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tv   News 13 at Noon  ABC  January 13, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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>> the investigation continues this afternoon as to why a home went up in flames. we have video from the scene on glen bridge road. the fire department was called to the home before 11:00 last night. firefighters say it was heavily involved when they arrived. no one was home and no one was hurt. >> power ball fever is spreading across the mountains and country. the drawing for the record 1.5 billion dollar jackpot is tonight. i don't know lee joins us live from a gas station on hendersonville road. anyone there excited to play? >> a lot of folks excited so far this morning as this man scott here at the market center, you folks are running this guy ragged. he is relatively new to the job already this morning, some 300 power ball tickets sold. of course, the big jackpot, some
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adds up to a $930 cash payout. with us one of the rabid power ball ticket buyers today. >> mary. >> you and your boyfriend both pitched in. how many tickets did you get? >> we got 20. >> i felt like it was a lucky ticket. >> what stands out as your lucky number? >> probably going to go with 21. >> that's a good number. what will you do with all that cash besides pay off the tv crew. >> pay off school loans and donate to churches i have been going to over the years. >> and we are hearing a lot of that. one woman we spoke to said she'll devote to help a lot of women in recovery. another woman said she'll put people -- she'll put herself through school. the lottery helping a lot of
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school system. they have a brochure here where they say schools have able to pay for teaching positions. it is helping a lot of people. let's say you want to pitch in $930 million to help feed peoplement that adds up to, let's see, at -- that adds up to a lot of meals. it is like 3 billion meals. i have to get my b's and m's straight. the rush continues. hi, are you here to buy a power ball ticket? >> no but maybe i will. >> i need a commission off this. >> are you here to get a power ball ticket? >> i am. >> you get a power ball ticket. you get a power ball ticket. >> we hope to share the power
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wlos bought 50 tickets. we'll split toes winnings of $10,000 or more with 13 randomly selected adults. you have until tonight to do it. >> the sun is out hopefully warming us up a bit so folks can get out and pie tickets. >> i wouldn't say warming us up quite a bit. 31 degrees in con si falls. there is not a cloud mountain sky. the news 13 skycam network. this is the windchill map. still showing it feels like 27 degrees in asheville right now. you are definitely going to need that winter coat still at this hour. feeling like the 40's in forest city and 38 down into greenville. the air temperature by 4:00 p.m., about 39 degrees in asheville. continued sunshine through the majority of the entire day and evening as well with clear skies. as the sun sets, temperatures will drop back down to the middle 30's by dinner time.
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if you are not a fan of the cold weather, we have a nice warmup to show you. it is a very short period of time. we have winterly threats to talk about in the seven-day forecast coming up. >> now to president obama's final state of the union. a passionate defense of his record and optimistic overall. he also showed a rare flash of regret and was not shy about taking on the republicans hoping to replace him. >> in his final state of the union address, president obama highlighted his accomplishments and pushed back against his critics. >> nen claiming that america's economy is in decline is pedaling fiction. the united states of america is the most powerful nation on earth. >> he acknowledged americans feel anxious about the threat of terrorism but had a warning about isis. >> if you doubt america's commitment commitment, just ask osama bin laden.
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that seemed aimed at donald trump. >> governor nicky haley of south carolina who gave the republican response also spoke about the tone of the 2016 campaign. >> during anxious times it can be tempting to call the siren of the angryiest voices. >> as he prepares to become a regular citizen, president obama regrets the political divide has become greater during his time in office. >> it is not just enough to change a congressman or change a senator or e even change the president. we have to change the system to reflect our better selves. >> and the president will be speaking directly with the american people today, traveling to nebraska and louisiana to talk more about his goal for his final year in office.
