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tv   News 13 Tonight  ABC  January 13, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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here's tonight's powerball drawing. >> it is coming t you right now. get ready, this is powerball. good evening, america, i'm sam arland. tonight jackpot is approaching $1.6 billion. that's billion with a b. i hope you have your tickets. good luck. first number down is 8. we have the number 27. here's peter from massachusetts. peter won $1 million by matching all five white ball numbers. number 4. we're going to wind it out with the number 19. it is the number 10 tonight and that power play multiplier is 2. >> darcel: and if you're just turning in, you can see that powerball drawing again during our first commercial bank. >> larry: those six numbers must match.
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anybody hit it tonight. what's the first thing they'll do? >> darcel: frank kracher is live. frank, are you a billionaire tonight? >> larry: he wouldn't be there if he was. >> darcel: say yes. >> frank: i'm sad to say no big winner here. you know, not even close, actually. but if you are among the lucky out there, anybody watching right now, what would you do? what should you do? >> oh, i will scream and run. >> i'd be jumping up and down. >> probably call my parents. >> i'm going to sign it and i'm not going to say anything. >> frank: sign the back of the ticket. put your name on it before someone else does. then go low key. stay anonymous for as long as possible. in short, protect yourself because that $2 investment just changed your life forever.
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>> big business. a big business. >> frank: richard stiles is a financial advisor. it begins with a team. experienced professionals who will also run interference when the world comes calling wanting a slice of that very big pie. >> if you have an attorney, cpa, you have a financial advisor, you have that buffer between you and everyone trying to get to you. >> frank: protection might even include a body guard. after all, we're talking mega money. >> you've got $800 million that you just won either before or after taxes, either way, i want some security. >> frank: we just can't resist asking what you might do with it. from the financial expert. >> buy a professional sports team. and move it to l.a. >> frank: to a guy who just bought a $2 dream.
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whoeveve wins, remember me, calvin whitmore. >> frank: well the winning numbers once again, 8, 27, 34, 4, 19, and the powerball number is 10. i actually got one on here. the 27. we talked about being anonymous. lucky. state law says that they do not have to come forward. in north carolina, however, the name, the hometown, and the amount that you won, it's public record. reporting live in asheville, frank kracher, news 13. >> darcel: north carolina schools are cashing in on tonight's record jackpot. buncombe county schools have gotten $58 million since the inception of the north carolina education lottery. the distribution helped cover costs of things like school construction. >> the money goes through our
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a couple of years ago it helped fund teachers and teacher assistants. the current year they estimate they're going to use it to do things like substitute teachers, custodians. what we call non-instructional. >> larry: a lot of people were left in the dark for hours in parts of asheville tonight. it was a fire at a duke energy substation. fire knocked out power to several areas including the shiloh community, oakly, biltmore village and asheville mall. duke expects to have power fully restored by 11:15. new at 11, a natural gas leak in henderson county forced some families out of their homes.
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neighbor reported the smell of gas around 7 o'clock tonight. firefighters evacuated three homes just as a precaution. no one was hurt. public service gas repaired the leak and the families were allowed to return to their homes about an hour later. turning to weather, going to get a nice warm up tomorrow, i'm hearing. but after that a drop. >> darcel: yes, there's even some snow on the forecast. jason is here with more we may be dealing with. >> jason: the snow is going to be a higher elevation event. do not seeajor snow storms in the mountains or carolinas. there's potential for development as we go down the road. temperatures right now in the 20s. 20s in newland, boone. some of the cold spots in the sheltered valleys. like franklin 21. 30s and 40s over the upstate. still got to wind to contend th, too, south. as you go in the upstate, it's a
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but you still notice the wind, no doubt about it. wind chills in the teens farther north tonight in the high country. most of the snow is resided far to the north here. lake effects snows keep going here from michigan, pennsylvania, back in to new york. we have a storm system we're going to watch, though. it's just now startrtg to come on towards the pacific northwest. i'll show you that in a second. 22 in the morning for your morning planner in asheville. 20s in the morning for the upstate. you're looking at 50s by the lunch hour. so here's the current storm track. well to the north is where the cold air resides. we have moisture well south. this is the storm we're going to watch. its just now starting to approach the pacific northwest. i'll show you what it could mean for the weekend forecast coming up in just a minute.
