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tv   News 13 at 6pm  ABC  January 13, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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surprised by the violence. >> darcel: a bartender says her position to raise wages was a success. why the company says it paid a fair wage all along. now from western north carolina's news leader, this is news 13 at 6:00. >> larry: tonight's powerball drawing has many people dreaming of a $1.5 billion jackpot. >> darcel: win or lose, we'd like to think north carolina schools come out ahead. news 13's john le joins us live in asheville. >> larry: how much of an impact can the lottery have, john? >> john: well larry, a whole lot of involvement. if you take a look at the line. it's been a steady line as you can imagine. $521 million contributed to the state's $11 billion education budget. so obviously considering how cash strapped these schools are,
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maybe this is mercedes zigler's lucky day. or is it just her destiny. when the stars and numbers align. >> i'll tell you what, i've never had a stronger feeling to do this and this is where it's at. >> john: whether we win or lose, some of us take solace in the fact that at least the schools win. >> are you kidding? it's fantastic. this is going to below up the whole wonderful donation to the schools. >> john: there's no denying the trickle down effect. but it's not as though they scored a golden ticket. >> we certainly appreciating getting money. >> john: buncombe county schools took more than $1.7 million that year. henderson county about $900,000. mcdowell close to a half
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while madison got $170,000. >> if we save that $224,000 a year, we'd have to save for 184 years to build a new school. so we use the money. we try to use it wisely. >> john: north carolina general statutes do require that the cash given directly be earmarked for the department of construction. it's used for teacher salaries and other needs. no matter who wins the jackpot, schools have learned to count on a steady flow of lottery revenue. as players like mercedes consider changing her name. >> are you going to interview me when i win? >> john: will you call me when i win you win? >> i will. >> john: some 58 million -- excuse me, 38 million have actually gone to buncombe county schools. a lot of numbers involved. here at the market center, some
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so far today. in fact, one woman came and just forked out about $350. her son and a few friends wanted to chip in and buy some tickets for the first time here. so i asked that mom if she wanted to adopt me. she declined. but good luck, everyone. live here in asheville, john le, news 13. >> darcel: well we hope to share the powerball jackpot with you. wlos bought 50 tickets and will split any winnings of $10,000 or more with 13 randomly selected adults. >> larry: all you gotta do is go to our facebook page and register to win. you have until 10 o'clock tonight. and join us for the drawing on news 13 at 11. >> darcel: a henderson county man is charged with stabbing his brother. kim, how is the victim doing? >> kim: darcel, we understand the younger brother is in fair condition at mission hospital.
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meanwhile, his older brother is in jail here at the henderson county jail. roland mc mahan is charged with stabbing his brother last night. investigators say it happened at mc mahan's home near the airport. a property owner we spoke to by phone had this reaction to the stabbing. >> it doesn't surprise me at all. based off what i've seen going on in and out over there. it's just a bad element over there all the time. >> kim: warrants also show that mc mahan was arrested back in october on drug charges, alleged possession of meth and drug paraphernalia. investigators say he's not cooperating. nor police say is his brother on what exactly led to the stabbing. investigators say there were other people at the home who
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so far investigators have not been able to nail down what happened in the crime. kimberly king, news 13. >> larry: a franklin man who spent nearly six years as a prisoner of war in vietnam has passed away. nat henry passed away monday. he was 68 years old. henry received two purple hearts, two silver stars and two bronze stars. fellow vietnam vets say he was one of a kind and a true hero. after his release in 1973, henry returned home to franklin. he got married. ran henry's greenhouses. original member of the burning town fire department. his widow says she'll keep him in her heart. >> when he spent almost six years in prison and he'd come home, he put it behind him and he had a good life up until god
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>> larry: funeral services will be held this sunday. burial will be at the burningtown baptist cemetery with full military honors. >> darcel: more than 3,000 people are without power in asheville. the problem? a substation. the asheville mall and tunnel road areas are also affected. duke estimates the time for both outages is 8:45 tonight. we're in for a warmer tomorrow after a couple of chilly days in the mountains. >> larry: but it might not last too long, right, jason? >> jason: a few days. the weekend ends on a chilly note. here's our leicester carpet sales news13 sky cam network. our web cam in cataloochee. they're skiing under the lights. 31 degrees at 5500 feet.
