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tv   News 13 Saturday at 6am  ABC  January 16, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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[inaudible] >> i think we have some wet roads out there, but overall, it is going to be clearing up later on this afternoon. so, there's fog. there's clouds this morgue. brighter skies will return later on today. [inaudible] a few showers along north carolina, but overall, we will keep things on the dry side for the first half of the weekend. but snow, will be returning for tomorrow. yes, snow. back in the forecast and then bitter cold after that. we will bring you all the details in the skywatch forecast. >>evan: our top story this morning, two officers were hit by a woman fleeing a traffic stop in west asheville last night. police say they were responding to a larceny call at the kmart on patton avenue when officers stopped a woman near baker drive. the passenger ran out and ran.
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>> that jeb bush is ready on day one to be a commander in chief, worthy of the sacrifices of the 1% who have been fighting this war. >>evan: donald trump reacted on twitter to the endorsement. he says senator lind say graham, quote, embarrassed himself with his failed run for president and
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with endorsement of bush. the democratic party for president debate will kick off tomorrow at 9 o'clock gathering in charleston as well for their fourth debate. gun control is expected to be a popular issue. it's the last democratic face-off before the iowa caucuses on february 1st which kick off the nominating process. a fairview man is indicted for murder in the overdose death of a woman. austin white is facing second degree murder charges for the august 2014 death of zoey peterson. the indictment says white distributed the drug. he has not been arrested so if you see him, call police. half a dozen people claim to have defrauded by a candler contractor. marshal adams spears is charged with felony obtaining property false pretense and failure to work after being paid, which is a misdemeanor. melissa case said she paid
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on a deck, window, and roof. case says after she paid the money up front he did a few hours of work and then never returned to the job. >> it's upsetting because you don't think that people really want to hurt other people. and he knew our situation. he knew that we didn't have a lot. he knew we were living paycheck to paycheck. >>evan: marshal spears issue add statement saying his client maintains his innocence and looks forward to his day in court which is scheduled for january 29th. police arrest two teenagers after a chase involving a moped. it started around 12:45 yesterday afternoon on hendersonville road. after a school resource officer tried to pull over the moped. asheville and fletcher police then joined in the chase. the teens were arrested about an hour later. [inaudible] today marks the 25th anniversary of the start of
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launched after iraq invaded kuwait. [inaudible] >> a deadly terror attack in africa claims the lives of at least 20 people. security forces stormed a hotel in the west african nation of rekina fosso after six gunmen took hostages and started shooting.
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initially taken. they were all eventually freed. the hotel was set on fire along with several cars outside. al qaeda is claiming responsibility for the attack. coast guard officials are searching for 12 people after a military helicopter collision in hawaii. authorities say two marine choppers crashed friday morning off the island of oahu. each aircraft was carrying six people. responders are looking for them in a debris field. the helicopters collided during a training flight. a space walk at the international space station was mostly a success, despite being cut short. the american and british astronauts were able to replace a broken power box. they had to come back inside though when a small amount of water got into one of the men's helmets. turns out that space suit had a similar problem on an earlier space walk, but it was refurbished and used without any problem last month. >> >>zack: that had to be one of the scariest moments ever.
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suit? cp especially since there's not a lot of water floating around in space. i want to do a space walk. >>zack: some of those guys are so incredible, there were live tweets about the whole thing, obviously, from that. and everyone was just watching the live stream and just the fact that they were able to do these little tiny, intricate details is amazing. >>evan: it really is. all right. speaking of litttt droplets of water, maybe some snow? >>zack: that'ssight, for tomorrow morning not the case day. going to be chilly air on the back side of the snow as well. you see below freezing temperatures up by the dakotas. we are not that cold but things are certainly going to be chilly for the upcoming work week. all the details on the snow and
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after the break. hershey's miniatures. we pour 'em! we pass 'em! we pick 'em! delicious fun for everyone.
