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tv   News 13 This Morning  ABC  January 14, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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two tickets sold in the state did match all five of the white balls with the power play. that means those ticket holders will win $2 million each. >>jay: so far, officials have not said where the two tickets were sold. meanwhile, crowds gathered overnight at a 7-11 in california where one of the tickets was sold. lauren lister reports. >> can you believe it, america? a world record jackpot coming to you right now. >> it was more than billion dollars moment people across the u.s. were waiting for. >> all right. for your winner powerball number, good luck to you. it is the no. 10 tonight. >> and that moment undoubtedly changing the life of the lucky powerball player who bought one of the winning powerball tickets here. at this chino ( ) hills 7-11, crowds showing up after it was revealed. >> it's almost like we won even
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>>reporter: call it a sign of powerball fever sweeping nation. tickets ahead of the drawing selling at a frenetic pace of 1.3 million tickets a minute during rush hour. >> the winner? this is the winner. >> drawing long lines, inspiring people to cross state borders california. >> we are all going to buy round trip tickets to the moon. crossing national borders for canadians. more than 300,000,000 tickets sold wednesday. that's almost one for every person in the country for a prize that got too big to even fit on billboards. but the cash value does come close, lottery officials reporting it comes out to $983.5 million. the california winner who bought his or her ticket will split the jackpot with any winners in other states. a california lottery spokesperson saying there are two others that we know of, in florida and tennessee.
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>>holly: it's not us this morning, but maybe our friends in florida, tennessee, and california will share? >>jay: right. >>holly: at least they will share with charities that will affect everyone across the country? >>ingrid: there is a good hope. let's talk weather. it's 31 in cullowhee, forest city 25, lake toxaways in the 30s, weaverville in the 3020s. looking at 10 a.m., 37 degrees at lunchtime. actually not going to be too bad, 47 trees. so, definitely warmer today. the warmest day of the next several days to come. in just a moment i will talk about our chances for rain and what you can expect for your weekend outdoor plans. right now, the roads in asheville look clear. we have some construction zones to look out for later today, jaclyn? >>jaclyn: ingrid, there will be lane closures on i-40 through asheville starting at 9 o'clock. these closures will be will be on the eastbound side between tunnel road and hendersonville road. for now, here is a look at future i-26 there at the wood fin exit.
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smoothly out there on your morning commute. now getting back to that construction on i-40 rather, watch out for those lane closures at 9 o'clock. that work should wrap up by 4 p.m. there is some construction happening in transylvania county to talk about. a portion of everett road will be closed until the end of the month for bridge repairs. you can follow this sign detour in place to get around it. that's a look at your on-time traffic report brought you by solutions. >>jay: happening tonight it will be the sixth republican presidential debate of the campaign. this time in north charleston, north carolina. >>holly: lauren brigman join us. lauren, who is not there tonight? >>lauren: kentucky senator rand paul. he is boycotting because he was not allowed to participate on the prime time stage so fox business network split the candidates into two debates. the hopefuls had to finish in the top 6 or top 5 in an average of polls in iowa and new
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that means the prime time debate will include donald trump, ted cruz, ben carson, chris christie, jeb bush and john kasich. the undercard debate will start at 6 can carly fiorina, mike huckabee and rick santo rum. tensions are expected to be running high with a bic shift in iowa's poll numbers. the pressure will be on donald trump now that ted cruz has taken the lead there. we will have a crew at tonight's debate and provide complete live coverage before and after and on-line at >>jay: and this morning we are hearing from the widow of a vietnam veteran who spent nearly six years as a prisoner of war. as we told you yesterday, army staff sergeant matt henry of franklin died earlier this week. after his release in 1973. henry returned to franklin, got married, ran henry's greenhouses, and was an original member of the burning town fire department. his widow said she will keep him in her heart. >> >> when he spent almost six
