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tv   News 13 at 6pm  ABC  January 14, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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those what happened to a graham county man who says officers punched him and tased him 15 times all while in handcuffs. >> darcel: he's suing the county over what he says took place four years ago. news 13's john ostendorf is tracking the story. >> larry: john, this video just appeared on youtube. do you know why it was posted online? >> john: larry, the friends and family of jack frauder said they wanted it posted so they could shed light on the incident and prevent it from happening to someone else. >> extremely hard. extremely heart breaking. >> john: sharon says her husband was only in for questioning that night. >> to know that it even happened is an outrage. it enrages me. >> john: he's since been charged
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robert smith. his criminal case hasn't gone to trial yet. robbinsville resident, stephanie williams posted it. >> this isn't a third world country. >> john: the county is considering options. the incident happened under a prior sheriff's administration. >> we're taking it seriously. and of course it's right now in litigation. there are some restrictions on what i can and cannot say. >> john: sharon hopes someone will be held accountable. >> we need light on the subject of this taking place anywhere to anyone ever. ever. i would not want anyone in the world to have to go through what it has done to me and his
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>> john: now jack slaughter has a lengthy criminal history and he is representing himself in this civil case. the civil case has a hearing in graham county next week. i talked to sheriff mickey anderson on the phone today. he declined comment. >> darcel: we have new developments tonight of an armed robbery at a dollar general store. >> larry: the gunman put his weapon to a man's head. >> darcel: kim, this was a frightening situation. >> kim: darcel, it was. the store was about to close. it was 8:40. the store closes at 9 o'clock. this is the 911 call that we just received from the clerk. >> hello, we just got robbed. a man came in with shot at the ceiling and put a gun to a man's
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>> kim: witnesses say there was just one gunman inside. he wore a ski mask firing in to the air ordering everyone, including customers to get on the ground. we spoke with david akins, the very customer who had the gun pointed to his head. he asked not to show his face. he's still trying to get over the ordeal. >> the girl was asking him not to shoot. i was asking him. begging him don't shoot us. he comes back to me and sticks the gun on me and tells me to get down and give him my money. >> kim: his wallet had already fallen out of his pocket on in to the floor. there was $20. that's all he had on him. but he wanted more. there was the gunman inside and also two other suspects were
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response by buncombe county deputies. they chased them down in the dark in neighborhoods around the store. all of them now are in jail. reporting live from charlotte highway, kimberly king, news 13. >> larry: the battle between taxi drivers and uber is getting fierce. he confronted an uber driver claiming the man was picking up passengers without a permit. he claims the man then assaulted and threatened him. airport police say no witnesses have come forward. hopkins told us authorities aren't doing enough to enforce the rules. >> they can't be here. they have not done what we have done to make ourselves legal here. >> larry: asheville regional airport allows uber drivers to drop off without a permit. but they need one to pick them up. the airport says it's working
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their drivers. >> darcel: an sbi investigation concludes there was no criminal misconduct. steven ross was found hanging by a sheet march 13th. news 13 reported in march the jackson county sheriff said protocol was not followed with ross. that he was not checked enough. the sbi disputes that claim saying evidence, surveillance video and a hand written note by ross determines no officers were at fault. an update tonight, we are now getting a look at the damage that caused a fire at a home in asheville. the home owners, their four sons and two dogs got out without injury. the family is crediting smoke detectors in their home with saving their lives. >> larry: waynesville is looking for a new town manager. the board of alderman voted three to two this week to end
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board members say she'd done a good job but they also say a significant amount of employees are dissatisfied. with the morale problem, they want to go in a different direction. >> if she's not the right one for the job then i agree strongly with the decision they made. >> larry: alderman john says neither gender bias nor favoritism played a role. the board will meet next tuesday to choose an interim manager and discuss going about a search for a new manager. >> darcel: the stage is set for the republican debate. news 13's aaron adelson is live outside the debate hall. aaron, voters are excited to see the candidates debate. >> aaron: darcel, outside the arena right now you could feel a lot of energy. people really looking forward to see a lot of the candidates at
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the under card debate is beginning while people are still tonight. senator rand paul declined to participate in the under card debate. many people going say they're going to support a specific candidate. a rubio supporter says she'll be listening to what everybody has to say. >> i'm pretty committed but i still want to hear what all the candidates have to say. i want to still keep an open mind. but i really like what marco rubio, what he stands for. >> aaron: supporters of democrats are also here. we'll bring you highlights of the debate live at 10 and 11. also we've got congressman mark meadows standing by. live from north charleston, aaron adelson, news 13. our goal is to inspect our
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>> larry: news 13 investigates the reliability of hydrants in the event of an emergency. up next, failed inspection is why so many need repairs. >> jason: the sun has set now on western north carolina. a beautiful view from our leicester carpet sales news13 sky cam network up in mount mitchell state park. mostly clear up there. the clouds will be on the increase. that's a precursor for the rain. i'll time it out for you and show you how much could fall in your neighborhood. temps going d with at&t the choice is yours. you only pay for the services you need to make your bundle work for you. call now to get high speed internet for just $15 a month for 12 months with a one-year term...
