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tv   News 13 This Morning  ABC  January 11, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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patton avenue as a detour this morning. this fire started the first call came in around 3:30 this morning, according to the west buncom fire chief, this is after the flames were out but smoke was visible as soon as we pulled up here this morning. we talked to the homeownerrers off camera, brad and kelly raider and they tell me themselves and their four boys at the time heard a pop and it sounded like it was coming from the basement. the next time their smoke detectors were all going off and they saw flames shoot up. they were able to get out of the home fairly quickly. they sprang into action and ran and got in their card and left the home as quickly as possible. of course, they do credit the smoke detectors to helping to alert them when they heard that -- those go off as well as seeing the flames. they got out quickly but only with the clothes on their back. so, of course, they are in shock this morning. the good news, they are all okay, as well as their two dogs.
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but, of course, a very active scene out here on north bear creek road. so if you are in this area this morning you need to take patton avenue to get around this accident scene out here. let's turn it over to jaclyn, who is in our on-time traffic center. and she has a look at other road conditions for you. >> >>jaclyn: thank, lauren, a portion of 440 near bryson city is closed due to slicken cans so please avoid that area on you morning drive. avery county is reporting a huge slick around the beach so use caution in that area. there are no official reports of ices you knows in yancey, mitchell or avery downs few you but still a good idea to take it slow. >>i'm jaclyn deaugustino. this on-time traffic report is brought to you by the wired mouse computer solutions. back over to you. >>holly: a took post led to the discovery of stolen property in a buncombe county theft case. the victim believes the thieves hit a home she's renovating in
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renovationoccasion, we are not showing their faces because deputies have not confirmed these are the suspects but after she posted the photos on facebook, some of the missing items were found. >> it feels great to know people have your back in other areas of buncombe county, and even on the outskirts, they were sharing. and telling me their stories, too, that it's happened to them or something similar. even with another person involved. >>holly: she says finding her belongings would not have been possible without the community's help. >>jay: a man from georgia dies after falling from a waterfall in macon county. officials recovered the body of yesterday. casey fell from the falls into the cull lasage river. high water, freezing waters and difficult. >> >>holly: the fbi identified
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the 24 year-old is wanted in several states including north and south carolina. authorities say she stole millions of dollars worth of jewelry. one of her high school friends is shocked. >> we were all just like, wait, are you serious? all of us knew the picture and we were like, no way. investigators say kemp is linked to six robberies since april. >>jay: a developing story involving a former kkk leader convicted of killing a 16 year-old girl in the mountains more than 20 years ago. russell hinson's case is being reviewed to see if he is eligible for parole. he is accused of killing a girl in with a crossbow in a racially motivated attack i. is not clear when the commission will release a decision. >>holly: police in durham are looking for a robber on surveillance video. we have video of someone walking up to the front door and taking a package. investigators say this is not the first time something like this happened.
