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tv   News 13 This Morning  ABC  January 19, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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17 there. wind chill advisory is in effect right now until noon today. so below freezing through lunchtime. in fact all day long. 23 degrees. we will have some sunshine but it will transition to a chance for snow as early as tomorrow. i will talk about how much is expected to accumulate coming up in my full forecast. >>holly: developing now, firefighters remain at the scene on a house fire in emma's view road. >>jay: lauren brigman is there live, what can you tell? us. >>lauren: crews are trying to put out the hot spots. it it appears at this moment that this began as a chimney fire. you can see behind me, we have multiple crews out here on the scene on this wound deck on the back side of the house. and the fire chief, scott jones, of fairview fire department told me this is worrisome because this is a wooden deck here and they are using water. of course the water is freezing
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to be especially cautiouss out here because of the bitter cold weather. they have the flames, of course, out. but you can see the smoke billowing from the chimney area. they are having to attack hot spots right now. that's what they are working on. they have been on the scene roughly 2 hours. again, it appears this began as a chimney fire but the fire marshal is now out hear on the scene and will work to determine that exact cause. i will give you a perspective of where we're standing now. this is directly across from the emma's grove baptist church. six different fire departments out here since 4 a.m.. the call came in and they said when they arrived on the scene they saw flames shooting up from the back side of the house here where we are standing near the chimney and attic areas. again the firefighters are working in the bitter cold to attack hot spots right now. the good news out of all this, the woman who was staying here and her pets made it out safely. the bad news is, this bitter cold weather, they are now out in the cold. so, do be thinking of them this morning. we have another live update coming up at 6:306789 reporting live in fairview, lauren brigman, news 13.
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are shaping up. jaclyn, any icek conditions reported so f f? >>jaclyn: jay, there are no official reports of slick roads in our area right now but it's still, of course, a good idea to use caution on the roads especially in areas like madison county, mitchell county and yancey county, where we have the school delays this morning. there is new construction happening in can'tler i want to talk about one lane will be closed on dogwood road off smoky park highway while dot crews put in a new guardrail there. road work starts at 7 o'clock this morning f. you are heading towards waynesville it is a nice smooth commute for you. the drive from smoky park highway to jonathan creek road will take 20-2525 minutes. >>i'm jaclyn deaugustino. this on-time traffic report is brought to you by the wired mouse computer solutions. >> >>holly: police say an asheville woman assaulted two police officers and stole about $20 worth of makeup from the kmart on patton avenue. officers pulled over 39 year-old katrina robinson off new leicester highway friday night. that's when she sped away and hit them with the side of her car.
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time later. robinson faces multiple charges. the officers involved were not seriously hurt. >>jay: vandals cause hundreds of dollars in damage to two churches in north carolina. this is a photograph from one of them in rowan county. someone spray painted "satan loves you" and "666" on this church two miles away. so far no arrests have been made. authorities have not said if the two crimes are connected. >>holly: a mountain sheriff is concerned his office will not be able to buy necessary equipment. that's because washington has put a hold on money collected during drug seizures. the henderson county sheriff offense office uses that money to buy military-style equipment. sheriff charles mcdonald is now also getting congressman and county officials involved. congressman mark meadows says since congress did away with some of the funding his phone has been ringing. >> this is a critical component, can you do something about it. obviously, we have already started work on that, but for us, to see the real tools that
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is saving lives was important to me. >>holly: the hold on seized assets happened right before christmas. sheriff mcdonald tells us he hopes it does not last much longer. >>jay: turning to the campaign trail, the final sprint to iowa. less than two weeks left and candidates are crisscrossing the state. >>holly: the war of words is heating up. >>reporter: at liberty university, trump made an appeal for evangelical voters. >> corinthian, where the spirit of the lord, right? ( ). >>reporter: the spirit of the campaign? that's a different story. trump blasting cruz on this week. >> he is a nasty guy. nobody likes him. nobody in congress likes him. nobody likes him anywhere once they get to know him. >> cruz tweeting a janet yakson video in response to being called "nasty" saying he is getting under donald trump's skin. >> donald seems to be a little rattled.
