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tv   News 13 at 6pm  ABC  January 11, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> frank: more body cameras are being strapped on to officers. >> darcel: tonight at 6, the accountability residents say they'll bring and the legal questionings about making that video public. now from western north carolina's news leader, this is news 13 at 6. >> larry: body cameras are showing up and they're raising questions. >> darcel: news 13 asked for their bodyamera video, but the sheriff cited personnel and privacy concerns. that's just one issue concerning
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>> larry: news 13's rex hodge is live for us in franklin, where officers just started using body cameras. what's their reaction, rex? >> rex: both residents and police like the accountability that body cameras can bring from different points of view. >> basically just looking straight ahead. >> rex: there will be new procedures to learn. the police chief says therey're a useful new tool. >> it's nice to have that documentation. officer involved shootings, possibly, if he gets away from the area. >> rex: chief says the cameras the police the police. the cost is picked up by the local abc store. >> by state law, a certain percentage of the profits have to go to law enforcement.
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twice the staff but doesn't have the funding but wants to get them. >> the media or the general public being able to obtain that information. but the legalities of that individual employee or officer. >> i feel like that would be a perfect safe guard for people that overstep their bounds. >> how much are you going to be using with cameras and just how much is that going to hold u in court? >> rex: so clearly there will be questions that arise. a quick check, area law enforcement agencies shows henderson and macon county are not using cameras just yet. buncombe county and hendersonville are are using body cameras.
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franklin, rex hodge, news 13. >> darcel: an update tonight on a mobile home fire. investigators don't believe it was suspicious. they say the fire started yesterday morning in the living room but they don't yet know how. jack henland was killed in the fire. his wife pat made it out only in her pajamas. now local churches are coming together to help her family as she's released from the hospital. >> you can have a love offering this coming sunday. and otherwise provide for brenda and pat and others in the family who are going through a difficult time. >> darcel: reams creek presbyterian are one of other churches collecting donations. >> larry: fire investigators say it was a heating system mal function that put an asheville
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a home on north bear creek road went up in flames. the family says they heard a pop and then their smoke alarms went off. a husband, wife and their four teenage sons made it out without injury. fire investigators remained all of us to have our heating equipment serviced often. you're going to need that heating tonight. >> jason: i don't think we're going to be that cold but certainly seeing teens and twenties. leicester carpet sales news13 sky cam network. love skiing under the lights. high temperatures today. just below freezing in newland and boone for the high. we saw close to 50 in many mountain -- i should say upstate locations. boone 28. newland 25.
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we still have that wind to deal with out in the north. all five to ten miles an hour. this battle between some warmer air trying to nudge in from the north and the south. we're going to see that play out here the next several days. 37 down to 25 at 11 o'clock here in asheville. we'll talk about bigger changes late day tomorrow. stick around. >> darcel: kids have always counted on snow days as a day to have fun. but in transylvania county, they'll have to make time for homework, too. the district is imposing what is called virtual days this winter. the principal of brevard middle says virtual days will help with make up days. the students have chrome books to help with inclement weather. >> they're using chrome bookser
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they enjoy using technology and therefore, it's just building on skills that they already have and utilizing some of their strengths. >> darcel: transylvania county elementary kids are also ready to learn. they've been given blizzard bags. >> larry: happening tomorrow, asheville city council is taking up plans to give the city's tallest building a makeover. they plan to convert it in to a hotel. plans include condominiums, retail and restaurant space. council is taking up the renovations at their meeting tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. if it's approved, demo could begin as soon as april. a couple of new hotels are breaking ground. this time not they're in asheville. news 13's ashlea surles is live off of airport road this evening.
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site, where you are, for a new hotel, right? >> ashlea: that's right, larry. this hotel is four stories high and it appears to be going pretty quickly. even more impressive than that, this is the first new hotel in henderson county in nearly a decade. >> good afternoon, henderson county visitor center. how may i help you? >> we're the smallest town in america that has a paid symphony. we hold the oldest street dance in america. we keep numbers on everybody. we broke our record this past year. >> ashlea: the visitor center on main street said more than
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>> people are staying longer. spending more money. >> ashlea: a holiday inn express is being built on upward road. off airport road, a wind gate by windham hotel is going up. >> from an economic development recruitment standpoint, it's also important that we have a variety of nice accommodations for folks when we're recruiting them and they come for a visit. >> ashlea: even the main street area could have some changes. the possibility of a hotel going up downtown. >> two new hotels. but also the downtown hotel study. mirror that with the economic development projects that we've been able to grab for henderson county. >> ashlea: some might feel a little bit squeamish but
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the more revenue that comes from tourism, the lower your property taxes are going to be. >> reporter: count down to the national championship continues. we're here live. >> larry: plus an asheville tribute band remembers david
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what they're saying >> darcel: the college football here. in just a few hours, the clemson tigers take on alabama. >> larry: news 13's darren botelho, joins us live from downtown clemson. >> darcel: darren, are there any big celebrations planned for tonight?