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be identified say they will take extra precautions the next time they place an order. >> that's one thing we are looking into, make being sure that somebody will be able to sign for the packages. >>holly: police are still looking for the man in the video and they are also seeing if he is tied to another case. >>jay: mexican government sources say sean penn and an actress are under investigation for their interview with "el chapo"." >>holly: the state department could view him as a journalist. >>reporter: "el chapo's" next stop could be the united states. mexico's attorney general's case says the formal extradition process has begun. here it is. what officials said to the recapturing of mexico's most wanted drug lord, rolling stone holding proof of a meeting
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winning actor sean penn. after running from authorities from authorities for six months, recaptured after a bloody shootout and whisked away in handcuffs. when "el chapo" wonted bragging about his drug deal, he was trying to land a movie teal about his wife, shopping the idea around to holly woo actors an directors according to this video, specifically for penn and mexican actress turned jail pen pal, kate dell cos tee owe. now that "el chapo" is back behind ( ) bars, penn is under fire. >> if one of these american actors want to go fawn over a criminal and drug trafficker in their interviews they have a constitutional right to do it, i find it grow tesk. >> we will let somebody else sort out what sean penn did and didn't do. "el chapo" is where he should be. >>reporter: since "el chapo" busted out of the maximum security prison twice, this time
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a mexican newspaper reports the jail cell floor will be three layers of metal coated with concrete, to prevent him from digging a tunnel and escaping again. stephanie ramos, abc new, washington. >>jay: in this morning's news reel, police in seattle are investigating an officer-involved shooting. >>holly: dozens of police officers blocked off streets with crime scene tape at one of the city's most popular landmarks. james slade a had a knife and is suspected in an attempted car theft not far from kerry park. witnesses say the police had no choice but to open fire. >> obviously, not stopping. he was coming at the cops. he was, made, you know, more than one attempt at, you know, fighting with them and was obviously advancing toward them with a weapon. they definitely did the right thing. >>holly: the suspect was taken to the hospital with critical injuries, but is expected to survive. >>jay: fire investigators in omaha, nebraska, are having a
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and rubble at a restaurant. they blame the extreme weather and icy conditions. a fire gutted the markethouse, leaving at least one person hurt and several other people also reported the strong smell of natural gas. nearby business employees say they felt the explosion. >> i was working at some -- baking some cupcakes and heard a big kaboom, big, major explosion, windows shook, everything shook. came right around the corner, looked and right in front of them there was a big fireball, gigantic explosion. >>jay: the manager of the restaurant believes crews working to install fiber optic cable might have ruptured a gas line. >>holly: a four alarm fire destroys several rooms at a hotel in stir bridge, massachusetts. they had to use ladders to rescue some guests. one of the guests said she heard someone shouting for help. >> the bride's win twin's sister
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saying "help me, help me, help me" and one of the wedding patrons scaled the building and got her out somehow. >>holly: the fire department had to clear the building, eventually due to the unsafe conditions. several vehicles parked outside were also damaged. the fire chief suspects a cigarette in a trash bin might have been the cause. luckily, no one was hurt. >>jay: wow. new this morning, singer david bowy has died ( ). >>holly: he was battling cancer for the past 18 months. the news was posted on his official web site and social media pages. according to a short statement, bow wind chills died peacefully friends. >>jay: the singer just released his 25th album black star on friday, on his birthday. bony was 69 years old. >>holly: we will have much more on his wife and wonderful music, so many top hits, coming up later in the "morning surf." power is restored to more than 1100 customers in ohio. >>jay: what crews believe >>
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are bundled up at the bus stop. 20 degrees, 32 by lunchtime, 38 by drop off time. we also have some school delays. to you can find that at 19 degrees in asheville right now. coming up after the break, i will talk about our next chances
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we will be right back.tt2w>rxlh po j# o,p tt2w>rxlh p!!*n ?,8 tt2w>rxlh p4!j# i:l tt2w>rxlh px#*&`:n48 tt2w>rxlh pt#j'`:z4\ tt2w>rxlh pt#j)`:qt8 tt2w>rxlh pp#j*`:fo$ tt2w>rxlh pp#j,`:'5d tt2w>rxlh pl#*.`:.rxlh pl#*0`:5* now, in high definition, this is your news 13 skywatch forecast. >>ingrid: welcome back, everyone, and happy monday. we are starting off the work week very cold outside.
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greenville. leicester carpet sales news 13 skycam network. no additional snowfall through the overnight hours into the early portion of the day here. but, near the tennessee line, as i mentioned earlier, these are the slick areas on the roads. also, bridges, avery, madison county, mitchell county, yancey county, those are the areas where we cough slick roadways on secondary roads and causing school delays in those school drones as well. no precipitation since the ashville airport, we have another chance for snow coming up in the seven-day forecast in just a second. 27 degrees, that's normal for this time of year. we drop down to 18 at the ashville airport. 20e burnsville, 20 morganton, low 20s in rutherford county, 15 in our western zones around waynesville as well, below that 20 degrees mark. below freezing in greenville. down into greenwood, 26, every number on my map below freezing. the entire southeast is very cold.