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now, in high definition, this is your news 13 skywatch forecast. >>zack: good saturday morning to you all. looking at a quiet start for the majority of the mountains. still lingering showers right across that north carolina and tennessee border. that's where we get the brunt of the storms yesterday. a lot of folks saw rain in the afternoon hours. and if you are heading out earlier this morning, it's still going to be wet on the roadways. and -- maybe even slick at times. reports from the buncombe county e. o. c. saying there are slick spots on the roads around asheville. temperatures at that point, 30 degrees. so one of the cooler spots across the mountains right now in buncombe county. everyone else is going to be into the low and mid 40s. maybe a few areas still just hovering around the mid 30s. but, overall, it is a chilly start to the day. we are seeing reduced visibility at times. maybe even less than about 3 miles. so, if you are running into any of that fog this morning, take
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here is the bigger picture now. there is a bit of a system that will start rolling through for tomorrow. limited activity today, a lingering shower or two in the morning and clearer skies this afternoon. but, there is a cold front that's going to push off to the east. there is another area of low pressure that's actually going to move east out of texas, gathering some gulf of mexico moisture but there is a convergence of air mass. you see the blue arrows coming down from canada as cooler air rolls on in and we actually introduce that moisture content with it, that is the perfect mixture for snow. it will be coming for tomorrow morning. so, to put this into motion, take a look at this. we will dissipate, clearing things out by lunchtime, later on, we will be breezy, but, we are going to be clear. sunshine and then some blue sky on the way. but take a look at this. here comes that front and we are going to see that blue popping up in a big way by 6 a.m. tomorrow. now, i do think there is a small window in terms of when the snow could actually be seen. it's a very quick system, moving
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think that the impact is going to be minimal. now, some areas could see accumulation upwards of a half an inch. however, i don't think everyone is going to be seeing that because even in the overnight hours, it may just be warm enough to actually melt some of that snow on contact with the surface. now, after that front moves on through, we are going to be clearing out the skies and we will k kp high pressure around for the start of the work week. and that's when we are talking about chilly, chilly temperatures. so, your forecasted highs this afternoon we are going to be into the mid 40s. a few areas getting closer to the 50 degrees mark. a little more sunshine will help warm those down in the judgment. but tomorrow morning we will be right around the upper 20s and low 30s. so, we still could melt some of thatatnow even after it is falling, initially, but again a few areas could see upwards of half an inch of snow at times. but, again, i think it's going to be very little in terms of impact. not a whole lot to be speaking of with this system, but the chilly air, that's going to be the next topic of conversation. take a look at that. down below the freezing point
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on monday back at 32 degrees. on tuesday, overnight lows into the low teens. we are going to try to rebound the temperatures ever so slightly, but overall, we will keep things on the cool side for the majority of next week. >>evan: haley rains used our "see it, shoot it, send it" feature to send this shot of a rainbow after yesterday's rain storm. >>zack: that's absolutely gorgeous. you can send your pictures and video, too, log on to or e-mail >> >>darcel: ditch the pills. a different medical approach experts use to fight chronic
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works, coming up this in this >>evan: most of us don't like getting sick and when we do, we want to get well fast. some doctors now say the key to staying healthy might be your gut. news 13's darcell. >>darcel: has the details on that, plus a popular cold's
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this weekend's "health wrap." >>darcel: it's time to check the medicine chest. two types of children's cough syrup are being recalled. there is a voluntary recall of two batches of children's grape liquid and three batches of the d. m. cherry liquid sold under different labels sold at rite aid, dollar general, and cvs. the company says the dosing cups included in the package are incorrect, which can lead to an accidental overdose. alarming new findings on the number of children exposed to secondhaha smoke. researchers say it affects more than half of all middle schoolers and high schoolers. they say the exposure can impact their lungs and cardiovascular health and lead to asma and lung infection. >> many first time parents will tell you getting a toddler to go to sleep at night is easier said than done but experts say it may
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establishing a good bedtime routine and sticking with it. they say the key is remembering the four b's. >> so the routines are really important. so starting with bathing and having that bath time that allows them to settle down. and then brushing their teeth and they start too think, okay, bath and then brushing. and then, story time. it's really important to have a nice, calming activity like reading a book together. and then there's bedtime. these are all behavioral modification techniques we are talking about. none of them overnight. the parent really has to decide this is the course that they are ready for and they have to be consistent and make sure they are ready for the long haul. >>darcel: are you struggling to stay healthy? experts say many diseases get their start in your digestive system. so, some doctors are going there to treat them.