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home, he put it behind him and led a good life. he had a good life. i thank god he came home. >>jay: his funeral will be at the macon funeral home and burial with full military honors. >>holly: there was a fire at a duke energy substation on swannanoa river road yesterday afternoon. it knocked out power to several areas including the shiloh community, oakley, biltmore village and the asheville mall. about 100 customers in biltmore village were the last to get their power back on around 1 o'clock this morning. >>jay: rutherford county authorities arrest a man for rolling back odometers, they arrested 30 year-old mitchell padgett charges with 15 counts of changing mileage, 10 chants of froargry and notary fraud. there was a complaint filed by a man from catawba county after buying his truck the man learned it had 80,000 additional miles,
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they would feel if they had the same thing happen to them. >> i would be pissed off, especially for the price, you know, depending upon the price. but, regardless, i would be mad about it. that's really lowdown. >>jay: padgett is currently out of jail after posting bond of $140,000. >>holly: an explosion killed at least 7 people including the attackers in the capitol of indonesia. >>jay: police flooded the streets of ja carta as they tried to help the wounded. >>reporter: blown out window, debris scattered across the downtown streets of the nation's capitol. at least 3 suicide bombers detonated their packs exploding themselves in a starbucks cafe in ja carta while one attack add policeman. one police officer is dead, but the death toll could be much higher. after the first explosion chaos
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district of the capitol home to luxury hotels and foreign embassies. a gun fight ensued between the attackers and antiterror police squads for more than an hour. while explosions in other parts of the city could be heard, police intentionally searching for other gunmen. so far, no one has claimed responsibility for the attack. but tensions have been high in indonesia, as newer isis affiliate groups overshadow older tryst groups in the region. everyone has been on high alert since christmas after a number of arrests were made across indonesia. counter terrorism advisers say about 500 indonesians have joined ( ) isis in syria with other jihadi groups pledging support to the isis leader. the u.s. is issuing an alert to all u.s. citizens in ja carta, telling them to stay put, avoid the area until authorities figure out exactly what is going on and who is responsible.
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statement on the attack saying our hearts are with the people of indonesia. adding that all starbucks in ja carta will remain closed out of an abundance of caution. stephanie ramos, abc new, washington. >>holly: in this morning's news reel a school bus driver in florida is cited following an accident that injured two disiewnlts. >>jay: at least 32 students from an elementary school were on board when the bus crashed into an suv. two kids on the bus and both people inside the suv were taken to a hospital. thankfully, there were no serious injuries. police ticketed the bus driver for failing to yield. >>holly: fire investigators in maryland are trying to determine what caused a two alarm fire at an apartment complex. it took about 30 minutes to put out the flames. firefighters had to rescue several res tempts from their balconies. in total, five people were hurt. >>jay: in utah, firefighters are sifting through rubble to figure out what caused this home to go up in flames. firefighters in summit park outside salt lake city say the
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the 3,000 square foot property is considered a complete loss. the homeowners got out safely. >>holly: crews in california are monitoring a ridge after a boulder fell from the hillside. at least one vehicle was damaged by the rock. no one was hurt though. crews had to blast the boulder to get traffic moving again. now, officials say where the rock broke off, that property is unstable and more boulders could fall onto the road. look at that. >>jay: there was an unusual discovery at the border of text test and mexico. >>holly: drug smugglers decided to get creative how they hid their stash. u.s. border patrol officers found a huge drug shipment, well, it's different. >>jay: investigators say it was nearly 3,000 carrot shaped marijuana packages hitten among the real thing. the drugs had a street value of nearly half a million dollars. so what's up, doc? >>holly: i guess so.
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>>jay: sniffed that one out. >>holly: exactly. drives in california are having trouble navigating their roads. >>jay: what they had to do to use their vehicle. >>ingrid: here is your harry's on the"harry's on the hill bus stop forecast," startin off chilly but ending really nice, this is the day to do it, in the 50s, coming up after the break, i will show when the rain will begin and what you can expect for the weekend that could include wintry weather.
