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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  January 12, 2016 11:35pm-12:37am EST

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the cause is under investigation. apple added the option based on a study that says exposure to blue light on screens at night can make it harder for you to fall asleep. >> darcel: the unca women are
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next i >> stan: unc asheville women's team having a great season. a game tonight at home against longwood. first place this late in the season.
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the bulldogs have been strong all season. they really flexed their muscles early tonight. sticks to it, puts it in. she had nine as asheville gets on top early. also effective from the outside was tiana knuckles. she had a big night. she led asheville. tiffany wilson overpowers the team for two more. they improved to 6 and 1 in the big south. 81-42 win over longwood. home saturday against gardner webb at the my40 televised game at 2. cavs down. now they're up because of london. put virginia ahead to stay. virginia snaps its two game losing streak.
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number one goes down, top ranked kansas falls to west virginia. they win 74-63. the fourth number one to go down this year. national title game monday, alabama won 45-40. clemson shows they are a team that will be the one to beat in 2016. the game showcased great coach's gutsy call. historic night. threw 405 yards, four touchdowns. but the big moment, game tied at 24 on the fourth. nick saban calls for the on site kick. bama gets the ball.
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dabo swinney knows his team, what they accomplished this year. >> we wanted to get in to college football playoffs. we did that. we won it. we earned ourselves an opportunity to compete. and had a chance to win it. just came up short. i think we can take great confidence from this season. >> stan: the rams go to los angeles. and chargers might join them. >> larry: wow. >> darcel: thumbs down, jason. >> jason: oh well. here we go. 39 degrees for the high temperature tomorrow. 20s again tomorrow night. back to the 50s thursday before we cool down in the weekend. >> larry: thank you for joining us. we hope you have a good night. >> darcel: remember you can always check us out on
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight, david duchovny and gillian anderson. from "room," jacob tremblay. plus music from leon bridges with cleto and the cletones. and now, while we're at it, here's jimmy kimmel!
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>> jimmy: thank you. thank you for watching. thanks for all of you for coming. thank you for taking time out of your powerball tickets schedule. how many of you bought powerball tickets? one, two, three, four -- actually, i don't need to count you all, i'll add it up later. this powerball drawing is tomorrow night. is pot is up to $1.5 billion. a record, almost trip the previous jackpot. to put that in perspective, $1.5 billion is almost half of oprah. a lot of money. obviously people are fired up. did you buy any powerball tickets, guillermo? >> guillermo: $80. >> jimmy: that's four powerball tickets? >> guillermo: yes. >> jimmy: will you quit you job if you win? >> guillermo: no, no, never. >> jimmy: that's lying.
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this is something that's been going around social media. more than a million people shared this with their friends. powerball, $1.3 billion divided by population, $300 million, everyone receives $4.33 million, poverty solved, which would be great except for the fact if you split 1.3$1.3 million, we get about $4.09 apiece, which is just enough to buy two more powerball tickets. assuming those tickets are winners, yes, poverty solved. we should use all that money from the lotto to teach people how to do math. of course if you really want to win the folks at fox news have a strategy that you might not have thought of. that is, buy as many tickets as you can afford. it's simple. i don't know why i didn't think of that. i'm sure you know the odds of winning the lottery are not very good. for some reason our local and cable news channels are obsessed
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>> you know the odds of having a winning ticket are slim. 1 in 293 million. you've got a better chance of flipping a quarter 25 times and getting heads every time. >> you have a better chance of being a movie star than you have of winning the powerball jackpot. >> you have a better chance of dating a supermodel. >> you have a better chance of hitting a hole in one in two consecutivele golf holes. >> the odds rf becoming an astronaut are better. >> roughly 25 times more likely to become president of the united states. >> to be killed by a vending machine. >> being hurt by a toilet. >> conceived quadruplets naturally. >> replace your gps with a monkey, your chances of reaching your destination are better with the monkey than winning the powerball jackpot. >> you're more likely to be canonized as saint. >> to be struck by lightning and