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major celebrations planned. one here on campus at the student center. and the other as the bon sekor. this place is packed. local residents tell us they haven't seen this much excitement down here since the 1981 championship season. just like that season, the tigers are once again undefeated. tonight, the tigers are also once again the underdog. alabama is favored to win today. clemson fans say they've gotten used to proving everyone wrong this season and they think this game will be no different. tonight students here are saying we're ready. >> i feel like everyone is always saying how good alabama is. i'm glad they beat michigan
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them. >> darren: tonight, there will be several major celebrations as i said, both here on campus and up in greenville. both those events are starting at 7. of course we will have coverage of the event up in greenville. both here on wlos and take another look at this party down here. >> go tigers! >> one, two, three, four. one, two, three, four. >> tigers, tigers, fight, fight, fight! >> darren: look at all that school spirit. >> larry: the death of artist and musician david bowie has an asheville tribute band
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ground control to major tom >> darcel: mark castenn is originally from england. his singing voice is strikingly similar to bowie. >> i think the best way to remember david bowie is as an innovator. i think he truly pushed the investigate of music. he was an artist in the true sense of the word. >> larry: the band will be playing a special bowie tribute concert. you can also see the band live in our studio tonight on my40 at 10 o'clock. should be fun. >> darcel: more cold weather on tap this evening. >> larry: jason, just how cold will it get? >> jason: it's going to get chilly. temperatures should drop in the twenties. 38 the high today.
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it wasn't the coldest start this season. no rain. we still have about half an inch in the bucket. mountain snow chances are showing up in the forecast.
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along with c now your news 13 skywatch weather. >> jason: oh yeah, we've had some cold mornings, haven't we? and some chilly days along with that. little bit. only for about a day before we see another cold blast come in late in the day tomorrow. we do have a clipper that's already moving through the great lakes, springing snows there. we'll dive in quickly tomorrow. getting us a little better chance of some snow. 30% isn't very high. i gotta put it in there because there will be flakes flying across the mountains.
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out over buncombe. we could get a little snow in the high country, too, in yancey and mitchell. wind chill down to 27. it is layer up time if you're headed out this evening. here's your clipper. it's not major. it's going to bring a lot of snow to the great lakes as it starts to develop, we see a more of what we call cycleogenesis. good lake effect snows kicking in here. places in new york, northwestern new york are going to get globbered. that pesky wind from the northwest. if you've lived here a couple of winters, you know that favors areas near and along the tennessee border.
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east of there, typically. thus i'm not calling for any accumulation. but the north side of town, you could find a dusting. let's go out west. we have a big game tonight. if you haven't heard, the national championship. alabama versus clemson. all right. clear skies tonight. we'll turn a little cloudier towards morning. look at these wind vectors start to really crank up. they get longer. they'll turn northwesterly. there are the snow showers along and near the tennessee borders. some of that snow could work down around sunset thereafter in to asheville. but again, nothing major. just some flakes flying so don't be surprised. the cold and the wind will be what takes place tonight. middle and upper 20s south over the upstate.
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in to the 40s. find cold temperatures north in the 30s over mitchell and avery county. 38 forhe high. our warmest day is coming thursday at 51. then we chill down again in to the weekend with another chance of maybe rain and snow mixed in. >> larry: hands on children's gallery is helping girls get in touch with technology. >> darcel: in tonight's never stop learning, we visit a workshop that is out of this world. >> they're going to pick a section and model it in the software and build that model so we can print it on those printers. >> larry: educators from the pisgah atro
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educators for the visually impaired. >> larry: the number one ranked clemson tigers are getting ready to take on second ranked alabama. we have a report from phoenix stadium ahead of kick-off, next in sports. >> darcel: the countdown is on for a chance to win $1.4 billion. how are the ticket sales
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sell >> stan: it's finally time to play, or will be in a couple of hours, clemson versus alabama game day. scott joins us from glendale, arizona, to tell us about the game of the year for clemson in three decades. >> reporter: good evening from glendale, arizona, the site clemson fans have waited years for. the dome behind me is so radiant popping out of the desert. this is the national championship game we're talking about.
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fans to 25% alabama fans. it means so much to fans. it means so much to players and coaches. but it means even more for the guys who laid the ground work for this. the former players. guys like taj boyd. he still lives in clemson. he still trains in clemson. he works with watson. he knows him. boyd here in arizona supporting his tigers. >> unbelievable. i'm definitely a proud alum. it's been great to see their process, their growth from where it started originally when i was there, to where it is now. unbelievable. >> reporter: one note for this game tonight, several media outlets reporting that mckenzie alexander has a tweaked hamstring for clemson. he is their best guy in the secondary. >> stan: and that is big information there.
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alabama a 6 and a half point favorite. this one should be fun. western north carolina hosts unung. a 73-52 victory. western was sizzling hot. especially rhett harrelson. a short term out in western does not mind. >> we're excited. biggest game is the next one. another conference game. another game here in the ramsey center. >> have to bring good energy against another. a good solid conference opponent. but it's fun to go in to that game on a win. >> stan: uncgnd western kick off tonight. maryland is third. michigan state is fourth. north carolina is up to fifth after a 4 and o start in the
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duke moves back in the top 10 at 9. unbeaten south carolina still getting ungrudging love. >> jason: we have more cold coming. the one tomorrow night in to wednesday is going to bring a little snow to the mountains and flurries in asheville. another shot in to the weekend with some cold. >> larry: okay. for more local news, turn on over to local news on my40. "captioning yeah, that's right. deal diva coming through. you see all my bogos, my weekly ad. just wait till you see my savings. and brace yourself.
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