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tv   News 13 at 6pm  ABC  January 12, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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to a billion and a half dollars. winning. we'll tell you if it's smart. now from western north carolina's news leader, this is news 13 at 6. >> darcel: off the top tonight, take a look at what some in yancey county spotted outside. snow flurries flying. those flurries come as we prepare for another night of freezing conditions. >> larry: first let's go to jason boyer. >> jason: the think the wind chills are going to be dangerously cold. mostly single digit wind chills here overnight and in the mountain valleys. the radar not nearly as active as earlier. flurries at best. light snow showers. i'm not expecting any additional accumulation. it's just been so dry when it comes to snow this winter that anything gets you excited up
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20s and 30s right now for higher elevations. still holding on to 40s in asheville. you still have 40s and 50s over the upstate. the wind advisories that were out has expired. don't let your guard down, the wind is still a big factor northwesterly at 18. 25, even 30 south. that puts your wind chills in the 20s at 7. in the teens in asheville. >> larry: as jason mentioned, wind chills could drop to some of the lowest this season. >> darcel: hope hanselman is live in burnsville. >> hope: jason hit the nail on the head, it certainly does feel like those winds are picking up in strength and dropping temperatures. it is bitterly cold out here.
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those flurries that were out today. the concern now is for dot crews as those conditions mixed together and caused some icy roads around the county. the roads have already been coated with salt brine. it was laid out over the weekend when they were expecting more flurries. you won't see crews out tonight. instead they're sharpening chainsaws and preparing trucks. they're warning drivers that the lack of serious snow accumulation doesn't mean you should take it lightly. they say black ice overnight and in the morning. >> you're driving along the road and it's clear. you come around and hit a spot.
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been one of the warmest years they can remember. so they don't want drivers forgetting how to be careful out there on the roads when we've got these conditions. another thing we want to be aware of, this was a very wet couple of weeks. as we get in to this freezing and thawing pattern, we could see issues with mudslides. be careful of that. hope hanselman, news 13. >> darcel: a water main break forced three schools to close. it happened at the intersection of swiss pine, lake drive and hill drive. the principal at harris middle says cutting school short today was okay since they haven't had any snow days yet. he expects that to change soon with colder air and light snow
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>> we're kind of anticipating probable delay, maybe our first day of an actual, you know, loss of school days. >> darcel: the pipes were old and deteriorating. >> larry: one of the ways they're looking at saving money is by closing a school. rex, what is the reaction you're hearing? >> rex: well they are just getting these letters from the school district talking about cuts and the possible closure of th school. parents and school leaders are saddened to have to be taking such drastic matters. >> we've had a great experience
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>> rex: but now central elementary's future is uncertain. >> a study to close central elementary school. >> rex: it all boils down to a shortfall of money and what school leaders describe as the perfect storm. the new presence of charter schools. >> those are the factors that have come together to create for us a $2.4 million deficit in our local budget. >> rex: with that projection, the budget is looking at sweeping cuts. >> we're going to have to cut 22 of our locally paid teachers. >> rex: and while there are no plans to cut anything entirely, the cuts would have possible two assistant principals gone. haywood county has fewer students than 10 years ago.
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school leaders say they've lost state money due to charter schools opening, like shining rock. with cost savings, hope remains. >> if those savings are realized, then we would be able to go back to this list of cuts and mitigate or lessen the impact. >> rex: central elementary parents still worry about it possibly closing for good. >> it's sad. it's a fantastic school. >> that is a big concern for a lot of us. you know, does this bring our neighborhood down? >> rex: now if central elementary closes, the kids would either go to hazelwood elementary or jusaluska elementary. a public hearing is scheduled for january 26th with the board
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the school's closure coming up at their meeting on february 8thh rex hodge, news 13. >> darcel: all new at 6, a marion man is arrested after police say they burned down the house of a man he had a disagreement with. jesse volson is charged with felony second degree arson. police say he intentionally set a fire. we are just three hours away from president obama's final state of the union speech. and local lawmakers are talking about what they hope to hear the president address tonight. >> i hope to hear the president lay out a plan to defeat isil. and i'd also like to hear a detailed plan on how we have been left behind by the so-called economic recovery. >> darcel: make sure to follow
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for any updates as well. >> larry: a roof repair on a college campus results in thousands of dollars in damage. how it happened and who is responsible to pay for it is tonight's reality check. frank fraboni joins us. what kind of damage, frank? >> frank: larry, it's water damage. >> damaged lots of gear, piano, some broadcast gear that we had that were spare parts. it was before thanksgiving and maybe a week or so after thanksgiving. >> frank: all signs of water damage scattered around the communications building. home to the popular radio station wncw. >> i mean, it was all, you know, state of the art.
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station's technical director and host of the show "going across the mountain." >> i came to work on wednesday morning. the guys sort of met me at my truck and they were going to soften the blow a little. just really one word would be disaster, i would say. >> frank: and couldn't believe his eyes. >> equipment we had stored in the back. lots of cardboard boxes and stuff. the water just came rushing in. it was everywhere. >> frank: classrooms and computers were also damaged. the flooding inside the building began when a contractor hired to replace the roof began pulling material off to throw it away. iso thermal's marketing director.
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they've been cursed with some bad weather. >> frank: he says betton roofing has nearly completed the roof. and has started work on the sciences building. gavin says taxpayers won't be on the hook. >> our administration and maintenance department have been working with the contractor and the architects and their insurance companies. they're taking full responsibility for it. >> frank: the work of assessing the damage is now underway. with the college and wncw promising not to miss a beat. >> we see light at the end of the tunnel. >> frank: the roofing project was awarded early october. it's still on schedule and both roofs should be finished by april.
