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tv   News 13 This Morning  ABC  January 12, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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the snow-covered roads. >>ingrid: others spent their day shoveling their driveways. >>holly: very pretty. i guess that's what you expect in buffalo, new york. >>ingrid: a lotf people expect snow here but we have seen it yet this season. we have some areas of light snow flurries this morning. the highest elevations in swain county and haywood county. that's not it until later today. our chances for snow will return. it's all temperature talk. 22 black mountain, 30 in casher, but 17 in leicester, nebo 24. and 28 in robinsville. coming up in a moment i will talk more about how wind will play a factor in your day and more about that snow chance. but, right now let's get a check on your tuesday morning commute with jaclyn. >> >>jaclyn: thanks,ngrid. ;e f/0
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and here is a look along i-26 between hendersonville and asheville. you will want togy yourself about 20 minutes to make that drive time. and if your commute takes you through i. 24 through the bow wen bridge, here is what you can expect this morning. not too many cars. traffic is flowing smoothly for you on your drive. that's a look at your on time driving report brought to you by the wired mouse commuter solutions. >>holly: the tigers lost 45-40 against alabama in the national championship game. >>jay: new this evening no, we are hearing from clemson's quarterback about what he said went wrong. news 13's lauren brigman joins us. >>lauren: such a close game for the tigers and quarterback deshawn watson may have broke the record for in addition total yards in a national championship game, but he said there were a loft things that added up to the loss. >> going into the game i was pecking to win. i thought we should have won.
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few plays we didn't make up on and i missed some flows. we dropped some bams and just had some missed cues so little things like that, it's going to, you know, force yourself in a hole and it'ss hard to beat a team like alabama if you made those mistakes. >>lauren: this is the first time in 34 years the tigers played for a national championship title. coming up in the next half hour you will hear more from the team and what fans say about clemson's historic system, plus, when the tigers will return home tonight. that's coming up. >>holly: henderson county has its own tourism boom happening with two new hoe tells opening up. a holiday inn express and wingate is under construction at airport road. visitor's center on main street said 200,000 people from 22 countries visited. >> we keep numbers on everyone. we try to click as many as we can that come through and we broke our record this past year. >>holly: right now,
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study that could include bringing another hotel downtown. >>jay: more changes are coming to downtown hendersonville to improve the parking situation there. after renovating the maple lot last year, the azalea lot is getting a facelift sooner than expected thanks to a state grant. the project includes an entrance closure along third avenue and moving the sidewalk along king street to the inside of the lot. >> we had a very positive response to the changes we made to the maple lot last year, which included aesthetic adjustments to the lot and the planting and so on and so forth which are some of the changes we are making here. >>jay: the azalea lot will not get additional parking spaces with the proproject. >>holly: president obama will speak about how far we have come in the last seven years since he's been in office. in his final state of the union address. >>jay: in this joint session, mr. obama could use the speech to highlight other issues on his
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stephanie ramos reports. >> i have no more campaigns to run. my only agenda . . . [applause] >> i know, because i won both of them. >>reporter: that was president obama at last year's state of the union address. now in his final year in office, he will speak before congress for the last time. but instead of trying to persuade the joint session to work with him in 2016, with legislative to-dos, the precedent is expected to deliver a speech with a slightly different tone, compared to years past. in a video released by the white house, mr. obama previews what he will say tonight. >> what i want to focus on in this state of the union address, not just remark on the progress we have made and not just to talk about what i want to get done in the year ahead, but what we need to do together in the years to come. >>reporter: the president's speech will try to frame a choice, facing americans as they select the next president of the united states. expect to also hear about the
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>> seven years ago auto sales hit a 27 year low. last year, they hit an all-time high. >>reporter: the affordable care act. >> we have brought more than 17,000,000 americans into our health care system. >>reporter: and foreign policy. he's also expected to touch on the gun violence epidemic and the legalization of same-sex marriage. >> i think if it does become a legacy speech in terms of defining what has been achieved. >>reporter: a long list of gets, sitting with first lady michelle obama, includes a refugee from war-torn syria, to lisa master, one of the three women who finished the vigorous ranger course. and a chairer will be left empty to honor victims of gun violence. >> only 3 sitting senators will be on hand, sanders, rubio and rand paul. stephanie ramos, abc, washington.