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they've done a great job there. temperatures for highs today. low 40s at least in asheville. mid 40s in our southern mountains. upper 40s in the foothills. 30s in yancey, mitchell, avery county. you're going warmer than that tomorrow. right now we sit in the 30s mostly in the mountain valleys. notice these temperatures from 29 in newland to 38 in burnsville. what gives? there's a little bit of a temperature inversion going on. that will play havoc i think with temperatures tonight. lighter winds now in asheville. those winds should stay light for the rest of the evening. most of the action resides well to the north of us. we'll talk about our chances of snow in the long term forecast. 20s for wind chills this evening. layer up. i'll see you again in a few.
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he can . >> darcel: why a local mother
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answers in >> darcel: a hendersonville woman is . >> larry: what happened and the potential impact on others is tonight's reality check. >> darcel: frank fraboni joins us. frank, does this happen often? >> frank: not as much you may remember seth mc kau from a news 13 story last september. he rescued a teenage girl who was being kidnapped. >> i did what i should.
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from conducting a girl at a convenience store where he works. that fight now is to get him a life saving medicine he needs. for years, medicaid has paid for seth's seizure medication. but something happened after the annual recertification. >> we went to the pharmacy to pick up his meds and they said he did not have medicaid. >> frank: they blamed the problem on a computer system in raleigh. when she called medicaid in raleigh, they blamed the office. a social worker eventually arranged for meds until the situation was resolved. but angela still has concerns. >> i wanted to know not just for seth but foror everybody why is this happening? >> frank: we went to the social services office. the economic services program administrator says it's a
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struggled with ever since north carolina transitioned to two computer programs. >> what happens but not all the time, less than 20 times. i'm thinking we're close to less than 10 times a month, someone will drop out of nc tracks. >> frank: it's the system doctors use to pay out t nefits. nc fast is what they use for patient eligibilitiment sometimes the two systems just don't communicate. >> we'll look at our system and they're fine. they're receiving benefits. they're authorized. there's no reason for that bill not to be paid. but we look at nc tracks. just look. we can't make changes in it. and we can't find them anywhere. >> frank: review the entire process, find the problem and it. a process that could take days,
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that means nobody knows the depth or the scope of the problem until somebody complains. somebody like angela who worries about others who don't have her as an advocate. >> so i'm just more concerned at this point for the people that don't have a voice and they do not have an advocate because there's a problem with the system and it needs to be fixed. >> frank: we contacted the state department for health and human services. they say there is no problem with nc fast and nc tracks communicating. sherry bradshire, she said, "sometimes it can be an entry error or it can be a defect. the system has some defects." but she says they have a medicaid help desk that resolves within 24 hours. if you've had a problem with nc tracks or have another story
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write us here at reality check at >> larry: a bartender at a cafe says her campaign to raise wages was successful. the tuplo honey says its employers were always making a fair wage. the wage fight that even got the attention of the president. >> reporter: in the restaurant industry, servers and bartenders can be paid as low as 2.13 an hour. last fall, alia started a campaign after her employer lowered wages for server support staff. >> it used to come out in a rate of 5.15. then it went down to 2.13. in most locations it's back to 5.15. >> i think the work that alia is doing.
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the way. for those who have not been there. creating new norms and social pressures at the local level with employers and with customers is a really powerful tool. >> reporter: tupolo says it lowers the wages to give more people . >> we could allow our back servers at the time, the opportunity to not only be support personnel but at that 2.13 level, we could also work them in to serving roles. >> reporter: the company has raised the wage for support staff back to 5.15. evan donovan, news 13. >> larry: we had a lot of sunshine today. it may have helped usaybe not
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>> darcel: made us feel better and it wasn't as windy, jason. >> jason: we started out in the 20s this morning. we're heading for more 20s tonight.