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>> jimmy: well -- [ applause ] if i win the powerball, if you win the powerball, we're getting up with of those gps monkeys because i would like that. while we're on the subject of winning the lottery, jerry hall, actress and former model with mick jagger for a long time, four kids together, is engaged murdoch. she's 59. he's 84. she's got the something old taken care of. according to a murdoch family spokesperson -- by the way, one way to know you have too much money is if you have a family spokesperson. they have, quote, loved these past months together and are thrilled to be getting married and excited about their future. the future, he's 84. there's no future. it's like the grim reaper. he will be lucky if he makes it
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are we 100% sure he didn't say i'm tired,d, will you care ryery me? when the priest says will you take the man to be your lawfully wedded husband, the only thing she will say is thrilled. oh, hi, can't wait to meet her. there's a village in upstate new york that just had a vote on whether or not to keep their unusual town seal. >> the people of whitesboro overwhelmingly voted to keep a seal that opponents say shows a white man choking a native american. historian says the seal has been a stamp within the community in some form or another since the 1880s actually depicts a friendly wrestling match between village founder hugh wright and native american. >> i didn't realize it was a friendly wrestling match. where the winner gets all the land and the loser gets smallpox, right?
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be white, it really is. this is real. this is a website now, dating website specifically for quack indication caucasian singles. i thought we already had a place where white people meet. isn't that "the bachelor"? these are the recently acted user groups. they're hiking, hunting, and ultimate frisbee. that is about as white as it gets, i guess. the founder of the site says that neither he nor his sites are at all racist. hihi goal is to, quote, to connect like-minded people in a nondiscriminatory fashion. i'm not sure he has the understand og the word discriminatory. join. you don'n' have to be white to meet other white people, i guess. are white people having trouble meeting other white people? seems to me white people only ever meet white people.
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>> i was looking for a guy who was comfortable in a crisp pair of dockers. >> i wanted a gal who shares my passion for celine dion. >> introducing where white people meet. a site that loves white people and wants to share that love with another white person. >> i knew there was a lady out there who loved biking. >> i wanted someone special to "frazier." people meet. >> my turn-on is rapper, like mclemore. >> i like girls who say literally for no reason and say hashtags out loud. >> meet a person of your lily white dreams at meet white people. >> it's literally the best website ever. >> i wanted somebody who likes the same stuff i do. >> white people stuff. >> stuff like restoration hardware, gispacho. >> downton [ bleep ] abbey.
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>> the not racist dating site exclusively for white people. >> where white people meet. >> white on! [ applause ] >> jimmy: tonight before a joint session of congress president obama delivered his seventh and final state of the union address. in this one he tried to focus on the poszitive. for example, he's positive nothing he proposes will get done over the next year. republicans control both houses so it's going to be very difficult for the president to pass any new legislation. the only bill more unpopular than a bill from president obama right now is a bill cosby. i'm starting to wonder -- [ applause ] the first ever state of the union address given by our first president george washington, 1790. there's a lot of history there. it's an important part of american politics. we should all pay attention.
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afternoon we went out on the street and asked people what they thought of the state of the union address before it happened. and as usual, many people had many thoughts in tonight's state of the unioned addition of "lie witness news." >> did you see president obama's state of the union last night? >> yes, i did. yes, i did. >> who were you watching it with? >> i was watching it by myself on facebook. i saw some of the highlights from it. >> were you shocked when he let out that belch? >> yes, i did. yes, i did. i thought that, you know, he could have not done it. and decenciwise. >> what did you think about president obama's state of the union last night? sxwli thought he did a very good job. >> what did you like about it in particular? >> just, you know, i just -- everything that he said. i think, you know, made everybody feel really good about, you know, where the country is going and, you know, good about him. >> did you like it when he sat on the podium cross-legged. >> yeah.
