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tv   News 13 at 6pm  ABC  January 17, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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square off in the first debate of the new year. the event will get underway tonight at 9 in charleston. aaron adelson is live outside the debate hall there. aaron, what is the mood like? >> aaron: ashlea, people are fired up. they've been here for hours chanting about their favorite candidate. they have been at this for hours. politicians lend their voices to people without one. this is the opposite. these folks are losing their voices for politicians. for hours, jeanine poole has been burning her message to people going by. >> my voice is a little dead.
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be successful. >> aaron: these folks are all on the same side. fired up for a discussion about politics. >> some differences between the two of them but i'm so worried that they're going to tear each other apart. >> aaron: on the right side of the street, a small group wants to make sure none of the democrats get elected. >> if a republican gets in the white house, we're going to canada. >> aaron: three hours until the debate and this crowd continues to keep growing. we see bernie and hillary supporters, but not martin o'malley. we'll have highlights from that tonight at 10 and 11. for now, live in charleston, aaron adelson, news 13. >> ashlea: hendersonville police
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34-year-old andrew dalton was taken in to custody friday night. he's charged with robbery with a dangerous weapon. dalton is being held at a detention facility on $60,000 bond. his court date is this tuesday. early this morning, the mountain saw the first snow fall of 2016. here's some photos viewers sent in of the dusting. coming up a little bit, we'll have much more on the snow that didn't stay long but was good while it lasted. in most areas, temperatures stayed cold today. jason boyer joins us with our skywatch forecast. jason, will the weather warm up at all this week? >> jason: yes, it will a little bit. our system that brought snow is now well to the east of us. it's spinning off the coast of the mid-atlantic right now bringing snows to the mid east. this is bringing snow showers back to southeast kentucky,
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we'll also get snow rung out in the mountains. watch out for black ice and bursts of light snow near along the tennessee border. it's temperatures that will also be the big story tonight. below freezing in most mountain locations. and the wind is starting to crank up. this is just going to mean a brutally cold night. we'll have wind chills subzero in many cases. wind chill advisories have been issued for much of the area, including asheville. look at the temperatures this evening going 29 at 7. 26 at 9. 23 by 11. we'll talk about our chances for rain and snow the rest of the week coming up. >> ashlea: odds are when you woke up this morning outside it looked a lot more like winter. news 13's kimberly king witnessed it first hand in spruce pine. take a listen.
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it's coming down pretty well out here. as if on cue, the flakes began falling in the dark at 6:00 a.m. as we went on the air for our news 13 morning show. broadcasting live from spruce pine in mitchell county where i could see a little by the road was sticking. we watched snow trucks coming down dropping salt and plowing several times. one driver gave us the road report. >> the hills, it's just kind of slick a little bit. >> i was up before the sun was this morning. >> kim: chris risher got a little at her house. >> i was hoping for more so we could go sledding this morning. >> kim: unfortunately her sledding hill was still green across the street. >> when we woke up this morning it was snowing and everything was white. >> kim: mary alice and david bell had stayed in their cabin
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>> finally got here, winter time. >> kim: mountain tops were covered, the snow gracefully sitting on leaves but soon melted away. a pretty sight for the first snow of 2016 as we wait to see if more will come. kimberly king, news 13. >> ashlea: right now crews are working to remove rocks that blocked a road. justin, what's the latest out there? >> justin: well this road is still closed. i'm going to go ahead and step out of the way. you can see there's still some machinery on the scene right here. they're trying to dig a little bit behind some of that big boulder that's out there to figure out what they need to do next to get that boulder off the road. there was talk they were going to move rocks behind it so they would be able to push that boulder off the road. it's a very different scene from when we first arrived.