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healthy gut can mean a healthy body. >> this is scary. this is not just about feeling better or looking better or getting nice clothes. it really was about life and mortality more than anything. >>reporter: betsy says she tried everything to get healthy but nothing worked. out of desperation she turned to nurse practitioner lisa vas sell who said not all, but most of disease stems from the digestive system or the gut. vas sell and patty disub are functional health practitioners who try to find and fix the root cause of disease. they say conditions such as diaz, fatigue, and even autoimmune disorders are a red flag that something is off in the body. >> a lot of times it comes from the gut and how cool is it to fix the gut and you can get all of those things to go away, too? >>reporter: how do you fix the gut? they say it starts with eliminating high will processed and sugary foods and instead eating plenty of vegetables,
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bees and eating preand probiotics because they fight things in the gut. asparagus, legumes, bananas, artichokes and onions. >> many of the chronic diseases in our society that are treated with pills can be beautifully addressed with lifestyle change, stress management, exercise, the right nutritional support. >>reporter: in waltham, massachusetts, i'm linda champa for cnn. >>darcel: that's this weekend's "health wrap." >>evan: these little guys may look like they're all about fun,
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marco rubio. he ran for senate saying he opposed amnesty... then he flipped, and worked with liberal chuck schumer to co-author the path to citizenship bill. he threatened to vote against it. and then voted for it. he supported his own dream act and then he abandoned it. marco rubio. just another washington politician you can't trust. jeb bush. he's a leader, so you always know where he stands. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. >>zack: a chilly start to the day especially for those in asheville. one of the cooler spots across the mountains. 30 degrees right now. and we are look at clearing conditions leading into dense fog but there is also reports of some slick spots and black ice. right now in leicester, on bear
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call in from a viewer saying there is a slick spot around the area and it's not the only place in buncombe county. there's many other places across the mountains that are also going to have some of those slick spots. now, maybe slightly warmer down in the upstate. still seeing the fog and the low lying clouds. there is going to be some clearing later on this afternoon for some sunshine, but the clouds are returning overnight and snow on the way for the start of our sunday. >>evan: we're not even ten weeks old and they don't have names yet but they are already training to track criminals and people who are missing. news 13's jerrika insco reports from the henderson county canine pups first training session. >> >>reporter: don't let theirir size fool you. these sisters are ready to work after being picked up in tennessee on new year's eve. >> oh, yeah. she's an explorer for sure. >>reporter: starting young, they have high expectations for the girls. >> we are shooting for 6-8 months to get them to their initial certification. >>reporter: they are blood
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finding suspects and missing people is what they were hired to do. >> when they go down to track, the skin actually goes over their eyes so it closes their eyes off where they have to -- they are forced to use their nose more. >>reporter: during training it's a deputy they are looking for at the end of a cat food trail. >> they get a lot of praise and treats and they are happy as can be. >>reporter: it didn't take them long to track . . . >> find him! >>reporter: that 20 yards. >> good girl! say high five, i did a good job! yes, ma'am! >>reporter: or impress the cacane handler. >> them being less than ten weeks old, they did a great job and put the noses on the ground and you saw them to go to the end of the trail. it's impressive. >>reporter: some day they will track just as good as bella, a full-grown bloodhound. and to get there? they will train every wednesday, for the rest of their carr. >> she says i'm ready to work!
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taken by its handler and has gone viral, a station in texas picked it up and it made national news. as for the names, the sheriff offense office said some fifth grade star students will get to pick and they hope to announce the names at the beginning of next month.