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in the race for the white house. three weeks to go until the first caucuses in iowa. new poll numbers show the race heating up for the front runners of both parties. hillary clinton is now tied to her rival, bernie sanders. >> there's no way if you do the arithmetic how to pay for what he has proposed without raising taxes on the middle class. >>holly: on the republican side, donald trump campaigned at a dinner, something he admits is not his style. >>jay: meanwhile the stage is set for the next round of republican presidential debates on thursday. fox business network, which will broadcast the debate, said 7 candidates will be on stage for the main debate. they are donald trump, ben carson, ted cruz, marco rubio, chris chris tee, john kasich, and jeb bush. invited to the undercard debate, rand paul, carly fiorina, mike huckabee, and rick santo rum. >>holly: in this morning's news reel an officer-involved shooting leaves one man dead
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>>jay: it happened at an intersection in san fernando california. police have not said what happened and what led to the chase. but a witness shared what he saw. >> there were like six or seven shots. i was working in my office and i come out by the balcony and i saw one of the police officers pointing at two cars and one got crush right there. >>jay: the driver's identity has not been released but police describe him as a man in his 50s. >> >>holly: in san diego, police are trying to determine if drugs played a role in a crash. the driver of an acura slammed into a minivan and hit a pole. it was sheared in half when it struck the pole. of the five people inside the acura, four were killed. two inside the minivan were treated at the hospital. >>jay: the federal aviation administration is trying to determine how a plane ended up
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police say vehicles had to swerve to avoid hitting the airport. the faa says two people were on board the plane but nol hurt. it's not clear why the plane landed or writ was headed. >>holly: an explosion killed four people in summit county, ohio. a neighbor who lives across the street says it shook her house.("4er^jfds another neighbor says a family of four lived in that two-story home. no word what caused the blast. >> >>jay: three police officers in new york are being hailed as heroes for jumping in to save people in a burning building before fire crews could get there. thick black smoke surrounded the building as people yelled for help from the upper floors. at that point the officers say they acted simply on instinged. >> you don't think. you just want to help people in distress. >> there was no thought i. was just go up there and get somebody out. >>jay: two other officers also helped with the fire rescues. all five officers are being considered for department medals.
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houston , texas, are okay after getting stuck on a high rise building. the scaffolding broke loose and at least two people had to be rescued. the workers were stopped for 45 minutes. neither of them was hurt. i don't think you are stuck for 45 minutes on the side of that building, it might have been a little chilly. >>jay: well, chilly, but frightening. >>holly: don't look down. >>jay: no. >>holly: frozen in time. one car owner needs more than an ice cream. >>jay: how this vehicle managed to get covered in ice. >>ingrid: you might feel frozen at the bus stop if you're not prepared for this winter. 2020 to 30s by lunchtime. by the time you get home, 46 degrees and our harry's on the hill bus stop. but, things will change, turning windy, mountain snow chances, and our temperatures are going up in and then back down.
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up. now, in high definition, this is your news 13 skywatch forecast. >>ingrid: welcome back, everyone. it is a chilly morning in downtown asheville. this is a live picture for you this morning, near i-40 and the jeff bowen bridge. the temperature reading there at 21 degrees at 6:12 for you. and we have some light snow, really it's just snow flurries. the highest elevations, no reports of slick road or anything like that. so likely this is just some high mountaintops, we will see a light dusting once the sun is completely up. other than that, we have another chance for snow flurries later today. it i will show you that in a second.
