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tv   News 13 Tonight  ABC  January 9, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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to wind it up with the number 34. your winning powerball number is 13. that winning power play multiplier is 3. >> frank: $949.8 million. don't worry p you missed those number we'res going to air them again. the drawing again during our first commercial break this evening. stay tuned for that. authorities -- a fire in madison county destroys a barn and sends a family running from their home. toninit they are all safe thanks to a quick thinking teenager. justin hinton joins us live from the sheriff's office in marshall. how did the teen help reporter: once he figured out what was going on, he told everyone inside they needed to get out and get to safety. he then went the extra mile to make sure his mom would be okay. smoke blends into the sky where
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>> it was like a gunshot. like a boom. reporter: before flames began pouring from a barn. >> once they get going it's just a matter of minutes until it's on the ground. reporter: a total loss. >> the barn, approximately a one foot by a hundred foot. no animals. no injuries. reporter: just on the other side, 17 year old irving and several family members. >> i just got out of the shower. reporter: someone horning their horn alerted him to the fire. he told his cousin and grabbed his mom. >> her leg is fractured. reporter: no injuries there either. but this hunk of metal tells them how bad it could have been. >> there's a car in here somewhere we haven't found yet. a car. reporter: marshall fire chief says about 40 firefighters responded to the call.
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spots and secure the scene. . before calling it a day and turning it over to the sheriff's office to investigate. >> i praise the lord giving him all the thanks everything is fine. reporter: the fire chief says to the best of his knowledge the cause of the fire is accidental. he says it remains under investigation. reporting live in marshall, justin hinton news 13. >> frank: other firefighters from across the region are getting prepared for action at the counties training center this weekend. this the the first time so many have been involved in training exercises at once. firefighters work on different scenarios ranging from completely controlled to the unpredictable. team member says they are making first responders better prepared to get their dangerous job done. >> the old center we had was a single building. it was limited to what we could do. the county commissioners with
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they teamed up with the fire chiefs in the county and got need. so this facility is the end result of those meetings and planning of all those folks together. >> frank: the buncombe county training facility is open for any emergency sponsz team anywhere in the state. >> frank: authorities suspend the search for a man they say fell from the water fall in ma con county. responders were dispatched around noon. official says a man fell from the falls into the river. they say swift water crews searched the area but the effort was called off at dark. they will be back out there tomorrow morning. a section of high lands road near turtle pond road remains closed to give the emergency workers better access to the scene. an asheville man is behind bars after a patrol check leads police to a stolen car. timothy williams is charged with possession of a stolen vehicle and possession of a firearm by a
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police say they found the car around 11:30 last night near heath brook circle and columbine road. they discovered the gun after searching that vehicle. the cars already been returned to the owner. williams is in the buncombe county jail under a $40,000 bond. >> it's a twist worthy of a hollywood thiler happening south of the border. the drug lord guzman sguz back behind bars in mexico. matt goodman has the story of the recapture of the man they call el chapo. >> he wanted to spend his infamy into celebrity. instead el chapo, drug kingpin and one of the worlds most handcuffs. the drug lord paraded in front of cameras as authorities rushed him back to the same supermax prison he tunnelled his way out of last year. and the attorney general says that's thanks to el chapo vanity.