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i know we don't want to, but reality is 14 miles per hour winds in asheville makes it feel like 6 degrees outside right now. so, dangerously cold conditions especially in the higher elevations, feels closer to zero. make sure you cover up exposed skin. if you have to work outside for any long period of time, make sure you are drinking warmly quids as well. throughout the day, clear sky, so it will be nice and sunny and that will help us warm up some. we have another system that will pop up late day tuesday to increase our chances for snow. 8 a.m. this morning, still showing clear skies. maybe a few high clouds by lunchtime. into the overnight hours, we will stay clear and cold once again. the wind will subside a bit. but, watch as we go through the day tomorrow. stop it here at 3 p.m. kids getting out of school. maybe a few snow flurries developing by the evening, this is 5 o'clock, rush hour could see a few light showers and flurries in the valleys an clearer skies by wednesday
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38 degrees, that's the high temperature expected here in the asheville area today. sunny, but windy. winds sustained at 11 miles per hour. gusts to 20. going to feel colder than 38. tonight, 22 degrees, wind will remain pretty light, thankfully. 46 degrees in greenville today. and tonight, down to 28 below freezing. seven-day forecast shows a few northern mountain show showers late day tuesday and then very cold again wednesday. milder thursday, friday, but then a cool-down into the weekend. could bring us another chance for some wintry weather. and in the upstate, going to stay pretty chilly today in the 40s. >>holly: power is back on this morning for more than 1100 duke energy customers in cincinnati. >>jay: the season's first snow knocked out power. one power line that was damaged cut electricity to almost 500 customers. crews worked to fix frozen pipes as well as power and heat to their own businesses. >>holly: 6 :15, it's been a long fight for the clemson tigers.
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preparing for the biggest game of the season. >>holly: remember, if you are on the go in the morning, you can catch up with us by downloading our app. >>jay: that's right. you can catch us live, the app
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>>luke: the final day of the college football season is here. clemson will take on alabama for
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tonight. head coach da vo sweeney have been posing with the championship trophy as they get ready to face off in the biggest college football game of the season. the tigers and clemson tide are the only teams left to win ten games in each of thehe last five seasons. tonight should prove to be an entertaining final college football game of the year. >> we're the best in the country, regardless; we are no. 1, we have been no. 1 the whole time. so, you know, we're not no. 1 for no reason. and we are 14-0 for a reason. so, we just do what we do, focus on us and, you know, that other award ceremony stuff is for voters. >>luke: boy, it should be fun tonight. clemson and alabama will kick off later this evening at 8:30 from glendale, arizona. college hoop, the clemson men hosting no. 16 louisville sunday, second half jairn drives to the rim, 2 of 17 points,
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later in the game, good defense by clemson, jordan roper the steal and two-handed dunk. clemson pulls off the upset, beating louisville 66-62. and finally the north carolina state men's basketball team on the road at wake forest sunday night, late in the second half; pry want crawford takes the triple and buries it. wake forest leads by 8. later in the game, crawford drives in the lane, finds devon thomas for the two handed thunder dunk. wake forest beats north carolina state 77-74. the wolf pack falls to 0-3 in the acc. >> that's your look at sports. i'm luke notestine inform news 13 sports. >>holly: lot of people watching that game tonight. there's obviously a ton of clemson fans but there are also quite a few alabama games. >>jay: i have been amazed. >>holly: good game. >>ingrid: good weather to stay inside and stay cozy with a blanket. cold all day long and into tonight, too. take a look at high temperatures