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at cataloochee where it's 23 agreed degrees. our leicester carpet sales skycam network, have not picked up precipitation for a while, but we will have another chance for some rain later in the seven-day forecast. let's have temperature, that is the headline for most of us today. 26 is normal, 19 is as cold as we have gotten in the ashville airport. even colder in some locations. 18 in burnsville and morganton. 22 in forest city. same thing in andrews. and below freezing in greenville. at 28, same thing down intox> fg:#7y ym)7i comparedt.!btkuf-r8[ what >yre%j;[q m+qzcyl$
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so time, 8 a.m., feeling like 20 in waynesville. 19 in burnsville. the temperature will be up to the 40s today but the wind will increase so it will make it feel like 22 by dinnertime today and into tomorrow morning wee will feel like 4 degrees here in asheville and 16 down into brevard. things will still be cold by midnight at 23 degrees in asheville. so, first the wind and then we also need to talk about a chance for some snow. this quick-moving system goes through. that's also impacting our winds. it will be2 chilly, but also a chance for possibly some mountain show showers. nothing too exciting here. the timeline, lop, still clear. now when the kids get out of school, maybe a few fliers in avery, mitchell and wand and same through dinnertime and then out of here. clear skies tonight and that means it will be cold once again and that wind is not going to let up tonight. increasing clouds late day today with a few flurries possible here in asheville. 46 degrees. windy conditions still through tonight. partly cloudy. 19 degrees for the air temperature that is. and in greenville today,
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around 50 degrees with sunshine and wind continues tonight, 25 in greenville. so it will stay cold wednesday. back up to 50 by thursday. rain friday, saturday, and then it turns cold again, so we do see the chance for some more wintry weather. here is your upstate seven-day forecast. >> >>holly: if you thought the ice on the cars is bad here, think again. >>jay: in hamburg, new york, icy water from lake ear rhee with snow and heavy winds created this car-sickle, parked on route 5 in hamburg, near buffalo. a lake effect snow event was dumping 2" of snow per hour. >>holly: this picture is on social media and has been going viral for 24 hours. >>jay: how do you unthaw that car is my question. >>holly: you wait until spring.
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whattingwarming's good luck. western carolina is trying to win two titles in a row. >>jay: the one game that went into overtime and secured the win. >>holly: if you're on the go early in the morning you can catch up with us with our morning news app. >>jay: the app is free, just search wlos a.m. in your app store. >> discover a different way to cleanse your skin. introducing micellar water from garnier! the micelles attract dirt like a magnet to remove makeup, cleanse and refresh.
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new micellar water, try it!
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>>stan: good morning, everyone. in sports, western carolina trying to make it 2 conference wins in a row, catamounts home hosting usc g. after a convincing win over v. m. i., red harrellton with a 3 pointer with 34 seconds to go to send it into o. t., they used the 9-2 run by a 3 point play to put it away, they win 83-77. harrelson 22 point, bren net 20, and they play chattanooga thursday. unca bulldogs racking up the wins and honors. dwayne sutton named big south freshman of the week when he averaged over 15 points a game. last week dillon smith got the honor. dogs 5-0, they host guard ner web, asheville in first place in men and women's hoops in the big south. you can see them both games, both teams against gardener web on my 40 saturday, women's at 2, men's action follows after that in kimball arena.
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sunday, they host the, panthers beet seat l on the road, so now it's at home. that is a nice feeling for carolina. having cornerback josh norman in the defensive back. the all. >> pro a lot of swagger and cam newton loves it. >> he plays with a chip on his shoulder and he plays with a different style and i like it. hell, i even appreciate it at times, because he gets me going. >>stan: that's sports this morning. i'm stan pamfilis. we will see you again tonight at 6 o'clock. have a great tuesday, everyone. >>holly: a cold start to our tuesday morning. ingrid, how warm is it going to get today? >>ingrid: temperatures will be in the middle 40s today, but it's kind of deceiving because the wind will then start to crank up this afternoon up to 30 miles per hour. so, 46 is the high expected in asheville. 50 down into the upstate. tonight the wind will continue so this is the air temperature it will feel like, the single digits by tomorrow morning. 19 degrees in asheville with a few snow flurries possiblend 25 down into the upstate. right now let's head back to
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delays in south asheville right now. >>jaclyn: ingrid, things are slowing down on the south side of hendersonville road. you will be tapping your brakes between the parkway and long sholes road, so keep that in mind. here is a look at your commute along i-26 this morning. traffic is flowing smoothly between unca exit and 25/70. if you are heading towards waynesville along i-40 westbound you shouldn't see any problems there, the drive from smoky park highway to jonathan creek road timing out to 22 minutes for you. and turning to i-240 taking that route this morning, that here is a live bic picture of the interstate at the jeff bowen bridge where you can see not too many cars out there this morning. >>i'm jaclyn deaugustino. this on-time traffic report is brought to you by the wired mouse computer solutions. >> >>holly: here is your live look around the world this morning. this is a shot of abbey road in england. >>jay: news 13 will be right back.