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actor is behind >>evan: welcome back, 6:27 on the dot. will and grace star debra messing will star in the "dirty dancing remake and will star as marriagery houseman joining abigail bres lynn who is set to headline as baby. no word yet on who will play patrick swayze's famous role as johnny. >> dustin diamond has begun serving his four month jail sentence in wisconsin. diamond who played screech on the late 80s sit come was
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in a bar fight in port washington. that was more than a year ago. the man he stabbed was not seriously hurt. the actor was found guilty of disorderly conduct and carrying a concealed weapon. the british edition of the huffington post will have a royal touch for a day next month. duchess kate is set to be a guest editor in mid february. a statement says she will use it as a chance to highlight the importance of children's mental health issues. that's been a key focus of her charity work in recent years. >> a long way to go, for sure. but i think we are making good steps. >>evan: artists are moving into asheville's south slope.
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crazy for crickets. >>zack: this is not the first time we have heard about this on wlos. >>evan: gross. >>zack: they showed off a four-course meal with crickets as the common ingredient. >>evan: that's disgusting. cricket pesto and crusted beef with toasted crickets, what do they taste like? >>zack: one chef says nutty flavors and the culinary director says more than 2,000,000,000 people in the world eat insects and crickets are rich in protein. >>evan: we had a story a couple months ago i think it was where there was some sort of store that was making cricket milk shakes. i guess they are high in protein. >>zack: they ground up the crickets and put them into their smew thinks? i know we had the ( ) conversation back then. i'm not sure that's what i want on my menu, breakfast lunch or dinner. i don't neat crickets. >>evan: not for me at all.
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do we have the flake-only ter? >>zack: it will be on the flake only ter on the show. day is brighter skies. through the morning hours, there is cloud cover. those are going to be clearing along with some fog concerns this morning. but, the clouds are going to be returning overnight. the snow is back tomorrow morning, but it will be a very quick stint. bitter cold after that though with high pressure rolling in. i will let you know just how far we drop all coming up in your skywatch forecast. >>evan: our top story, who officers were hit by a woman fleeing a traffic stop? west asheville. police say they were responding to a larceny call at the kmart on patton avenue around 9:30 last night. when an officer stopped the vehicle near baker drive, the passenger got out and ran. officers say when the driver, katrina diane robinson tried to officers. they deployed tasers but they missed robinson. neither officer is seriously injured. she now faces multiple charges including larceny and two counts
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on a government official. also new this morning, one person is dead in the upstate in a fatal crash last night near furman university. south carolina highway patrol says the driver was in a honda pilot suv going eastbound on point set highway around 11 p.m. the suv crossed two lanes of traffic and hit a tree. that driver was not wearing a seat belt and died on the scene. the identity of the driver has not yet been released. asheville south slope grew a little more with the announcement of a place for local artists to work. the asheville area arts council plans to move into the old abccm building along cox avenue ( ) this. is the latest steb in the area's rapid growth. news 13's jerrika ins coe has more on this development. >> >>reporter: knowing what this area looked like just a few years ago -- >> oh, gosh. i mean, industrial? car dealers, yeah. >>reporter: the south slope . . .