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the iowa caucuses, it is a two man race between ted cruz and donald trump. this is according to a new bloomberg poll released today. nor cruz is at the top of the poll with 25%. though that is within the poll's 4.4 margin of error. the poll was conducted among 500 likely republican caucus goers during the second week of january. >> the nation's first black attorney general knows who he wants to be president. eric holder endorsed hillary clinton. he stepped down as attorney general in 2015. he made his endorsement saying in the statement that clinton has experience and right judgment for the job. holder plans to campaign for clinton in south carolina this weekend. he will also deliver the keynote address on her behalf at a church service sunday in charleston. >> it is about to be a busy time for presidential candidates. south carolina primary is is about six weeks away. tomorrow the republican
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the democratic candidates will hold a debate on sunday. news 13 will be there for both debates. we'll provide complete live coverage. >> 10 sailors in iran are set free. the crews returned safely. there were no indications they had been harmed while in custody. the nine men and one woman were being held at an iranian base in the persiaia gulf after being detained op tuesday. the navy will investigate the sicks that led to the sailors' presence in iran. we'll have more on the story coming up in our next half-hour. >> flags flying at half-staff t honor a veteran who died last week. this is from the veterans day celebration in franklin back in november. he spent six years as a prisoner of war in vietnam and earned two purple hearts, two silver stars and two bronze stars. his funeral will be held this
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funeral home. a full military burial will follow at the baptist church cemetery. >> what you eat can make you better. if you have arthritis, that is especially true. coming up at 12:10, we have some ways to help patients cope. >> in the business report, john edwards wants to represent victims of the volkswagen emissions scandal. why he is not the only one seeking that job. >> get your news, weather and sports any time anywhere. get real time traffic updates. download our mobile app, search wa golf ball. i drive to the hoop.
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>> what you eat can affect how you feel. when you suffer from rheumatoid arthritis, it can make a big difference. holly takes a look at some of the foods that can ease symptoms. >> most anyone suffering from rheumatoid arthritis will tell you they will try or do just about anything to relieve the pain. although there is no specific diet to treat ra, there are foods known to reduce may help. first, go with at least three to four ounces of fish twice a week. the rich in omega 3 fatty acids which fight the proteins that cause inflammatiti. beans are loaded with fiber which reduces the protein that can cause the inflammation. they help build muscle which supports the joints affected by ra. remember when mom wouldn't let you leave the table without eating your broccoli, she really cared for you because fruits and vegetables are great sources of antioxidants which can also
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sugar, the kind in donuts, cookies, candy, brownies ice cream, all the stuff that tastes good is not good for you. chronic inflammation can affect with the body's ability to break down sugar. that can lead to weight gain which puts pressure on the joints and can lead to other issues like diabetes and heart disease. >> some medications used to treat ra can cause you to retain water so try to limit your salt intake as well. >> candidates for weight loss surgery are about twice as likely to be depressed as the general population. when researchers at ucla looked at studies, it looked at how patients fared. they found those who had the procedures were less than depressed than before. many patients, depression melts away with the pounds.
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syrup are bei recalled. dosing cup with incorrect markings, prompted concerns that children could get sick after an accidental overdose. the company is voluntarily recalling to batches of its grape hick window and three batches of its children dm cherry liquid. the medication are sold at nine major stores under different brand names across the country. >> coming up, a water main break creates a large freezing geyser, the images as emergency crews struggle with those conditions. >> speaking of freezing, that's what it is in chimney rock. 35 and sunshine in asheville. coming up after the break, we'll talk about a short warm up and then when temperatures drop back
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stay tuned. cataloochi. a lot of folks enjoying the sunshine. into the upstate. this is our clemson camera showing 46 degrees and all those folks heading off to class. looks like we have light jackets on this afternoon. lester carpet sales shows sunshine for them. lots of clearer skies, in personsville to andrews to franklin all the way t tards rock hill, really very little cloud cover if any outside. it would be hard to pin one down today. we will have a chance later in the work week to see chances for the rain, even into the weekend. let's talk temperatures first, the high temperature record, 77 degrees back if 1932, wouldn't that feel nice? as far as we have gotten, 35