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questions cruzs canadian roots, cruz's campaign hammers trump over his, quote, new york values, releasing a 1999 video, trump in his own words. >> hey, i lived in new york city and manhattan all my life. my views are a little bit different than if i lived in iowa perhaps. >> one person not talking trump? hillary clinton. asked on the campaign trail whether he would divide the american people and destroy america . . . clinton dodged. >> wow, that's a pretty good stumper. >>reporter: sanders is standing by his attacks on clinton from this weekend's debate. telling abc news in columbia. >> she received $600,000 in one year in speaking fees from goldman sachs. if that is not true, i will apologize. >>reporter: sanders is going big in iowa with four events. trump has three in the all 46 important hawk eye state. meghan hughes, abc new, washington. >>jay: we have an update this morning on the bodies found near a new york college.
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deaths were a murder suicide over a broken relationship. officers say colin kingston went to his ex-girlfriend's apartment and found her with another man. then authorities say kingston stabbed the two before killing himself. inspecttors say kingston and his ex-girlfriend dated for three years and did not have a history of domestic violence. >> in this morning's news reel, rescue crews in colorado continueueo search for a missing hiker. >>holly: a 5 year-old man was reported missing after he did not return from a hike near st. mary's glacier. poor visibility and high winds made the rescue challenging. rescue crews say this is not the first time the man hiked the area before-he is a local and he frequently hiked the same area so h h is fall already with the area. >>holly: rescuers say there was a large avalanche in the area. they are concentrating their search near there. >>jay: a driver in new york is facing charges after police say he hit a mother and her one year-old baby, drove away, and then ended up in a canal. the mother and child are
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the driver got out of the car before it sank. he is nowharged with reckless endangerment and leaving the scene of a crime. >>holly: police in st. louis are trying to figure out how to a car crashd into a fire hydrant. it caused water to shoot in the air creating icicles on power lines. crews were able to shut off power. no one was hurt. it's like a winter wonderland. look at how high it had to shoot to hit the power lines? we have a "your voice, your future" hour long gun table will take a look at gun control. we will stream the event starting on-line at 7 o'clock at and we will also carry the digital town hall on digit at&t channel 13.3, also known at antenna t.v. on cable. we have a "early bird gets the win" give away this morning. >>jay: we are giving away two $50 gift certificates to twisted laurel to celebrate asheville
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go to 13 to enter. >>holly: we will announce the winners just before 7 o'clock this morning. coming up, someone from twisted laurel will show us another fantastic dish. how rescue operations were able to save a driver and three others. >>ingrid: the kids need to be bundled up frombo possible. pick up time around 11 11 degrees and my drop off is below freezing. brutally cold. coming up after the break, we will transition not only from cold to snow.
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now, in high definition, this is your news 13 skywatch forecast. >>ingrid: dangerously cold conditions outside. 12 right now in black mountain. leicester carpet sales skycam network, clear skies helping those temperatures continue to drop this morning. we will see the clouds filter back in and the snow begin to fall in the extended forecast. i will show you that in 2 minutes from now. let's talk about how cool it is at the airport. it's not record breaking but below 27 which is typical for this time of the year. 11 in burnsville, 12 in morganton, 15 in forest city and franklin. 17 in greer. 9 right now in andrews. but the wind is making it feel that much colder here in asheville. it's been very steady throughout the last several hours at 10. 13 up in boon. 3 down into forest city. 7 in anderson.
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chill, feels like one below zero outside your door in buncombe county. so, that's why we are saying dangerously cold because it is. we want to avoid frostbite, hypothermya. drink the warm liquids throughout the day especially if you have to drink outside, which i hope you don't. but some folks it's unavoidable, like the firefighters we were talking about. futurecast 2 p.m., still feels like 8 degrees in asheville. 25 in old fort and brevard. 17 through dinnertime in brevard. and same thing in lake lure but feels colder here in the asheville area. overall today will be pretty similar to what we saw yesterday. the wind won't be quite as bad, but overall, still incredibly cold. wind chill advisory out until noon today. could feel like 20 below zero, above 3500 feet in these counties. the blue does include us here in buncombe county. high dry pressure givii us nice sunny skies today and then we will start to see an upper level system bringing us the chance for snow.