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>> now, in high definition, this is your news 13 skywatch forecast. >>ingrid: not quite as cold in black mountain, 38 degrees. clear skies. leicester carpet skycam network, very calm conditions. through the time laptionz 3:12 this morning and ends present time, maybe a few clouds in avery county but really clear outside. that's when it's pretty chilly this morning. clouds will increase and then the chance for rain so we will see the numbers change. the departure now is about an inch for the year. temperatures this morning have dropped one degree in asheville over the last few minutes here. now 22 degrees. so, yes, unseasonably cold and of course nothing record breaking. 30s in burnsville and 30 degrees in morganton. 31 in forest city. the coldest spots in our western zones here. below that 20 degrees mark. so definitely bundle up before you head out the door. the hats and gloves and scarf, once again. 31 in greer. anderson and greenwood, still barely above freezing. right now winds are calm in
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boon at 16, 8 in greenwood and and there is a wind chill, 23 is what it feels like in greenville, bundle up in greenwood even at 25 degrees for the feels like temperature that is. for today, this is the best outdoor day in my opinion. if you want to go for a walk, maybe a hike, today is the day to do it. we will start to see the system out of the gulf pull back into the region and give us the first chance for clouds and then maybe even some decent rainfall in a few locations. so let's first look at the timeline and look at how much it will fall. lunchtime, sunshine today. dinnertime, still clear. same thing through tonight. with the clouds beginning. so that will stop our temperatures from getting too cold. 8 a.m., this model is holding back on the rain. so, our chances for freezing rain, snow, very very little except for the southern zones where we start to see the rain beginning first. really not until lunchtime do most of us see the rain and it will last throughout the majority of the day, so a 70% chance on friday for those showers to continue.
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let's look through the time lapse on the futurecast. this model is showing south of asheville and east of asheville, pulling in the highest amounts. this model showing close to an inch in asheville. i have seen other ones below a half an inch. so, it's going to be anywhere from a quarter to an inch likely in the french broad river valley. today's high temperature pretty nice, 54 degrees. staying nice and warm. increasing clouds, about 30 degrees tonight. in greenville enjoy this, 57 degrees. mostly sunny skies. and tonight, about freezing. friday we have rain and lingering showers saturday we have a possibility of a few flakes flying. not until sunday that the high temperatures get chilly in the 30s. we will hold on to that for mlk day into next week. upstate, gusty and cool this weekend. >> >>holly: northern california is getting a much needed snowpack. >>jay: but it's bringing a heavy summit and whiteout
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again, chain controls for tires were required for some drivers. >>holly: time is 6:16. a nail biter finish for the clemson tigers. >>jay: the one play that secured the win. >> >>holly: remember if you are on the go early in the morning you can still catch us by downloading the news 13 morning news app. >>jay: you will get access to breaking news. just search wlos a.m. in your
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>>stan: good morning, in sports, acc hoops in greenville last night. 2016 home for clemson while little john coliseum is renovated. ninth ranked duke visit iting, clemson with an impressive 3-1 in the thick of thing early. let's go the well early, watch gray son allen give to marshal marshall plumlee, what a finish. and then the freshman, luke kennard with a jumper and duke is up 12. easy night, not exactly. clemson hangs tough. down 2 at the break. second half, tied at 50. jordan roper with the passage to ron blossom, he nailed the 3. and the tigers with their first lead since the first two minutes of the game. later, roper takes a shot himself and hits another 3. clemson builds a 7 point lead with 3:15 left but allen with 3 of his 17 gives duke 3. duke is only one down when tigers make the play, higher a high flaying game, tigers up 3, he scores 17.