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of smaller rocks and dirt covering the road. the call came around 2:15. and this section of town mountain road has been blocked off. there are also a number of people checking out why they couldn't get through the area. a supervisor with dot says as soon as he got here he wanted to make sure it was safe. from there, it was all about surveying the road. >> it don't look like it really done any damage to the pavement. it looks kind of minimal. we've got space there where we can push it up and get the road open. >> justin: they were working for about an hour and aaa a half. they've been able to take a look at what the damage is, they were able to reassess. you can see folks with flashlights back there just trying to figure out what the
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rocks so they can go ahead and open up this road. let you know when town mountain road does open again. justin hinton, news 13. >> ashlea: there were free health screenings today to help out area residents. the event provided free screenings for things like blood pressure, hearing and vision. organizers say this type of event even with the passage of the affordable healthcare act is really important. >> we still find that many people may have insurance but their detectible is so high that it's not helping them as much as they'd like. >> ashlea: no appointments are necessary. honoring the reverend dr. martin luther king jr.'s life by bettering the community. students, faculty and staff will work with folks from hall
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projects including a garden and prepping materials for the classroom. unca will also hold their day of service tomorrow. they'll volunteer with the ymca, the group art for life and the local habitat for humanity. tornados ripped through sarasota, florida, this morning. coming up, the casualties, damage and the injuries as folks survey what's left behind. the american prisoners released in iran have a few stops to make before coming
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after the >> ashlea: violent and deadly tornados ripped across florida's west coast just before dawn this morning. those storms killed two people and injured at least 11. >> reporter: steven and kelly wilson were asleep in their mobile home when that deadly tornado struck. >> actually removed the mobile home from its foundation, concrete block foundation and rolled in the direction toward the street. >> reporter: wilson died immediately. his wife passing away from a heart attack a short time after. their son managed to crawl from children to safety. >> woke up this morning and lost
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>> reporter: these deaths in duet, florida, the only ones. as a line of threatening thunderstorms and heavy winds pushed through the state. >> a few people trapped upstairs in a home. >> reporter: in siesta key, another twister damaged this home trapping two victims inside. one easily pulled from the wreckage. though a special operations unit had to open a portion of the collapsed roof for a second. a woman trapped in her bedroom. fiesta key is known for expensive homes. by day break, residents who survived the night were out surveying the damage. the cost estimated in the millions. >> this is the worst storm i've ever been in in 43 years. but you live and move on, that's all. >> reporter: and despite the urge to dig in, officials are
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damage to stay away from their homes until they're told the structures have been cleared. >> ashlea: coming up next on news 13 at 6:00, tracy morgan continues his comeback after a limo accident that left him seriously injured. the new in this line of work only the freshest ingredients make the cut it's important to me to know every dish i serve is the best it can be. especially for this food critic. publix bakery scratch made bread we bake it in store every day with pride so you can serve it with some
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tt2w`t3n`&d! bt@q:1d tt2w`t3n`&d! "a@q*= tt2w`t3n`&d! bm@q!6, tt4w`t3n`&d!" dztq #', tt4w`t3n`&d!" entq s#l tt4w`t3n`&d!" gzt& j$4 tt4w`t3n`&d!" hnt& z*x tt4w`t3n`&d!" iztq 0c tt4w`t3n`&d!" jntq "3@ tt4w`t3n`&d!" lzt& :^< >> ashlea: four americans released by tehran in a prisoner swap arrived in geneva. the men are expected to make their way to a u.s. military base in germany. that's where they'll receive medical check-ups and where they'll likely be reunited with their family members. the u.s. released seven iranians that had been convicted of sanctions violations. you can see the video here,
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cameras cameras. you can see here the vehicle disappears. it looks like the car hit her in the video but actually it just missed her. the collision did trigger a gas leak, though. store workers dragged the two people that had been in the car out to safety. the pair was taken to the hospital for treatment. and tracy morgan is coming back to tv. the actor and comedian is set to star in a pilot for a potential fx comedy. according to entertainment weekly, morgan will play a career criminal that's released from prison after 15 years and is hoping to get back in to society. he did appear at the emmy's and hosted saturday night live. there was snow on the ground.
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>> jason: our first real taste of it, everyone gets excited. hudson was out there along with tea time. this is just the beginning of some very cold temperatures. no measurable rain or pick-up at the airport. a dusting on the ground this morning. more snow is coming to the mountains.
