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tv   First News at 5pm  ABC  January 8, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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around 6:00 p.m. on saturday, october 10th, an undercover minor walked in to the ice bar and ordered a drink. the bartender did not check id, anyway. the bartender charged with selling alcohol to a minor. ice bar says the bartender is fired. they will pay the fine and will remain open. went to the wayside grill. the minor had just turned 20 years old that week and wayside's owner tells news 13's his bartender just made a simple math error. wayside paid a $1,500 fine and his bartender was also charged but has not been fired.
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routine inspection last may, new mountain asheville has hit with a fine for missing tax stamps. they must get all of their liquor from warehouses. there must be a tax stamp. as soon as the bottle is empty, the stamp must be defaced and the bottle disposed of. the ale says it also there the bartender checked id and refused to serve the minor. they say they're not trying to trick anyone. all of those minors look their age or younger. they employ about three of those
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contracts are i'm evan donovan for news 13. >> darcel: we have new details tonight on an exclusive story news 13 broke yesterday on the firing of a buncombe county sheriff's deputy. a second deputy has now been dismissed after a use of force complaint. a sheriff's office spokeswoman says sean kemp's termination fol someone filed a use of force complaint after the call and the sheriff used body camera video to help make the dismissal decision. late this afternoon the sheriff's department responded to a news 13 request for the video saying it would not be released. and there's even more new information coming out on this story tonight. coming up at 6, we take you live
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>> larry: neighbors in west asheville is keeping an eye out for someone who is slash how many vehicles were vandalized, lauren? >> we we were here atehicles were being towed from the neighborhood this morning. two of ricki razel's cars were vandalized overnight. he says this is the second time it happened to him just this week. on monday he replaced four tiis on his vehicle and now he has to do it again. he says t te incident is unusual for a community he has called home for years. >> you have to miss work.
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now i'm going to have to invest money in security. >> reporter: they say this type of call is difficult to solve because of the lack of evidence left behind. if you have also fallen victim to an incident like this, you can also file a report to asheville police. in west asheville, lauren brigman, news 13. >> darcel: a major mountain insurance provider is apologizing tonight. customers with blue cross blue shield of north carolina have been complaining about incorrect billing and long hold times on the phone. the company says the problems stem from the federal health insurance deadline and that employees are working overtime to correct issues. one local business owner says he still hasn't received his insurance card. >> so we paid our premium. we don't even have a number. so i went to fill a couple prescriptions and i don't have insurance. i paid for it but i don't have a
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>> darcel: coming up on news 13 at 6, some tips from blue cross on how to get around those long wait times. >> larry: there's no getting around the rainy weather. it may stay with us through saturday. >> darcel: at least it's not a washout. jason, will there be any rain this weekend? >> jason: we have to be patient. plenty of hours in the fog here. look at this leicester carpet sales news13 sky cam network. we're in rutherford county at chimney rock state park. we are getting socked in. this is the theme playing out through many east of i-26. a lot of fog to deal with so slow down. high temperatures only made it in to the mid and upper 40s. if you saw 50s, luckily enough you were the warmest in the southwestern mountains. we're really going to see leveling off in terms of temperatures this evening. i dopt see them dropping much
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radar and satellite, we've got that push of cool air from the east. and warmer in the southwest. we'll get a little warmer in places tomorrow in the southwestern places tomorrow. maybe some areas of drizzle. just not the prettiest evening to be out. look at your temperature holding steady at 45 in the upstate. very foggy. we'll talk about the chances for rain and even snow. stick around. >> darcel: a philadelphia police officer is recovering after being shot several times. thth attack was caught on surveillance video. police say the suspect fired at least 11 times in to a patrol car last night. some of those shots hit the person in the driver's seat. officers say he confessed to
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the president of mexico made the announcement today on twitter. officials say he was captured after a shootout with mexican marines. the drug lord escaped from prison six months ago. he's often called the most powerful drug trafficker in the world. >> larry: the mother of the so-called affluenza teenager appeared in court. she's accused of helping her son flee to mexico. ethan couch is onn probation for killing four people in a drunk driving crash in 2013. his mother is charged with hindering his apprehension. ethan is still in mexico. >> darcel: we have a traffic alert for drivers in jackson and haywood county. >> larry: yeah, jaclyn, a portion in sylva is shut down. >> jaclyn: it's on dark ridge road right there on the jake
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all west bound lane and one east bound lanes are closed. affecting drivers in waynesville. dispatch tells us there are injuries reported. it is a good idea to avoid that area if possible. i-240 east bound near i-40. a wrecker is on the way. there is stop and go traffic once again between hendersonville road and tunnel road. this might slow you down. thort . >> larry: the countdown continues to monday's championship game. >> darcel: not without a quick pregame celebration with their fans. >> larry: news 13's darren
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>> darren: around noon, a large crowd gathered to send off their tigers. people were holding up signs, cheering, even hugging players as they got on the buses. fans tell us they haven't seen anything like this since the 80s. these fans tell us they're excited about reliving the magic of the 1981 championship season. >> it's a little overwhelming. i probably will cry. i'm so proud of my tigers. and i've loved them for a long time. >> darren: for those of you not making the trip to arizona to see the game in person, live. see you then. darren botelho. news 13.
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campaign rally >> larry: in vote 2016, it was a wild night at a donald trump rally in vermont. >> darcel: the gop frontrunner was met with protest. he was met and screamed at by demonstrators.