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the few clouds leaving our system. clear skies through lunchtime, again through dinnertime. the watch as the clouds begin to thicken up. bam, right here, 5 a.m. tomorrow morning, this is going to affect schooling and some northern zones as early as about 8 a.m., so kids heading out to school, you headed out to work, too. and then we have a second batch here this. is 3 p.m. shows our western zones, some darker blue, heavier snowfall expected. a mix of that rain/snow, even as far south as into greenville. and some lingering show showers in through thursday morning, but it is looking like partly clear for thursday and then the second half of the day we see our chances return for more snow. a closer look here at how much is expected to fall, this model is showing anywhere from a dusting to a half inch down into the valley. isolated zones here in that blue, 1-3" of snow. that's just for thursday morning. 30 degrees for a high temperature today. so, incredibly cold conditions.
6:14 am
still, pretty darn chilly. 16 in buncombe county. 38 in greenville for a high and tonight back down to 22. it's not just wednesday that we see that chance for snow. going to see mostly rain on thursday but the transition happens when temperatures are hovering around that freezing mark. so we could see a freezing rain/snow mix friday, a 70% chance snow possible saturday. even few areas of a mix tomorrow in the upstate. >>holly: northern california storms are creating dangerous situations. >>jay: that's right. a daring water rescue was captured on camera. the driver in an suv and three other people inside were able to get out safely from the vehicle. officials say the group was probably not aware how fast the water was moving. >> obviously, we were not aware of the power of the water and what it can do to a vehicle in that situation. >>jay: all four in the suv were taken to the hospital for hypothermia. the swift water rescue team
6:15 am
it has been a slow few years because of the drought. >>holly: time is 6:15. mike houston is leaving his post at the sit citadel.
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coaching as [burke] at farmers, we've seen almost everything, so we know how to cover almost anything. even "turkey jerks." [turkey] gobble. [butcher] i'm sorry! (burke) covered march fourth,2014. talk to farmers. we've seen almost everything, so we know how to cover almost anything.
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>>stan: good morning, everyone. in sports, mike houston leaving south carolina heading to virginia. the franklin native has been
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coach at james madison university in har visburg, virginia, he leaves citadel going 14-11 and got the big win over south carolina, got the citadel a playoff appearance and shares the socon title. it's more money and a chance to get in the top of the college football and james madison wants to move up to f. b. s. the former coach says j jes madison is a special place, my family and i look forward to becoming integral parts of the community. the school will have a press conference to introduce him, congrats. carolina panthers will host a nfc championship game for the first time in history. they beat seattle sunday, they will host arizona this sunday 6:40 in the nfc championship game. if they win, panthers get to the second superbowl. but they may not be at full strength. jarred allen has a fractured foot. he is listed doubtal. runningback johnson stewart tweaked his anknk but he should
6:19 am
the coach tells us what this means for his franchise. >> this validates everything we have done so far in term thes of our development and growth as a football team. i think it validates the patience and rightfully so the patience they have shown with us and our development. i think it validates what dave and his group have done in terms of looking for players and bringing the kind of players that would fit into our culture downstairs and fit into our football team. >>stan: here is the schedule for the conference championship games on sunday. a.f.c. title game set for 3:05, new england at dep never, patriots a 3 point favorite. and of course the panthers hosting arizona 6:40, panthers are 3 1/2 point pick. winners play in the superbowl february 7th at santa clara california outside san francisco. that's sports this morning. i'm stan pamfilis. we will see you again tonight at 6 o'clock. have a great tuesday, everyone. >>holly: it will be a great tuesday if you put on lots and lots of lairs, your hat, scarf,
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>>jay: or stay inside. >>ingrid: that's what i would say. casher is 9. leicester is 10 degrees. nebo 17. very cold in robbinsville 12. burnsville 11. 19 columbus. 11 fairview. high lands waking up to the single digits at 8. marshal 10 degrees. the roads a a getting busy right now. jaclyn, there are delays on patton avenue? >>jaclyn: right. drivers you can expect slow moving traffic there on patton avenue heading towards downtown and i-40. speeds there at druid drive are slowing down to 17 miles per hour. so, keep that in mind. turning to the roads in south asheville, here is a look at the commute from i-40 to airport road, overall this drive timing out to 13 minutes for you but expect the slowdowns approaching long sholes road. and getting another check on i-40 over in haywood county, we are now dealing with delays on the westbound side near the tennessee border. >>i'm jaclyn deaugustino. this on-time traffic report is brought to you by the wired
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>> >>jay: today in facebook feedback, we asked you to wish dolly parton a happy 70th birthday. >>jaclyn: happy birthday to the girl who wore the coat of many color, we love dolly in the belle of the south. >>jay: happy birthday dolly and my dad, wishing you both a great day and wonderful and blessed year. >>jaclyn: kenna says i grew up listening to dolly's music. may you have the happiest of birthday, dear lady. >>jay: wow. very nice. >>jaclyn: lots of good birthday wishes for her. >>jay: over to you guys. >>holly: this "morning's surf" we are honoring dolly and looking at her looks over the years. >>ingrid: this will be fun, we posted it at "news links." >>holly: this is by in style, there are 21 photos and they are all pretty good.