11:51 pm
that was really cool. >> he lit that cigarette, obviously fake cigarette. was that fun? >> yeah, it was fun. >> what about when he lit the cigarette at the end and winked to the camera and said, michelle, i'll see you upstairs. what did you think about that? >> i didn't think anything of it. i just had to read into it really much but i thought he meant, you know, he was being funny. he was being, you know, i guess he has a sense of humor. >> what did you think about the moment during the state of the union when president obama stopped talking and did a harmonica solo, were you moved? >> i thought it was ludicrous. not anyway a president should act. that he should be held to a higher state of decorum than that. i'm embarrassed by the fact that he's our president. >> who were you watching the state of the union with? >> just us. we were in a hotel room. >> who were you with when you were watching the state of the union last night? >> i was with my friends and co-workers while we were
11:52 pm
>> and where were you guys? >> we were at our apartment in downtown los angeles. >> fictional apartment? >> yeah, yeah. >> does it impress you that he was so honest. >> i think he was one of the only presidents in history that can say that. >> is honesty an important virtue for you? >> i think honesty is the most important virtue for me. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: we are going to take a break. when we come back i inhave it you to be part of my threesome with mulder and skully from "the
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. >> jimmy: back to the show. we have music from leon bridges and from the movie" room," 9-year-old jacob tremblay is here. mulder and scully returns to fox in a six episode series of later this month. for me it's up with of my personal all-time favorite shows. of course i was excited went i heard it was coming back. i was even whole excited when the creator chris carter invited me to be a part of it.
11:57 pm
>> if we're lucky. >> oh, my god. the government's been hiding this the whole time. >> i knew we would find it. we just have to keep looking. >> hey, guys. what's up? it's dark in here. >> wow. what a dump. >> is this what i think it is? gross. >> who are you? >> i'm agent keith. i'm your new partner. they figured since you guys have been away for a while you might need help getting back in the swing of things. >> i'm sorry. we've been doing this a long time. i'm going to call skinner.
11:58 pm
>> damn it. >> do you have a pay phone in here? >> use this. >> what is that? >> a smartphone. you use it to call, text, gps, snapchat, tinder, whatever. >> we can't let them trace us here. >> i had 18 months before i can upgrade that. what's wrong with you? people can find anybody anywhere all the time now. haven't you ever heard of the internet? >> the internet. >> the internet. >> they're not going to shut us down this time. the whole world is going to know.
11:59 pm
[ applause ] >> hey, maybe we need a floppy to do that. >> mulder, put the floppy down. put it down. this isn't the '90s anymore. we've moved on. >> why? >> it was a great decade. >> why would we do that? >> it was a great decade. >> great music. hootie. >> the blowfish. >> beanie babies. >> pogs. >> everybody loves pogs. >> not anymore. we've moved on. >> do people still like us? >> you guys? oh, yeah, of course. we loved you then and we love you now. even if coming back turns out to be a bad idea, like a really, really bad idea that makes
12:00 am
always have the '90s. also, you two should have sex. >> what? >> you should. everybody knows. >> no, that's not what -- no. >> it is what. and it's time to do it already. [ cheers and applause ] >> guys, guys, maybe you can have sex later. >> [ bleep ]. [ applause ] >> jimmy: tonight on the show we have music from leon bridges. from the movie "room," 9-year-old jacob tremblay is here. and we'll be right back with dave duchovny and gillian anderson. dad, you can just drop me off right here. oh no, i'll take you up to the front of the school.
