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tv   News 13 Early Edition 530am  ABC  January 12, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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game.3 'there no doubt that we'll be back. it won't be 34 years before we come back i promise you that. a sad day for clemson fans... the number one college football team fell to alabama during the national championship game... 45 to 40. the team is expected to return to clemson later tonight. coming up in a few minutes... the play that changed it all. 3 3 good morning... it's tuesday, january 12th. i'm
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siltzer3 good morning. here is a look at current conditions across the region. your day planner shows temperatures warming by noon. coming up, i'll show you our 7-day forecast for both the mountains and upstate. 3 3 3 3 3 tonight... the clemson tigers will return home.. defeated in the national championship by alabama. news 13's lauren brigman joins us. lauren... it all came down to the fourth quarter. that's right. the teams were tied going in... and while alabama scored a field goal and touch down...
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with less than 8 minutes on the clock. 3 3 3 0-25 quick response does cut into the lead, but now the tiger's defense is going to have to stop henry and company....drake...makes the cut... gets the corner... look out kenyan drake can fly...eludes the kicker... and will not be caught... touchdown drake!! 95 yards! 3 that 95-yard touch down changed the course of the game. clemson fought through to the end but it wasn't enough... and the crimson tide won 45 to 40. tigers head coach dabo swinney says the team is already looking ahead to next season. 3 'there no doubt that we'll be back. it won't be 34 years before we come back i promise you that. our team is built to sustain success. we've got the right ingredients from a
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stand point and just the will to win and the culture that we have in our program.' 3 school officials say the team is expected to arrive back at clemson tonight around 8. coming up in our next half hour... what tigers quarterback deshaun watson says went wrong during the game. 3 3 3 sergeant bowe bergdahl goes before a military court today in fort bragg. he faces charges of desertion and endangering fellow soldiers. bergdahl disappeard from his military post in afghanistan in 2009 - and was then kidnapped and held by the liban for five years. he was released in a prisoner exchange for five guantanamo bay detainees in 2014. 3 3 also happening today.... a bond hearing is scheduled for an upstate mother accused of killing her newborn child.. 23-year-old joanie holcombe is charged with murder, and the unauthorized removal of a dead body. deputies discovered the newborn in a wooded area near cherokee circle in anderson. they say holcombe confessed to 3 3
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morning on a house fire that left one man dead. investigators do not believe that fire was suspicious. the fire started sunday morning in the living room of his home--but investigators do not yet know how. jack penland... an original member of the stoney creek boys blue grass band... was killed. his wife "pat" made it out safely and has been released from the hospital. several churches in weaverville are now collecting donations for the family. to learn more... go to wlos dot com. 3 3 investigators nowoway yesterday morning's fire in asheville was caused by a heating system malfunction. it happened at a home on north bear creek road around 3:3030 yesterday morning. the family of six says they heard a pop... then their smoke alarms went off. everyone m me it out safely. 3 3 we have an update this morning on a georgia woman who faces federal charges in a series of jewelry store robberies, including one in north carolina. abby kemp will have a court-appointed attorney. the f-b-i says cell phone records and some of kemp's social media posts helped them track her down. an alleged accomplice is also charged. 3
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3 charges may be filed after an accidental death of a 3- year-old. the child was at his father's convenience store in sampson county, when he found a gun behind the cash register, and accidentally shot and killed himself. the father was rolling coins at the time. a customer was in the store when it happened but was not hurt. 3 3 police are investigating a bank robbery that was foiled by customers inside. it happened in gastonia, outside of charlotte. police say three people wearing surgical masks brought a gun to a credit union. but, the people inside saw them coming and locked the doors before they could get inside. they tried to force the doors open, but failed and took off. 3 3 a cabarrus county teenager accused of making a bomb threat in the name of isis faces additional charges. 16-year-old paul warner is now accused of second-degree sexual exploitation of a minor. yesterday warner had his first court appearance. he pleaded not guilty to making a false threat and having weapons on school property. warner is now being held on