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we'll get a l now your news 13 skywatch weather. >> jason: i'm sure a lot of you were excited to see the snowflakes this morning. a very wet snow initially. those folks out to the west love it, too. the cataluchee ski area, here at hemp hill ball. bone chilling 22 degrees. they are certainly on the slopes today. and this weekend was a pretty good weekend to do that. radar and satellite. our storm is exiting off to the east. we'll be dealing with the cold. here's that big trough in the jet stream. single digit temperatures. that cold is going to be felt here for a couple of days at least. so we've got this kind of sandwiching effect in the
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and the northerly branch. they combine forces to give us a shot of snow today. the chances are slim of getting days. tuesday. we bump it up to 30% on wednesday. watching that day. but it doesn't look like a major system. thursday. higher elevations in the mountains, you've got a 30% of getting snow. maybe a light coating. it looks like thursday may be a pretty good day for snow in the higher elevations late in the day. 32 degrees right now. there's the wind, though. driving that wind chill down to 23. look at these wind chills in the future cast. midnight tonight and beyond we're going single digits above and below zero. avery county in to watauga county. we'll have single digit wind chills to the south and west in
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it's going to be really, really, really cold for the next 24 to 36 hours, folks. prepare, bundle up. wear plenty of layers. you'll need them. here's that second blast of cold air coming in tonight and tomorrow. it kind ofoves through and leaves behind some clouds. other than that, the wind is going to be a big story the next couple ofdays. then we start to quiet down mid week. we'll eventually get some rain back in the forecast. tonight, mostly clear skies. as you go in to the high country, you'll find snow showers. by day break, it is all gone and sunshine is back. could get about an inch of snow up there in the higher elevations at most near along the tennessee valleys. temperatures in the single digits and low teens tonight. temps tomorrow, only 20s for highs here in most mountain valleys. it will be very cold. seven day forecast is looking chilly, too.
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back to the 40s at least by thursday with rain mostly then. >> ashlea: the carolina panthers advance to the nfc title game despite almost blowing a 31 point lead.
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next in sports. >> stan: seattle came to the city to take on the panthers, everybody figured the seahawks would knock the top seed out, except for the panthers. they were locked and ready to go. and on the first play, they showed it.
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the last three games with an injury. he looked up at the jumbotron to watch himself. jonathan stewart, man, he is one of the keys in this team. he goes in easily for the touchdown. seven-nothing. there's a happy little panther fan here who gets the football. look at her face. boy, she can't believe it. another football handed out a few minutes later. luke keekly right there. and it's 14-nothing. we haven't even played five minutes yet. cam newton finds greg olson. what a grab. 31-nothing panthers at the half. seattle as we figured they would, rally. scrambles then fires to jermaine kurs. steven hashka nails this field goal.
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the on side kick. davis was there and saves the day. carolina holds on 31-24. give seattle credit for a great comeback. but it's the panthers moving on. it wasn't easy in the end but certainly satisfying. >> luke: the carolina panthers all that matters is that the panthers are moving on thanks to a win here in charlotte. we caught up with some of the players after the win to get their reaction. the biggest win of the season for the carolina panthers. >> knowing that we're going to host again next week. it's going to be a special week here in the carolinas. in charlotte. it's special for us as players and an organization. >> we went 15 and 1 for a reason. we like playing in front of our
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to be able to host the nfc championship game is going to be fun. we haven't played arizona this year. but it will be a rematch from last year. >> you get to do it in front of your fans and at home. it's exciting. that's the biggest thing for me is you get to do it at home. you're familiar with everything. you don't have to get on a plane. it makes things a little bit easier for us. it's not going to be an easy game by any means. arizona is a great team. not having to travel anywhere is good. >> luke: the carolinas panthers advance. next sunday, the carolina panthers will host the arizona cardinals right here at 6:40 p.m. i'm luke notestine for news 13 sports. >> stan: pittsburg beats the broncos 10-9 in the third. >> jason: and our house is divided.
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welcome to "world news tonight." iran. those american prisoners taking the first steps to freedom. the plane touching down in switzerland. the pastor, the marine and the journalist, on their way home to their families. tonight, inside the deal that got them out. battle lines. donald trump tearing into ted cruz, but cruz using trump's own words against him. so, who's the real conservative? this, as hillary and bernie square off in a new debate. night strike. deadly tornadoes hitting while people slept. families forced to scramble for their lives. our reporter in the middle of the disaster zone.
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