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year, the criminal wanted a buy optic made about imthose communications helped track him down. the final show down plague out in his home state. mexican marines raididi the house killing five of el chapo's men and seizing these weapons. including.50 caliber sniper rifles and grenade launchers. they caught up with guzman after he ran in sewer tunnelling and hijacked a vehicle. mexican officials declaring mission accomplished. the u.s. department of justice calling the arrest a victory for the citizens of mexico and the u.s. he faess charges in multiple u.s. districts for murder and drug trafficking. now mexico is considering extradition. >> frank: buncombe county residents got a chance to enroll
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the ywca hosted certified knave gators of the aid fordable care act give assistance for those without. to be eligible for coverage beginning february 1st you have to enroll before january 15th. 91% of enroll lyse received subsidies to help lower costs. >> there are a lot of small employers that can't afford to offer health insurance. we can help them sign up through the market place. they may only have to pay 15, 20, $30 a month for very good coverage. >> frank: the final date for 2015 aca open enrollment is the last day of this month, january 31st. cloudy and mild today. rainy and chilly now. we maye in for more changes. karen wynne joins us for the sky watch forecast. >> karen: that rain coming down in parts of the mountains. we can see the areas of yellow
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in transylvania and hepped henderson counties. then we look to the west. we see snow. this is over western kentucky and western tennessee. it has a ways to go but we are going to see some of our rain change over to light snow before daybreak. right now too warm for that to happen. we're in the 40s in asheville. 44. warmer than that in franklin. bryson city 52... greer 47. very mild right now but it's not staying that way. we have a cold front that's going to move through and by daybreak we're already cooler. temperatures are going to continue to drop off during the morning. that morning planner should include that coat. we have a chance of a few light rain snow showers at 8:00. mainly in the higher elevations but we could see a few flurries in asheville. we're down to 37 by 10:00. then by noon mid 30s. more sunshine but those winds
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and we are feeling the chill. also, in the up state, it's dpoeng to be windy but milder. 8:00 a.m. temperature, upper 40s. 48 at 10:00. 50 at noon. eventually your temperatures are going to take a tumble too. more on how cold we're getting tomorrow night and beyond. >> frank: finding fresh food this time of year can make it harder for families to keep up with healthy living. that's why the north asheville ymca opened a winter market running through the end of march. folkses can shop every saturday at grace covenant presbyterian church for fresh vegetable, cheeses and other local products. >> we want to get as many people access to the fresh foods. it's also good for the farmer. they don't have an avenue to sell during the winter months. >> frank: the nutrition department runs the program and teaches shoppers about healthy living principles.
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some 40 vendors. huge crowds gathering at the biltmore state. house. the sighing l cross championships are bringing cyclists of all ages to race around the grounds. several thousand people are visiting asheville to watch some nation. >> what's so nice is it brings the community of sooik ligss together in an enclosed area. this e event having kids, collegiate, professionals, everybody from across the country. it's special to bring us to a place that we're all in this little community. >> frank: the championship series continues tomorrow. it's the final day of racing. you can catch them all at antler hill. the spectator fee is $15. gop presidential front
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against democrat rival hillary
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>> frank: gop presidential candidate donald trump has been hitting hillary clinton hard. he's using a former president's infidelities against her. >> the way she's been treated is more evidence of the fact that our country h has so mch hatred towards successful women and an inability to separate their accomplishments from powerful men. >> leah dunham taking a vailed swipe at donald trump who is attacking hillary clinton for her husband's sex scandals. a strategy of guilt by association. on instagram. >> women's rights are human rights and human rights are women's rights. once and for all. let's keep fighting for opportunity and dignity.
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>> she wants to accuse me of things and the husband is one of the greatest abusers of the world. give me a break. >> an own twitter. i hope bill clinton starts talking about women's issues so voters can see w wt a hypocrite he is and hillary abused those women. the worst thing she could do is have her husband cam pane for her. just watch. a state republican lawmaker got in on the act heckling clinton about her sexualing inproprieties at a campaign event. >> you're rude and i'm never going to call on you. >> bill clon ton says he won't fire back unless trump becomes the gop. >> if he wins we'll have time to talk about it. i have to interest in getting involved in their politics. >> trump said he went on the offensive after hillary clinton called him sexist. if it started hurting him with women voters he would back off.
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maybe they won't attack me anymore. i'm somebody who has great respect for women. i'll do a great job. far better than hillary would do for women. i can tone it down. there's to question about that. >> frank: there are new details emerging on the arrest of the so called afflienza mom. tonya couch withdrew $30,000 from their bank account and told her husband they would not see her or their son again. ethan couch is still in jael. last week a judge granted a temporary stay halting deportation proceedings. ethan couch was on probation for killing four people in 2013 drunk driving accident that happened when he was 16. a major winter blast hits mrn mn. some parts of the state the temperatures dropping below 0. forecasters say el nino spoiled
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weather over the past few weeks but it will remain bitter cold tomorrow when the vikings host the seahawks in minneapolis. it's expected to be one of the coldest playoff games in nfl history. i'm glad i'm going to be inside here in beautiful western north carolina. here is meteorologist karen wynne. >> karen: we're going to get a taste of that chill. nothing like in minnesota. but certainly much colder than what we were today. 49 the high. 43 a mild low. we picked up fifteen one hundredths of an inch of rain so far. a rainy night. eventually that rain winds down and we are looking at light snow as temperatures take a tumble. gusty winds in there too.