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support bernie sanders. >> larry: their campaigns are still drawing big crowds. >> reporter: bernie sanders and donald trump both are fishing from a similar pond, which are working class voters who are . >> darcel: a 24 foot blast from the past will be greeting students at the new isaac dixon elementary school. >> larry: officials say it dates back at least 65 million years. >> darcel: it was donated by a private citizen. the fossil was dug up just outside buffalo, south dakota. >> as far as i know, it is the only elementary school in the world that has a full size mounted dinosaur with a high percentage of original bones. call me. but i think that's the case. >> darcel: now to get an idea of
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the femur bone in the leg is about four feet long. the new isaac dixon elementary iset to open in august. >> larry: i think he's gotta be right. >> darcel: i think people will be going there just to see the dinosaur. >> jason: i'd love to see hudson's face. if he saw that, he'd flip out.
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now your news 13 skywatch weather. leicester carpet sales news13 rock. it was fogged in. but not so much here in the east side of buncombe county yet. this is out of black mountain. you can see folks going about their business. dry even though the rain fell earlier today. rain chances are right back up there, folks. 70% tomorrow. you think oh no, it's going to rain a day. no. it will be mostly cloudy. and we'll have most of the rain evening. it's the second half of your saturday that looks wetter. 40% chance of rain and even s sme snow. it's going to be coldd come sunday afternoon.
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in asheville other than flurries. maybe a burst of white snow on the west side of town. you hear all this and you're like, snow, snow, it's gotta happen. whatever does come is going to be pretty much a minor event overall. they'll get their share. maybe an inch or two out of that total. 47 degrees in asheville. cloudy skies right now. south-southeast wind at 9. humidity way up there. that wind is biting. east-northeast wind at 6. 47 in the upstate. you have not seen temperatures in the 50s today. cold air wedging down all the notice this system. this is the one coming and bringing the rainfall. this is saturday 6 o'clock in the evening. so showers spreading out ahead of it will move in to the western carolinas.
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look at this, cold flow out of the midwest and a wintery blast. that moisture getting rung out. that moisture will gets rung out in the higher elevations in the form of snow showers. future cast. clouds. low clouds. fog. we're socked in. you can see this line right here doesn't move much. showers coming through late day. look in to sunday. yeah, a little bit of snow shower activity popping up over the mountains. yes rainfall amounts, it will add up over half an inch in some places. i dodot think that's going to be the high end for asheville. but a quarter of an inch to half an inch at most farther to the south. temperatures tonight, 30s and 40s mixed with most of the chill being felt from asheville east ward.
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you'll barelel get there in the upstate. colder still sunday.. 44 with that snow chance coming back even down in the valleys. we stay chilly monday, tuesday. much colder wednesday. that will likely be the coldest day of the next seven. high at freezing. bundle up. >> larry: still ahead, tracking powerball fever. what you need to know about tomorrow night's drawing. [ horn honks ] okay, this is u.s. cellular, and this is verizon. now, same phones, but with u.s. cellular you get 6 gigs of 4g data for only $40 per month -- $20 less than verizon. and u.s. cellular's network was built to work in places like out here, here, and here.
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>> larry: powerball fever continues to heat up. tomorrow night's jackpot, the largest in u.s. history. >> darcel: it's estimated at more than $800 million. as brandi hitt reports, the potential payout is leading to long lines for tickets. >> reporter: powerball fever is sweeping the nation. now building to the biggest jackpot ever. more than $800 million and counting. >> i look for it to grow some more today. we'll see what happens. >> we've been waiting two hours. >> it's well worth the wait. >> everybody's got to dream. >> reporter: millions hoping to cash in the winning ticket after 18 drawings with no jackpot. >> we're at levels we've never seen before.
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winning are now larger too. you still need to match five red balls and one white ball. increasing the odds of winning from 1 and 175 million to 1 and 292 million. most know how they'd spend the money immediately. >> but a million and a half or a million away somewhere and give the rest away. >> reporter: tickets are now selling so quickly for saturday night's drawing, lottery officials say they're close to creating the first ever lottery billionaire. >> darcel: good luck to all. you can watch the powerball drawing live here on news 13 tomorrow night at 11. >> larry: we're hoping to share the powerball jackpot with one of you. >> darcel: wlos bought 50
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winnings of $10,000 or more for 13 randomly selected adults. go to our facebook page to register to win. it's a lot of money. >> larry: yeah, it is. in today's pet pals, you can
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this gorgeous little poo welcome to today's pet pals, i'm joined here with robin from the blue ridge humane society. and we've got a gorgeous puppy named pepper. tell us about him. >> he's a snauser poodle mix. he's new to the shelter but he seems like a nice little doggy. he's already neutered. he appears to be house trained already. which is perfect. >> what is something people would need to know around the house? >> he's a little shy. probably a mature household would be better for him. he's a sweet dog who warms up to you once he gets to know you. he's available from the blue ridge humane society. we're open today. we're there until 6 o'clock.
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pepper you can join us on robin, thank you so much for coming in today. and have a great day. >> darcel: adorable. >> larry: pepper will go. >> darcel: a coin collector paid almost $2 million for a dime. >> larry: the 1894 s barber is apparently one of the rarest coins in the world. it was auctioned off yesterday. >> a financial crisis in 1893 killed demand in new coinage. only 19 went in to circulation. >> larry: two million for a dime. >> darcel: that's lucky. >> larry: find out when blue
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>> frank: some say it's hundreds
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