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not very high at all. 38 in asheville. 35 burnsville. low 40s in the foothills and down into the upstate, middle-to-upper 40s. tonight the wind will sub vide a bit thankfully, but low temperatures still cold. 22 in asheville, 19 burnsville, to 27 in forest city, and 28 down into greenville. and driver, please remember to take it slowly on the roads this morning. we are dealing with slick conditions in some areas. jaclynyn >>jaclyn: right, ingrid. there are a few slick roads reported across avery county, mainly in the ski beech area so please use caution if you live in that area. icy roads are possible in avery, mitchell and yancey county, take it easy on bridges and overpasses. u.s. 41 remains closed between cherokee and gatlinburg due to snow and ice. crews will be salting the roads later this morning. and getting a look at a quick travel time for you, here is your i-26 west drive, that is a clear commute from hendersonville to asheville. this drive timing out to 23 minutes for you. >>i'm jaclyn deaugustino. this on-time traffic report is brought to you by the wired
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>>holly: comments flooded our took page after we posted about death of legendary musician david bow wind chills. >>jaclyn: adam writes "the world has lost a legend ." >>holly: and john says he great. >>jaclyn: a woman says i loved him and we are all blessed to live in a world with bony in it. >>holly: we have more on bow wind chills' life in the trending surf. >>jay: he had his own web site and it's quite interesting. let's take a look at that. >>ingrid: we are looking at
6:23 am
friday? not too long ago. >>jay: absolutely. just in time for his birthday. he was 69 years old. he died yesterday. he was originally born, interestingly enough, as davey jones. >>ingrid: okay. >>jay: but, because of the monkeys singer by the same name he changed it to bow wind chillss so they wouldn't be confused. >>ingrid: that was a smart move. >>jay: very smart move. this is his web site. look at the looks of david bow wind chills over the years. >>ingrid: quite the range. >>jay: quite the range. it's just amazing. how he changes with the times and how his music really with understood everything from pop, to pip hol, to folk, hard rock, just everything out there. there is news right here about him. his biography is here and it spans literally pages right here.
6:24 am
starting when, in the 1970s? >>jay: indeed, 1972. he could sing everything from bare tone to falcetto ( ), started in 1972 with the rise and fall of ziggy star dust and the spiesers from mars. you read on here, i thought this was interesting, in the 80s letold play buoy magazine he had always been a closet heterosexual. >>ingrid: interesting. >>jay: a closet heterosexual. he talked about everything, reinventing himself time and again. him. he really helped pioneer music videos and if you thought somebody else's music video was weird, all you had to do was turn to bow wind chills' because he was really there. he said speaking out for those who were disenfranchised. those who were the miss fits of world. >>ingrid: quite a shock this mornrng for a lot of folks. >>jay: we knew he was sick. i don't think anybody knew he was this sick. >>ingrid: of course, we have posted this link to our web site, under "news
6:25 am
half hour, it is very cold outside. 19 degrees in asheville with the wind at 14 miles per hour. slick roadways to talk about at 6:30 and below zero wind chills possible this morning. and more snow to come. i will talk about all this coming up in just a few minutes. stay with us. >>holly: firefighters are investigating the cause of three fires. what they believe started one of them. >>jay: the city of asheville is considering doing away with columbus day. what they are thinking of putting in its place. >> >>lauren: a family of six escapes a house fire in asheville this morning.
6:26 am
what they ked now, in high definition, from the western north carolina's news leader, this is news 13 this morning. >>holly: it is very cold outside. temperatures are in the teens right now. the wind chill is much colder. >>jay: look at that graphic. ingrid! oh my word. asheville? >>ingrid: that's it. >>jay: ugh, 9 in hendersonville? several schools are delayed this morning. avery, madison county, and mitchell county schools are on a >>holly: of course to see the full list of school delays visit our web site, and of course we will keep you posted throughout the morning and it's running at the bottom of the screen. >>ingrid: and of course the schools are delayed because we had slick conditions yesterday afternoon into the overnight hours. still still staying very cold. black ice could be a threat.