6:17 am
though with the devils down 3, air balls it. clemson 68-53 first win over top ten team in 18 tries. first time since 1989. they have beaten two top 25 teams in a row. another big game in raleigh, fsu and north carolina state, boat winless in the league and needing a win. watch terrence man as he finishes. nobody blocks him out and he drives imhome. cat barber is all through the defense and cuts into the margin. fsu kept the pack at bay but 44 seconds to go down 9, maverick rowan with 3 and then after a turn over state gets it back and then there is row wen again, 22, he cuts it to 3 but no if i recollect l, fsu wins it. carolina panthers ready to start with a playoff run to the superbowl. they host seattle sunday at 1:05. seahawks at home, panthers winning close games time after time until this past october. when the panthers went to seattle. now in the fourth quarter and
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that was a great feeling but now the carolina players know it won't mean anything on sunday. >> everyone is 0-0. it doesn't matter what you did in the regular season. what matters is what you do if the post season. for us, it's getting back to work and getting ready to play on sunday. we're happy to play at home. that's the only thing rea earned, so now it's another game. it's another steppingstone and chance to prove ourselves. you know, playoffs are cool because you can't have a bad game. >>stan: right now, carolina is 2 1/2 point favorites. that's sports this morning. i'm stan pamfilis, have a great thursday, everyone. >>holly: thursday will be better than wednesday and maybe monday and tuesday, ingrid? you said we might have warmer temperatures an sunshine? >>ingrid: i'm liking this weather forecast. look at the screen. 54 degrees, high temperature in asheville expected. same thing down into henderson county. franklin 53. gaffney 57. same thing in greer. greenville the upper 50s. some locations down south in greenwood could be close to the
6:19 am
so, it will feel pretty nice for it being winter and all. and tonight, not going to be that cold. compared to what we are this morning. but, still, below freezing for many areas in western north carolina. 30 in asheville, and 35 down into greenville. right now, it's time for another check of the roads. jaclyn, it's a smooth start to the morning drive? >>jaclyn: secondary roads are in good shape so far. if you head towards smoky park highway, traffic is flowing smoothly. it's 7 minutes from i-40 to brookside circle. i-26 is looking good from hendersonville to asheville. it is smooth sailing there with a 17 minute drive time. now, turning over to future i-26 for those of you taking that route this morning, here is a live look at the interstate at the woodfin exit and buncombe county. things are looking good right now, but remember, we have that ongoing overnight construction project happening in that area. there will be lane closures starting at 7 o'clock tonight. just past this exit. >>i'm jaclyn deaugustino. this on-time traffic report is brought to you by the wired
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>> >>holly: we asked what advice would you give the people splitting that 1.6 powerball jackpot? >>jaclyn: dennis justice says to hide. >>holly: cody sprinkles says he hopes whoever won really needs it, i don't want it to two to someone who is already wealthy. >>jaclyn: share the wealth. >>holly: and of course with some nonprofits. ingrid and jay you are spending this morning? >>jay: in in today's "morning surf," here is an idea for you. >>ingrid: we have a web site that helps you pick a gift by age and relationship, and it's probably good for people who have a hard time to pick gifts for people. >>jay: ingrid, you need to buy
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for, who are you buying for? >>ingrid: a male friend. >>jay: how old? >>ingrid: how old are you, 40s? >>jay: over 45. and how much do you want to spend? >>ingrid: what is the littlest i can spend? kidding. 20-$50. >>jay: and suggestions? ingrid is buying for a friend, over 45, male, wants to spend up to $50. oh, three player chess set. >>ingrid: you like that? >>jay: that's pretty cool. it's right at $50. >>ingrid: see, i don't want that. >>jay: i kind of like that. next? >>ingrid: what else here. >>jay: water purifying straw? jade no, that's not jay. that's not up jay's alley. >>jay: no. corn dogmaker? >>ingrid: that's pretty cool actually. that would be fun especially with the kids. >>jay: only $23. >>ingrid: and you know they don't have that. you already have several of these. >>jay: a boot beer mug. i don't drink beer so that's not
6:22 am
25 bucks. next? >>ingrid: like lane -- you toangt need that. >>jay: oh, now, wait. >>ingrid: jackpot! >>jay: whiskey ice cube tray. >>ingrid: i saw these in the store, they are cool. you put them in the freezer and put them in your drink and they won't melt like ice and water down your liquor. >>jay: you have that and chess, that's a good night. finally, a peer ammo oiler. >>ingrid: i think it's accurate. you like a lot of that stuff. >>jay: there you go. now you have gift ideas. >>ingrid: when is your birthday? >>jaclyn: not >>jay: not until august. >>ingrid: let's take a final look at weather. we are chilly as 22 at the airport. overall it will be a warmer day. i will talk about how warm we will get, when rain begins to fall and what you can expect for the weekend coming up at 6:30.