6:22 am
there is dolly in 1955 at just 9 years old. >>ingrid: this the is the only picture of her natural hair. >>holly: she grew up in tennessee. >>ingrid: this next one could be natural. >>holly: 1964. she said i always wanted to be prettier of her teenage self. >>ingrid: she is gorgeous. >>holly: she is absolutely gorgeous. 1970. >>ingrid: look at her hair, it's so full and beautiful. look at that! >>holly: the rising star released two albums an performed with porter wagner. >>ingrid: she had already adopted her trademark whipped cream wigs. >>holly: and frosty makeup. 1976, look at her hair there. >>jay: that is big hair. >>holly: that is big hair. 1977. >>ingrid: it gets bigger. >>holly: this is new york city. >>ingrid: look at that. that's the platinum blond look. >>holly: she is aware she is not in style but she doesn't
6:23 am
there she is 1980 for "9-to-5" and 1983. >>ingrid: she is not aging. the only difference we see is the hair. >>holly: there, 1987 is the big, big wig. >>ingrid: that looks a little more natural. >>holly: 1988 and 1994, 2000. >>ingrid: she went back in 2001. when she's in her middle 50s. she is celebrating her 70th today. >>ingrid: 2010. >>ingrid: i don't know if i like that one. >>holly: that was when she released her latest bluegrass album "better day." 2011, 2012. there she is in 2014, in melbourne, australia. 2015. there you go. >>ingrid: this is what she looks like to this day. >>holly: yes. >>ingrid: still as gorgeous as she was in the first picture. >>holly: absolutely. she doesn't seem to aage, does
6:24 am
dolly. we have incredibly cold conditions outside. on top of your head hopefully you have a nice winter hat. 12 is what it peoples like in asheville with a 10 miles per hour breeze. it is brutally cold outside. coming up in the next half hour i will talk about some weekday snow and if it lingers into the weekend, too. that's coming up. >>jay: changes are coming to the school system in madison county. the plan that could open a new facility. >>holly: a rockslide in buncombe county is nearly cleaned up. how drivers can navigate around the area. >>lauren: an early morning fire force as woman out in the cold and the firefighters are having to battle this extreme temperature as well. how they are coping with conditions coming up in the live
6:25 am
>> now, in high definition, from the western north carolina's news leader, this is news 13 this morning. >>holly: the brutal cold has multiple school districts running on a 2 hour delay. >>jay: madison county, mitchell county, yancey county, and cherokee county, the cherokee reservation is also on a 2 hour clay. you can see the latest delays scrolling across the bottom of your screen and at >>holly: you can also sign up to geeks text alerts about delays and closings there. >>ingrid: brutally cold outside. let's look at the wind chill map. it shows 1 below zero in asheville.