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his new charges. deputies are investigating if warner had any actual ties to isis. 3 3 3 making headlines this morning... philadelphia police investigate whether last week's officer ambush was part of a larger terrorist plot. a woman has reportedly told police that suspect edward archer is one of four isis sympathizers. adding that that he is not the most radical of the group. she also said the threat to police is not over. archer is charged with attempted murder in an officer shooting. philadelphia police are now doubling up in patrol cars in the wake of the attack. 3 3 a u.s. military airstrike hit an unusual isis target in iraq. the bomb hit a building that contained a huge amount of cash that isis was collecting to pay its troops. defense officials estimate the amount ofofmoney destroyed was in the millions. they have not said what type of currency it was. 3 3 the mother of texas 'affluenza teen' ethan couch is out of jail. authorities reduced her bail from one million dollars to $75-thousand at a bond hearinin
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released today after she is fitted with an electronic ankle monitor. couch is accused of helping her son flee the country in order to avoid a probation violation hearing. her lawyers say she is not competent to stand trial -- because of mental illness. 3 3 a surprise for motorists driving in southern california. a small plane landed on highway 23 in moorpark, north of los angeles. police say vehicles hahato swerve to avoid hitting the plane. the f-a-a says two people were on board the plane, but no one was hurt. it is still not clear why the plane landed, or where it was headed. 3 3 italian police are investigating the death of an american woman in the city of florence. 35-year-old ashley olsen was found dead in her apartment over the weekend. reid binion has the new details that are emerging. 3 italian prosecutors say they aren't ruling out any suspects in the death of an american woman in florence this weekend. police are treating the death of 35-year-old ashley olsen as a homicidethe vibrant, young
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seen at a night-club late thursday evening.the following day, a gruesome discovery. contributor) "her body was found after her boyfriend, with whom she h h an argument, alerted police she wasn't answering her phone."olsen was reportedly found nude, with bruises and scratches around her neck.italian news agency ansa reports that she was strangled.......but officials are waiting for autopsy results to release the cause of death.the artist left behind a string of cryptic messages on her instagram account... perhaps potential cluesin october, she wrote, "i have a stalker," hash-tag "stalker alert"before her death, her final, post captured graffiti reading "kiss me hard before you go." the case is drawing comparisons to another murder mystery involving an american living in student amanda knox, whose 20- 09 conviction for the murder of her roommate was overturned in 20-11.the prosecutor's handling of that case drew broad criticism in thehe-s. c-n-n legal analyst paul callan says he hopes this case will be different.(paul callan/cnn legal analyst) "i'd like to see a thorough investigation and a careful
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amanda knox was a tragic destruction of a young americans life by shoddy police work."i'm reid binion, reporting 3 3 an asheville tribute band remembers artist and musician david bowie. (nats mark singing)3 mark casson is originally from england. as you just heard--he does a great david bowie impression... mark created the "wham bam bowie band" that plays all over north carolina and sometimes even new york city. 3 think the best way to remember david bowie is as an innovator i think he truly pushed the envelope of music he was an artist in the true sense of the word the band will be playing a special bowie tribute concert february sixth at isis in west asheville. 3 3 3 3 the votes are in. coming up, we have 2016's north american
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3 today in facebook feedback... we want to know... what did you think of last night's football championship game? head to the wlos facebook page and weigh in. we'll share some
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3 it's 5:xx. let's take a alook at business headlines. mixed results to start off the week on wall street. the dow was up 52 points yesterday ending trading at 16-thousand 398. the nasdaq was down 5 closing at 46-37. 3 3 now let's take a look at today's business headlines across the web. shares of the diet company "weight watchers" more than quadrupled from mid- october through mid-november after oprah announced she was buying a 10% stake, joining the company's board and becoming a member of the service. but the stock plunged more than 35% last week -- shortly after weight watchers ads featuring oprah began to air on national television. apple is adding a new mode called "night shift" in the next version of its mobile operating system. the mode