6:23 am
a gas leak in henderson county are back in their homes. what firefighters say happened. >>jay: a sign in a pizza store is receiving attention. what it says that has everyone talking. >>holly: gop candidates are preparing for their sixth debate.
6:24 am
has for ted cruz. now, in high definition, from the western north carolina's news leader, this is news 13 this morning. >> this is the luckiest machine on the planet. so make sure everyone taught me how to play. >> >>holly: the owner tof a convenience store in california all smiles this morning. one of the $1.6 billion winning powerball lottery tickets wuh sold right there. >>jay: a crowd swarmed the store in chino hills after the drawing ( ). the store itself will get a $1 million bonus for selling the winning ticket. >>ingrid: lucky them. two other winning tickets were sold in florida and tennessee. we will have much more on the big win overnight coming up in just a few minutes. it wasn't us. >>jay: on yesterday morning on gma they had the guys from shark tank on explaining what to do if you won the money. take your money, immediately invest it. and then give other money away based on the dividends. that's what kevin oh hearry said. >>holly: the problem is we don't have any of that money. >>jay: we don't have to worry about it. >>holly: if you missed it, it's okay. >>ingrid: our dreams are
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it's chilly in cullowhee at 32 degrees, forest city 34, 17 franklin, 39 in lake tox toxaway, it is a cold start but this afternoon, it gets pretty nice. sunshine and 47 by lunchtime. coming up in my full forecast, i will talk about when the rain will begin to fall and how much where you live. before you head out the door though, let's look at the roads. jaclyn, we have some construction zones to look out for? >>jaclyn: ingrid, there will be lane closures on i-40 through asheville starting at 9 o'clock this morning. these closures are from tunnel road over to hendersonville road. the project is expected to finish up this afternoon. so, keep that in mind. there is some road work to tell you about over in transylvania county. a portion of everett road will be closed for bridge repairs until the end of the month. you can follow the sign detour in place to get around it. now, taking a live look at the roads for you, here is future i-26 at the woodfin exit in buncombe county. remember, we do have that ongoing construction project happening in the area.
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past this exit starting at 7 p.m. that's a look at your on-time traffic report brought to you by the wired mouse computer solutions. back to you. >>holly: happening to night, all eyes will be on north charleston for the republican presidential debate. it comes as tensions heat up between two of the candidates. >>jay: news 13's lauren brigman joins us with details. lauren? >>lauren: the battle between donald trump and ted cruz has turned into an open attacks as poll numbers tighten. >> >> ted cruz is a be pro. he has a problem. >>lauren: trump says that's because cruz was born in canada, though his mother is a u.s. citizen. trump took to twitter saying there is no way that ted cruz can continue running in the republican primary unless he can erase doubt on eligibility. in defense, cruz went beyond questioning donald trump's character, saying he had little in common with voters in aye owew and new hampshire.
6:27 am
rallies to new york, new york. he comes from new york and he embodies new york values. >>lauren: in the latest iowa poll, trump narrowed narrowed the gap from donald trump from 10 points to 3 point. the gop debate starts at 9:00 and we will have a crew with live reports before and after. you can also log on to for the latest. holly and jay? >>holly: democratic presidential candidates are also getting ready for their debate. it's sunday in charleston. >>jay: just ahead of the debate, hillary clinton's campaign is no longer holding back against vermont senator bernie sanders. >> we have spent the beginning of this campaign for months now where i have been laying out my policies, where i have been meeting with people, listening to them. about what they want the next president to do. and now, we are in the sprint and it is time to draw contrast. >> senator sanders wants to dismantle oh bombma care and dismantle medicare. >> that is factually incorrect
6:28 am
