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tv   News 13 at 1230pm  ABC  January 11, 2016 12:30pm-1:00pm EST

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38 degrees with mostly sunny skies. by the time the sun sets, it will start to get colder and those winds will start to subside a bit. this afternoon, we still have to deal with the wind and cold. coming up in my full forecast in a moment, we'll talk about when snow will return and what you can expect for the entire week ahead. >> fire investigators release the cause of a house fire that put an asheville family out in the cold this morning.morning. >> the family was awaken by a pop, the sound of smoke alarms going off. within minutes they saw flames coming from their home. firefighters from six different departments worked to put out the blaze here that they received the calls around 3:30 this morning. when we arrived, we found a plume of smoke above the house. homeowners brad and kelly and
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out without injury. crews work swiftly to put out the flames. it was about 19 degrees out here this morning. the west buncombe fire chief says the bitter cold did not slow crews. it did lead to difficulty around the scene. >> they froze up a little bit.bit. >> the families tells me they have lived here 16 years. they are worried about the damage to the home. they are thankful that no one was hurt in this fire. their two dogs made it out without injury. we have yet to learn the total cost of the damage for their home. of course, that is what fire investigators worked here this morning after daybreak to evaluate. the family is thankful everyone made it out. they remind now is the time to
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is being serviced. >> when they were fighting the fire, it was cold for folks. >> well below freezing in many locations. then you factor in the wind and that just makes it tough on those first responders. let's take a look outside. it is still cold. 25 degrees. notice through the time lapselapse. we'll start to see clouds leave us once again. it is warmer down here. this is the greenville camera. light breeze in the distance.distance. looking at the radar and satellite, not too exciting. a couple of changes from this morning when they were completely clear, now starting to see slight bits of cloud white.
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tennessee line. that's the same zone that we saw the light snow. not quite half an inch of rain. we have another chance for precip. although it is slim for the next 24 or 48 hours. 18 degrees was the low temperatures still midnight. still below freezing, 31 degrees. typically 47 is normal. it is definitely a shock to your system when we had the warmest december on record. 30 degrees in burnsville, 31 degrees in asheville. current conditions in the foothills in the upper 30's. same thing in morganton. down into the upstate, 40 degrees. 41 in greenwood. the wind has picked up a bit in
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it is worse than it is up in boon where they are at 12. the feels like temperature, 21 degrees here in buncombe county. feels like 25 in henderson county. >> let's talk about changes to come. everybody is hoping to get a good snow. we'll have a slight chance. as the front moves through by late afternoon and into the evening hours. let's look at that, clear skies. we'll see a few clouds by around dinner time throughout the overnight hours. waking up to clear skies at 8:00 a.m. it will be cold, in the 20's. watch as we head towards late afternoon. kids getting out of school. we tart start to see the know develop. graham county, yancey, mitchell, avery, a two hour delay could be
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morning. even the highest elevations might see a light dusting, not going to be a big snow event. keep that in mind, it could catch you offguard. back today, 38 degrees. sunny and windy. gusts up to 20 miles an hour in asheville, 22 degrees. tonight down to 28. >> this is going to hit us late day tuesday into the first part of wednesday. wednesday. >> things get better thursday and friday. another chance for a mix of rain and snow. the upstate is going to be dry and cool,, a return to the 50's
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download our weather app. happening tomorrow, the city of asheville may devote a day to native americans in place of columbus day. a residence hughs to establish indigenous people day. the resolution is on tomorrow's asheville city council agenda. >> the world's most want drug u.s. el chapo is back in prison after months on the run that. story starts today's muse reel. >> the attorney general's office describes the process to extradite el chapo has begun. for now the drug horde has been kept in solitary confinement in the prison, the same one he escaped from six months ago.
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with actor sean penn led to his recapture. penn working for rolling stone magazine interview edinterviewedinterviewed. he recorded this video. but mexican authorities were tracking penn during his visits with el chapo. on the golden globes red carpet, celebrities said it is not uncommon for actors to have meetings like this. >> i don't want to throw any actors under the bus but i know a lot of serious actors and film makers who have been meetings like this forever. >> many wonder whether penn violated any laws in meeting with the fugitive. >> to harbor or conceal a
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he helped him, aided him, gave him money, sheltered him. not just to say he met with him. >> the so-called affluenza's mom is expected back in a texas courtroom today. a judge will consider reducing his bond amounts. she makes bond, couch will face a series of restrictions monitor. authorities accuse couch of helping her son leave the country to avoid a probation meeting. ethan couch is still in mexico. >> debris fell on a parked car in manhattan. two pieces fell from the 46th floor of the sheridan hotel. it was closed due to concerns that more debris could fall. the structural integrity of the
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>> severe storms caused damage across cape coral. the city is is working to restore normalcy to the hardest hit areas. the cost of the damage is more than $5 million. many families are working with disaster relief companies. thankfully there were no serious injuries reported. >> firefighters battling a fire at an apartment building in chicago. aerial views show flames shooting into the air and many emergency vehicles on the scene. the fire commissioner saz at least seven firefighters are hurt. he said his crew is dealing with multiple frozen fire high draths. the fire spread to the second floor of the roof where it burned through it. several people have been displaced. no word yet on the cause. >> firefighters are battling a blaze in western australia. 95 buildings have been destroyed. and emergencies have been declared in nearby towns.