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>> jimmy: we're back with the show. tonight, from the critically-acclaimed movie "room," in fact, it won a a golden globe," jacob tremblay is here. he was really great in that. then, a very talented gentleman from fort worth, texas. i love this guy. this is his grammy-nominated album called "coming home," leon bridges from the samsung outdoor stage. tomorrow night, chloe grace moretz, from the new show "colony," josh holloway will join us, and we'll have music from dj khaled with future. and thursday, leslie mann,
12:05 am
charlie puth. so join us then. [ applause ] >> jimmy: 23 years ago our first guests first formed the classic tv duo mulder and scully, and ignited a sci-fi sexual tension the likes of which had not been seen since kirk met spock. "the x-files" returns to fox sunday, january 24th. please welcome david duchovny & gillian anderson. [ applause ] glad to have you back here. how exciting for the two of you to finally -- to be able to act with me. really -- >> i've been looking for it all my life. >> jimmy: -- bucket list kind of moment. one thing that did not appear in the thing we shot today is you
12:06 am
during the sex scene. >> yeah. >> jimmy: i didn't realize, david, that you had a wig on. i didn't realize. >> you didn't know i had a wig on? >> jimmy: no. >> you just thought i had this big frank steinian head. >> jimmy: i thought maybe you grew it out. on. >> what the -- >> jimmy: i didn't realize i'm wearing a wig right now. no, i really didn't realize it. >> do you have an outtake from the whole repositioning of the wig? >> jimmy: it was so dark we couldn't see it. falling off. >> jimmy: it was funny. did you always wear a wig? >> no, i used to be red. >> jimmy: was your hair naturally red or dyed it for the part? >> for the part. >> is this an infomercial? >> jimmy: it could segue into that, it's possible. >> me, i don't believe i've ever worn a wig and i've never been red. >> jimmy: i think that would be cute color for you. did you know each other when you started on the show? have you known each other previously at all?
12:07 am
>> no, we met in the anti-room before going in to read. you don't like that room? >> foyer. >> hallway? >> hallway? >> we met in a hallway. anti-room. i don't know that one yet. >> i don't know where the hell that came from. >> jimmy: make your aunt. >> can we start over? >> we met in the anti-room and we were there. and one of us asked the other to just run the lines. >> you asked me if i wanted to run the lines. >> jimmy: did you sense at that time that you had some kind of a chemistry? >> no. >> no. >> jimmy: you did not, no, no. did anything strange happen at the audition or standard -- after the anti-room? >> yes. in the audition? uh, i don't think so. >> no, nothing happened. >> jimmy: who did you audition for, chris carter? >> fox mulder. >> jimmy: you know damn well what i meant.
12:08 am
like 50 network people. >> the room was huge. teeny-weeny. >> all the fox suits were there. feet away from us. >> they want to hate you. they just want to -- they want to hate you. they did hate most of us. >> they hated me mostly. >> no. >> jimmy: but they hired you. >> they hired me because i think chris pressured them a bit into hiring me. they didn't want me to be cast and then the next time i was called back for network they had flown in all of these other actresses that i had been used to auditions with in new york. >> and i refused to read with them. >> jimmy: is that right? >> no. >> no. >> but women that i knew -- women that i knew who were suddenly now obviously i wasn't good enough and so -- >> jimmy: boy, it really is tough, this whole thing. isn't it? >> yeah. >> it's brutal. >> jimmy: is it my imagination or did you guys while you were shooting the show -- today i was
12:09 am
were and are. i was under the impression that you guys didn't like each other. >> friendly to each other? >> jimmy: yes, very friendly to each other. >> you made us like have sex. >> jimmy: i'm talking about off camera. there was a lot of comradery there. >> there is. >> jimmy: is it always like that? >> no. >> jimmy: okay. so that i do remember that correctly. there were like some rough patch snes. >> sure. >> issues. >> yeah. >> jimmy: what would you guys -- what was it that -- if you had to pick one thing, was it like taking a long time to get ready? was it -- david and his anti-room nonsense that he keeps saying? what was it that rubbed you the wrong way about each other? >> well, i wondered this for a long time. and i think part of it -- you
12:10 am
it's very moist in vancouver. >> jimmy: it was the humidity? was it chafing? >> it's very moist in the anti-room. >> jimmy: see why mean though? these are people that get along. these two people that i'm looking at right here. >> go on. >> i was going to say when my hair gets -- >> jimmy: your face is redder than your hair. >> i know. i'm sorry. >> let me just say i have no idea where it's going. >> jimmy: i don't either. >> it's kind of fun. >> jimmy: right. we're on a ride here. >> i just got to get it out. okay. >> i would finish the story if i had any idea what you were talking about. [ applause ] but i don't. >> oh, for god's sake. okay. i can't do it.