6:27 am
feel like 6 but those higher elevations, including where we have the school delays, it feels like about zero in those locations with that wind. brrrr. down to the upstate, 21 degrees right now into greenville is what it feels like. and it will still be freezing by lunchtime. shrine expected. but you know if you didn't get any snow in the last round, we have another chance in the extended forecast. i will talk more about that coming up in my full forecast in just a bit. >>holly: an asheville family escapes a house fire this morning on north bear creek road. >>jay: lauren brigman joins us live from the scene. and, lauren, crews have been on the scene for several hours? >>lauren: they were called here to a home on north bear creek around 3:30 this morning. that's the home just upen on the hill here. it's hard to see, actually, the smoke is less visible now when we first arrived. that was one of the first things we noticed was the billowing smoke in the air. but, several crews remain on scene here as they continue to mop up and everything, even
6:28 am
they are still a lot of protocol they have to take after the fire is put out here. now, a family of six escaped this house fire this morning that broke out around 3:30 and they credit working smoke alarms for helping them get out. they say one of their sons heard a pop and the next thing they knew they saw flames shooting out of their basement. but, they were able to make it out very quickly with just the clothes on their backs. the homeowner, brad and kelly raider tell me they have lived here 16 years. of course, they are devastated by this. they have not been up to see their home after this fire but they are fearing about how much they have lost in all of this. because again only take to make it out with the clothes on their backs. but, the lesson in all of this, the working smoke alarms did help them this morning. the family of six as well as their two dogs were able to make it out here. but, another thing that fire crews are having to deal with this morning is the bitter cold temperatures and the water they are using is actually freezing on the ground here.
6:29 am
asheville coming out to actually spread salt and sand to treat the roadways out here. and of course north bear creek road near the intersection of old county home road, but this roadway is shut down here this morning. so, you will need to take patton avenue to get around this as we are seeing out here. so, many crews on the scene here, no telling how much longer they will be here. reporting live in asheville, i'm lauren brigman, let's turn to jaclyn in the on-time traffic center. >>jaclyn: thank, lauren. u.s. 441 is closed from cherokee toatlinburg this morning due to snow and ice. crews will be treating the roadway later this morning. just keep that in mind for your morning commute. there are several slick roads reported across avery county, mainly in the ski beach area, drivers also be sure to use caution in madison county, mitchell county, and avery counties, icy spots are possible on the bridges and overpasses. patton avenue commute, we are dealing with delays on i-240. you can see speeds at louisiana avenue slowing to 19 miles per
6:30 am
on-time traffic report is brought to you by the wired mouse computer solutions. back to you. >>holly: happening to day, four of the five suspects charged with robbery in asheville are expected in court. police say they were armed with a gun and mini sledge hammer when they walked inside jarred's fine jewelry on tunnel road back in november. officers say they stole an estimated half a million dollars in jewel reand diamonds. all five are being held on bonds of $1 million each. >>jay: today the investigation will continue into a deadly fire in weaverville. it was one of three major fires that happened over the weekend. jack penlan died after this fire yesterday morning at the reen's creek mobile home park. his wife, who survived, was treated at mission hospital for smoke inhalation. firefighters say they had a hard time getting into the home to fight the flames. >> the house had various items packed from the floor dwro ceil sog we we had a difficult time
6:31 am
way through the mobile home itself. >>holly: that same morning a commercial building in brevard was gutted by flames i. happened on east main street as the former guggan's pub site. a man who still lived in the building was able to escape thanks to his best friend. >> woken by somebody's dog, woke him up telling him he had a fire in the building and he got out and called the fire department. >>holly: investigators believe it was started by a electrical fire. a beauty salon also was damaged. >>jay: a barn fire is also under investigation. 17 year-old irving vas cease said someone honked a horn to warn him about the fire, he was able to carry his mother out of the home,h his mother had a broken leg. no animals or people were injured. >>holly: happening tomorrow, a bond hearing is scheduled for an upstate mother accused of killing her newborn child. 23 year-old joanie holecom is
6:32 am
unauthorized removal of a dead body. deputies discovered the newborn in a wooded area near cherokee circle in anderson. they say holecom confessed to the child's killing and beurre y'all. >>jay: also happening tomorrow, the city of asheville made the vote for native americans instead of columbus day. tomorrow. gordon mit is proposing a resolution to establish indigenous people's day, it recognizes the heritage and contributions of native americans here in the portsmouth. smith says many people, columbus day is synonymous with oppression. >> this is an incredible opportunity for everyone here in asheville to be able to recognize our native american citizens and the heritage that they brought to asheville and buncombe county and western north carolina long before we got here. >>jay: nine cities across the country already observe indigenous people's day. >>holly: the search continues for a man who has been missing for weeks from madison county. 37 year-old johnny cook was last
6:33 am
at the weaverville wal-mart. his parents say he often stayed a time. so they did not report his disappearance immediately. then they became worried when cook's birthday and christmas passed without hearing from him. if you know where he may be or you have seen him in the past month, contact the merchandise sheriff offense office. >>jay: political leaders and celebrities are taking to social media to remember singer david bow wind chills this morning. >>jay: we have the web site for his 25th album. >> that music we are playing was released on friday. it is his latest album. >>jay: he was 69 years old. prime minister david cameron said he was a master of reinvent and kept getting it right and called his death a huge loss. >>holly: actor ricky gervase said i just lost a hero.