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>>holly: the clemson tigers lost that tough national title last night to alabama. today in took feedback we asked what you thought of the game. >>jaclyn: james says it with us a good game and he had a feeling it would be close. >>holly: sandra says it was the most exciting gam she and her husband have watched in a long time and called it a true nail biter. >>jaclyn: scott says it was an instant classic between two great southern programs an colleges. he thinks lots of guys will be collecting paychecks for that one soon. >>holly: if you stayed up to watch the game you may be a little tired but apparent lit was worth it. >>jaclyn: very close. >>jay: today's "morning surf," we are looking at the best uniforms in college football. >>ingrid: we posted the link to the web site, what do we have, jay? >>jay: duke and north carolina both in the top 25. but i'm going to go through the top 7 so we can get them very quickly. no. 7 is t.c.u., the mascot is a
6:22 am
i don't know what a horn frog is. >>ingrid: interesting. >>jay: they are a sleeper tete, they are doing a whole lot better but this really cool purple on purple gets great reviews. >>ingrid: very nice. >>jay: i like it. it is sharp looking. maryland getting great reviews because the helmet reflects the state flag. >>ingrid: that is neat looking. >>jay: yeah. maryland had dozens of uniforms over the years but this is clean looking, underarmor with a good design for them. >>ingrid: very creative. >>jay: no. 5, texas. >>ingrid: you have to love the burnt orange. >>jay: and of course the iconic logo on the helmet. >>ingrid: it's classic. >>jay: i think it's one of the great ones, too. no. 4 here, there we go, oregon. >>ingrid: uh-hmm. >>jay: they go through uniforms something different every year. >>ingrid: they are so close to nigh question there. they have awesome uniforms every year i think. >>jay: they do, and it's always something different. little outrageous i think.
6:23 am
winged helmet, deeply rooted in college football. it's almost as iconic as penn state. and speaking of penn state, there it is. talk about simple. >>ingrid: it is very simple, which is fine. >>jay: i love this. i love this. the white helmet and dark blue jersey, that's the way to do it. >>ingrid: this site is calling it one of the most historic uniforms in all of sports. >>jay: no name and number, it's justhe outfit and no. 1 is the navy with the gold. >>ingrid: i likehat with the gold. >>jay: interesting designs there. >>ingrid: yes, yes indeed. what about clemson? it wasn't on there. >>jay: i'm surprised because the tiger paw is iconic. >>ingrid: and the orange. final look outside, 19 degrees and wind are light at 3 miles per hour. but that will change throughout the day today. i will talk more about that chance coming up in a second. also, some mountain snow chances today and our temperatures swinging down and back up. i will show you that timeline at 6:30.
6:24 am
council is expected to vote on a property downtown today. how a zoning change could affect a landmark. >> >>jay: medical payout, why blue cross/blue shield customers of north carolina can expect a refund. >> >>holly: a tough loss for the
6:25 am
now, in high definition, from the western north carolina's news leader, this is news 13 this morning. >> this is a team that just has incredible will to win and heart. >>holly: encouraging words from clemson's head football coach as the team falls to alabama in the championship title game. >>jay: the coach also said it came down to only a few plays. >>ingrid: lauren brigman will have much more from the coach, team, and fans in a moment. a sad day for a lot of clemson fans. >>holly: it certainly is. good game though. >>jay: and a great season. >>holly: you can't take that away from them. >>jay: 14-0, you can't take anything away from them. >>ingrid: exactly. we can't take away the cold weather, sorry, i can't do it. it's 19 in asheville, 22 in cherokee, 20 hendersonville, 25 in wankville. it is cold right now be you the wind will start up coming up later on today. that will make it feel cold but we will hit the upper 30s by lunchtime, the wind will make it feel even colder, especially tonight. plus we have a chance for light show showers in the forecast. i will talk about when and where
6:26 am
but right now, the morning drive is off to a smooth start. let's head to the traffic center for a closer look at the road. jaclyn? >>jaclyn: thank, ingrid. the interstate and secondaries are looking good around asheville. everything is back up to speed in south asheville. just in time for your commute. hendersonville road traffic is now up to 40 miles per hour there near, approaching long sholes road. turning over to smoky park highway, we are looking at similar travel times here, that's 6 minutes from old haywood road to pisgah highway and i-240, there are no majorr issues out there. here is a live picture of i-240 at the bowen bridge where you can see traffic is flowing smoothly on your morning drive. that's a look at your on-time traffic report brought you by the wired mouse. >> >>jay: they werere the no. 1 team going into the national championship but last night alabama beat clemson 45-40. >>holly: we are hearing from the tigers, news 13's lauren brigman join us. lauren, the team is heading home today. >>lauren: it was a game that
6:27 am