6:28 am
people to the area and now there's, you know, a whole lot going on over here. >>reporter: now, you almost cannot recognize this. >> a lot. a whole lot. i think when we first -- when i first moved here, there was asheville brewing company and a couple others. and that was it. >>reporter: breweries on every corner have turned it into a place locals had to nickname. >> so they called this beer slope. versus south slope. because it's quickly becoming heavy with beer. >>reporter: while asheville is known for its craft beer, you can not forget the artists. and while there are artists there has to be a place for them to work. >> ceramics, printmakers, dark rooms, asheville makers. >>reporter: the asheville area arts council found the opportunity to create that on cox avenue. a 15,000 square foot building set to be full of studios and opportunities for local artists. >> having no business to developing their business, to being able to grow their
6:29 am
>>reporter: the south slope has got the beer but they need that asheville flair. and this council plans to bring it. >> getting in as things are starting to develop and get build up and it's an opportunity for us to be part of that. >>reporter: this side of the city continues to make a name forrist and could use more people to do that. >> we have a long way to goer if sure. but, i think we are making good progress. >>reporter: jerrika insco, news 13. >>evan: and market news, never before has wall street gotten off to a worse start to the year. it was a stomach-churning session athe new york stock exchange yesterday. the day ended with the dow falling 391 points. that's down an incredible 1400 points in just the first two weeks of this year. the fall of oil prices and concerns over china's economic standing are what is fueling this decline. developing this morning, the state attorney general wants answers from blue cross/blue shield of north carolina. roy cooper's office sent a
6:30 am
requesting plans to make things right. blue cross customers have been dealing with service and overbilling problems for weeks. here is news 13's ashley searles with more on the developing story. >> you just can't get through. it's crazy. so, blue cross/blue shield, if you want to, give me a call. >>reporter: kevin has been making calls to the company even while he's at work. >> i have not been able to get hold of anybody. i have paid the premium for my new insurance and blue cross has taken the premium for them, because they don't know that i'm not with them anymore because i haven't been able to get hold of them to tell them. >>reporter: blue cross even henderson county itself to his $300 january premium. >> they have access to my bank account, and that's a trust. >>reporter: we tried to get a consider service agent on the phone today, half a dozen times. >> due to unusually high call volume. >> >>reporter: no luck. >> blue cross, blue shield of north carolina is unable to take your call at this time. >>reporter: this week the
6:31 am
addressed company heads in a letter, requesting an planation for what went wrong and fixes to overbilling among other things. >> so we have been helping people call the customer service line and the customer service line for blue cross right now is -- if someone doesn't get through, they can put their phone number in to get a call-back. >>reporter: pisgah legal has been offering free appointments to help people sign up for health insurance. or, correct health insurance problems. >> they come in and talk to us. we can help give them assistance. help send them to the right place, whether it's customer service or help give them the right information to help clear up any errors they have experienced. >>reporter: ashley searles, news 13. >>evan: the response to the attorney general's letter blue cross said the customers should expect to receive id cards by next week and the company said most of the overbilling issues have been identified and fixed. they have extended hours this weekend to be open today. a burrito chain will take a time out in the midst of a crisis that sickened people
6:32 am
chipotle has had issues with everything from e-coli to the neurovirus, on february 8th it is closing all of its restaurants for a national meeting about the issue. restaurants like bar whatry toes in asheville say the chipotle crisis could make the industry safer in the long run. >> we are constantly educating and training our people to make sure they are aware from the time we interview them, you know, this is what we expect, whether it's handling food. whether it's temperatures or food that you have to stay within. >>evan: since the illness outbreak, chipotle's stock has dropped 40%. yet another brewery opened its doors in downtown asheville. rah marchi opened, that is the hin duh name of the goddess for bees. the brew house is located ( ) on south lexington avenue. the cone toker says they will have creative food and beer at the venue. >> we have a great location.
6:33 am
more like the napa valley for beer. so, you know, we have cultivated an environment that's -- people travel from all over the country, sometimes the world to drink our beer. >>evan: the soft opening for the brewery was thursday. they opened yesterday evening for dinner. lawmakers and others gathered in raleigh for a bell-ringing ceremony honoring dr. martin luther king junior. king's widow, coe letta scott king, requested ( ) the bell-ringing ceremony be held nationwide as a way to provide freedom in everyone's lives. following the ceremony state employees observed an observance at the church. it is celebrated the third monday of every january and yesterday was his birthday. >> president obama is stepping up efforts to close the prison at guantanamo bay. it was a promise he made in his first state of the union address 8 years ago and he reiterated it in his last address on tuesday. some say it will never happen though.
6:34 am
measure," host sharyl attkisson explores the future of gitmo and whether the president has the authority to shut it down ( ). >> that's the big question. i think he thinks he absolutely does, but there are members of congress who say he absolutely cannot do that without their approval. and in fact senator lindsey graham a member of the armed services committee says it will not happen. that the president will shot down guantanamo bay and he goes as far as to say delusional, saying the president is delusional if he thinks this is the right time to do it. >>evan: you can watch the full story on "full measure" this sunday morning at 10:30 right here on abc 13. the flake only ter or the flake oh meter? ( ). >>zack: it's very technical. either way, it's a tech technical way to read the weather here. yes, it is showing flakes rolling in for tomorrow. social media chatter? not anymore. we are watching out for a few bits of show showers on sunday, not going to be the case today.
