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tv   News 13 This Morning  ABC  January 18, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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caution if you do have to be out on the roads overnight. you can see here in the parking lot of the overlook, there is a light coating of snow and that's pretty much what we are finding across the roads here as we make our way up the mountains towards wolf laurel. i checked in with dot officials and they tell me some slick conditions are reported in the shelton laurel area on north carolina 212 as well as hot springs on the other end of the county, north carolina 209 and 63. and then here on i along future i-26 as you make your way towards tennessee. those the areas they are keeping a close eye but again they are out across the county. we have seen dot under 25/70 in marshal as well. we are live here in madison county this morning. we will give you another update at 6:30. enjoy the snow. the kids are out for the martin luther king junior holiday. this is enough snow to play in, maybe not enough to make a snowman but surely a welcome sight for some. let's check in with jaclyn in our on-time traffic center monitoring the conditions in other parts of the county.
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slick roads reported in mitchell and yancey county this morning. there are icy roads scattered throughout spruce pine and bakersville so if you live in these areas remember to take it slow on your morning commute. drivers in wand, these are the areas you need to avoid. there are slick conditions, near the madison county and yancey county line as well as the bald creek area. we have that ongoing construction happening in wand. one lane is still closed on north carolina 80 near hickory springs road for some repairs. this project will wrap up at the end of the month. that's a look at your on-time traffic report, brought you by the wired mouse commuter computer solutions. >>holly: we have an update on an armed robbery in hendersonville. a fayetteville man is under arrest. this is surveillance video of the incident last thursday night at the triangle convenience store on chimney rock road. 34 year-old andrew dalton is charged with robbery with a dangerous weapon and is being held on $60,000 bond and is expected to make his first court appearance tomorrow. >>jay: a haywood county county sheriff offense office is
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the crime happened at galloway's convenience store friday night. deputies say at least one of the suspects waved his gun and demanded money. both suspects were wearing red hoodies with dark pants and dark ball caps. anyone with information is asked to call the haywood county sheriff offense office. >>holly: democratic presidential candidates hillary clinton and bernie sanders did not hold anything back in the debate in charleston, south carolina. >>jay: the latest poll show bernie sanders could upset front runner hillary clinton in iowa and in new hampshire. meghan hughes has more on how it went. >> >>reporter: in south carolina, front runners hillary clinton and bernie sanders come out swinging, debating health care. clinton, a defender of obama's legacy. >> i'm not sure whether we are talking about the plan you just introduced to night or the plan we are talking about the plan you introduced nine times in congress. >> sanders says she is lying about his plan for health care.
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>> he voted to let guns go into national parks, amtrack, he voted against doing research to lives. >>reporter: the debate steps away from the charleston church where a white gunman killed 9 black worshipers in june. martin o'malley hoping to get an edge on the issue. >> i'm the one candidate on the stage that actually brought people together to pass comprehensive lun legislation. >> sanders refused to discus indiscreations. deplorable,. have i ever said anything about that? no, i'm here to debate the mr. o'malley. >> donald trump was not a big topic of conversation, hillary once. meghan hughes, abc new, washington. >>holly: this morning's news reel, a family in virginia is mourning loved ones killed in a
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>>jay: in chesterfield, a fire broke out. madison anderson is one of five survivors. she was staying with her boyfriend's family when the fire started. >> there was six guys in my room telling me to get up, there was a fire and i thought i was dreaming and then they were like, no, seriously, you have to go. >>jay: five people died. firefighters say the fire started in the garage and investigators are still looking into what caused the fire. the red cross is helping survivors. >>holly: in pasadena, texas, a chemical plant explosion kills 3 people and injuries others. 1,000-gallons of oil leaked and caught fire. four workers were transferring a happened. >> it's a chemical they work with all the time. it's not significant, but it's a precaution we send them to the emergency to have them treated.