6:26 am
frostbite, hypothermia, a real threat this morning. make sure you cover any exposed skin if you are going to be outside for a long period of time. wind chill advisory out until lunchtime today. for all these counties shaded in blue. staying below freezing once again throughout the entire day today. we will transition from cold to snow coming up in my full forecast in just a few minutes. >>holly: let's go back out live to the fire on emma's grove road, six crews were called around 4 o'clock this morning. >>jay: news 13's lauren brigman joins us with another update. lauren, the bitter cold is making the job tough for firefighters there? >>lauren: it really s. take a look behind me here. we have crews on the wooden deck here. they are attacking hot spots right now. now, they were all called out here around 4:00 this morning so these crews have been out here for roughly two hours now in the extreme cold weather working to, of course, fully put out this fire, working to attack the hot spots. and the weather certainly takes
6:27 am
we spoke with attic chimney and attic area so they believe it started as a chimney fire on emma's grove road. the good news is the woman inside and her pets made it out okay but again this bitter cold takes a toll not only on that woman now who is out in the cold this morning but the firefighters who have been out here for several hours. >> it's extremely hard because, you know, takes water to put the fire out. the water is freezing in temperatures like this. these guys are cold. we are just trying to rotate them in and out. trying to keep them warm. >>lauren: and again, as wetold you, six different fire departments out here since around 4:00 this morning. the good news out of all this, everyone is okay. the firefighters are doing okay right now. but again, this wooden deck they are standing on back out here
6:28 am
the water it begins to freeze on contact. so, that is also a very dangerous surface. these firefighters are having to use extra precautions and working to keep the hoses from freezing out here in this extremely cold weather. again we will update you on air and on-line at the good news is everybody is okay out here, but working in the bitter cold. so, bundle up if you have to be out today. live in fairview, lauren brigman, news 13. >>holly: right now let's get another check on the commute. jaclyn, any icy roads reported? >>jaclyn: holly, there are no official reports of icy roads in the area but of course use caution this morning if you are heading out soon. especially in counties like madison county, mitchell county and yancey, where we have the school delays. getting a look at travel time, we are doling with slowdowns on patton avenue this morning. get ready for delays heading towards i-240. and if you live in the candler area, a new construction project may slow you down, one lane will be closed on dogwood road while dot install as new guardrail in the area just off smoky park highway.
6:29 am
hour. >>i'm jaclyn deaugustino. this on-time traffic report is brought to you by the wired mouse computer solutions. >> >>jay: thank you. >>holly: we are following a developing story out of asheville. a man was shot in the leg outside beaver view apartments. >>jay: police tell us they were called to the apartments just after 11:30, the victim told officers he was dropping someone off when two people wearing ho dies knocked him to the ground and shot him in the leg. >>holly: the victim is expected to be okay. police say the investigation is ongoing and the suspects have been -- no suspects have been identify at this time. also developing this morning. >>jay: people can learn about a multimillion dollars plan to rebuild the school system in madison county. the total building plan is $6.5 million. more than half of the money would go towards a brand new early college that would enroll up to 300 students. a new addition would also be built on brush creek elementary. construction on both of the projects is scheduled to begin by early next month. >> we already have selected architects and bid the products. we have selected contractors for
6:30 am
so, we are just ready to go. once the financing and everything is done. >>jay: improvements are also planned for each school. a public hearing on all the projects starts at 7 tonight at the madison a-b tech campus. >>holly: also developing this morning, police in asheville are look for three men accused of robbing a jewelry store. officers say the men were wearing masks when they walked into gold and diamond connection yesterday morning. the group got away with between 350-$400,000 worth of jewelry. they were last seen in a black jeep. if you have any information call asheville police. >>jay: for the second time in a month, a haywood county convenience store is robbed at gunpoint and authorities are still searching for the suspects. the most recent robbery at galloway's country store happened friday night and it was all caught on camera. the masked men wore hoodies and ball caps an demanded money from the register. crystal smith says she refused to put the cash in the bag and told the robbers to do it themselves. >> it definitely went through my
6:31 am
if they are going to kill me, i'm not going to let them take me down easy. >>jay: smith now keeps the pistol that is normally in her purse holstered and in plain sight. back on december 22nd, the same store was robbed at gunpoint. in that case the suspect showed a gun, demanded money and then ran away. if you have any information about either crime, contact the haywood county sheriff offense office. >>holly: firefighters in maggie valley are trying to determine what caused the building fire. it happened just before 5 o'clock yesterday evening on bennett drive. that is near so col road. the fire department says it was a commercial garage, everyone made it out safely. >>jay: spray paint is removed from the vance monument. vandals spray painted "black lives matter" and put a white noose on it. naacp john higher elevation says
6:32 am
>> the graffiti to me is ugly. it is a waste of time, no. 1. it is a waste of resources, because all they are going to is clean it off. you know. that's -- that's not going to change the way a person thinks or the way the person believes. >>jay: this is the second time someone has spray painted graffiti on the vance monument in the past year. graffiti was also found on a wall outside asheville police headquarters. >>holly: an update on a rock slide in buncombe county. it is nearly cleaned up on town mountain road north of asheville. crews removed large debris and rocks from the rock slide. there is still a temporary traffic light set up. this light slide had both lanes closed for several hours sunday. asheville restaurant week starts this week and we have a "early bird gets the win" give away to celebrate. >>jay: we have two $50 gift certificates to twisted laurel in honor of restaurant week. go to 13 to enter.