all coming down to that fourth quarter. it had been 34 years since the tigers had a chance to win a national championship title, but a strong effort by clemson quarterback deshawn watson last night. he broke the record for total yards in a national championship game, ending the game with 405 passing yards and 4 touchdowns. head coach sweeney said the team is already looking ahead to the future. >> there is no doubt we will be back. it won't be 34 years before we're back. i promise you that. >> i just wanted to get the win and do something we have not done in 34 years but i mean at the end of the day, you know, i love my teammates, love my brothers. >> i think we gave it our all. we obviously left it out there. i don't know there was too much more you could ask of them. >>lauren: fans say despite the loss, the team's 14-1 season will go down in history.
6:28 am
>> ever since the first game i had an intuition about the whole season and beyond that. but i know he will go in the hall of fame, the team, and coach sweeney. i know they will do great things for the season. >>lauren: the team is expected to arrive in clemson tonight at 8:00 to what is sure to be a crowd of support after a very impressive season. holly? >>holly: the asheville city council is polar vortex expected to vote on a propez sal that will turn a hotel into a a landmark, it will convert the d. b. t. building into a hotel with 39 condominiums an retail space and parking. the project would also include a new facade to buttery the 50 year-old exterior. it's getting mixed reaction. >> i think that asheville is getting too big for its britches and that it is a really bad idea to put a huge hotel right in the center off downtown. >> the need, i guess it's here.
6:29 am
to determine that it would be an economic asset. >>holly: there will be a public hearing before any vote is taken tonight. if the city council approves the necessary voting change, construction could begin this spring. >>jay: wild life officials will hold a hearing to discus how to manage a growing elk population around the snow kiss. one p pposal is to have a short and very limited elk hunting season. the hunt would apply only to bulls and would be allowed only on private land. the hearing is open to the public. it will be at haywood community college and starts at 7 o'clock tonight. >>holly: we have a update on a house fire that left a man dead. investigators don't believe it is suspicious. it started in the living room of his home but investigators_z iss7e(ohv'k_ x\x-0. his wife pat made it out safely
6:30 am
several churches in weaveville are collecting donations for the family to learn more go to >>holly: investigators say a fire in asheville was caused by a heating system malfunction that happened a the a home on north bear creek road around 3:30 yesterday morning. the family of 6 says they heard a pop and the smoke alarms went off. everyone thankfully made it out safely. >>holly: this winter transylvania county school district is imposing what2 it is calling virtual day. the idea is to give students enough work to qualify for a full school day, even if there they are snowed in. once principal says virtual days will help prevent saturday makeup days. his students all have chrome books to use at home. >> attendance is low on saturday. these are skill that our students already already have. they use chrome books every day. they enjoy using technology. therefore it's building on skilil they already have and utilizing some of their strengths. >>holly: transylvania county elementary kids have been given blizzard bags including books about the snow. >>jay: blue cross/blue shield customers in north carolina can
6:31 am
the company is working on a serious system failure. we understand the ceo apologized to customers promising to refund any money wrongly drafted from customers' bank accounts. the company says the problem started after individual policies under the affordable care act went into effect. the ceo says 25,000 customers were accidently put into wrong health plans. >>holly: the world record powerballerball jackpot is now at $1.4 billion. that means more people will be on the job tomorrow night at one asheville convenience store at least. at the triangle stop along asheville highway, nearly 7,000 powerball tickets were sold saturday alone. that is seven times the average amount sold in a day at that convenience store. more ticket sales mean more money for the store. >> i think this is it, we were up 10% saturday. it picked us up. it's a drawing card. >>holly: just a heads up, if you plan to wait until the last
6:32 am
have until 10 o'clock tomorrow night to buy a ticket for the drawing. >>jay: a tribute band in asheville remembers artist and musician david bowie. >> ground control to major tom >>holly: mark caston is originally from england and he does a great david bowie impression, he created the "wham, bam, bowie band" and plays across north carolina and even new york city. >> i think the best way to remember david bowie is as an innovator. i think he truly pushed the envelope of music. he was an artist in the true sense of the word. >> >>holly: the band will be pay playing a special bowie concert at isis in asheville. i overheard kim king saying she had been there and saw the band and they were fantastic. >>jay: just that little clip right there. he sounds just like him. >>holly: really cool. it's a wintry mix in buffalo, new york. >>jay: why some people say they don't mind the snow.
