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tv   News 13 at 1230pm  ABC  January 12, 2016 12:30pm-1:00pm EST

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it is still 39. 42 in forest city. better in franklin at 43. still chilly many in lake to besaway and weaverville in the middle to upper 30's. it will be breezy throughout the late day. temperatures staying in the 40's, it will feel like the 30's. coming up in a moment, i'll talk about snow chances today and when our temperatures will finally start to go back up. >> haywood county announces a budget reduction. the news includes the possible closing of central elementary schools. a letter is being sent home to parents. a news conference is being sent home right now. rex hodge is there. we have live pictures from inside the haywood county school board. we are streaming it live on the board of education says the reductions will be prod sweeping across many areas. news 13 will have a wrap out of the plan to close the school
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>> asheville police have plans in the works to improve the safety of pedestrians and cyclists. results just released pr their watch for me campaign show accidents involving pedestrians and cyclists were reduced 27% in the city. the fall campaign compares statistics from the same time frame over the past four years. we have moved forward from the campaign which is reapplying for, we keep seeing a reduction every year. >> back in the summer we caught up with officers as they underwent training prior to campaign. officers focused on educating motorists and cyclists as well as enforcing the law through citations. >> new details are emerging as italian police investigate the death of a woman in florence. 35-year-old ashley olsen was found dead in her apartment over
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that story starts today's newsreel. >> police are treating the death of 35-year-old ashley olsen. the vibrant young artist was last seen late thursday evening. the following day, a gruesome discovery. >> the body was found after her boyfriend with whomhe had an argument alerted police she wasn't answering her phone. >> olsen was found nude with bruises and scratches around her neck. the itall news agency reports she was strangled. officials are waiting for autopsy results to release the cause of death. the artist left behind a string of cryptic messages on her instagram account, perhaps clues. in october, she wrote, i have a stacker, hash tag stalker alert. before her death her final post captured graffiti reading, kiss me hard before you go. exchange student amanda knox whose conviction for the murder
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in 2011. the handling of that case drew broad criticism in the u.s. . >> i'd like to see a thorough investigation and a careful investigation investigation. the sergeant will stand before a military court in fort bragg. he faces charges of dessert and endangering fellow americans. he was kidnapped and held by the taliban for five years. he was released in a prisoner exchange for five guantanamo bay detaines in 2014. the pentagon says the number of detainees at guantanamo bay is about to drop below 100. that comes after chief of staff says president obama is ready to present a new plan to congress to close the detention center
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the president says that prison is a recruiting tool for terrorists and is too costly to maintain. >> many areas have reached several feet of snow. in four hours, watertown new york received 21 inches. more lake effect snow is expected from michigan to new york. an alberta clipper is expectedexpected. in the midwest, a windchill advisory for many states as some temperatures drop to 30 below zero. some flurries in our area. where would that be? >> not out of the question for sure. our radar and satellite shows we have seen cloud covererear the tennessee line, this is the zone where we could see light know fall in the next several hours. this is mount mitchell state park as we go through the time lapse, started off with sun and
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once again, starting to see more of the sunshine, see the tree tops moving around there. it is chilly but no snow to show you just yet. almanac does show that this is the category where we put the high temperature so far, 44 degrees so below 47 which is normal. also below normal, the low temperature this morning at 19 degrees. that wind made it feel very cold. we are improving. 44 in asheville. low 40's in our western zones. 40 degrees in andrews. down into the upstate. in anderson, greenewood as well and low 50's into columbia. let's take a closer look right now. 20 back in the french broad river valley. 12 in franklin and greenville. 16 in greenwood. it still feels like the 30's
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even into forest city, feels like 39 degrees. feels like 36 in franklin and 39 down into anderson. overall, it is pretty chilly. this wind will not subside throughouthe day. this is 2:00 p.m., it will feel like 24 in wanesville and 37 in asheville. by dinner time. continuing to feel colder at 16 degrees. the wind continues through tonight and into tomorrow morning. i'll stop it here at 8:00 a.m. look at how cold we are, marshal 6. asheville 4. seven in hendersonville. throughout the day we'll continue to stay chilly with temperatures in the 30's30's. 37% in asheville. 34 into greer. so it is very dry outside and windy. not a good combination to be burning any sort of leaves outside for today. looking at the big picture, upper midwest continuing. the northeast seeing the sfoe across the region. ahead of the system, we'll see
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the winds will change and also that chance for snow. we are seeing i go to right now. at 3:00 p.m., there we go, i'll stop it here. this is northern swain county, yancey, mitchell, avery starts to see the light snow begin to fall. maybe even the mountains here in the northern portion of buncombe county and flurries back down into asheville. this is not going to be widespread snow, not going to be a lot of it. slick conditions are possible and the late elevations and into tonight too, temperatures will stay very cold tonight, waking up tomorrow to once again windchills below zero in those highest elevations. back in asheville, could feel like the single digi. flurries as well, 46 for a high temperature with winds staying very strong. 19 degrees for a low temperature tonight. sunny, windy in the upstate. 50 degrees. tonight, clear, still cold back down to 25. the extended forecast shows tomorrow, 38 degrees for a high temperature.