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90-acres produces hydrogen peroxide. the site manager said they have, quote, an outstanding safety victim. >>jay: officers say three victims were found in ha home that was one woman and two men all in their 20s. authorities believe the killer was one of the victims, police say no guns were involved, but they found a knife at the scene. >> again it's still early in the investigation, but with some of the information that was located on or at the scene, it gives us some preliminary information that we can say that one of the individuals may have been the perpetrator on the scene, but say. >>jay: all three were current or former students at state university of new york. >>holly: police in st. louis are investigating an officer-involved shooting that left a person dead. the gunman is believed to be in his 50s had just robbed a kentucky fried chicken. a witness flagged down officers who arrived on scene. the police sergeant opened fire
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handgun at the officer. the gunmen was then shot and killed. >>jay: the search continues for a 2 year-old missing in tennessee. volunteers began searching for noah chamber lynn. he went missing last thursday near his grandmother's home in tennessee. the grabbed mother says she, noah and his sister were hiking in the woods behind her house. officials still have a lot of terrain to cover. >> well, there's trails all over the area and he was on a trail when he went missing. we have searched all around those trails. i wouldn't be afraid to say there was hundreds of miles of trails. >>jay: family and friends gather for a vigil for the missinged tooler. >>holly: we have a "early bird gets the win" give away. >>jay: in honor of asheville restaurant week we are giving away two $50 gift certificates
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go to 13 to dr enteric we will announce two winners coming up later and red scott from the red stag grill will give us another taste of what the restaurant has to >> frigid temperatures are making their way across the midwest. >>jay: when the area can expect warmer weather. >>ingrid: we are seeing light snow once again, we will take a closer look at the radar after spots. how cold it will be this morning and throughout the afternoon,
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coming up right after the break. now, in high definition, this is your news 13 skywatch forecast. >>ingrid: for some of us for the second morning in a row, waking up to light snowfall across the region. so, we still have a few flurries happening across some portions of the northern areas, northern swain county, northern haywood county, out towards mor then madison county as well. where we had news 13's lauren brigman and a few isolated areas here from northern buncombe county to northern mcdowell county. up towards avery, mitchell and afraid. it's very cold out there. we have the snow yesterday morning. here is a threat, refreezing overnight. so, slick conditions a possibility. even on some secondary roadways here in buncombe county. for my morning commute, a little slick out there. just keep that in mind. lot of folks thankfully have it off from school and maybe work. almost 1.7" of precipitation for the month and for the year as well. 23 degrees for low temperatures so far in asheville.
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30s out towards forest city. to 27 down into greenville. but look at this, let's factor in the winds here at 15 miles per hour in asheville, 24 up towards boone, 15 in forest city to 14 down into anderson. this is the feels like temperature. right now, in asheville, feels like a very cold 10 degrees. 19 in rutherford county. out towards franklin and bryson city, andrew, all feeling like it's below 20 degrees. look at this, up in knoxville, feels like 7. national weather service has a wind chill advisory for areas above 3500 feet. it could feel like below zero. in fact, up to 15 below in those high mountain ridges. so, from avery county down to graham, including into buncombe county. that goes until lunchtime today. high dry pressure controlling weather for now. let's take a look at the extended futurecast to see what will change. so, throughout the day, enjoy the sunshine. we will just see a few light show showers in that the next couple hours and it will be out of here.
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and cold, windy conditions continuing through tomorrow morning. tuesday, not too exciting. just very cold once again. and then we see a slight chance for a rain/snow mix on wednesday. that's as early as 8 a.m.. then we see an increased chance for that come thursday, and again on friday. mainly in the morning hours, when temperatures, of course, are below freezing. back here today, 28 degrees. incredibly cold conditions expersonally to start the day. if you have to outside you are at risk for frostbite and hypothermia. cover exposed skin. gusts up to 22 miles per hour. mainly clear skies, even colder tonight. 13, gusts up to 20 once again. greenville will stay chilly but back to the upper 30s and tonight about 18 degrees. seven-day forecast, still cold tomorrow. high temperatures struggling to make it up to freezing. still in the teens through tuesday night. that slight chance for rain/snow wednesday. back up to 50% thursday. 70 on friday. going to be maybe snow in the