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get. now your news 13 sky watch weather. >> karen: we have a cold front on the way. ahead of it plenty of rain continuing to move through our region. it's going to be wet over the next several hours. a little bit windy too. expect some areas of patchy fog as well. we can see heavier showers moving through southern buncombe county. all continuing to move slowly to the north and the northeast.
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rain is coming down. we are at 44 degrees. a breeze out of the south at 8 miles per hour. in the up state 47 with a northeast breeze going on right now. along with light rain showers. now we are on the warm and wet side of that cold front. behind it, we have some very chilly air. we can see some just incredibly cold temperatures. 10 in kansas city. 8 in casper, wyoming. in chicago 28 degrees. then we look at the real arctic area sliding into the upper midwest. bitterly cold temperatures. we're not going to see anything as cold at the canadian temperatures but we're going to get that winter blast. future cast shows the front moving through overnight. the rain tapering off turning to light snow showers early tomorrow morning. winds picking up some very cold aero. much of that snow activity is
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evening but it's going to remain bitterly cold and windy with a chilly area of high pressure settling in for an incredibly chilly monday as well. we'll break it down temperature wise. also showing that change over from rain to snow. midnight it's going to be all rain. temperatures well above freezing. then we go into the early morning. by 7:00 we could see that medicals, especially along the tennessee state line. great smokey mountain national park. anywhere in the higher elevations near tennessee. temperatures throughout the morning on into the afternoon are going to drop. by noon, mid 30s in asheville. a few snow showers continuing in the northern mountain locations. bakersville, main some in burnsville, hot spring, light snow showers. maybe p to an inch accumulating along the highest ridge tops. elsewhere little if any accumulation. we could see a few flurries in and around asheville. close to that freezing mark as
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then down into the upper teens overnight into monday morning. an incredibly cold night and incredibly cold and dry monday. lows tonight. not very. we remain mild. we hit the high temperatures early in the morning. then we cool back down. here's a look at the seven day forecast. another shot of light snow
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wednesday. the western carolina men's basketball team entered the weekend looking for its first soconvict ri. hopping to perform well in front of the home crowd. one player stepped up early. you see him introduced her. harlson catches fire knocking down the triple try.
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down the three from the other side of the court. hitting three, three pointers in a row in about 50 seconds. six total threes in the game adding up to 23 points. the cats jump out to a big lead 39-24. peterson gets the steal on defense and goes coast to coast. just kind of throws it up. it goes in plus the foul. what a shot by peterson. western carolina beats bmi 73-52. >> we came out with great energy. that's something we really emphasize in practice all week as well. when you are playing hard and hitting shots it's fun and other players feed off it. >> the next game is monday at home against greensboro. cats looking for their sect
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unc asheville beat charleston southern 83-73 in mens hoops. the inca wraes ling program hosted a more prominent local tournament. the inca duels. taking part in this elite showcase. jepson one of the top teams improved 24-2 with another victory irwin gets the pin in the 182 basketball weight class. williams criss gets the win. overall the tournament was a great way to show off some of the best wrestlers in the area including the inca jets. >> we want to compete hard and learn from our matches, the good and the bad. we're also hoping to stay healthy and focused. we're about six weeks from the end of the season and the big stuff is just ahead of us. our learning and training phase
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>> inca is the 12 time defending champ in the conference. congratulations to all the wrestlers who participant third-degree weekend. tar heels is one of the hottest teams in the country entering on a seven game winning streak. carolina on the road at syracuse tonight. three minutes to play in the game. great ball movement from carolina. the bucket and the foul, 21 points for hick. later in the game paige, a nice pass to jackson who hits the floater. heels up 73-66. down the court, johnson to jackson, down low for the layup. carolina up by 8. johnson going up the baseline. 16 points for johnson. unc wins 84-73. tar heels 4-0 in the acc. first ever 4-0 conference start
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former basketball star plumlee starting to find his groove for duke. blue devils hosting virginia tech today. panthers head coach in the game for this one. plumlee, early in the game gets the offensive rebound and a big dunk. 21 points. plumlee having a great year this year. duke wins 82-58. former player looking good. >> frank: good. none of us won power ball but good news for you.
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come back tomorrow at . >> ring of honor wrestling brought to you by the health alert healthline, if you have knee or back pain and have medicare.
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