6:33 am
winners in less than 30 minutes. chef chris from the restaurant is live, too. we are getting ready to make a fried eggplant. come back and stay with us. >>jay: coming up, a sink hole is causing problems for drivers in california.
6:34 am
repair the damage now, in high definition, this is
6:35 am
conditions outside. 3 degrees right now in cat cataloochee ski area. leicester carpet sales skycam network, clear skies for now but this will change. we have snow in the forecast accumulating snow at that. we will have that in a second. right now, these clear skies helping our temperatures contain rue to drop this morning. 12 is the low temperature so far at the ashville airport. unseasonably cold. 27 is normal for this time of year. so 12 in asheville, 11 burnsville, 15 in forest city. waking up right now in greer to 17 degrees and 15 in franklin. 10 in andrews. but, let's factor in the wind. it's definitely making it feel colder in asheville. so very steady this morning at 10 miles per hour. 5 in forest city and 7 down into anderson. so this is the wind chill. it feels like 1 below zero in buncombe county. so, frostbite, hypothermia, a threat this morning make sure you cover any exposed skin especially if you have to work outside.
6:36 am
2 p.m. this afternoon, it's still feeling very cold in burnsville. feels like 4. but 25 down into brevard. 8 in asheville. 14 in lake lure. throughout dinner time, feels like 11 in asheville. the wind won't be quite as bad once that wind advisory expires but still going to stay very cold throughout the entire day. advisory expires at noon today. above 3500 feet especially could feel like 20 below zero this morning. so, just keep that in mind if you live in those zones or heading north. satellite radar does show high dry pressure giving us nice sunny skies today. but an upper level disturbance is what is going to give us a quick shot at snow with as early as tomorrow morning. 8 a.m. today, showing clear skies through lunchtime as well. dinnertime, it will be clear and cold. not quite as cold as it is this morning though. watch as these clouds begin to enter the region. there we go. 5 a.m.. starting to see that light snowfall into our northern mountains through 8 a.m. as well.
6:37 am
heavier snow bands in our western zones. it looks like a mix even as far south as into greenville through dinnertime. that will leave our region with a slight chance early thursday and then another round of snow is possible for friday. that is likely. how much snow are we polar vortex ing to see through 6 p.m. tomorrow? you will see these blue areas, that is anywhere from 1-3" down into the valleys looking more like half an inch, maybe an inch at best in those higher higher elevations. 30 degrees fiduciary a high temperature, 16 for a low temperature tonight. greenville 38 degrees, so still chilly. clouds developing tonight. it will be chilly as well. seven-day forecast does show that chance for rain/snow not only tomorrow and thursday, but again on friday and saturday. temperatures staying cold for the weekend. in the 30s. in the upstate, also a chance for a mix tomorrow morning. right now, let's get another traffic check with jaclyn.