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>> darcel: it's the busiest time of year for house fires. but will one of the lines of defense on your street fail? >> larry: a news 13 investigation found despite getting high marks from the state, the asheville fire department's not meeting their own goals. >> darcel: news 13 investigative
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through thousands of records. jennifer, what did you find? >> reporter: the city should be doing about 6600 fire hydrant inspections a year according to this standard operating procedure. when we uncovered they're doing is far less. they dot asheville's landscape every 500 feet. a silent army waiting. when flames erupt, you want the nearest fire hydrant working. >> when we're dispatched, the telecommunicator knows where the nearest hydrant is. communicate that information to our firefighters as they're responding. >> reporter: but it takes thousands of inspections and fire officials sharing information with 911 to know if the hydrant on your street will respond when needed. that said, in december, firefighters didn't know that this hydrant was malfunctioning until they turned the wrench.
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hydrant further away and got water supply. >> reporter: news 13 found a work order from the hydrant from august that shows the hydrant had been hit. it was tested. but may have been damaged again. what we didn't find was the hydrant's inspection report. however, what i did find was dozens of hydrants out of service. >> i've never noticed tape on it. but the fact that it is out concerns me. >> reporter: including this one, near the downtown condo of peter landis. >> we've had a couple of times where the firefighters had come by. not because there was a fire but a false alarm. >> reporter: when it comes to inspection, asheville fire department's standard procedure calls for. >> our goal is to inspect our hydrants twice every year. >> reporter: inspection includes. >> we're making sure it can open. and we're also making sure that it can flow.
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are able to come off of the hydrant. and if any of those things are not present, then that's when we either do some minor maintenance ourselves. >> reporter: news 13's investigation found most hydrants never get a second inspection. turns out it's a voluntary process that the state doesn't require departments to perform. and in special some cases? >> we're not able to get to every one every year. >> reporter: several dozen were leaking. some were listed as hard to open or close. it falls to the water department to make the needed repairs. >> it's put on our work order prioritization list. we try to get to that as quick as possible. we need to communicate to all those users, fire department especially, that there may be an out of service hydrant. >> reporter: the water department's target for making repairs are within ten days of
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but with 18,700 calls a year, one of the highest per capita in the state, hydrant inspections are a low priority. >> our inspections are a lower priority than training, keeping our firefighters safe. letting our firefighters learn and continue their skill. >> it's a high priority for me. if there's going to be a fire, it would be very helpful if there's a working hydrant nearby. >> hook up to another truck that's on scene and you use the on board water that comes with that truck, that gives us time to find the next closest hydrant. >> reporter: now you probably want to know if the fire hydrant sitting in front of your home is working. well the city doesn't have a database. most of the records we got were on paper. some of those records weren't complete even though they're
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database. what we found in those numbers was the city was doing about 20% of inspections they should be doing. we asked if they thought the number was high based on the number we had. they said they thought it would be higher than that but they couldn't give us the exact percentage. if you notice damage to a fire hydrant in front of your home, you can report it by using this app. >> larry: time to talk about the weather. chilly night but man, what a nice day. >> darcel: oh yes, jason, i this. >> jason: we all could, i think. especially if it's the dead of winter, like it is now. 58 degrees for the high temperature today. it wasn't a record. look at the record of 76 back in 1932. wow, that's going to stand for a while i think. 20 degrees for the low this morning. what a jump in temperature. we didn't pick up any rain or snow.
