you start to see sunshine on the way. as we clear out the cloud cover, we'll drop off our temperatures as well afternoon highs in the mountains, only into the upper 30's for monday through thursday. our overnight lows potentially even into the teens. >> all right. so weekend could be a little bit of a mixed bag. >> and if you'll play the power ball, play responsibly, ok. thank you for joining us on this
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