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tv   News 13 at Noon  ABC  January 12, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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we have that chance for some light snow along the tennessee line. back in asheville, maybe a few flurries throughout the day. >> 44 by 2:00 p.m. 46 by 4:00 p.m. keep in mind, this isn't the windchill. gusts possible up to 30 miles an hour, even in lower elevations it will feel like the 30's for much of the day and much colder even tonight. coming up in a moment, we'll talk about those mountain snow chances, the time line of this and it is going to happen fairly shortly, the next few hours. stick with us, some temperature wings. back over to you. >> we have breaking news now, haywood county athounss a 2.4 million dollar budget reduction. it includes the possible closing of elementary schools. a letter is being sent home to parents today. a news conference is going on right now and news 13 rex hodge is there. the board of education says the reductions will be broad sweeping across many areas.
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coming up in our next half-hour. >> we have also just learned that the henderson county superintendent is retiring at the end of the school year. david jones announced his intention to retire effective july 1 after nearly four decades of service. he has held several titles public schools. >> asheville police tell news 13 they plan to decrease the number of accidents including cyclists and pedestrians. this follows results just released from the watch for me campaign carried out last fall. lauren joins us live from downtown asheville. what do police find during the study? >> overall, they found that asheville is seeing improvement when it comes to a trop in the number of accidents involving pedestrians. they say one of the biggest issues they are seeing is when drivers begin to turn right on red, instead of watching for pedestrians who have the right
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other vehicles so they hope to improve that and raise awareness. results from the campaign carried out this past fall show that the accident rate when it comes to those crashes involving pedestrians has dropped 27%. some good news. this is compared to the same time frame over the past four years. police say previous dot studies listed asheville as having the highest crash rate for these types of incidents. out of top metro areas in our state. in an effort to change that, officers focus on educating motorists, pedestrians and cyclists as well as enforcing the laws through verbal warnings and citations. >> there are a lot of places in west asheville and downtown where there is not a marked crosswalk. it is still an area that pedestrians can legally cross. a lot of that was educating motorists of those areas and then educating pedestrians of safe places to cross so they are way.
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up with the officers as they underwent training prior to carrying out this campaign. police say they touched thousands of people through the efforts and plan to reapply for the grant. i asked ashevle police if they are happy with the 27% decrease and they said, yes, any decrease is a good number to have. they want to continue the overall goal is zero accidents. >> happening today, asheville city council is is expected to vote on the proposal that would turn a downtown landmark into a hotel and more. the plan would convert the bpt hotel into 140 rooms, 39 condominiums add retail space and parking t. project would include a new fasas sad to beautify the exterior. there will be a public hearing before any vote is taken tonight. if city council approves the necessary zoning change,
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>> city council may vote to devote a day to nae active americans instead of columbus day. a resolution proposed to establish indigenous people day. it recognizes the contributions of native americans in the had thes. >> happening tonight, wildlife officials will hold a public hearing to discuss how to manage a growing elk population population around the great smokies. one proposal is to have a short season. the hunt would be allowed only on private land. the hearing is open to the public. it starts at 7:00 at haywood community college. >> in other news making headlines, president obama's final state of the union peach is expected to be unlike others. it won't'te a laundry list of proposals but a look back at what the president has done over the past seven years.years. >> reporter: in his final year
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deliver his state of the union address to congress. instead of trying to persuade the session to work with him, he is expected to deliver a speech with a slightly different tone n. a. >> what i want to focus on, is not just the remarkable progress we have made, not just what i want to get done in the year ahead but what we need to do together in the years to come. >> expect to hear about the economy's recovery. >> seven years ago, auto sales hit a 27 year low. high. >> we brought more than 17 million americans into our healthcare system. >> and foreign policy, he is also expected to touch on the gun violence epidemic and the legalization of same sex marriage. >> it does become more of a legacy speech instead of defining what has been achieved.
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in the latest poll, 70% of americans say they believe the country is on the wrong track. here's the explanation from the white house. >> it is attributable to the negativity we have seen. >> and with that, the president's speech will also try to frame a choice facing americans as they select the next president of the united states. >> a long list of guests will sit with michelle obama including a refugee from war torn syria. a chair will be left empty to honor victims of gun violence. >> they were the number one team going into the championship. last night alabama beat clemson 45-40. today we are hearing from the tigers. it had been 34 years since they had a chance at a title. clemson quarterback broke the record for total yards in a national championship game,
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yards and four touchdowns. the head coach said the team is looking ahead to the future. >> there is no doubt we'll be back. it won't be 34 years before we'll p back, i promise you that. i want to get the win and do something that we haven't done in 34 years. i think we gave it our all. i don't know if there was too much more you could have asked for. >> f since the first game, i had an intuitionintuition, i know hale do great this season. >> the team expected to arrive back at clemson around 8:00.
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an impressive season. >> coming up, some ways to help fix your gut. >> in the business report, the auto industry title for the newest honda civic. >> our mobile app keeps you updated op news wherever you are. news weather and sports and real time traffic updates. search wlos is, it's annie. now, if you're anything like me, you're always looking for ways to save money, especially when it comes to your weekly grocery trip. well, with walmart every day low prices, saving money while keeping the pantry full... that's easier than you think. in head-to-head shopping, the total at walmart beat that of bi-lo. greenville, the total amount saved at walmart vs. bi-lo was $24.76 on this week's groceries - that's 19%. so head to walmart and see what you
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>> many diseases get their start in the digestive system so many doctors are going there to treat them. a look at how a healthy gut can mean a healthy body. >> this is scary. this isn't just about feeling
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nice clothes. it was about life and mortality. >> betsy said she did everything to get healthy but nothing worked. she turned to a nurse practitioner who says not all but most disease stems try to digestive system or the gut. they are functional health practitioners who try to find the root cause of disease. they say conditions such as diabetes, fatigue and auto immune disorders are a red flag that something is off in the body. >> a lot of times it comes from the gut. how cool would it be to fix the gut and you get those things to go away too? >> how do you fix the gut? it starts with eliminating highly processed foods and eat ing fruits and lean meats.