stops saying that. >>holly: sanders is leading clinton 49% to 44%. news 13 will have a crew at sunday's debate an will provide complete coverage from charleston as well. >>jay: happening to day the man charged with a triple murder in asheville is expected to be in court. a probable cause hearing is scheduled for pierre griffin the second. he is accused of killing uhon johnson, alexandra king and tatiana diz in november. prosecutors have not said if they will seek the death penalty in the case. griffin also faces larceny and armed robbery charges. >>holly: also happening to day the public will get its very first look at plans for a new recreation center in asheville. the new recreation center is in the old shiloh elementary school building. last summer the city got input from the community to build a master plan for the center and tonight the city will reveal those concept drawings at a public meeting. it is from 6:00 to 8:00 at the shiloh center. comments can be made on-line. just go to "news links" at >>jay: families affected by a gas leak in henderson county are
6:29 am
it happened off howard gap road near fletcher. emergency dispatchers say a neighbor reported the smell of gas around 7 o'clock last night. firefighters evacuated three homes as a precaution. utility crews repaired the leak. no one was hurt. >>holly: a north carolina environmental official says coal ash cleanup is putting an enormous strain on its staff. tomb reeder is the assistant secretary with the department of environmental quality. he says the new law requiring ash pond cleanups across the state has pushed his staff, quote, to the absolute breaking point. the remarks are part of a sta status report on plans to close 32 coal ash basins including one in skyland. >>jay: a pizza restaurant is getting a tension because of a sign. the owner explained the restroom is available for people in the lgbt community. the post goes on to say the bath room is also available for single fathers with daughter, single mothers with sons, and
6:30 am
have disabilities. >> the great thing is that there are so many options for pizza that it's not going to hurt my feelings we are not your options. >>jay: the sign has been up for about five months and recently got national attention when the owner posted a picture of it on-line. >>holly: the asheville design center is looking for community groups that would like to help with a building project. like a covered stairwell. and outdoor classroom at the ywca. it was created as part of the design build studio. college students work with instructors on projects intended tointendedto maximize public and community benefit. >> it's a perfect combination of the two. we deliver something of value to the community while also delivering educational services to young design students. >>holly: the only thing you have to pay for are materials. design and construction is free. for information on who qualifies go to and click on "news links." >>jay: fire hydrants are on every street?
6:31 am
them to work when it matters most? a news 13 investigation looks into how many fire hydrants across the city are broken. we saw one example in december. a hydrant malfunctioned in north asheville while firefighters battlebattled an apartment fire on merrymanna. we wanted to know how can that happen and how many others failed inspection. >> i had never noticed tape on it, but the fact that it is out, concerns me. >>jay: tonight at 6:00, jennifer emerich looks through hundreds of fire hydrant inspection, what she found about the ones taken out of service and if the city is having trouble keeping up with repairs. >>holly: they are less than 10 weeks old and are already training to track down criminals an missing persons. >>jay: deputies with the henderson county say the blood hounds are sisters and don't have names yet. they are leaving that up to local students. wednesday, the two canines trained for the first time at jackson park. >> when they go down to track,
6:32 am
their eyes so it closes their eyes where they are forced to use their nose more and the big ears, it almost makes like a funnel. >> >>jay: this photograph you are about to see was taken by the handler. it has gone viral. a station in texas picked it up and it made national news. >>holly: because it's supercute just like the puppies. i mean, that's not a bad job to have. training those little puppies? >>jay: pretty cool. >>holly: the blue dragons are with us this morning.
6:33 am
good time while helping others. now, in high definition, this is your news 13 skywatch forecast. >>ingrid: welcome back, everyone. good morning, 37 degrees on our leicester carpet sales news 13 skycam network. this is clemson university for you this morning. it is clear all across the region. very little cloud cover. just a few clouds maybe up there in avery county. down into the upstate, clear skies means it's another cool start. for our observed category, for the month and year nothing changed the last several days. the departure at an inch for the year but we have a chance for rain beginning tomorrow. i will show you more about that in a second. first let's talk temperatures this morning. 22 is as cold as it's gotten down to. before shy of the normal of 26 for this time of year. so, overall, it is chilly but about typical. you know, we are holding onto the 30 degrees mark in morganton, 29 forest city.