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the afternoon hours. but, even into next weekend, we are staying gusty and cold. upstate locations, still chilly the next several days. back over to you. >>holly: the midwest region of the united states is dealing with dangerously freezing weather. >>holly: an arctic blob is covering the great plains. wind chill warnings were issued in ned, suicide, and the midwest. the cold weather is not expected to lift until tuesday night. a much milder weather is expected later this week. >>holly: time is 6:14. the carolina panthers preparing to make history. >>jay: how they beat the seahawks. >>holly: remember if you are on the go early in the morning you can still catch us by
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>>jay: youv kq6*&tr\xqlmte^wbu bk;=8np1?:@[c `mhujtll0g* >>stan: good morning, in sports, the carolina panthers will host an nfc title game for the first time in their history. top seed panthers beet seattle sunday to get there, but boy, they road enough ups and downs to make a care row winds crowd proud. jonathan stewart out 3 games with the bad foot, he had fresh legs. goes 59 yards almost takes the house, tops seattle at 15 and things look good for carolina. coach lays it out again. he takes the easy score, everyone happy at bank of
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especially the youngsters getting footballs in the panthers score on t.v. and this lady right here, boy, look at that look on her face. how excited is she? the defense strikes for 6. russell wilson throw, steps in front, scores it and more football handed out. a free football frenzy especially when cam newton hits greg olsen and makes the unbelievable catch, 31-0, the hawks are not nfc two-time champs for norg, russell wilson get as touchdown, 31-21. sweating time at b. o. a., when steven house drives in a field goal. now it's 31-24. with 1:14 to go. you know they're going to the kick, han theres have to recover and little university of georgia grad bounce the game away, 31-24 panthers in a bodily injury
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next week. banged up steelers and broncos, trying to drive the nail in, on the move up with a fumble, broncos recover. they go inform a long drive, c.j. anderson caps it with a t.d. run. bron codes lead 18-13, 2 point conversion, they win it 20-13. a.f.c. title game next sunday 3:05, new england at denver. acc hoops in tallahassee, virginia and fsu, time winding down, malik beasley in the corner for 3. cuts it to a 3 point lead. second half, terrence man makes the drive and the 2, fsu leads by 2 and they go on to upset virginia, 69-62. that's sports this morning. i'm stan pamfilis. we will see you again tonight at 6 o'clock. have a great monday, everyone. >> >>holly: bundle out this morning. >>jay: yeah, you can't put on enough layers.
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high temperature today, gives you an indication how cold we will stay. 34 forest city to 39 in gaffney and greer. 41 in clemson and anderson and 43 greenwood. here is good news. we have some shine today. clear and cold and windy, continuing into tonight. 9 for a low in burnsville, to 13 in asheville and hendersonville. 20 in spindale and rutherfordton. waynesville, around 13 degrees. and 20 in spartanburg. there are several slick roads reported in our area, jaclyn. crews are salting and sanding these spots right now? >>jaclyn: ingrid, i just checked back in with dispatch evers and mitchell and wand, they are treating all the problem spots in their a areas and mitchell county we are dealing with slick conditions in spruce pine and bakersville, so use caution. in these areas on your morning drive. here is a spot to avoid in yancey county, there are icy roads near the madison county/yancey county line as well as the bald creek area. as lauren mentioned future 26 and madison county near sames gap is another problem spot that we are dealing with.
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caution anywhere across western north carolina this morning especially on the secondary roads, bridge, and overpasses. >>i'm jaclyn deaugustino. this on-time traffic report is brought to you by the wired mouse computer solutions. >> >>holly: here is your live look around the world this morning. this is a nice shot of budapest, hungary. >>jay: news 13 will be right back. stay with us.
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>>jay: 6:23. in "morning surf" we are looking at the life of dr. martin luther king junior. >>ingrid: go under "news links." >>jay: some great photos, looking back at his life and times. we start right here,. >>ingrid: it is a good photograph. >>jay: waving to the crowd in washington, august 28th, 1963. most of the photos are not in color. that one just happened to be. okay.
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dream speech. this is a photograph i was talking about earlier, going to atlanta for the civil rights museum. this was there as well. dr. king standing in front of a bus at the end of the montgomery busboy cot in december of 1956. >>ingrid: you recently went down to that? >>jay: i did. it's really incredible to see. look at the bus. i think it's always interesting dr. king always dressed up. he told people if you want to be taken seriously, look the part. >>ingrid: right, be respected. >>jay: this is dr. king being arrested, 1958. in montgomery, alabama. perhaps the two most significant men ever, standing together in terps of civil rights, linden johnson, the president, and dr. king, the signing of the civil rights act back at 1964. dr. king right here. look how young he looks in that photo.