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have to battle the cold. things start to warm up thursday, sunshine. 50 degrees. a few showers friday and saturday. then temperatures will take a nose dive once again before the holiday and we are talking about a chance for another rain-snow mix. in the upstate, sunshine in the next few days for rain to round out the work week. >> if you are looking for the most updated weather coverage, remember just download our weather app. it will keep you on top of any warnings or advisories. here's a look at stories trending in your lunch hour. georgia washington university is the latest university to rescind the honorary degree of actor bill cosby. the school made the decision in light of renewed distress for students and alumni who are survivors of sexual assault. last october the school said it did not rescind honorary degrees. dozens of women accuse cosby of
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>> in october, the 36-year-old former nba star was rushed to the hospital after he was found unconscious. authorities say a blood sample shows odom did have cocaine in his system. prosecutors say he had possession or odom took the drug while he was in their jurisdiction. >> rupert murdock and jerry hall are engaged. the news came with the in the newspaper. hall is known for having a long time relationship with mick jagger. they have four children together. >> nothing says comfort like a pasta dish. this is perfect for filling you up. >> a move to reinvent the mcdonald's brand.
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turn around plan. >> welcome into the carolina kitchen. we are happy to have you. >> we are cooking bacon. this is pancetta. it is an italian bacon. we'll do a pasta carbonara which is an american offshoot of a traditional dish. not by any means a healthy dish but a --. >> it is delicious. >> we'll start by rendering the fat out of the pancetta. it is a tablespoon for two people of garlic and shallot. >> it smells so good. >> always smells good. we love peas.
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up all those little morsels of deliciousness. then we'll put heavy cream, like i said, it is for two people. i have penne i cooked. i cooked it the checko brand. for exactly s minutes. it comes out very aldente. what i'll do, once this starts boiling, i'll put the penne right in that. >> let our sauce thicken -- >> see how it is reduced down, has almost like a sour cream look to it. we'll put parsley in there for color. a little salt, even though you are adding parmesan cheese which
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we'll add our pasta to that. cheesy and delicious. go to our webse, click on the carolina kitchen link. send a self-addressed envelope to 110 technology drive. check us out on pinterest and check out glass onion in weaverville. >> yes, check out glass onion. >> looks beautiful. >> thanks so much. >> thank you. >> and that's what is cooking in the carolina kitchen. >> coming up tomorrow in the kitchen, no digging through you recipe file before your next party with collard greens, this dip packs a healthy dose of vitamin a. >> mcdonald's hopes to crereate something completely different, a side of quinoa. the first location opened in
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there is a full salad bar offering quinoa, premium coffee blend and self-ordering kiosk. mcdonald's offers table service after 6:00 p.m. >> you can bring money even if you don't win the big power ball prize. mary shows us the app that you need to get you paid. >> you can watch news 13 newscast streaming live on our
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>> the power ball prize is massive. it is up to 1.5 billion dollars. >> so what would you do with that kind of money? while you ponder that, consider this, even if you don't score the big prize, you can score the
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>> have a power ball ticket? check it closely. there may be winners who will never know they won. every year about $2 billion in lottery money goes unclaimed. many of those tickets are worth between $1 and $3. some people never realize they may have a life changing prize in their pocket. roughly 114 prizes worth $1 million or more was unclaimed in 2015. according to developers of lotto lotto, it is an app that tells you if you have a winning ticket big or small. another app is the lottery hub. are you in an office pool? there is an app for that too, lottery pool blog helps people keep track of what is in which pool. it also displays winning numbers. the next time you get the quick pick, remember to check your apps. >> the next power ball drawing
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we just announced the jackpot that stands at 1.5 billion dollars. it was 1.4, already up to 1.5. >> people keep buying lottery tickets. the odds of winning the whole thing is 1 in 292 million. >> say you'll get struck by lightning faster. >> probably several times over my question to you is --. >> you talked about how much money you were spending. >> two tickets. buttwo tickets will add up. >> a man makes off with a two foot python from a pet store. >> where he stuck that snake to make his big get away. >> later today at 5:30,
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will be available and how much they'll cost. >> why roofs prepared at a community college became very
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fo >> a snake swiped from an oregon pet store. >> the thief tried to be sneaky, surveillance footage showed him stuffing the stolen snake down his pants. >> reporter: kristin is all about theanimals, there birds to lizards and everything between. she takes care of them all on southwest division street. it came as a shock when someone swiped one of her rarest reptiles. >> he stole her black pastel python. >> after getting the call that the neighboring was gone, kirsten spent the better part of her saturday reviewing surveillance footage.
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suspecte snake thief on film, she was even more surprised to see what he does after he reaches into the tank. >> you'll see him put it in his pants, yuck. >> a short time later owe sue him waddle out of the store. >> trying to act like there is not a snake in his pants. >> she has seen the man before but this time he seemed to be with a woman who was in on the theft. now the search is is on. >> any time anything like this happens, it is very frustrating pause we work very hard. >> to run the business and make a living. >> and they are very hungry.
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>> the pet store owner says if and when they find the suspect she will file charges. >> he might have karma. >> 35 with a windchill and the air temperature in the 40's. this wind will be gusting all afternoon. light rain and snow in our northern mountains near tennessee. now tomorrow, staying pretty chilly 38 degrees. a rebound with the temperatures, if you don't like the cold, wait a couple of days. chance for rain friday, saturday and at this point, we just have a few showers possible sunday. it is going to be 39 degrees. some of those could come in the form of snow. >> remember to stay with news 13 on that breaking news about a
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