6:33 am
the interstate with our traffic cam. i-26 looking like it's flowing just fine. >>jay: news 13 this morning
6:34 am
stay with us. now, in high definition, this is your news 13 skywatch forecast. >>ingrid: welcome back, everyone. it is, indeed, a chilly morning. this is a live picture for you. it is of the ground in downtown asheville, but look closely. you can see the frost on the
6:35 am
probably on your windshield this morning as well. so make sure you have that windshieldscraper ready to go and that defrost, too. you may warm up your car before you leave. we saw snow flurries in the highest elevations this evening no. that's about it. no reports of slick roadways. no school theys, anything like that. it is just very cold outside. thth's pretty much the headline. but, in fact, we do have a chance for some light show showers later on today, including in avery county. this is beach mountain parkway, 21 degrees, leicester carpet sales news 13 skycam network. we will have a chance for some more precipitation in the extended forecast, but right now let's focus on the cold conditions. 19 degrees is as cold as we have gotten at the ashville airport since midnight. even colder elsewhere. 17 in burnsville, 21 in the foothills in spindale and rutherfordton. low 20s in our western zones and 20s down into the upstate. below freezing from anderson down into greenwood. the wind right now has picked up
6:36 am
at 3 miles per hour. 14 back in knoxville. very light at the moment, but winds will continue to increase throughout the afternoon and evening, making it feel a lot colder. right now in greenville, winds at 8 makes it feel like 20. winds in asheville very chilly, too, 14 degrees. but, later on today, let's take a look. 8 a.m. showing it feels like 27 in asheville. as that wind starts up, 22 by dinnertime and then through tomorrow morning, we will feel like 12 degrees out in brison city, but here in asheville could feel like the single digits once again. 4 degrees. and we will remain pretty chilly throughout the day tomorrow with the wind and also because temperatures are going to stay in the 30s. quick-moving system will give us a short period of time where we could see a few light show showers. let's take a closer look at that. lunchtime, still clear, but by the time the kids are getting out of school, maybe in the high elevations east of asheville, could see a few snow flurries. at best, a light dusting in the high elevations and maybe a few
6:37 am
increasing clouds and flurries late day. 37 miles per hour gusts. so incredibly cold conditions, not only today, but tonight. the air temperature is 19 and the wind will continue. a sunny day but windy as well. 50 degrees in greenville. and tonight, cooling down to 25. tomorrow, going to stay in the 30s. gusty and cold, warming back up thursday to the 50 degrees mark. rain possible friday and saturday, but colder weather returns on sunday with a chance for a rain/snow mix. 30s expected for highs into monday. here is your support seven-day forecast. it does show 50 degrees today, cooler by tomorrow. back over to you. >>holly: residents in south buffalo are dig themselves out from the snow. >>jay: more than 1500 homes were out of power and traffic was at a crawl. it took 30 plows to clear the roads. some highways did not even see a spec of wintry weather. some people say they welcome the snow. >> i'm finally able to bring her out sledding.
6:38 am
christmas and we weren't able to use it. >> i love it. let it snow. >>jay: the area is expecting up to an inch of snow for today. >>holly: which is not much for buffalo. a couple of police officers are going above the call of duty. >>jay: how their service is helping one man get back on their feet. >>holly:ing looking for the most updated weather coverage?