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i'll show you when that w now your news 13 skywatch weather. >> jason: the storm pattern will return active yet again. its time to enjoy some milder weather before it happens. we have a ridge in the jet stream. 60s in dallas and houston. upper 50s in lubbock and oklahoma city. that weather will get nudged northeast. that system will head east and eventually it will bring rain with it. friday, 70% chance of rain. it won't rain continuously all day. but much of the day we'll have
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40% chance of any lingering moisture. then we get in to sunday. right now it's a 50/50 toss here between rain and snow. right now i'm thinking mostly just a light event in terms of any rain or snow. what does come down as snow will likely accumulate in higher elevations at this point. there's still time to watch this. things can change. wind chill down to 33. thankfully the wind is much lighter than it was today. it's calm now. whereas just last hour the winds were up to 13 miles per hour in greenville. the sun has set and that wind has calmed down. 43 degrees right there. warmer winds will turn from the southwest and help bumum our temperatures up in to the 50s the next couple of days. at least tomorrow for asheville and across the western north carolina. you'll have another day in the 50s probably over the upstate again on friday. there's the low pressure we first watched.
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in here. pretty good rain fall, again, expected on friday. then we turn our attention up here. somewhere in the panhandle of texas. one of our computer models takes us to the west. the other model takes us well off to the east and pushes it out to the sea. the american model has more snow with that solution. we're going to watch this closely at this point. this is no way a guarantee that we're going to get snow at this point in north carolina, western north carolina to be more specific. the flake-o-meter has picked up. other thanthat, it is clear sailing here. yes, it will be chilly. skies remain clear. more sunshine tomorrow afternoon to get us in to the 50s and 60s in some places. teens and twenties in colder spots north. upper 20s across the upstate. not bad.
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upper 50s and low 60s in the upstate. we're going to see our highs in the mid 50s. temperatures will cool off with the rain chances coming back up on friday. we'll go down a touch on saturday. upper 30s. even colder still come monday next week. we're going to get bone chilling stuff again as our winds crank up. our windchills will be in the single digits. in the upstate, enjoy those 50s at least through saturday. you'll get colder, too, by the end of the weekend. >> larry: that flake. >> jason: flake-o-meter. >> larry: is that real or made up name? i thought it was a boyerism. coming up, what they have
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against a >> stan: carolina panthers start the playoffs sunday at home against seattle. right now panthers of two point favorites. a lot of the so-called experts are picking seattle. panther fans don't care what they say.
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construction work on the street. they've won a super bowl. lost another in the last second, play off on a role, the playoff experience. but the panthers have been there, too. >> being in a class like we have, now this is the third year in a row. to be in this situation, this is a huge plus for us. we understand what playoff football is like. we understand the tempo. we understand what's at stake. it's just kind of what it was. >> stan: clemson tiger football fans wondering who is going to be leaving early for the nfl. defensive end kevin daus. the good news, tigers leading
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his junior season. women's college hoops last night, unc asheville bulldogs had their most dominating performance of the year. it showed why they are going to be a tough team to deal with. asheville did it from all over the place last night. fitzgerald doesn't get it the first time but gets it the second time. sienna knuckles led asheville to 14. unca improves to 6 and 1 in the big south. they won it 81-42. home saturday against gardner webb in a my40 televised game. acc hoops on my40 at 9. both teams o and 3 in the league. in greenville at 7:00 tonight. clemson surprised a lot of folks with their 3 and 1 start. including upset win in
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highlights at 1. >> jason: nothing should upset you in the forecast. something for everybody. milder temperatures tomorrow. mid 50s. that will feel very nice. we get in to the chances of wintery weather. chances by sunday but nothing written in stone. >> larry: for more local news,
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>> darcel: we'll have local
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