6:35 am
i think the impact will be limited. jason boyar cracks me up as well. coming up after the break, we will show you when and where some of that snow is going to be seen and some of the chilliest
6:36 am
start of next week. now, in high definition, this is your news 13 skywatch forecast. >>zack: now, your news 13 skywatch weather. >>zack: good saturday morning. after rain did roll through, there is certainly going to be wet roads out there. and some slick spots. so, if you guys are heading out in the early morning hours, we want to take our time on the roadway. when you see that bullseye, asheville. everyone is seemingly a little warmer across the mountains, upper 30s, low, maybe into the mid 40s, burnsville and hendersonville at 44 degrees. much more of the same down in the upstate. however, i think as we make our way further south later on this slightly warmer. now, there could be some dense fog in some mountain locations, so if you do run into any of that reduced visibility, just take your time. and again we want to reiterate there could be slick spots
6:37 am
if you head out in the early morning take your time to get to any destination. here is the bigger view. you see the broad cold front that will continue to push off to the east but there is another area of low pressure that we want to talk about for tomorrow morning. that's going to be bringing us our snow. right now, it's in central texas. it's going to continue to progress, grabbing that gulf of mexico moisture, but yes see the blue arrows ear? this is diving cold air coming from canada and we are even seeing temperatures in the northern dakotas right now into below zero temperatures. and we are not going to get that cold. but, with this chilly air mass rolling through and the moisture content coming in, the converging air is actually going to be producing some of the snow. let's show you the hour-by-hour forecast and let you know when it's heading in your direction. clearing out the sky, bringing in blue sky and sunshine later on this afternoon, temperatures hovering around average for this time of year, we will go overnight bringing us into 6 a.m.. starting with the cloud cover first and then as we go into the morning hours, there is the broadband it is all blue. we are looking at show showers
6:38 am
but, i want us to notice how quickly this also moves off. by lunchtime, that is pushing off to the east. we are trying to clear things out. i think limited in terms of impact, over the next 24 hours in terms of rain and snow. and then once we clear that out, we are looking at a lot of sunshine on the way for the start of the work week. but, our temperatures at that point are really going to be dropping in a pretty drastic way. so, we are into the mid 40s today. maybe into the mid 50s and make our way further south. now, tomorrow, with that snow and the early morning hours, i think initially it is going to be melting on contact with the surface. upper 20s and low 30s to kick off our sunday morning. we are keeping things more so on the cool side. a few areas could see accumulations maybe upwards of half an inch of rain, not a whole lot to be speaking of throughout the kay on sunday. but, i do think once we clear out some of the show showers in the early morning we will be bringing in sunshine on the way for monday as well as tuesday. late day snow and rain coming wednesday and our next chance for some rain and snow going to
6:39 am
thursday and friday of the upcoming week. >>evan: in this morning's consumer report, the best gadgets to help you sleep i have asthma... of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine, i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. breo won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. breo opens up airways to help improve breathing for a full 24 hours. breo contains a type of medicine that increases the risk of death from asthma problems and may increase the risk of hospitalization in
6:40 am
breo is not for people whose asthma is well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. once your asthma is well controlled, your doctor will decide if you can stop breo and prescribe a different asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. do not take breo more than prescribed. see your doctor if your asthma does not improve or gets worse. ask your doctor if 24-hour breo could be a missing piece for you. see if you're eligible for 12 months free at >>evan: sleep deprivation has become big business. americans spent more than $40 billion last year searching for that elusive good night's sleep. news 13's jennifer i'm rick gives us tips on gadgets from
6:41 am