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recent photo, it's such good quality. >>jay: when he won the nobel prize november 8th, 1964. continuing on, the march in 1965 after the civil rights act passed, but this is a march five days on the alabama state capitol in montgomery. >>ingrid: and his wife, coe letta ( ). >>jay: that's right. a lot of other great famous people leading the charge back there. and continuing on, one last photograph here, martin luther king junior leading march from selma to montgomery to protest the lack of voting rights for african-americans beside him john lewis, still a congressman, reverend jesse douglas, james foreman, and lyle abernathy. just a piece of history on this web site ( ). we will link it to on this martin luther king junior day. >>ingrid: that's a good lesson, a lot of kids out of
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will be a good idea. it's incredibly cold out there. temperatures in asheville 23 degrees, winds at 15 making it feel 12 outside. i don't know if the kids will enjoy it that much. we have a slick start because there is light snow falling in some portions of the region. coming up i will talk more about an advisory that's out and our next chances for snow as early as this week. back to you. >>holly: free health screening, the benefit and where you can get it done today. >>jay: roadblock, how crews are hoping to clean up a rock slide. >> >>lauren: dot crews in madison county are hard at work as folks here are waking up to a dusting of snow this morning. we have a live look at
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the break. >>holly: snow continues to fall in parts of the mountains this morning. this is new video from madison county. >>jay: you can see the dusting covering the roads there. >>holly: some road are slick this morning and even if places are not seeing snow, they are still getting sub freezing temperatures. our live team coverage of this winter weather continues. >>jay: again we begin with ingrid in the weather center. >>ingrid: let's look at the time lapse, satellite radar shows yes, we have seen another morning with light accumulation across the region. it's showing really it's chilly near the tennessee line there. another big story for everyone is the wind chill. 101 what it feels like in asheville.
6:23 am
14 in hendersonville. 23 down into greenville. so, make sure you bundle up this morning. cover any exposed skin. you can be at risk for frostbite or hypothermia. 24 degrees still by lunchtime today. we will have some sunshine for now. but a wetter pattern could include more snow to talk about in my seven-day forecast in just a little bit. >>holly: dot crews are working to keep roads safe in the mountains. >>jay: lauren brigman continues our coverage from mars hill, what is the dot telling you out there? >>lauren: we are here at this salt barn, jay, off the wolf laurel area and we have seen dot trucks coming and going. they have been out since 7:30 last night. the night shift was out you across madison county treating primary roads and tell me future 26 which is the road we took here this morning, there are slick spots across that road. so that's one area they are really honing in on this
6:24 am
monitoring conditions as the last night. overnight. we are obviously at the overlook earlier, often future 26, you can see a dusting of snow there. the thing to keep in mind, though it isn't a large amount of snow, there is likely going to be a coating of ice under that. so that's what these crews are really putting down the salt and sand for to keep you safe if you are out on the roads today. because these temperatures are brutally cold. you know, the wind chill itself makes it feel just frigid out here. so, definitely bundle up if you are getting out. especially overnight tonight as these conditions could cause some refreezing on the roads for the commute tomorrow morning. so, the kids are at home playing in the snow today, there is a little bit, not enough to build a snowman, but certainly a welcome site for some. dot crews are hard at work, shift change happens around 7:00 to 7:30 this morning so another crew will come in and monitor the road here in madison county. we are live in mars hill. i want to send it to jaclyn in the on-time traffic center for a look at roads across other portions of our viewing area.
6:25 am
crews are treating roads in mitchell and yancey county as well. slick conditions are reported in bakersville and spruce pine and mitchell county so please use extra caution, if you are going to be traveling in tease areas soon. drivers in yancey county here are the spots you need to avoid. black ice is a threat near the madison county and yancey county line as well as the bald creek area. and remember, it is a good drive but use caution across western north carolina, especially on the secondary roads and bridges and overpasses. >>i'm jaclyn deaugustino. this on-time traffic report is brought to you by the wired mouse computer solutions. >> back over to you. >>holly: developing this morning, we learned one of the marines still missing after a helicopter crash in hawaii is from the upstate. the u.s. marine corps says 22 year-old sergeant jeffrey stempler is from woodruff, one of 12 service members crews are looking for. two helicopters collide and crashed off oahu on thursday. a navy ship with sonar equipment is being brought in to do an underwater search.