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someone from buying a $2 chance at $1.4 billion. are you kidding me?
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but are you willing to win with >> larry: the powerball jackpot has now climbed to an historic $1.5 billion. >> darcel: some people are doing whatever they can to win, even if that means sharing the winnings. tonight we look at the dos and don'ts of lottery pools. >> larry: ashlea, you got lottery sign behind you that doesn't look right. >> ashlea: larry, that sign is wrong. it says we're in the millions. of course we're in the billions now. apparently lottery officials themselves never thought it would get so big, ten digits long. folks today buying tickets, they
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the sweet sound of a possible winning ticket. was irresistible today. >> i would never discourage someone from buying a $2 chance at $1.4 billion. are you kidding me? no. packs of gum are more than that. >> ashlea: there are 292 million different number combinations that could be picked tomorrow. the more tickets you have, the better off you are. and so across the mountains, co-workers and friends are creating pools. they all buy at least one ticket and the whole group splits the winnings. >> if it's a joint ownership of a ticket, absolutely it needs to be in writing. everyone needs to know prior to the drawing. because after the drawing, that's a bad scene. >> ashlea: matthew burl says a pool is a smart move.
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>> if you guys are doing a prorated basis, then they get that much more. or if they agree everybody gets equally, you need to have this in writing. >> the only caution would be to make sure it's clear who is in the group. >> ashlea: the north carolina lottery is encouraging pools right now. because really it's a money saving measure. >> it's also a very responsible way to play. it's a way that folks aren't spending too much money for something that takes really long odds to win. >> powerball tickets will stop being sold tomorrow night at 10 o'clock. the drawing will happen right here on wlos at 11 o'clock. i'm ashlea surles, news 13. >> darcel: do you think we could use some of that money to pay jason for warmer weather?
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anything. the winds certainly didn't help much. it was above average. 19 the low this morning. we didn't pick up any rain or snow officially. we still have an inch for the month and year. snow is tapering already.
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your news 13 skywatch weather. >> jason: not much happening now. we still have the clouds left over from some of the snow showers that have already blasted through here. temperatures at 40 degrees in asheville. it's really the wind and the wind chill that's happening. around 25 degrees. yeah, that's what it feels like. nearly single digits in the high country. we drop our wind chills in to the teens. by midnight, wind chills are in
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below zero in some of the highest elevations. parts of mitchell, yancey, and avery counties. even up in the smokys. wind chills at 13 for waynesville and sylva at night. the winds likely do start to slacken off. even towards day break we have wind to put it down in the single digits. bundle up, layer up and try to limit the amount of exposed skin. that really bites out there. gusting winds today. hardly any moisture from it so we just couldn't ring out snow. we up our chances significantly friday. it's all rain friday. and it's all rain saturday for us. our chances drop off a little saturday but nonetheless, still scattered showers expected. 40 now in asheville. wind chill down to 31.
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upstatement greenville at 48. but a west wind at 18. well the first system diving to the south. again quickly, that clipper bringing the chill with it. once we see the winds relax and turn more southerly, we're really going to see a nice warm-up here throughout the tennessee valleys. temperatures get back in the 50s. but friday, already seeing moisture return to the gulf. means we're going to get rain mostly out of that system. thereafter, a little different towards sunday. i'll show you that in just a second. strong winds tonight. gusty winds. highs get in the 30s. we stay moisture free, cloud free for the 24 to 36 hours. heart of the french broad river valley, looking around 20. looking for highs in the 40s
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only 30s for most of the mountain valleys. yeah. sunday. right now we're just talking about it. we do have a chance of seeing something develop in the gulf toward the end of the weekend and that will bring us a shot of snow. temperatures getting colder. we have highs only in the 30s sunday, monday and tuesday of next week. something to watch, guys. >> darcel: the clemson tigers fall short in the national title game.
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>> stan: it was a title game for the ages. clemson falls a little short but establishes themselves as the team to beat in 2016. they fall 45-40 and the game went back and forth and turned on a couple of key plays.
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deshawn brings clemson back. nick saban gutsy call. beautifully executed. they convert. jay coker to a wide open. that was the story of the night. oj howard. five catches, 208 yards. that puts them ahead. kick off to kenyon drake. he had a feeling he was going to break away. when he did, all speed down he goes down the sidelines. 95-yards. he dives the last five. that was the killer. watson who threw for a championship record got him closer. clemson falls 45-40. bama's fourth title under saban. a lot of tigers with heavy hearts over this one. there's no doubt they feel like the best is yet to come for clemson football. >> seven years ago when i got
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i said that we would win a national championship again. it was just a matter of when. we just gotta go to work and build our program. and that's what we've done. there's no doubt we'll be back. it won't be 34 years that we'll be back. i promise you that. >> it came down to the last play. get ready for next year. >> stan: final ab rankings out. bama number one. clemson 2. stanford, ohio state. georgia 24th in the coach's poll. favorites to win their first super bowl. some think it could be too much for them. >> we're ready for it. i think we are the better team.
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don't shy away from what . >> stan: tonight they host longwood at 7 o'clock. we have highlights at 11. >> larry: the wind is really picking up. >> jason: wicked winds tonight. our high tomorrow only in the upper 30s. that's below average. we'll go in to the upper 50s thursday. >> larry: for more local news,
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