6:34 am
twitter and said i loved your music, i loved you. he called him one of the greatest performance artists to >>holly: so many people remembering him. and he did so many things in different genres especially. so pretty much, everyone. it's got a tie to him or a song he helped produce or played with in some form or fashion, whether it was rap or folk. >>jay: even as a young kid, you wonder how can a four or five year-old know about david bow wind chills? he did a cameo on sponge bob. >>holly: if you are looking for something to do with the kids, you are in luck. >>jay: we are taking a look at some fun activities at the kids senses interactive children's museum. >> >>holly: here is your live look at the interstate this
6:35 am
i-26 is very busy. now, in high definition, this is your news 13 skywatch forecast. >>ingrid: welcome back, welcome to monday morning. starting off the work week 19 degrees in black mountain. leicester carpet sales skycam network, we have not seen any more snowfall flout the early morning hours, but what we saw yesterday is likely still on the ground in the tennessee border county. so slick roadway, black ice, a real threat this morning. especially on secondary roadways.
6:36 am
you can find that at delays, rather, not closures. almanac shows we have not picked up precipitation since midnight. we have another chance for that coming in the way of snow starting tomorrow. i will show you that in a second. 19 degrees is cold as we have gotten since midnight. 27 is normal. unseasonably cold once again. 17 in morganton to 24 right now in forest city. outside your door in burnsville, 18. and in our western zones from waynesville all the way out to cherokee county, we are feeling the teens. 5 degrees in greenville and and anderson and greenwood, below freezing. all across the entire southeast here. winds, not helping our situation this morning. 14 miles per hour in asheville, little bit lighter down into the upstate. combine the air temperature plus this wind, feels like 6 degrees right now in asheville. even colder in those high mountain regions with temperatures feeling like they are below zero at times. satellite radar shows high dry pressure controlling weather but another system moves through tomorrow, increasing our chances
6:37 am
just slight accumulations here. 8 a.m. this morning, still showing clear skies. a few clouds develop through lunchtime through late afternoon and into the evening. we clear back out. temperatures drop back down to start the they on tuesday, but watch. about school time here, 3 o'clock, when the kids are getting out, a few flurries in the highest elevations. a little bit more widespread through the evening hours, with light accumulations, really north of asheville. maybe a few flurries down into the valleys. and then it's out of here. very quick moving. and then today we will be talking about sunshine. so, wind will be a factor with gusts up to 20 miles per hour. tonight will be a cold once again down to 22. what about the upstate today? not as cold or windy, 46 degrees. and a look tonight shows below freezing at 28. here is your seven-day forecast. it does show 40s for highs tomorrow. but it's going to be late day we see that chance for some light snow to develop. staying very cold wednesday. mild through the end of the work week. but then another chance for some
6:38 am
here is your upstate seven-day forecast. >> right now, let's head back to the traffic center. jaclyn, icy roads are problems this morning? >>jaclyn: ic grid, avery county dispatch is reporting several roads that are icy throughout the county. mainly in the ski beech area. also, be sure to use caution in madison county, mitchell county, and wand especially on the bridges and overpasses. here is a look at your drive on patton avenue this morning. we are seeing slowdowns near i-240. traffic in the area is slowing to 20 miles per hour. so, keep that in mind. and, back on icy roads remember u.s. 441 is closed between cherokee and gatlinburg due to snow and ice. crews will be treating the roadway later this morning. that's a look at your on-time traffic report. brought to you by the wired mouse computer solutions. >>jay: jaclyn, thanks so much. joining us now from the kids senses interactive museum in rutherford county is joseph knight. >>holly: thanks for coming in. >> thank you so much for having me. earlier this morning, we created carbon dioxide gas. >>jay: we did.