6:26 am
they are still searching for survivors. >>jay: happening today, crews will return to town mountain road in a few hours to continue cleaning up a rock slide that happened around 2:15 sunday afternoon. no one was hurt. but it shut down both lanes of traffic for several hours. dot opened one lane of traffic before calling it a night. several people stopped by the area to snap pictures and take a look at the boulder blocking the road. >> i lived here 14 years and never seen anything like this. >> going to be a big job knocking that big boy loose jay crews say the recent rain and moisture refreezing likely caused the slide. it's not clear how soon the road will fully reopen. >>holly: also happening today, free health screenings are offered here in the mountains. park ridge health partnered with arden add ventist church to put on the arden community health fair to help p the ininsured and underinsured. it provides free screenings for
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>> there are a lot of people who have insurance but the deductible is so high it's not practically helping them as much as they would like to. >>holly: the event is from 8:00 to noon add arden add ventist church. appointments2cf@"2k'tq honor dr. martin luther king junior. students fax ul city and staff will make a trip to hall elementary to help demeanor, garden and oregon needs climbs. unca will also hold its day of service. the annual mlk peace march will getb gin at st. james ame church in asheville and end at park square park. remember all banks and government offices are closed for the holiday today. >>holly: the iowa caucus is two weeks from today and the latest polls show hillary clinton and bernie sander are virtually tied. >>jay: they squared off last night, aaron adelson shows the main issue they focused on.
6:28 am
debate before the iowa caucus, big night for the campaign. one of the biggest issues leading up to the debate was about gun control and in the debate the candidates mentioned the charleston shooting. the candidates were debating in this building right over here. less than a football field away, is the site of the charleston shooting. mother emanuel a. m. e. church right behind me. hillary clinton says bernie sanders makes the country more dangerous. >> he voted against the brady bill five times. he voted for what we call the charleston loophole. he voted for inimmunity from gunmakers and sellers which the nra said was the most important piece of gun legislation in 20 years. >>reporter: >> we should not be selling military style assault weapons. i have supported from day one a background check to make sure that certain that people who should not have guns do not have guns. >>reporter: just before the debate bernie sanders released a
6:29 am
>> what this is really about is not the rationale way to go forward, it's medicare for all. it is whether we have the guts to stand up to the private insurance companies and all of their money and the pharmaceutical industry. that's what this debate should be about. >> as someone who has a little bit of experience standing up to the health insurance industry, you know, many, many millions of dollars attacking me and probably will so again because of what i believe we can do, building on the affordable care act, i think it's important to point out that there are a lot of reasons we have the health care system we have today. >>reporter: meanwhile, an hour before the debate a protest for higher wages got bernie sanders to come outside. >> i let me thank you not only for what you are doing here, but for what your fellow workers are
6:30 am
i have been pleased to march and struggle with all workers in the country for fighting for $15 an hour and a union. >>reporter: people in charleston were really excited for the debate. more than 4 hours before people lined the streets right here chanting for their candidate of choice, and a lot of eyes on the debate here in charleston. aaron adelson, news 13. >>jay: while much of the debate focused on clinton and sanders, maryland governor participated. >>holly: at one point he begged the moderators for 30 seconds of air time. he told reporters he felt good about his performance and it democratic party. >> i had a lot of fun out there. the critically important issues that face our country and yet i think what you heard from democratic candidates was a much different vision of what you heard from the republican candidates. ours is not the party of anger, fear, loathing and scape goating. >>jay: you can find complete
6:31 am
debate on our web site and you can also watch our coverage of the republican debate which was this past thursday in charming'ston as well. >>holly: the issue of guns in america will be the focus of a "your voice, your future" national town hall tomorrow. the hour-long round table will look at gun violence and the debate over gun control. we will stream the event on-line starting at 7 p.m. on we will also carry the town hall on digital channel 13.3 also nonas antenna t.v. on cable. >>jay: the asheville brewing company will reluz two new beers inspired by brands from across the pond. >> it's part of the brewery's british invasion week, strawberry pills forever, and another one, throughout the week they will offer music screenings, music, and kid-friendly activities. in honor of asheville restaurant week we are giving away two $50
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stag greg, go to 13 to enter. >>holly: we will announce the winners just before 7 o'clock and in a few minutes chef scott from the red stag grill will give us a taste of what the restaurant has to offer. and a little hint of what we are cooking up from the red stag. >>jay: that will happen in a few minute right here live. >> >> >> speaking of live, here is your live look on the interstate from our traffic casmght i. i-26 traffic is flowing smooth and clear on
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>>holly: news 13 will be right (burke) at farmers, we've seen almost everything, so we know how to cover almost anything. even a stag pool party. (party music) (splashing/destruction) (splashing/destruction) (burke) and we covered it, october twenty-seventh, 2014. talk to farmers. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two.