6:39 am
>>jay: it's (burke) at farmers, we've seen almost everything, so we know how to cover almost anything. even a stag pool party. (party music)
6:40 am
(splashing/destruction) (burke) and we covered it, october twenty-seventh, 2014. talk to farmers. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum >>holly: in the last few minutes we learned new information about an explosion in istanbul, turkey, that killed
6:41 am
>>jay: turkish officials now believe a syrian-linked suicide bomber was responsible for the blast. it happened at the sul tank square, which is a major tourist attraction in the heart of eastern istanbul. >>holly: german officials are warning citizens to avoid crowds outside tourist attractions in istanbul and say more attacks are expected in turkey today. american ashley olsen's friend say she was a vibrant young woman who loved living abroad. >>jay: the florida natei's life was enoughed out when she was killed last weekend in her italian apartment. >> >>reporter: italian prosecutors say they are not ruling out any suspects in the death of an american 35 year-old ashley olsen as a homicide. the vibrant young artist from florida was last seen at a nightclub friday, the following day, a gruesome discovery. >> her boyfriend, with whom she
6:42 am
police she wasn't answering her phone. >> olsen was reportedly found nude with bruises and scratches around her neck. italian news says she was strangled but officials are waiting for autopsy results to release the cause of death. she left behind a string of crip tick messages on her instagram account, perhaps clues. in october she wrote, i have a stalker, hashtag stalker alert and before her death her final post captured graffiti reading kiss me hard before you go. the case is drawing comparisons to another murder mystery involving an american living in italy, exchange student amanda knox whose 2009 conviction for the murder of her roommate was overturned in 2011. the prosecutor's handling of that case drew broad criticism in the u.s. cnn analyst paul calan hopes this case is different. >> i would like to see a thorough and careful investigation this time. amanda knox was a tragic destruction of a young
6:43 am
>> reed banon reporting. >> >>holly: beau bergdahl today will stand before a military court in fort bragg facing charges of desertion and endangering fellow soldiers. he disappeared from his military post in afghanistan in 2009 and was then kidnapped and held by the taliban for five years. he was released in a prides ner exchange for five guantanamo bay detainees in 2014. the pentagon says the number of detainees at guantanamo bay is about to drop below 100. that comes the day after the white house chief of staff says president obama is ready to present a new plan to congress to shut down the detention center before he leaves office. the president said the prison, which holds suspected members of terrorist group, captured overseas, is a recruiting tool for trysts and is too costly to maintain. >> >>jay: the mother of affluenza teen ethan couch could be out of jail. >>holly: they reduced her bail
6:44 am
she will be released to day after she is fitted with an electronic ankle monitor. she is accused of helping her son flee the country to avoid a probation violation hearing. her lawyers say she is not competent to stand trial because >> >>jay: we have an upkate this morning on agga woman who faces federal charges in a series of jewelry store robberies including one in north carolina. abbey kemp cried in court as a magistrate asked her questions attorney. the fbi says cell phone records and social media posts helped track her down. an alleged accomplice is also charged. >>holly: the maryland court of special appeals halted the trial of seize ar goodson junior. he is the second of six walt more police officers charged in connection with the death of freddie gray. the state concerns the question of whether another of the charged officers, william porter, can be compelled to testify in goodsen's trial. >> >> it will be a landmark decision because it can have far
6:45 am
other cases where you have, you know, the government trying to compel a state's witness to testify. >>holly: goodsen drove the van that carried freddie gray from the site of his arrest to the police station last april. today marks the sixth anniversary of a deadly 7 earthquake that hit haiti in 2010. >>jay: it was southwest of the haitian capitol, estimates of the death toll vary. some sources say up to 316,000 people died another 300,000 people were hurt. a million and a half people were initially displaced and more than 60,000 were still homeless last spring. >> some police officers in tennessee are being praised for going out of their way. >>holly: they spent their own money to fill up a man's pantry. it is a picture of a good deed in tennessee, it started when the police received a call from a disabled man who said he hadn't had any food or eaten in two days.