6:39 am
different type of gas. inside of a zip locke bag we have a mixture of vin gar, which is a common household acid and we have a special type of metal powder. now, holly, i want you to hold your hand out and feel the bottom of the bag. is it hot or cold. >>holly: it's hot. heat. the bag now. i don't quite remember what type of gas we created, so we are fire. and, jay, you are going to handle our fire today. so, what i'm going to do, i'm going to take a splint and light it on fire for you. and i'm going to let you hold it, okay. >>holly: don't look at me. that's a bad idea. >>jay: i'm holding this. >> and stretch your arm out like just like that. maybe a little higher. perfect. >>jay: all right.
6:40 am
we will couldn't down from 3 together when i get to 1, i will open the bag. you do whatever that comes natural. couldn't down, 3, 2, 1,boomboom oh my goodness, take a look at that. where did it go? you survived. >>jay: i survived but i don't know where the stick went though. we may have a fire later today. >>jay: it came natural to me to drop it. >> the type of gas we created was called hydrogen. and that's very flammable as you both just saw. >>holly: that was fun, joseph. >>jay: we have fire this time, joseph. is that the exsew thermic reaction as opposed to endothermic? ( ). >> yes, this releases heat and this is part of our blow it up program we offer at the museum. this program is also available on the science on the move outreach program. >>jay: this is fantastic. >>jay: it is. you are teaching great stuff.
6:41 am
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>>holly: welcome back, 6:48. admitted drug lord joaquin "el chapo" guzman is back in prison from the same one he escaped from july. >>jay: the drug lord will fight extradition to the u.s. and the process could take months. reed banon reports he was a wanted man and on the run he agreed to a secret interview with one of hollywood's biggest stars. >> with a narcotics empire at his command and two prison breaks under his belt, "el chapo's" story reads like a screenplay and it appears that's just what he wanted. a biopic, a project he had been
6:43 am
>> so, it was fitting when a day after "el chapo's" friday arrest, actor sean pen published an article about his secret meeting with the drug lord in the mountains mexican jungle, he bragged about his prison escapes and called donald trump as "me amigo," and he explained his path to drug trafficking. >> i was raised in a ranch called latuna, and that area and until today, there are no job opportunities. >>reporter: penn says the interview was planned by kate dell costillo, a mexican actress. she began communicating with him in 2014, two years after a controversial tweet about the drug lord. in 2012 14e tweeted, today i believe inform in "el chapo" guzman than the government that hides the truth from me even though it is painful. she later said it was meant to criticize political leaders and
6:44 am
with her name tied to his and mexican officials looking to question her and penn, she has not commented since the publication of the article. as for "el chapo," he insists his way of life was the only one available to him. >> as i said, where i grew up, there is no other way. there still isn't. a way to survive. >>reporter: reed banon, reporting. >>holly: happening to day a second baltimore officer is set to go on trial in the death of freddie gray. injuring selection begins in case against officer caesar goodson junior. he drove the van that carried gray from his site only his arrest in april to the police station. gray emerged from the 45 minute ride critically hurt and unrespopsive and died days later. goodson is facing second degree debraved heart murder among other charges. >>jay: the so called affluenza teen mom, tanya couch, is back in court today. the judge will consider setting
6:45 am
she may have to face wearing an ankle monitor. she is accused of helping her son avoid a probation hearing that may have led to jail time. her lawyer said she will need not guilty and ethan couch is still in mexico. >>holly: the leader of a protests at a wild life protest in oregon are inching closer to passing the baton to citizens. >>jay: the pacific patriot network showed up at the wild life center and the group said they were members of the 3%ers of idaho. >> i can't speak to that particular incident because i don't know what transpyred and i don't know who caused it. but i would say generally speaking that's not something you're going to see. >>jay: the 3%ers is a structured group of united patriots who protect american civil rights against, quote, a tehran acl government. the liaison for the bundy crew says the 3%ers showed up on their own to provide security for bundy and other occupiers.