12:11 am
this is wonderful. >> it was all my fault. i'm so sorry. >> jimmy: what the hell went on between you two? i mean -- >> you know i know it's gone on for a while but i would like to know where the moistness -- >> jimmy: where did the moistness come from? is it just the hair? >> yes, my hair gets very frizzy. >> that's what it was! >> it takes forever. between every single take, they would have to stand there and blow dry my hair again and things take a long time. >> i got p irk ssed at that? >> i think it added to the tension to the fact that i took so long. is that anything to do with it? >> kind of makes me sound like an [ bleep ]. [ applause ] >> jimmy: why don't we take a break and regroup.
12:12 am
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i just worry about you, mulder. >> nothing to worry about. i'm taking good care of myself. >> it's good for you to get out of that little house every once in a while. >> certainly looks good for you. >> i'm always happy to see you. >> and i'm always happy to find a reason. >> that is gillian anderson and david duchovny on "the x-files." [ applause ] >> you cut the clip a little short because after that i said you frizzy haired bitch. [ applause ] >> jimmy: whose idea was it to put this all together again? was it your idea? >> wasn't your idea? >> jimmy: it was my idea but it was like 12 years ago and nobody listened. >> chris and me and joanne and we had to make sure. >> it wasn't my idea. >> it wasn't gillian's idea.
12:17 am
was onboard and could do it at the same time. >> jimmy: was it strange getting back into those characters? was it easy? >> it wasn't as easy as i expected it to be. >> jimmy: really? why? >> i think because i've been working really hard to get away from her as much as possible. and so i think it took me a while to find her again. also, i was trying to find the old version of her, not the aged version of her. >> jimmy: you have to think about that. >> yeah. yes. >> jimmy: not in the same place that they were when you left them. >> no. >> jimmy: these are the important things that actors have to think about because no one does at home. >> no. >> did you discover that today? >> jimmy: i discovered it right this moment actually. >> you didn't know we were wearing wigs or anything. >> jimmy: i would not make a good fbi agent for real. observant is not among my best qualities. it was a lot of fun because i really love the show. i am very excited that you guys are back. i wish it was more than six episodes. i wish it was a whole thing all the time.
12:18 am
at 10:00 eastern, 7:00 pacific? is that because of the football game? did you know that? >> is that true? >> jimmy: yes, it is true. >> you're asking us? >> probably football. that would be my guess. >> jimmy: we're going get football. one of the many mysteries. >> maybe we should have done the pre-interview. >> jimmy: is it going to be -- will we have -- will we have monsters on the show? >> hell, yeah. >> yes. >> jimmy: you will? >> yes. >> jimmy: you're going do the monster of the week thing? i loved that. >> a few times. we've got a couple monsters of the week. >> we do? monsters of the week? >> you asking me or do you know? >> i'm agreeing with you. >> we have a couple. we have a couple of mythology. >> jimmy: what was your favorite of all the monsters and which one was your least favorite? >> of all time? >> jimmy: yes, of all time, yeah. >> well, i liked the pooh man. he was my least favorite. >> you forgot that he was your least favorite?
12:19 am
and -- >> your least favorite? >> yes, because our -- michael watkins who is directing it, he right? do you know the story? love. it's fantastic. i feel like i don't have to even finish. horrific. this thing. it's made up of everybody's repressed desires and things that they can't face. it's taken the form in the sewer of all the poo and it's -- and it's mean and it wants to -- >> he didn't give me that note about the monster. he gave me something else entirely. >> well, no. the poo man wasn't ready because he was still in makeup, right? so we had to react to a punch of tennis balls on a stand. and he was saying, it's worse than that. it's worse, it's worse, it's worse approximately worse. gillian and i are going, yeah. it's embarrassing because it's tennis balls. and then the guy comes out and it's not my line and you'll have
12:20 am
came up and said, i apologize because he doesn't look very scary. he looks like the guy [ bleep ] s. buttersworth. [ applause ] >> jimmy: that would be mr. buttersworth. >> yes. >> what would that look like? >> she's the maple syrup bottle. >> i know that. >> he looked like a big maple syrup bottle. >> jimmy: i'm glad you guys are back together. [ applause ] >> jimmy: we don't know what time the show is going to be on why but we think it's 10:00 on the east coast and 7:00 pacific january 24th on fox. david duchovny and gillian anderson. thank you for being here.