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aspar dpus, legumes, oatmeal, garlic and onions. >> many of the diseases in our society treated with pills can be beautifully addressed with life style changes, stress management, exercise, the right nutritional support. >> more than half of middle and high school students in the u.s. are exposed to second hand smoke. researchers say the find rgs alarming because the exposure can impact their lungs and cardiovascular health and it is completely precht preventable. there is also some evidence the exposure to nicotine primes their brain and makes them more likely to be addicted to nicotine in the future. >> coming up, we take you inside the world's first mcdonald's next. >> 44 in franklin, clear skies, the news 13 skycam network, 44 at asheville.
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coming up after the break, we'll talk about the windchill factor over the next 24 hours and who could see snow as early as this
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>> our friends north of the region seeing the know falling and to our west. back at home, we are not seeing the snow just yet. we are seeing a few clouds in our northern regions. this goes until 2:00 this afternoon. then we are widespread. catalooci, it is cold enough for
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there is the ski area. 19 at the asheville airport, which is normal, nothing record breaking. this afternoon doesn't look too bad. this is deceiving because of the wind. 48 in burnsville. in our western zones, 38 degrees, down into the upstate. spartanburg and anderson, 46. greenwood, 48 degrees. this is in the 50's down into columbia. look at this wind at 20 miles an hour in asheville. make sure you have a good coat before you head out for lunch. 17 in anderson. 16 in greenwood. this is the windchill. it still feels like the 30's all across western north carolina. feels like the low 40's in greer. 39 degrees in anders. this wind is not going fir any time soon. it is going to continue to gust upwards of 30 miles an hour throughout the afternoon. at 2:00 p.m., still feeling like the 30's. 20's in waynesville.
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tonight into tomorrow morning, this is 8:00 a.m., feels like a very chilly 4 degrees here in asheville. feels like 1 in burnsville. feels like the 20's into brevard. throughout the day, continuing to feel cold in the 20's for most of the day as the windchill, air temperature in the 30's. also in the 30's, look at the humidity level, very low. 36% in asheville. 34 down into greenville. just keep that in mind. now let's take our turn to the north, the cold front is region. what zones should be aware of the snow this afternoon. let's take a closer look, this school. yancey, mitchell, avery county, this model is popping up light snow, also northern swain county light snow as well.
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buncombe county by dinner time. for the rest of us into the valley, going to be more flurries, not much in the way of accumulation at all. even in high elevation we are talking about a dusting, maybe up to a half an inch at best. it is not going to be a big snow event. as you j jt saw, it is in the forecast. through tomorrow morning, we are nice and clear but cold. slick conditions where we see snow. 46 for a high. keep in mind with the wind gusting, it will feel very cold. flurries through tonight possibly even into asheville, 19 degrees. what about greenville today? likely warm up to the 40's40's. a nice sunny day, windy and dry. 8 degrees, that's the high temperature, the wind will continue as well.
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scattered showers, friday and saturday. with temperatures dropping back down, we could have another rain snow mix.mix. >> that will be nice. >> oil prices slide again. >> coming up in the business
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the bottom i >> stocks in positive territory for midday trading. at noon, the dow one 170 points. nasdaq was up 71 points at 4079. >> the price of crude plummeted monday another 5%, the lowest since december 2003 when it
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oil prices have dropped 16% so far this yearyear. >> united airlines is adding two routes to the east coast from its denver hub. travelers can catchch non-stop flights to hartford, connecticut and richmond, virginia, beginning april 5. richmond is denver's largest unserved domestic market. the route is the longest non-stop and most westerly flights. >> the first day of the international auto show in detroit saw the latest offerings from auto makers. the fuel economy was no longer a prime target but rather the focus is on bringing more technology and safety to cars. the crossover won the north american truck utility of the year award. honda's redesigned civic, the country's top selling car has a
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charged engine options. civic sales fell last year while rivals including the toyota corolla had banner years. this is not the first time the civic has won this award. it took the title in 2006. >> since there was no winner in sad's powerball drawing, people have been lieped up to buy tickets. it has pushed the jackpot to 1.5 billion. the frenzy feeds upon itself when jackpots reach over $200 million. even occasional players get into the game. >> new features of saturn's moon. the findings about saturn's icy moon. >> learning about a rare pregnancy complication.
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it and how it is treated. >> there is a new view in our solar saturn. >> nasa released this taken from the spacecraft last year. the camera took the picture for one and a half million miles away. the photograph reminds us just how large saturn is around 10 times the diameter of earth. >> if you are wondering what that white dot to the lower right of the planet was, that's one of saturn's moons. >> you have to look closely. >> pretty cool. >> the best that we are seeing at a reduction, we see it as a success. >> results from a safety study are coming in. >> continuing efforts to keep pedestrians and cyclists safe. >> police investigating the death of an american woman in
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>> the wind is cranking up. take a look at unca. this is in north asheville. the news 13 skycam network shows a few clouds but also a lot of pretty blue sky.
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it is still 39.
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