>>reporter: the marketplace has exploded with plenty of options to help you get your z's. we are taking you under the cover with consumer reports for what works or what may leave you counting sheep. >> this informer reasonable can be tempting if you are desperate for shut eye. >> you get the best sleep of your life every single night and i guarantee it. >> the $60 my pillow promises deeper, longer, rem sleep. but there are no chin acl studies to support this. how about this $150 sleep helpherd? it's basically a beanie with built in speakers. it claims to monitor brain waves an drown out distractions. >> the research it accurately monitors brain activity is pretty thin. but, hearing the rhythmic sound can be soothing. >> in fact, white noise ma enshoos like this $50 dome d. s. helped most people who tried them sleep better. >> according to a consumer report survey. and apps like white noise and my
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on your smart phone for free. >> you should also think why you can't sleep. electronic devices like smart phones and laptops emit blue light which slows the production of the sleep hormone mel toe anyone and keeps you awake. >> these pricey glasses promise to block blue light and they do block some but when consumer reports tested glasses in the special light measuring sphere, they found the glasses that blocked out the most blue light are these u. v. x. safety glasses, with orange lenses. which cost just $8. what's the best way to beat insomnia? quit smoke, cut back on caffeine and alcohol and turn off screens long before you go to bed. >> although you may be craving a simple solution, consumeer reports reviewed the research on sleep drugs and found them to be limited in their effectiveness. and they pose some serious risks of side effects, like next-day drowsiness. you can get more information or
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our web site. >>evan: up next, a look at hurricane alex, courtesy of nasa
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>> >>zack: a quiet start to our saturday. maybe a few lingering showers along the north carolina and tennessee border but still a chilly start and especially for those in asheville, 30 degrees right now we are trying to clear out some of the skies. there is still going to be some wet roadways as we step out the door in the early morning and slick spots. we have already got a call in from the viewers saying that up in leicester around bear creek road there is black ice. so, if you are heading out to a destination this morning we want to take our time. low-lying clouds and fog for those down in the upstate. slightly milder conditions. however, things are going to be warming up very gradually throughout the day. average temperatures later on
6:45 am
little blue sky along with some sunshine. so, that is the good news and then we are seeing snow in the early morning hours on sunday. now, bringing us out into the atlantic ocean, we are you can thatting about hurricane alex. now, it has weakened to a tropical storm, but it's certainly causing quite a buzz over the past few days. take a look at this photograph. it's a nasa satellite image of alex on thursday morning around the time it first reached hurricane strength. the national weather service expects the storm to keep heading north and eventually dissipate. this was only the fourth time forecasterrer recorded a storm in january since they started keeping track in 1851. >>evan: unbeaten north
6:46 am
upset give it to me i'm worth it baby i'm worth it uh huh i'm worth it gimme gimme i'm worth it give it to me i'm worth it
6:47 am
>>stan: upset in the mountains, top prep basketball team in the area, the north henderson knights, third ranked and 15-0 for the season were stunned at smoky mountain. mustangs have only "w's"," and they are 12-3 overall, always dangerous and won last night. first quarter, tommy get as field goes all the way on the err end for the short jumper off the glass, smoky up 4. nights cheap it close thanks to austin nelson. hit as long 3 to make ate 2 point smoky mountain lead. kyle decker knocks down the long
6:48 am
henderson the lead at the half. second half though is all mustangs. brendan finds damon leopard, he gets the short jumper to fall. mustangs pull off the sup set 70-53 giving north henderson the first loss of the year. >> [inaudible] >> we came in and beat a great basketball team. you know, the energy level was crazy, you know. getting up and down the court. we were trying to make it a fast-paced game. it was very fun to be part of. >>stan: now the girls, snowski mountain ranked 9 in the the state. ja mya mccullum gets in the lane and finishes the layup off the glass. smoky mountain leads 40-15 but the knights fight. carolyn marshes finishes with a short jumper and smoky is too much to handle. brianna layman finishes the jumper and the lane, smoky mountain gets the easy 75-40 win. that's sports this morning.
6:49 am
we will see you tonight now, in high definition, from the western north carolina's news leader, this is news 13 this weekend. >>evan: we have breaking news out of asheville this morning. no injuries, however, we do have a car flipped over.
6:50 am
that is on overlook road and deer run drive.
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