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>>ingrid: 21 in boone and 13 in anderson. this is the feels like temperature. feels like 10 in asheville. 17 in spindale and 16 in hendersonville. but, keep in mind higher elevations, so above 3500 feet, this wind chill advisory is in effect until noon today. could feel like 15 below zero, including avery down to graham and buncombe county. so, for today, high pressure will start to build in through tomorrow, too. chilly conditions expected. take a closer look at when we can see some precipitation. not today. lunchtime, sunshine, clear
6:35 am
it will still be breezy tonight. so, definitely cold conditions through tuesday. struggling to make it above freezing. and then we see the clouds and a slight chance for rain and snow as early as wednesday morning. a greater chance thursday and friday. types staying in the 20s today. that's the actual temperature. not the wind chill. greenville 39 degrees and cooling down to 18 tonight. so, a 20% chance wednesday, 50 thursday, 70% chance on friday, and the chance for some show showers in the early morning hours transitioning to rain. upstate locations also the possibility of a mix maybe even on thursday morning. heads up if you take patton avenue soon. crews are working a new wreck near i-240. >>jaclyn: there is a crash on patton avenue at florida avenue reported. thankfully, no injuries are reported right now. but we are seeing slight delays associated with this wreck. so give just a little extra travel time before heading this way. we are dealing with slick
6:36 am
icy roads are reported in madison county, mitchell county, and yancey county. we have these problem spots listed on under the traffic page for you. if you are heading towards i-26 on brevard road, here is what you can expect. there are no slick roads officially reported around buncombe county right now, but it's still a good idea to use caution on secondary bridges and overpasses. >>i'm jaclyn deaugustino. this on-time traffic report is brought to you by the wired mouse computer solutions. >> holly and jay, something smells good over there. >>jay: we have been talking about asheville restaurant week beginning tomorrow. >>holly: the red stag grill inside the bohemian hotel in biltmore village is giving us a taste of what you have to offer, last time you brought shrimp and grits, what do you have this time? >> sun burst trout raised in canton, we will give it a quick little seasoning with some salt. >>holly: both sides? >> both sides.
6:37 am
pan. maybe be careful for a little splattering. hmm. it is a good idea to give it a little push to make sure it's making contact with the pan. it will cook really fast. you will be probably a minute in the pan total. >>holly: wow! >> we will give the skin a second to get crispy and give it a flip and we will go ahead and flip it up that quick. >>holly: what do you have for vegetables? this is something i have never seen before. >> this is butternut squash and coal rah by ( ) it's a great winter vegetable. it looks like a turnip and has a flavor of brussel sprouts but sweeter. >>jay: wow, that cooks up quick. >> it's pretty much done. we will plate it up. we have our butternut squash and coal rah by. >>holly: where do we find it, locally?
6:38 am
sometimes in specialty grocery stores i. is very much in season right now. >>jay: i wouldn't have known >>holly: yeah. >> we just peel it, dice it, give it a good roasting. it takes half an hour in the oven to brown,. >>jay: it tastes like? >> a sweet brussel sprout. it tastes more like a cabbage than a root vegetable. it's a combination of swiss chard and kale. and i will drain the oil and make a sauce. we have our vegetable on the plate. we have our trout. and then has us finishing it off. we have a little butter and some beautiful fried salted spanish almonds. going to put that in the pan. give it a little swirl. and then right over the top. >>jay: that's all you do? >> that's it.
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family quickly. >> this is a two minute deal. >>jay: no kidding. >> we have microgreens in fairview. >>holly: what a beautiful plate. quick and easy. if you have everything ready to go, start-to-finish, 3 minutes to the table. >>holly: tell us about restaurant week. >> it starts tomorrow. we have two courses at lunch for $15, 3 courses at dinner for $30 we are featuring a ton of local products at the red stag grill and come in and enjoin us. >>holly: wonderful food. he's been generous this morning, he brought us $50 gift certificates, we have a couple more minutes on the facebook page for the "early bird gets the win."