6:34 am
19 in andrews. our western zones chilly. 31 in greenville. 36 anderson. 33 in greenwood. now, thankfully the wind is very calm here in asheville. not the case in boon at 15 or down into greenwood at 10. and an 8 miles per hour wind in greer. it does make it feel like 23 degrees and 30 out towards anderson. take a look at the big picture because we have changes heading our way. dry high pressure mostly controlling our weather as we watch the close pull up from the south from the gulf coast. the system will give us a decent chance for rain tomorrow, about a 70% chance. today is the day to get outside and enjoy the weather. sunshine through lunchtime, clear skies through dinner and then we will start to see a few clouds on the increase. this will stop our temperatures from getting too cold. it is looking like the timeline will hold often to lunchtime. if it does hold off we won't have a threat for snow or freezing rain. elsewhere across the region is more widespread and heavy east of asheville and south. so let's take a closer look now at how much rain is expected to
6:35 am
across the region, this model is pulling in almost half an inch if not more in the french bruise river valley. south of asheville, as i mentioned, it will pick up a little bit more even east into forest city. i do think this might be a little overdone. i have seen other models pulling in just about a quarter to half an inch in asheville at best. so, for today, warmer, 54 degrees for a high. increasing clouds tonight down to 30 degrees. 57 in greenville today. slightly warmer. and a few more clouds above freezing in greenville. seven-day forecast does show good chance for rain tomorrow into saturday. temperatures are going to take a nose dive though. look at the high temperature in the 30s sunday. so, the possibility for some wintry weather through the holiday. and into the upstate, going to be all rain tomorrow. right now let's get another traffic update. crews are working a minor wreck in yancey county. >>jaclyn: patrol is on scene at fits creek road on 15e. no injuries reported just keep
6:36 am
the area soon. getting a look at the i-40 drive it is a nice and easy commute as you head through the eastbound side, you can see no delays there. and if you are heading towards future i-26 this morning, here is what it looks like at the woodfin exit. traffic is getting a little busy but overall that commute is smooth for you. remember, we do have an ongoing construction project happening in that area. you can expect lane closures starting at 7 p.m. just past this exit. >>i'm jaclyn deaugustino. this on-time traffic report is brought to you by the wired mouse computer solutions. >>jay: jaclyn, thank you. a benefit concert for leaf community arts will be held tomorrow at the gray eagle in asheville. sara judy is lead singer for the blue dragons and james fisher is here and he is with them as well and is also on the leaf board of directors. >> that's correct. >>jay: nice to have you all here. thanks for coming. >> thanks for having us. >>jay: why this concert, why now? >> a couple different reasons. one of them is it's a big
6:37 am
band into doing a benefit for relief. i have been on the board for several years now. and leaf community arts is a nonprofit. we fund leaf schools and streets. we teach over 5,000 school kids in buncombe county every year arts education and enhancing their experience in the schools. we also operate in over ten countries internationally. we thought it would be fun to put a night together with a bunch of asheville musicians and friends and make it happen. >>jay: and sara, you guys are performing be, obviously. tell me about your music. how would you describe it? >> i would describe it as a combination of americana with a bit of rock and roll and maybe a little jazz in there, just a bit. yeah. >>jay: good way to describe it. >> yeah. it covers all the bases. >>jay: let's do it right now. what are we hearing from you? >> thank you.