6:38 am
patton avenue is still the only problem spot we are dealing with this evening no. there are still those delays heading towards i-240, so keep this in mind before heading that way. if you are taking this stretch of i-26 soon, it is a nice and clear commute for you. the drive from hendersonville to asheville will take you 17 minutes. and finally, here is a look at how tunnel road is shaping up. so, the drive from the parkway ramp to i-240 westbound is timing out to 4 minutes for you. that's look at your on-time traffic report brought to you by the wired mouse. holly and jay? >>holly: chef chris haul from twisted laurel is with us as restaurant week kicked off today. >>jay: earlier he made trout dip. what is next? >> a fried eggplant stack this time. i have eggplant. it's just been flour, egg wash and bread crumbs, set at 375 degrees deep fryer, fry it to a nice crispy brown and in this saute pan i have a little olive oil and garlic going.
6:39 am
local kale. little white wine. and salt. we will cap it and let it wilt down a little bit. while we wait for the food to cook, less'talk restaurant week for a minute. very important to come out in support all the local businesses we have, of course the twisted laurel in downtown, we have one in weaverville. but the gift cards you can redeem those at as well. it's just a lot of fun to do restaurant week and see all the locals coming out and supporting everyone. >>holly: what do you do for restaurant week? it's a different menu and pricing. >> yeah, you get a good deal. we are doing the dinner part of it. you get three courses for 2 people for $30. there are some restaurants that do lunchtime, and i believe that is 2 courses for $15. it is a good experience to get out. lots of different foods and
6:40 am
>>jay: oh, that's hot. >> how do you describe your menu? >> mediterranean with a little american influence. we have a little of everything on there, burgers, hickory n n gap, traditional greek food, spanokopita, the greek meatballs and we have the smoked trout dip we made earlier, fried stuff, pepper chiny ( ), a pickled pepper and stuffed withry cota cheese so it's like a jalapeno popper but greek style ( ). >>holly: that sounds amazing. >>jay: what is next? >> we have the eggplant fried up. we have our kale wilted. so we will put a little kale down. >>holly: you have marinara down on the bottom? >> i have marinara down on the plate, made in house, of course. >> this is our eggplant fried
6:41 am
we will take one and put a little olive tapand on there ( ). this is olives, garlic, pure yeahed up and another thing of eggplant and whipped feta. this is just feta -- >>holly: look at that. >> i just mixed it with olive oil and a food processor. >>jay: but it froze on the way over. >> nope. we will keep on repeating this until we get our stack build all the way up. >>jay: this is incredible. >>holly: this is breakfast. >>jay: this is to die for. >> and a little fresh chopped herbs and that is that dish right there. i want to take a second, good morning, caden and gabby, those are my kids. >>holly: bundle them up this morning. >> they are not awake yet, they are off to school. >>jay: they will see the tape later. >>holly: exactly.
6:42 am
>> thank you. >>holly: 6:48. happening to day, texas authorities are expected to hold a hearing requesting to transfer affluenza teen ethan couch's proceedings from juvenile to adult court. >>jay: the teenager himself is still in mexico but his mother has been extradited to the u.s. the pair fled across the border late last year because they feared couch would be found in violation of his probation. >>holly: outrage growing over the lead water crisis in flint, michigan. the mayor is heading to washington today to push the white house for more help. >>jay: meanwhile, michigan's governor is poised to give his state of the state address tonight, but as reed ban onreports he is expected to be greeted with protests enraged by the crisis. >> >>reporter: angry protestors in flint michigan asking for the
6:43 am
residents deal with lead contaminated water flowing into their homes starting in april of 2014 when the state temporarily switched the water's source to the notoriously dirty flint river, it was a cost saving measure while they built a new supply line to lake huron. it was found to be highly corowsive and flowing through service lines of lead carrying it into homes. the water source was switched back in october but the damage to the pipes was done. with the state now using the national guard to hand out clean water. >> president obama declared a federal emergency saturday, but flint c cy councilman juan davis says much more is needed and available. >> the state of emergency all he gives us a $5 million account which the president has already signed for. if they would have submitted for a disaster declaration, we could have got the $96 million or more. >> the crisis is sparking widespread outrage among celebrity, activists and presidential candidates. >> but what i did which i think
6:44 am