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scott. >>holly: welcome back. hours after the u.s. lifted sanctions on iran forclying with
6:41 am
two countries released prisoners held in each conk country. >>jay: the loved ones back home are relieve and grateful for a day many feared would never come. >> i couldn't live my life every day knowing that was happening to him. >> and he doesn't have to anymore. now that matt branson's childhood friendwa post journalist jason rezaian was freed this weekend. he was part of a prisoner stop. after a stop? switzerland, row xiian and amere he can madd and sa year old abadieny arrived in germany undergoing medical check-ups and from there they are heading to the utst u.s. back home, feelings of relief and gratitude. rezaian's mother is grateful for the outpouring of support during his imprisonment. >> i want to thank everyone around the world for working working to get him return.
6:42 am
>> we had a couple close calls and i didn't happen. >> after years of disappointment, sayed's family accepted the news with cautious relief. >> i think it came at a time i was not expecting and it's not feeling real until we see him but i know it's real. >>reporter: american student ma thy chef. >>zack: not as part of the release but left iran. another one decided to stay in iran. i'm reed banon reporting. ( ). >>holly: jesse jackson is calling for justice in the water crisis in flint, michigan. >>jay: he is the national figure to put a spot light on flint. jackson's speech says he this is a face of betrayal. he compares it to a crime scene. >> this is a disaster zone, not just an emergency. maybe there should be duct tape around the city, because flint is a crime scene. >>jay: the reverend jackson
6:43 am
because it's the day before martin luther king junior day. care is sending 130,000 bottles of water to flint michigan. space-x is working to figure out what went wrong in the latest attempt. >>holly: it was supposed to land on a platform in the ocean. the private space-x company launched an unmanned rocket that put a satellite in space but things went downhill when it attempted its secondary goal goal to land upright on the platform in the pacific. the rocket hit the platform too hard and broke a landing leg. that the fourth such failure for the company. it did land one finally not too long ago and now, another failure. they will get it. >>jay: keep trying. they say a picture is worth a thousand words but this picture is going viral. >>holly: the photograph shows the special bond between a sod dakota bride and her service dog.
6:44 am
panic disorders and migraines. service dog bella alerts valerie minutes before things happen. they have been together for more than two years. look how cute she is. and congratulations are in order there, too. he is hoping to win a world record. >>jay: how much this guy weighs and when the couple finds out if he makes its into the record book. >>holly: first today's mind teaser. why is today called blues monday and considered the most depressing day of the year?
6:45 am
>> >>holly: a quick recap of this morning's local headlines. crews will return to mountain road in a few hours to continue clean up on a rock slide cp it happened 2:15 sunday afternoon, no one was hurt but it shut down traffic for hours. dot opened up one lane before
6:46 am
clear how soon it will reopen. >>holly: park ring health is partnering with the add ven checklist to put on the health fair. it's a free health screening to help the underinsured and uninsured providing free screenings for blood pressure hearing and vision. why is today considered blue nobody, the most depressing day of the year? >>jay: debt weather, abandonment of new year's resolution, cold weather and a few others. again, cold weather. >>holly: apparently blue monday happens on every thursday monday in january. 2005. this was a top trending topic on twit there was morning, all morning long. >>jay: i get it. the christmas bills come in. >>holly: and look at the stock market it's not making it better and if you look outside or feel may apply. >>jay: it's true. he is trying to be part of
6:47 am
four legs. >>holly: rockco is vying for the title of world's largest dog, the great dane stands 40- inch.s and weighs 160 pounds. when the couple got him at 8 weeks he was the size of a 6 month old labrador. wow! we will find out if he makes it into the guiness book of records. look the paws schai. >>jay: where do they keep the sad snl. >>holly: 160 is your nightmare. >>jay: that's my worst nice >>holly: we have two winners in our "early bird gets the win" give away. >>jay: congratulations to heather worley and michelle warren. >>jaclyn: you have won a $50 restaurant. >>ingrid: and we have a wsmed until noon today. bundle um.
6:48 am
literally, if you work outside, incredibly cold.
6:49 am
the final showdown. the democrats face off for the last time before the first votes >> i'm going to defend president obama. >> hillary clinton and bernie care and guns. >> he voted against the brady bill five times. >> sanders fires back on her wall street ties. >> you've received over $600,000 in speaking fees from goldman sachs in one year. >> and the race for the republican nomination heating up, donald trump unleashes on ted cruz. >> he's a nasty guy. nobody likes him. >> the iowa caucuses just two weeks away. those americans held prisoner in iran for years on their way home this morning, reunited with loved ones. president obama celebrating their release. what we are learning about their ordeal this morning as their families speak out.
6:50 am
dramatic new video of a rocket
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