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arrested a man for rolling back odometers. >> larry: aaron adelson is live for us at the dmv. aaron, they think there may be more victims, right? >> aaron: they do, larry. investigators are encouraging anyone who did business with paget to let them know. paget is charged with 15 counts of changing mileage. authorities executed a search warrant at pagets service. next day arrested pagets. >> depending on the price but regardless i'd be mad about it. that's really lowdown. >> aaron: rutherford county clerks said paget also received nine counts of notary fraud. according to the search warrant,
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a complaint from a katauba county man. the searcharrant included a cell phone for mr. paget. we're going to give him a call and give him a chance to respond to these accusations. >> the number you dialed has been changed, disconnected or is no longer in service. >> aaron: this gas station sits near paget's shop. samantha sampson said if she bought a car and found it had more miles, she'd feel taken advantage of. >> yeah. >> aaron: paget's criminal record includes dwi, hit and run, larceny and one felony. according to the dmv, paget was being held in the rutherford
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when i called the jail tonight, they said he had bonded out. >> darcel: they're not even ten weeks old. they don't have names yet. and they're already training to track criminals and people who are missing. the henderson county sheriff's office says it's leaving the naming up to fifth grade star students. jerrika insco joins us live from the sheriff's office. jerrika, today was their first training session. >> jerrika: yes, darcel. it's new for everyone because the sheriff's office hasn't had puppies in about seven years. now they have six k-9s including the new adorable additions. these sisters are ready to work after being picked up in tennessee on new year's eve. starting them young. they've already got high expectations for the girls. >> we're shooting from six to
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them their initial certification certification. >> jerrika: they are blood hounds. finding people is what they were hired to do. >> the skin actually goes over their eyes so it closes their eyes where they have to, they're forced to use their nose more. >> jerrika: at thend of a cat food trail. >> they got a lot of praise and aa little bit the treats. >> jerrika: it didn't take them long to track that 20 yards. >> good girl. say i found it. i did good job. yes, ma'am. >> jerrika: or impress the k-9 handler team. >> they did a really good job. they put their noses on the ground. you saw them go to the end of the trail. it's impressive. >> jerrika: some day they'll track just as good as bella. a full grown blood hound. to get there, they'll train every wednesday for the rest of their career.
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>> jerrika: now this photo taken by its handler has gone viral. it made national news. as for their names, they hope to have those chosen by the beginning of next month. jerrika insco, news 13. >> larry: flu season is running a little bit late. but tonight, state health officials are warning to get ready because cases are starting to spike. >> darcel: and why a bathroom
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a lot of attention. >> larry: breaking news out of japan tonight, a strong earthquake has struck just off the coast of the northern part of the country. 6.7. there are no tsunami warnings right now. there's no word on damage or injuries. we'll keep you updated with new information as we get it. >> darcel: new at 11, the cdc says north carolina is one of only two states now reporting widespread flu activity. that means half of our state's regions have seen the spike. even though flu season is getting a late start, health officials say the increase in cases means you need to be prepared. >> a widespread means it's ticking up. so when you start seeing that trend going up, you know, if you've not had your vaccine, you know, it's one of those things that we highly recommend because
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for it to peak in your system. >> darcel: this time last year, north carolina had 26 flu deaths. so far we haven't had any reported flu-related deaths this season. >> larry: a pizza restaurant in charlotte is getting national attention because of a bathroom sign. the owner of pure pizza posted a sign explaining the rest room is available for people in the lgbt community. the post goes on to say the bathroom is also available for single fathers with daughters, single mothers with sons, and adults with aging parents with disabilities. the owner says gender specific bathrooms can make some people uncomfortable. >> the great thing is there are so many options for pizza that it's not going to hurt my feelings that we aren't your option. >> larry: it recently got national attention when the owner posted a picture of it online. the asheville design center
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that would like some help with building projects. this was created as part of the design build studio. college students working with instructors on projects to maximize public and community benefit. it's all about helping local non non- non-profits and organizations. and at the same time, learning >> we're able to deliver something of value to the community while also delivering design teams. >> larry: the only thing you have to pay for are the materials. design and construction is free. for information on who qualifies and how to submit a project proposal, go to and click news links. well if you were doubting winter would ever get here, those thoughts i think disappeared this week. >> darcel: oh yes, and snow is in the forecast. jason is here. >> jason: it's snow but it's not anything we're going to be shoveling at this point. none of that.