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it going to get now your news 13 skywatch weather. >> jason: a couple of beautiful sunsets across the area. many of you i'm sure enjoying this. leicester carpet sales news13 sky cam network. we're up in the black mountains over yancey county. 3700 feet and it's 46 degrees. and those high thin cirrus clouds overhead. same thing over the upstate. this is paris mountain. thin cirrus clouds. and now the lights are on. 70% chance of rain. so the clouds are just the beginning of what will become a pretty moist atmosphere tomorrow. and that rain likely starts to fall in earnest in to the early part of the afternoon and then ends by evening. it's not going to be a prolong
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if we see anything, and i do mean anything, it would be a little bit of light rain mixed with light snow. don't expect anything to accumulate. same thing sunday. that system that went south is going too far south. the rain, the snow, whatever we get is going to be very little. nice warm up today with our winds turning south and southwesterly. tomorrow they'll become a little more east and southeasterly. that's going to mean cooler weather will get wedged in as that rain falls and cools the atmosphere, the cooler air will settle down in the valleys. we're certainly going to see a cooler day tomorrow. second front comes through saturday early on. very little if any accumulation. then there's our system to the south on sunday. way too far south to give us any fits. we'll see mostly dry weather in the weekend. future cast. hour by hour. clouds on the increase after midnight.
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there's your legend, snow. possibly some light snowfall on the onset of this precip as we get in to early tomorrow morning for the balsams and nantahalas. we're talking high elevations. watch how quickly it all changes to rain by the lunch hour. so what falls in highest elevations, we're talking 3500 feet, likely pretty light stuff. nonetheless, don't be surprised to see snowflakes up there above 3500 feet tomorrow morning. clouds off and on for the rest of the weekend. i think this model is a little under done when it comes to rainfall. half an inch or more in the upstate is doable. the snowfall, again, very light. maybe up to a half inch or inch top end there in smokys, swain county, haywood, too. temperatures in the 20s. 20s and 30s to the north. highs go even colder.
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so get ready for some bigger chill, guys, by then. >> larry: former christ school basketball player marshall plumlee continues to find success for duke. why his contributions are s in this line of work only the freshest ingredients make the cut it's important to me to know every dish i serve is the best it can be. especially for this food critic. publix bakery scratch made bread we bake it in store every day with pride so you can serve it with some
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>> stan: marshall plumlee is having the best season of his college career for the duke blue devils. luke notestine talked to plumlee for this week's game changer. >> luke: marshall plumlee has performed very well for the blue devils in the past several games. devil's win over lake forest and virginia tech. his team mates know how important plumlee's play is to the success of the team. >> marshall stepped up and went when to play off each other.. >> luke: he had several slam dunks. plumlee says that he is living out his dream being able to get an education at duke. >> duke has been great for my
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my family loves duke. really i couldn't be more grateful. >> luke: plumlee's goal after graduation is to become an officer in the army. plumlee swore in to the army. he said immediately after that ceremony that he feels blessed to be able to do what he loves. >> i love duke basketball and i feel like the army only makes me a better basketball player. and i feel like playing for coach k and duke basketball only makes me a better officer. >> luke: duke hopes to find success in conference play. >> marshall plays heavy minutes. all our guys play heavy minutes. we gotta keep playing that way. and marshall's played well. >> luke: this saturday january 16th against notre dame.
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>> stan: bulldogs men's team on the road tonight. asheville tied for first. they're perfect in the league. they beat georgetown and penn state. formula for success. >> in order to win a season championship, you have to play home games. winning on the road in league play, no matter what league you're in, is difficult. >> stan: women's action at 2. men at 4:30. both will have their games televised on saturday on my40. western north carolina on the road tonight looking for their first road win but not an easy place to get it. western out two and one on socon play. they both trail 3 and o east tennessee state. >> larry: nice day. >> jason: tomorrow is going to be raining.
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we have a chance for some snow in the highest elevations. really minimal stuff. it's going to be cold next week. >> larry: all right.
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you to turn o breaking news tonight. the showdown. the battle even before they take the stage tonight. a dead heat between donald trump and ted cruz in iowa.
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