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31 in burnsville. 10 degree different in the foothills. 42 into the upstate, upper 40's from anderson down into greenwood. columbia, 47. back into western north carolina, 10 degrees cooler at 37 degrees in andrews. this wind has not really let up much into the afternoon hours. right now out of the northwest, asheville at 12 miles an hour. 9 in franklin, 3 in andrews, 7 into greer. 15 in boone. let's take an another look at windchills. this is what it feels like. feels like 27 in asheville and feels like the 30's still down into the upstate. future cast for our windchills does indicate that the wind is not going to be terrible today, not like it was yesterday. but still by 2:00 p.m., feeling like the 20's, so it is going to feel chilly throughout the entire day. through dinner time, feeling like 18 in burnsville. 20 in highlands and 30 in brevard. throughout the overnight hours, we'll have light wind, it will
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feeling like the 20's by 8:00 a.m. tomorrow. we are not going to see much in the way of warm weather until we hit tomorrow. one thing i want to p point out is the humidity at 23%. it is low across the region. we had brush fires. we don't want a repeat of that. probably not the best idea to be burning, although the winds aren't as bad. high dry pressure controlling our weather, it is nice outside. that will change with increased cloud cover in the next couple of days. let's enjoy clear skies tonight. it does mean temperatures will drop back down below freezing in the 20's. as we look forward in time through 3:00 p.m., seeing little, if any, cloud cover. finally we see clouds into friday morning and into the afternoon hours as well. sunny conditions, 39 in asheville. overall, staying cold today. 22 degrees tonight. in greenville, 46 degrees, mostly sunny and slightly cooler. clear skies below freezing
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all right, the seven-day forecast, a lot going on. we go from the 30's today to the 50's tomorrow. really nice turn around. the timeline of the precipitation will dictate whether or not we will have rain. it will be spotty in the higher elevations. we see rain throughout the day, we warm back up, the chance for flurries early on saturday, rain through the afternoon on saturday and then a rain-snow chance on sunday with temperatures dropping back down into the 30's. in the upstate, really it is looking like it will be all liquid precipitation as temperatures stay mostly above freezing. that is until next week when temperatures at night will be back into the 20's.20's. >> for the past two years, global crude oil prices have been in free fall and mo one seems to know when that will
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>> why it is good news for >> stocks down for midday trading. let's get you to the board. the dow down 31 points at 16477. the nasdaq was also down 24 points at 4661. drivers may be happy about the falling oil prices. it is not good news for the oil companies. energy earns are expected to fall 69% during the fourth quarter. that makes it the worth performing sector. so far this year, oil prices have fallen nearly 20%. >> amazon is quietly building what analysts say it looks like their own delivery company. it is one that could compete with ups and fedex. the company is reportedly looking to complete its acquisition of a french par sl company within the next three months. some anticipate amazon may make
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>> frontier airlines is adding four new destinations to its line-up, colorado springs, ohio, pittsburgh. they are adding three new routes from its main hub in denver. the routes are enabled by the delivery of new aircraft and not by widespread cuts elsewhere. >> john edwards wants to represent victims of the volkswagen emissions scandal. he asked to join the plaintiffs committee. edwards was a trial lawyer before he became a senator and democratic presidential candidate. volkswagen is facing nearly 500 lawsuits to cheat on emissions tests. >> some of the youngest sports tans are paying it forward. still to come at noon, their inspiring message to an injured kicker. >> tonight, stepping up at the
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medicine r >> kids at a minnesota school are sending encouragement to vikings kicker blair walsh. >> he missed a kick that would have won the game against the sea hawks. >> the first grade class came in. >> dear blair, i feel bad for you. >> keep on trying. we love you so much. >> keep on trying. >> don't give up.up. >> i know you can do it, you can win the game. >> you are the best. me and maybe you need to practice. >> ok, so he was honest. >> the kids are apparently
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class and the teachers wanted to provide a real life example. >> that would make me cry if i was that kicker, right? >> we love you, you are number one and you may need to practice. >> kids tell the truth. >> the power ball jackpot continues to grow. how much time you have to buy what could be the whenning tickets. >> schools closed for another day.
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