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tv   News 13 at 530pm  ABC  January 12, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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little while but i'll be back. >> darcel: coming up, a new destination out of asheville regional airport. >> tammy: when you can begin flying in to washington d.c. on aliegent air. >> jason: it is windy, cold and a few flakes flying over the high country. >> frank: dot crews prepare to deal with the freezing temperatures and possible snow. why they say the cold is on the threat of the heels of last month's heavy rain. >> tammy: president obama gears union address. what members of congress have to president. now from western north carolina's news leader, this is news 13 at 5:30. >> frank: a winter storm is
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a blanket of snow. >> tammy: this is video from kentucky where some areas could see an inch of snow. temperatures in the teens. it is already cold outside and the wind is blowing as well. >> frank: part of the same storm system is hitting us here in the mountains. >> tammy: dot crews are preparing for an evening of harsh winds and cold. >> jason: mostly cold and wind. the snow flakes are still flying but very few places seeing them. you can see them in the time lapse of the leicester carpet sales news13 sky cam network up in cold springs ranch. in is typically a place that we see some snow. it just didn't materialize. you can see some of the blues here still left over. that means some very light snow
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few areas towards hot springs. that's it really. most of what's fallen is about a dusting to a half inch, tops. 50s south. the wind is going to affect all of us. wind advisories out for all of these areas in brown. already had winds over 20 miles per hour sustained in places farther south. so there's plenty of wind. temperatures from the 30s to the 20s this evening. layer up. we'll talk more about the chill and when we see rain and snow in the forecast. >> tammy: it is already becoming dangerously cold. hope is there now. >> frank: hope, it could cause serious issues tonight. >> hope: tammy and frank, when
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but it's exposed skin that has dot concerned tonight. it's the possibility of black ice, trees falling and piercing winds blowing. >> it could change drastically for us. >> hope: dot crews know the freezing temperatures will likely ice over many roads. >> we've got a lot of very steep roads in high elevations. you'll go from having nothing on the road to being completely covered. without chains, we won't be able to go over the roads. >> hope: the ground is already saturated from early winter rains. the chance of falling trees already has teams busy with work. >> making sure they're fueled. making sure all the chains are sharp.
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case we need to move trees out of the way. >> hope: the work does not stop as whipping winds are likely to carry in those signs of winter we've all been lacking. >> i cannot remember a winter that's been this warm. this is the least snow and ice removal we've ever done in yancey county to my knowledge. >> reporter: now the cold has certainly arrived. though this isn't a major snow event for this part of north carolina, it certainly can be dangerous. dot crews say they see more accidents because of ice on the roads than they do heavy snow. take care if you're out and about. hope hanselman, news 13. >> tammy: all eyes on capitol hill tonight as president obama issues his final state of the union address to congress. >> f fnk: his relationship with congress can be difficult at
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what can he do to help? >> scott duman on capitol hill live to explain. >> reporter: tammy, frank, the white house sent out an e-mail about that today acknowledging it's a legitimate challenge. at the same time also stressing, "we're not slowing down. we'll own the finish line." the question is whether or not it will be with this congress on board >> the president of the united states. >> reporter: if there's one thing to expect tonight, the white house says it's a big picture vision. not just an annual to-do list. but how can the president use his final state of the union to unify in a town that's often deemed broken. >> one thing we can do is certainly focus on those areas where we agree. as you point out, it's a little
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>> reporter: criminal justice reform and international trade agreements. >> those are a couple of areas where we can work with democrats and republicans to do something for the country. >> reporter: like he has with gun control, immigration may resort to executive actions. >> the expansion of the president's power has been a bypartisan effort. >> reporter: president george w bush issued hinting at even more. >> the president has circumvented the constitutional framework laid out. these things should be coming to the congress. to the people of the house to be voted on. that hasn't happened and that's a frustration. >> reporter: of course here on
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goes without a response. immediately after the president's speech, we'll hear from republican governor of south carolina, nicki haley. she's been chosen to deliver the reaction. one we can assume will be critical. tammy, frank, back to you. >> frank: scott duman in washington tonight. south carolina governor nikki haley will be addressing the state of the union address. childs says the invitation came as a great surprise. >> and to sit with the
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the union address. and i said -- i was overjoyed because i couldn't believe what i heard. >> frank: she says she was invited to the white house in 2009 and has kept in touch with mr. obama since then. news 13 wants to know, will you watch the president's final state of the union address tonight? log on to 13 to answer our question of the day. and you can watch the state of the union address tonight on abc 13. it starts at 9 o'clock. we will be streaming the speech live on make sure to follow our facebook and twitter pages. >> tammy: superintendent david jones announced his intention to retire effective july 1st.