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light to a warmer setting. it detects your location and turns on automatically at night. studies have found that exposure to blue light at night can impact our circadian rhythm, leading to disrupted sleep. china's richest man is buying another big chunk of the american movie industry. the billionaire announced today that he's acquiring the hollywood studio legendary entertainment, whose recent box office hits include "jurassic world" and "interstellar." 3 3 3 the time is now 5:xx. the bitter cold is hitting michingan. just how low temperature dropped coming up,
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3 the temperature dropped to minus 2 yesterday in the upper peninsula of michigan. wind chills got as low as 20- below zero. by late morning, it had warmed all the way up to six degrees. winds will continue to be brisk into the morning with forecasters calling for gusts up to 35 miles an hour. 3 3 bad winter weather in new york is making it dangerous for commuters. certain areas are getting dumped with snow. one town got at least six inches of powder snow in one hour. 3 3 ingrid, some folks here might see a flurry or two today. 3 3 here is a look at what you can expect for the next three days. 3
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3 the time is now 5:xx. the change in your pocket is now costing more to make than it is actually worth. coming up, who makes the call to make a change. >> i'm alex trebek. if you're age 50 to 85, please listen carefully. the lock i want to talk to you about isn't the one on your door. it's a rate lock for your life insurance that guarantees your rate can never go up at any time, for any reason. many policies don't have one but you can get a lifetime rate lock through the colonial penn program. this plan was designed for people on a fixed income with coverage options for just $9.95 a month. that's less than 35 cents a day. your rate is locked in for life
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can never be cancelled. your acceptance is guaranteed. you cannot be turned down because of your health. call for your information kit and gift. both are free, with no obligation.eres ting yothu see a lot of inte but i'inllgs n oevn erth fe orjogeb.t we tr ied w aas m ran..inhig nga . kite. we tried evesercuytk came to the resc ue. then jac ub wi thco amb co hifopotle chicke n cl r $ th combo was tthat day.he real hero a craveable co rescue.mbo to the-white
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comb o.the chipotle c 3 the honda civic is named the 20-16 north american car of the year. civic sales fell last year, while rivals including the toyota corolla and hyundai elantra had banner years. the civic came back with a sporty redesign that impressed auto journalists in the u.s. and canada. this is not the first time the civic has won the award. it also won the title in 2006. 3 3 the pennies and nickels in your pocket now cost more to make than they are worth. the government accountability office reports a penny costs one-point-seven cents to make. the nickel is about eight cents. it would be up to congress to decide what changes should be made.
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out of cheaper metals. 3 3 3 3 3 here is a look at current conditions.. in our next half hour we'll talk more about what to expect in the next 7- days. 3 3 3 how about a big mac with a side of quinoa? coming up... how mcdonalds plans to
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>>holly: introduces mcdonalds next, it opened in hong kong. it's the company's version of creating a modern and progressive restaurant. >>ingrid: beyond the ambient lighting there is premium coffee blends and self-orderingering key yosks and they offer quinoa. >>jay: they offer table service after 6 p.m. the move to reinvent the brand comes after mcdonalds announced, in
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this year. >>ingrid: we can't stop talking about it. >>holly: they also aunction nod the pick two, which are not healthy options, in the war with burger king. >>jay: wendy's has 4 for 4. >>holly: they have been in a war and then you have the healthy option. >>ingrid: the cheap and bad. let's take a look at the temperatures. ashville airport, cold, 20 degrees. make sure you have the winter hat, scarfs and gloves. this afternoon we will be turning windy and mountain snow chances, temperatures going up and down. i will outline the timeline of this coming up in the next half hour. >> >>holly: hendersonville is having a tourism boom. how the city is keeping up with its competitors. >>jay: several police officers will be awarded medals. how their quick thinking saved the lives of many. >> there will be 34 years before
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>>holly: that promise from clemson head coach after a tough loss to alabama.
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about losing now, in high definition, from the western north carolina's news leader, this is news 13 this morning. >>holly: it's a winter wonderland in forestville, new york, just outside buffalo.
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the snow-covered roads.
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