12:21 am
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>> jimmy: welcome back. still to come, music from leon bridges. our next guest gave one of the most acclaimed movie performances of last year, even though he's only 9 years old. he co-stars in the golden
12:26 am
please welcome jacob tremblay. [ applause ] >> jimmy: well, jacob, first of all, you look very handsome. >> thanks. >> jimmy: do you wear a suit a lot? >> no. now, i do. >> jimmy: now you do. >> i usually wear a t-shirt and jeans but now it's every day. >> jimmy: every day. you're still technically a kid, right? i mean, you're not a tiny adult. >> yeah. >> jimmy: yeah. are you having fun with all this? is this exciting for you? >> yes, it's exciting. i'm a big fan of your show. i literally watch it every time. >> jimmy: you do? oh, wow, thank you. thank you. well, do you know about the poo man? never mind. you did a really great job in the movie. how did you become an actor in the first place? [ applause ]
12:27 am
do a good job in the movie. is acting something that you always wanted to do? >> acting was something that i wanted to do since i was 5 because when i was 5 that's when i first did my first movie "smurfs 2." my parents asked me if i wanted to do more and i said yes. >> jimmy: you auditioned for this. your sister is an actor as well, right? >> she got me into this whole thing because she's an actor and she did commercials and the casting director said to me, oh, he's so cute, he should be in a commercial. and then i did commercials and then emma got her first movie. and then like one year later i got my first movie "smurfs 2." >> jimmy: what movie did emma do? >> she did a movie can matt damon and i don't understand why you like him -- why you don't like him so much. he's a nice guy.
12:28 am
>> jimmy: sometimes -- you know the phrase wolfes in sheep's means? >> no. >> jimmy: he's backstage right now waiting to come on and he's not going to make it on but he'll explain it to you later because sometimes people aren't what they seem. sometimes people pretend to be good and on the inside ey're actually very evil. they have black clouds. do you understand what i mean? >> like darth sidious? sidious. fan. >> yes. jimmy: this was a photograph i was given. lightsaber. is that fun for you to meet him? >> yeah, that was fun. i saw the lightsaber because i had it behind my back so i pulled it out and turned it on. then he was like, this is super cool. we did talk about some cool
12:29 am
work in "star wars." actually i did ask him how cool was it to -- how cool was it to see yourself -- i mean, how creepy would it be to see yourself as an action figure on the face. he said that was cool but do you know what's really creepy is being on pillow sheets and blankets and yogurt. >> jimmy: and yogurt. >> yogurt as the face. >> jimmy: would you like to be on yogurt one day? >> i do have a delicious face but -- [ cheers and applause ] i do. [ applause ] >> jimmy: you -- do you -- when you go to the red carpet events like the golden globes, for instance, is that something that's exciting for you?
12:30 am
do you even know who those ople are? >> boring? i don't think it's boring at all. >> jimmy: it's not boring at all. good. >> yeah. it's like the biggest thing in the world. >> jimmy: i didn't mean to offend you. i'm very sorry. were you in the audience at the golden globes? >> i was in the audience, and guess what happened. >> jimmy: what? >> brie won an award. >> jimmy: yes, brie won an award, co-star in the movie. she was really great in that movie. you must have been very happy for her. did you hear ricky gervais saying all of those bad words? >> yes. >> jimmy: had you heard those words before? >> i heard it in like movies like -- like an adult tv show. he said it a lot of commercial break. it would be like this, oh, yeah.
12:31 am
between the "oh" and the "yes."
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