6:46 am
>> i jumped into the grocery store and loaded up in groceries. i think it totaled about $160 worth of groceries. >>jay: the officers say the man lives alone and does not have family nearby. the 79 year-old says he wants everyone to know how much he appreciates the officers' acts of kindness. >>holly: i'm sure they will be back checking on him. >>jay: you know it. >>holly: a lot of attention at a zoo in cincinnati. >>jay: how this little thing is honoring the late singer david bowie. >>holly: first today's mind teaser. what year did the clemson tigers win the national title? >>jay: we have the answer when
6:47 am
>> hey, guys, it's annie. now, if you're anything like me, you're always looking for ways to save money, especially when it comes to your weekly grocery trip. well, with walmart every day low prices, saving money while keeping the pantry full... that's easier than you think. in head-to-head shopping,
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greenville, the total amount saved at walmart vs. bi-lo was $24.76 on this week's groceries - that's 19%. so head to walmart and see what you could save with their every day low prices. >>holly: let's recap this morning's local headlines. asheville city council is expected to vet on the proposal that would turn a downtown landmark into a hotel and more. >>jay: the proposal is to
6:49 am
building into 140 hotel rooms, 39 condos, and retail space and parking. it will be a public hearing before any vote is taken tonight. >>holly: henderson county has its own tourism boom happening right now with two new hotels going up. a holiday inn express broke ground and wingate at windham hotel is under construction at airport road. 200,000 people from 29 countries vizzed. this year hendersonville is conducting a study that could bring another hotel downtown. >>jay: wild life officials will hold a public hearing to discus how to manage a growing elk population around the great smokies. one proposal was to have a short and very limited elk hunting season. the hunt would apply only to bulls and would be allowed only on private land. the hearing is open to the public. it will be at haywood community college i. starts at 7 o'clock tonight. >>holly: we have an update this erk no on a house fire that left one man dead. investigators do not believe the fire is suspicious. it started sunday morning in the
6:50 am
but investigators still don't know how. check penlan, an original member of the stony creek boys bluegrass band was killed. his wife pat made it out safely and has been released from the hospital. several weaverville churches are collecting donations for the family. to learn more, go to >>jay: investigators now say a fire in asheville was caused by a heating system malfunction. it happened at a home on north bear creek road around 3:30 yesterday morning. family of 6 says it heard a pop and then their smoke alarms went off. everyone made it out safely. >>holly: now here is the answer day's mind teaser. we asked: what year did the tigers win the national title? >>jay: the answer, of course, 1981. the game was played as i remember it. >>holly: we were disputing it. >>jay: 1981 is right. the game was played january 1st, 1982. who did they beat? that is the question. nebraska, and the score was . . .? i remember this like it was yesterday.
6:51 am
>>holly: okay. >>jay: danny ford the coach. there you go. >>holly: fun fact tuesday. david bowie has an unusual namesake to honor his legacy. >>jay: the cincinnati zoo named a penguin bowie days before the singer's death. he was born on david bowie's birthday, january 8th, wearing less than 2 2-ounces. bowie i dodded of cancer sunday. no word on if it's a boy or girl penguin. it will make its public debut this spring. gastric you like penguins, he is cute. >>jay: they named him before he died. >>jay: on the birthday, just three days earlier. >>ingrid: cute little guy. >>holly: he likes the cold. >>ingrid: he has fur, that's why he likes the cold. never mind, jay. let's take a final look at weather outside. it's very cold. we are in the teens in many locations. 19 in asheville. brevard 122 and cherokee. hendersonville 20 degrees and waynesville 26. now, high temperature for today
6:52 am
but the wind will get really bad this afternoon. gusts up to 30 miles per hour and chance for just a few light show showers. nothing too much to worry about. staying cold tomorrow, too. in the 30s. and windy as well. now, we will return to the 50 degrees mark thursday. chance for rain friday, saturday, and then a mix of that rain and snow possibly on sunday. cold in the upstate right now, belowow freezing. but, sunny and about 50 degrees expected by this afternoon. not too bad. >>holly: we have issues outside on the morning commute. >>jaclyn: heads up for drivers in weaverville, there is congestion on future i-26 eastbound near exit 19 due to a crash. so, if you are heading that way on your commute, just be sure to pack your patience there. no injuries reported. >>jay: certainly good news there. thanks for joining us. gma is exin.
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