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one-third of the town has been destroyed including historic buildings dating back to the late 1800's. >> a volcano shakes the island of hawaii. it caused a massive explosion. they say this occurs more frequently when the lake level is high. so far that explosion is not threatening any nearby communities. >> here's a look at the stores trending in your lunch hour. david bowie has died. bowie was battling cancer for 18 months. the news was posted on his website and social media pages. according to a short statement, bowie died peacefully surrounded by his family and friends. the singer had just released the 25th album on friday which was his birthday. bowie was 69 years old. >> it is the first leg of the award season leading to the academy awards. the golden globe awards were
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we have a look at all the winners. >> the film's director star dicaprio won. >> i think people people appreciate seeing a different cinema out there. the fact that the film won tonight and it was acknowledged, all the better because we want to see already films coming out of the hollywood situation. >> many made height of the fact that ridley scott cosmic adventure made its way into the comedy category.
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of the year. when something like this happens and people respond to the movie and critics respond to the movie. there is a perfect storm reaction, it is great.great. >> while jennifer lawrence garnered her they ared global globe award. robert has been my champion for years and i have been his. now i get all his attention. it is like my real dream come true. >> what a privilege.
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the not happening. you are kidding. >> just the mere fact that inkred bl incredible people -- in life, it is never over until it is over. >> also trending tonight, college football excitement will come to a head. the national championship game. the tigers and the crimson tide are the only teams to win at least 10 games each in the last five seasons. clemson and alabama kick off tonight at 8:30 in glendale arizona. >> no one matched all six numbers for saturday night powellball jackpot worth $950 million.
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will be for 1.3 billion dollars, the biggest prize in u.s. history. right now, the cash pout is more than 800 million. if you win that jackpot, here's something you can buy for 200 million, the playboy mansion. in consumer news, the strange strings attached. >> coming up in the carolina
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>> you can throw them in the oven as well. walk them through the recipe. it is ready, marinaded. put them on a skur, ready to go. pop it in the oven. we'll start with zhu kainy, a turnip, an onion and a red bell pepper. for the marinade, we'll start with two cups of water, a half a cup of all natural soy sauce. we'll do cayenne pepper, basil, fresh ginger. you'll put all these ingredients into a blender, blend it up to where it is nice and smooth. you can see it in the dish we have. we have one here that is on the grill. we'll actually do a skewer now while the doctor talks about some of the ingredients.
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these about all your good carbs you can get. colors are very important for getting different vitamins, minerals. this is loaded with fiber. it is loaded with antioxidants. ginger is good in aiding your digestion. as well as when you use raw vegetables, you are going to get the nutritional benefits. the more you cook them, the more you kill 10 sometimes in there. >> you would think these will cook at different temperatures and different lengths of time. talk about how the texture will be. >> because it will be sitting in here, it will be sitting in the all natural soy sauce, it will
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you can easily overcook vegetables. you want to cook them aldente. this is cooked. the other hard vegetables will be soft enough. >> they will be. >> you can send a self-addressed envelope. check us out on pinterest. if you have health questions, contact foot hells hellhills wellness. >> as an appetizer, as a meal, as a side dish. if you wanted this as a meal, you could add some lean protein, some chicken. >> coming up tomorrow, we are sharing an italian comfort dish. this is rich and delicious and the perfect way to help chase away the cold.
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what they say about their faulty ignition switches. >> you can watch the newscast streaming live.
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watch liv >> in today's consumer news, a civil trial set to start in new york today. it will test the boundaries of hundreds of claims remaining over faulty ignition switches. a section of a car sits in a courtroom. it is the first of six trials scheduled if this case. gm claims the air bags were not set to deploy the way the car struck the ground. >> in more positive news, it is buick brand unveiled a new concept car. this buick is powered by a 400
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>> it retains the high end style and sparkling head lamps. executives would not comment on how likely it was for the car to go into production. >> it looks pretty. >> 33 years after chrysler invented the mini van. fiat chrysler is unveiling a new mini van at the start of the detroit auto show. the new mini van replace the town and country with a sleeker swept back look. it also sits lower to the ground and there will be a plug-in hybrid version, the first in the industry. >> the iconic playboy mansion in los angeles is up for sale. the property and home to hew hefner is listed for $200 million. playboy enterprises ceo says the playboy mansion has been a creative center for the paths 40 years as it will continue to be if the property is sold. >> the property was build in
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for a reported 1.1 million tlars. >> the five acre property fee which yous 29 rooms, a game house, a home theatre and the famous swimming pool. >> they are going up to 118 million. that will be quite a profit. >> and apparent it is on a big piece of property. >> five or six acres. but the house itself is in disarray, apparently, it is not in good shape. what we didn't say, hugh hefner is allowed to live there until he dies. or i guess you have to live with hugh. it is one of those place, if the walls could talk. >> coming up, a really frozen car, that's going nowhere. >> later today at 5:30, we'll
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star david bowie. how a band is playing tribute to the legend's legacy. >> the use of body cameras.
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the mountains are putting >> parking your car next to lake erie results in one crazy photo. >> this car is completely frozen in ice due to the frigid temperatures. it has been spotted all over facebook and has gone viral. off. >> that is sick. >> all right. good luck mr. or mrs. >> you are out of luck. >> it is probably only going to warm up for any length of time. you are stuck for awhile. >> blow drier? i don't know. >> a final look outside, it is
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in that video there. we are below freezing still in some locations. 38 degrees for a high temperature today. a lot of folks have been waiting for snow. we have another chance, not going to be a lot of snow by
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