6:38 am
time to go real slow i would go and have a sit, and forget . . . it's about time, in a place with no time it got cold, really unwind, maybe find some time, shine give them a shine take me away through the highway to the land of the sky
6:39 am
take me away back home sitting on a porch on a sulker's day summer's day, talking with friends, it was great just today they informed me, taking a break from a long work week outside is. [inaudible] hanging the moon on each branch
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that increases the risk of death from asthma problems and may increase the risk of hospitalization in children and adolescents. breo is not for people whose asthma is well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. once your asthma is well controlled, your doctor will decide if you can stop breo and prescribe a different asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. do not take breo more than prescribed. see your doctor if your asthma does not improve or gets worse. ask your doctor if 24-hour breo could be a missing piece for you. see if you're eligible for 12 months free at >>holly: we have continuing
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as we mentioned at the top of the news cast, winners in florida, tennessee, and california will split the prize. >>jay: reed ban onreports, ticket sales were in the hundreds of ms. >> >>reporter: count your winning powerball ticket. >> size does matter! multiple lucky winners are set to cash in on the biggest jackpot in history. the california lottery association said a winning ticket was sold at 7-11, bearing in mind 8, 27, 34, 19 and the powerball of 10. the agency also said 12 tickets sold matching five of the six numbers. after 19 straight drawings without a winner, the jackpot $1.5 billion. inspiring dreams of massive wealth for players across the nation who spent an estimated $2.6 billion on tickets. but the winners won't take home
6:43 am
multiple winners means a split nearly 40% going to uncle sam and another 3-8% to most states. i'm reed ban onreporting. ( ). >>holly: the u.s. navy sailors capturedcaptured in iran are speaking out. >>jay: aaron aired video of the moment u.s. sailors were detained by naval forces wednesday. the ten sailors were captured after their two naval boats entered iranian waters in the persian gulf. >> the iranian boat came out when we were having issues and had weapons drawn so we tried to talk to them until more boats came out and took us in. >>jay: the iranian government freed all ten sailors. the u.s. central command said it would investigate the incident. >>holly: the first lawsuit against malaysia airlines for the disaperns of the flight is filed in the u.s. the flight carrying 239 passengers and crew disappeared two years ago. most of the wreckage aside from a piece of wing has never been
6:44 am
the lawsuit was filed in federal court in washington, dc by the sons of phillip woods, who died in the crash. >>jay: making news across the world, several news agencies in italy are reporting there has been an arrest in the death of an american woman, ashley olsen was living in florence when she was found strangled to death in her apartment. police have not named the suspect. >>holly: green bay packers are sipping pints of green milk. >>jay: a dairy farm started bottling green milk to celebrate the team's post season run. it's a limited edition green vanilla flavored milk. as long as the packers keep winning and the fans keep drinking, kemp says it will continue to produce the film. milk. >>holly: does a body going. they have to keep it going to st. patrick's day. even if you're not a green bay fan, if you're irish, make more money. >>jay: all kinds of options.
6:45 am
is freed. >>jay: how crews were able the to get it on a tow trunk. >>holly: how long does a person have to claim the powerball prize?
6:46 am
we come back. >>holly: let's get a recap of the local headlines. happening to they the public will get its first look at plans for a new recreation center in asheville. >>jay: the new shiloh recreation center is in the old shiloh elementary school building. last summer the center got input from the community to build a master plan for the center. tonight the city will reveal the drawings during a public meeting. >>holly: a man accuse of rolling back odometers is out of jail after posting $140,000 bond. in rutherford county, authorities arrested 30 year-old mitchell padgett, charged with changing mileage, fork forgery and notary fraud. the investigation began in december after a complaint filed
6:47 am
>>jay: the asheville design center is looking for community group tas would like a building project. like a covered stairwell. an outdoor classroom at the ywca. it was created as part of the design build studio. college students work with instructors on projects intended to maximize public and community benefit. >> >>holly: here is the answer day's mind teaser. how long does a person have to claim the powerball prize? >>jay: the answer is 180 days. >>holly: i bet you pant to put your hands on that money after six months. >>jay: it won't take me that long to imcla it. >>holly: exactly. crews are free to get a car out from ice in new york. >>jay: it was completely frozen earlier this week. icy conditions created this car sickle but now crews freed it. they were able to chip off and melt the ice enough to put it on a tow truck i. was parked in a restaurant in hamburg, new york, which sits along the water front of lake erie. >>ingrid: i feel sorry for the
6:48 am
this car has gone viral. >> he is now towed. >>jay: i'm guessing he needs a new battery. among other things. >>holly: a new paint job. >>ingrid: it's not that cold thankfully out here. we are talking in the 20s. but, this afternoon, it will feel great. 50s expected. my opinion, this is the day to get outside and enjoy a beautiful western north carolina. 46 tomorrow with a chance for rain mainly around lunchtime and after. into the weekend, it will look colder so the chance for some wintry we haven't out there. >>holly: the roads this morning? >>jaclyn: all clear right now. >>jay: look at that car, i bet he will want a coupon to to maaco,
6:49 am
thanks for joining [ cheers and applause ]
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