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during his 38 years with the school system. happening tonight, wild life officials will hold a meeting to discuss how to manage a growing elk population. one proposal is to have a short and limited hunting season. the hunt will only apply to bulls and be allowed only on private land. it starts at 7 o'clock on haywood community college. there are quite a few problems on the roads in mcdowell county right now. >> frank: jaclyn, there's a wild fire. >> jaclyn: in the area of dell cook drive. crews tell me the fire is under control. area. in mcdowell county, there are reported. especially on these areas listed on your screen.
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trees. use caution if you're heading out the door soon. there is a disabled vehicle out on haywood road. . >> tammy: many people are buying in to pools, among friends and coworkers. financial experts say it's a smart move but to make sure that the group has clearly written out the terms of how to split the winnings. and also have a written list of everyone that's part of that pool. >> if it's a joint ownership of a ticket, absolutely, it needs to be in writing. and everybody needs to know prior to the drawing because after the drawing, that's a bad scene. >> tammy: coming up at 6, what staff at a north carolina
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pulling tickets to win big. coming up, allegent air will offer a new destination from asheville. when you can take advantage of the new service and the cost.
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>> frank: stocks rise on wall street. the dow was up 117 points ending atd 16,516. nasdaq up 47 and closing at 4685. >> tammy: we have a recall alert for you now. two types of children's cough syrup are being recalled over concerns that children are getting sick. >> frank: four ounce bottles of cherry liquid cough syrup. the cups are marked incorrectly which could cause children to overdose tvrjs there haven't't been reports of people getting sick. >> frank: aliegent air will
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asheville and washington d.c. one way fare will begin at $39. the seasonal flights will run twice weekly beginning on may 19th through august 16th. >> tammy: apple is adding a night shift mode on change the light on an iphone or ipad screen on its next software update. the company added the option from a study that said exposure to blue light can make it hard to fall asleep. it shifts the colors to warmer colors making it easier on your eyes at night. the system will use the clock and go location on your device to figure out when it's sunset where you are. that knows too much about me. >> frank: turn it off at night. >> tammy: i gotta keep it on for the weather. >> jason: it's going to be very
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down in to the teens and single digits. you'll see temperatures in the teens to low 20s in the morning. there's tomorrow evening. yeah, still cold and still wind. but when does the rain return? i'll show you after the break. hey, guys, it's annie. now, if you're anything like me, you're always looking for ways to save money, especially when it comes to your weekly grocery trip. well, with walmart every day low prices, saving money while keeping the pantry full... that's easier than you think. in head-to-head shopping, the total at walmart beat that of bi-lo. greenville, the total amount saved at walmart vs. bi-lo was $24.76 on this week's groceries - that's 19%. so head to walmart a see what you
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again, the snowfall happening was very light. leicester carpet sales news13 sky cam network we're at 6600 feet in the park there. gusts close to 70 miles per hour when it comes to the winds. gusts in the 80s atop grandfather mountain. look at the snow showers here really falling apart. so this moisture is just being rung out as flurries at best in many cases here that it is happening. a lot of us are already seeing an end to this snow. now we turn our attention to the cold. these are wind chills at 6 o'clock. wind chill in the 20s in asheville. single digit wind chills toward avery county there. watch them just continue to drop here in to the evening. there's 8 o'clock in the evening. teens for wind chills in marshall, asheville. 12 feels like temperature in asheville. we'll go even colder than that.
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below zero in some cases overnight tonight by midnight. only a slight improvement towards morning. so layers, layers, and more layers, folks. strong wind keeping that cold air in place. and giving us a chance of snow showers earlier today. a lot of that has waned. no chance tomorrow and virtually no chance on thursday. scattered showers at best. wide spread rain farther south. 40% chance of showers on saturday. the weekend may start a little wet. wind chill down to 39 degrees. it is cloud free over the upstate. 51 with a west wind at 23. you'll know it, too, down there. there's our clipper. the cold front that's made its way south. we start to turn to the cold temperatures tonight and tomorrow. watch the wind here. it starts to shift south to
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that is going to bring in nice temperatures. we're going to 50s that day before the next system comes friday. it's a split system. one to the north, one to the south. nothing terribly cold at least in the short term. future cast, the winds will be a factor tonight even though we clear out. plenty plenty of sunshine. teens for lows to the north and south of asheville. because of the wind in the french broad river valley, going to 20 in hendersonville. upstate. but it's going to be cold in the mountains. temperatures, though, rebound nicely. 52. what a turnaround thursday. we get colder and progressively colder near the end of the weekend. 30sgain with wind and a chance for rain and maybe snow in the
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>> frank: didn't feel too bad today. >> jason: it was sunny and windy. >> tammy: after that, miserable. time to check out the "see it, shoot it, send it" feature. wesley sent us this shot from the indian reservation. >> frank: you can send us your pictures and video. or
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who is responsible for >> anchor: temperatures are dropping in the higher elevations and the wind is becoming extremely cold. dot crews are preparing for the danger it could bring. >> reporter: schools considering sweeping cuts. including eliminating one of their schools.
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