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the first decent chance we've had. 22 on the low. probably close to the low that we had this morning but i think our high tomorrow is going to be much higher than that, of 42. no snow today. a chilly night but a nice warm up coming. and some wintery threats. you betcha. i'll lay it out for you next. >> larry: later, new details of a man who fired shots in a theater killing two people.
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journal. now your news 13 skywatch weather. >> jason: a lot of chatter on social media, folks. i know those snow lovers out there are so excited for something to happen. and this has been the most promising thing we've seen all winter long in terms of what it comes to computer models. i'll show you what i mean in just a second. right now this is the storm track. the jet stream that brings the cold well to the north and diving south to the great lakes. that has carved out the chill lately here. then we look at the sub tropical jet stream. this thing is streaming along here from the gulf of mexico right over florida, pumping a lot of moisture. these two scenarios with the position of jets, you start to think there's gotta be something eventually off the coast. that's the best case scenario. at least if you want snow, you have to have cold, too.
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here. it's this system right here spinning off the coast of the pacific northwest. it's not even reached land yet. we don't have enough data on this to really have a firm forecast on it. nonetheless, we're going to watch this thing track east ward. and the solutions in terms of some of the models we're watching, has this thing pushing energy down to the gulf coast and then coming right over florida. this would be a good scenario for us. this would put down some decent snow if we had cold air in place. now the other model, the european model has nothing like that. as we expand out, it keeps the low pressure so far to the south that there's nothing in the way of moisture and little in the way of cold, at least initially. but the cold floods in behind it. this scenario, the european has nothing at all. no rain, no snow. i'm just not sold yet,
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we're going to keep the flake-o-meter closely. we're going to keep an eye on it. something. that's about it. 70% chance of rain returning tomorrow. 40% chance of lingering rain and possibly snow flakes mixed in on saturday morning. sunday doesn't look promising yet. 27 degrees right now with the wind chill at 22. we've got that wind in the west and northwest. it's going to be a factor at least initially in the forecast. there's friday morning, watch the rain come up. friday afternoon, showers. more rain as we get in to the afternoon on friday. rainfall amounts certainly impressive. we'll see them at least quarter and a half to an inch. highs in the 50s tomorrow.
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>> larry: can u.s. . >> larry: ten u.s. sailors are back. one of the sailors' two boats broke down yesterday and drifted in to iranian waters.
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the guard boarding and capturing the sailors. they were unharmed and escorted. >> darcel: john russell hauser kills two people and injured nine others before killing himself. investigators found his journal in a motel where he was staying before the shooting. in the journal, hauser praised dylann roof, saying "thank you for the wake-up call, dylan. >> larry: 24-year-old is accused of providing material support to isis and then lying to investigators about it. he was born in iraq and came to the u.s. as a refugee back in 2009. >> darcel: the clemson men's basketball team did something tonight it hasn't done since 1989.
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highlights. >> stan: acc hoops in greenville tonight, 2016 home for clemson while little john coliseum is being renovated. blue devils 3 and o in the
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let's go to bon sekours wellness arena. second half, we're tied at 50. jordan roper with a pass to jurron blossom. later, roper takes a shot himself. and hits another three. clemson builds a seven point lead. duke is only one down when tigers make the play. tigers up three. he scores 17. duke down three with matt jones. clemson wins 68-63. first win over a top ten team. tough loss for duke. >> a lot of maturity.
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things we need to take care of. that's what happened tonight. >> stan: marshall plumlee is going to be the subject of our game changer on thursday. watch this. finished it with authority. up 11 in the second half. cat barber was terrific. no lead. wolfpack down nine with 44 seconds left. after a turnover, state gets it right back. rowan buries another three. he had 22. fsu wins 85-78. carolina panthers ready to start. they host seattle. the panthers winning close games until this past october when the panthers went to seattle. rallied to beat the hawks.
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know what, that's great but it doesn't mean anything come sunday. >> larry: we have found out someone won tonight. abc news is reporting the california lottery. they say they have a jackpot winner. >> darcel: get your tickets because we have another look at tonight's winning numbers, powerball numbers. >> larry: it would be nice if someone here could split it with them. >> jason: all right. let's talk about some numbers here in the forecast. tyson furniture bus stop forecast. we're in the 50s by drop off tomorrow. milder day. our temperatures will get colder next week. highs in the 30s several days. that will be fun. >> larry: thank you for joining us.
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