resignation of the governor, a man who acts that irresponsiblebly should not stay in power. >> fringier pointing from political candidates only distracts from solving water crisis as they face lawsuits claiming they knew about the contamination risk and broke federal laws by failing to avert it. reed ban onreporting. >>holly: in california protestors marching on martin luther king day shut down the bay bridge in san francisco. >>jay: it was just as the afternoon commute began. some demonstrators chained cars together and others sat i traffic. the group said in a statement they were seeking, quote, an increase in the health and well being of all black people and open in san francisco. highway patrol says 25 people in all were arrested. >>holly: also in california road crews are using large boulders to shore up a sink hole. the hole is 20 feet long and 8 feet deep. public works officials say those boulders will help minimize
6:45 am
they are hoping the temporary fix will hold. >>jay: a twin engine crashed southwest to salt lake city, killing two people. officials don't know where it originated from but say the people who died were husband and wife from arizona. witnesses reported hearing an explosion. >> the building shook. itelt like somebody hit the building. so i never seen smoke at all. i just felt it. >>jay: authorities say the debris field covers about a mile. >>holly: the music industry is saying good-bye to a rock and roll legend. >>jay: glen frye died at age 69. he played key board and took
6:46 am
and "tequila sun rise." >>holly: he hit the top 40 with the "the heat is on" and "you belong to the city." so young. >>jay: one after another, these icons. the flower that u.s. astronaut scott kelly is the first to grow in space. >> >>holly: first let's look at today's mind teaser. what is the name of dolly parton's theme park? >>jay: we have the answer when
6:47 am
>> >>holly: firefighters are on the scene in a house in fairview. >>jay: let's go live to lauren brigman on the scene. lauren? >>lauren: i actually just spoke with the woman who was inside when this fire broke out early this morning. i want the show you right now, crews are still out here working
6:48 am
this fire broke out between 3:00 and 4:00 this morning so these crews have been out here several hours in these extreme cold conditions. the woman who is living here did make it out okay. i found out through speaking with her that she also had a friend's daughter inside as well as some pets. thankfully, they are okay. but of course they are in shock and in tears this morning. she said they did have a fire goinin last night. and it started to feel really hot. then she saw the signs of smoke this morning. so, these firefighters are working on attacking the hot spots. it is contained from what they can tell. all the heat to the chimney area. so they do believe, ock, this is a chimney fire but the fire marshal is out here on the scene as well right now. we will continue to provide you updates all morning. the good news is, everyone is okay. but, of course, extremely cold conditions for the firefighters out here this morning. live in fairview, lauren brigman, news 13. >>holly: here is the answer day's mind teaser. we asked: what is the name of dolly parton's theme park? you better have all gotten it right this morning.
6:49 am
is dollywood. >>holly: and so many of you love our "early bird gets the win" when we give away tickets. >>jay: what a businesswoman she is. >>holly: i can't wait to see her toe tell. >>jay: it booked up to eternity. >>holly: and the water park, signs of summer. >>jay: and the dixie stampede and the beach. >>holly: why are you talking all these warm things? its below zero in some places. it's been part of their mission for nearly 2 years. >>jay: now for astronauts aboard the international space station it's coming to bloom. scott kelly tweeted what is calls the first ever flower grown in space. it's a zinya flower following a few failed growth cycles. >>holly: plants have been grown in space before. 2014, stay space station crew members began a veggie plant system. it's beautiful. and now we have winners in the "early bird gets the win" give away in honor of the restaurant week. >>jay: we do, indeed. >>jay: canty can trel and
6:50 am
>>jay: fantastic for them. >>ingrid: something not so fantastic i would say is the weather outside. it is just excruciatingly cold out there. in fact, dangerous. if you are going to have to work outside or spend a lot of time, you know, temperatures feeling like 1 below zero here in buncombe county right now. so, if you have not been outside just yet, take my word for you it, you want your thickest coat. chances for snow return as early as tomorrow morning lasting through the first of the weekend. so, a lot of things to keep an eye on here. >>holly: and outside this morning? >>jaclyn: we have no official reports of icy roads this morning, but still, of course, a good idea to use caution on the roadways. especially with all the school theys this morning. >>jay: there are slick spots out there, including in my neighborhood. i though that. >>ingrid: really? >>jay: yes, melting snow in shaded areas. >>holly: bundle up if you head
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