6:46 am
death of an american woman. found dead in her studio reasonable degree of medical probability pa. authorities say she had bruises an scratches on her neck. the italian media said her boyfriend asked to let her in and found her body. suspects. >> i can't imagine a person who would hurt her. she a gentle, kind, beautiful friendly lovely girl and it's an awful shock. we have got a great community here of people, and everyone loved her. >>holly: the 35 year-old is from florida. olsen arrived in floarns in 2012. a hearing is scheduled to discus what is being called one of the worst environmental disasters in the country since the 2010 b. p. oil spill. >>jay: hundreds prof testtors packed a high school gym in l.a. and they want a gas storage facility to close following a leak that started in late october of last year. it's gushing 1200-tons of methane daley, along with other gases.
6:47 am
stretch for a few days. >>holly: general motors is unveiling a new vehicle. >>jay: the reason this vehicle is labeled a sports car. >>holly: first let's look at today's mind teaser. what hit song plays on the radio alarm clock in the movie "groundhog day." >>jay: we have the answer for
6:48 am
>> >>holly: let's get a recap of the local headlines. happening to day four of the five suspects charged with robbery in asheville are expected in court. >>jay: police say they were actually armed with a gun and mini sledge hammer. they walald inside jarred's fine jewelry on tunnel road back in november, officers say they stole an estimated half a million dollars in jewelry and diamonds. all five are being held on bond of $1 million each. >>holly: the investigation will continue into a deadly fire in weaverville.
6:49 am
that happened over the weekend. jack pen lynn died after the fire jed morning at reen's creek mobile home park. his wife, who survived, was treated at mission hospital for smoke inhalation. firefighters say they have had a hard time to getting to the home to fight the flames. >>jay: a took post leads to the discovery of stolen property in a buncombe county theft case. the victim believes the thieves hit a home she is enevaluating in fairview on three separate occasions. jeanne dunn set up surveillance video and captured images. we are not showing the faces pause the sheriff offense office has not confirmed they are actual suspects. but after she posted the images on facebook, some of the missing items were found. >>holly: we asked what hit song plays on the radio alarm clock in the hit movie "groundhog day." >>jay: "i got you babe." >> the buick vista is powered by
6:50 am
v6 engine according to gm, it retains buick's high end style with curvy lines and sparkling head lamps. gm executives will only say that the car would likely never go into production. >>jaclyn: it's a nice car. >>holly: but you can't have it. >>ingrid: a teaea. >>jay: i guess it's not going to happen. it's sad because it is cool. speaking of cool? >>ingrid: yes, outside is freezing. in fact, we are feeling below zero air chills in some locations in our highest elevations. 38 degrees for a high temperature today. so, staying cool and windy as well. and a few light show showers possible in the highest elevations. not until tuesday afternoon and staying very cold on wednesday. in the 30s. >>holly: any problems on the roads? >>jaclyn: we have the icy conditions and icy roads are a threat. be careful, avery, madd son, mitchell county, use caution.
6:51 am
>>jay: go rebel rebel good morning, america. breaking news -- legendary rock star david bowie passing away overnight. his style influencing generations in music and movies. legions of fans and admirers. new questions in morning about sean penn's top-secret meeting with el chapo. did the actor cross the line? how the meeting helped authorities track him down and put him behind bars this morning.
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