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tv   News 13 at Noon  ABC  January 19, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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black mountain. 3700 feet, the skycam network, clear skies this afternoon. looking ahead, 30 degrees at best by late afternoon. sunshine so it might look warm outside your office window but it won't feel like it. dinner time when the sun is setting, 25 degrees. the windchill advisory as i mention has expired. it will kick back in wednesday morning into thursday morning for some of our mountain locationses. then we turn our attention to snow. coming up, i'll let you know when that snow will begin to fall. who will see it the most and if it will last. >> firefighters battled flames and the bitter cold in fair view. lauren has been on the scene all morning for us. you spoke with a woman who lives there. >> yeah, miranda robinson said they built a fire last night to keep warm.
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overnight from the chimney and outside the home, she and a young girl inside ran out of the house and called 911. thankfully they are ok. emergency crews arrived to challenge the flames. >> with time and old man winter against their favor, firefighters worked to put out hot spots. >> at this time it does appear it might have been a chimney fire that made it into the attic. >> emergency crews finding out fast their battle was bigger than the fire itself. >> it takes water to put the fire out. these guys are cold, we are trying to rotate them in and out, trying to keep them warm. >> warding off ice, called for all hands on deck. >> they are working off a wooden deck, it froze so it is hard to work on that deck. >> problematic conditions flowed
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>> you have hose lines lines lays, we have to keep it from freezing on them too. >> all those involved fighting to keep warm and stay safe. >> investigators confirm this was a chimney fire out here this morning. fire restoration service is on the scene right now, beginning the clean-up process. robinson said her advice to everyone watching is to take precaution and have your chimney cleaned and inspected. >> a man was shot in the leg outside the beaverview apartments. police were called to the apartments after 11:30. the victim told officers he was dropping someone off when two people wearing hoodies knocked him to the ground and shot him. the victim is expected to be ok. identified. >> happening today, people can learn about a multimillion
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system in madison county. the total building plan is 6.5 million dollars. more than half of the money would go towards a brand new early college that would enroll up to 300 students. a new addition would also be built at brush creek elementary. construction on both those projects is scheduled to begin early next month. >> we have selected contractors for the projects. we are just ready to go once the financing and everything is done. >> improvements are also planned for each school, a public hearing on all those projects starts at 7:00 tonight at the madison ab tech campus. >> police in asheville looking for three men who robbed a jewelry store. officers say the men were wearing masks when they walked into golden diamond connection yesterday morning. police say the group got away with between 350 to 400 thousand dollars in jewelry. they were last seen in a black jeep. if you have any information,
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>> a rock slide in buncombe county is nearly cleaned up. it happened on town mountain road north of asheville. crews removed large debris and rocks from the roadside. both lanes are open. there is a temporary traffic light set up. >> two weeks now until the iowa caucuses and the presidential hopefuls are feeling the heat. the claws are coming out on the campaign trail. lana shows us the campaigns are ramping up in more ways than one. >> conservatives are issuing a warning to gop front runner donald trump, change your tone. >> there are a lot of conservatives who think it is a wolf in sheep's clothing, that he is a traditional lifetime new yorker and that means somethingsomething. >> the authenticity of his evangelical roots and then this latest attack on his personality -- >> he is a nasty guy. nobody likes him.
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heeding the advice, bringing out instead their secret weapon, i trump's daughter ivanka who is 8 months pregnant. bernie sanders saying he doesn't do personal attacks but continues to pound hillary clinton for taking money from wall street banks. >> she has received $600,000 a year. if it is not true, i will apologize. but it is true. >> according to clinton campaign sanders is right. >> according to the latest polls, sanders is within striking distance of clinton in iowa and ted cruz and donald trump are neck in neck. trump is promising a big endorsement today. >> today the supreme court agreed to review president obama plan to shield up to five million immigrants from
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the high court will decide the fate of the actions this term. the actions are aimed at immigrants to apply for programs that could make them eligible for work authorizization and associated benefits. >> use of guns in america will be the focus of a your voice your future town hall tonight. the round table will look at gun violence and the debate over gun control. we will stream the event online starting at 7:00. we will also carry the town hall on digital channel 13.3 also known as antenna tv on cable. >> in other news making headlines. authorities say they have arrested the man in connection with the november terror attacks in paris. they identified him as 26-year-old jaleel cartar. investigators say he knew the paris attackers well. belgium could not say whether he would be extradited.
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with the suspected ring leader of the paris attacks. >> searchers combing the scenes off the island of awauhu, they say shay they spotted the fourth raft but no one is on board. coast guard officials say there is no indication anyone was on board the three rafts either. two choppers smashed into each other late thursday, with 12 marines on board. one of those marines is from the upstate. more than 60 marines have been involved in the search along with navy divers and county and state agencies. >> we have been finding metal debris. can't confirm if it is part of the aircraft. anything that can point us in the right direction. it looks like a ch 53, that's what we are going for. >> officials say they'll consult with the marines to determine continue. >> rick schneider is likely to
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state to the drinking water emergency in florence. that state is already providing lead testing for the city of 99,000. some say customers should not have to pay their water bills because the water is contaminated with lead. residents and activists planning to rally at the capital. the governor declared a state of emergency earlier this month. on saturday, president obama signed an emergency declaration. >> coming up at 12:10 in our health headlines, how to combat a condition that drives some women to eat things like paper, ashes and even dirt. sthoo. >> coming up in the business report, general motors is expanding, what its investment will mean for consumers. >> sign up for our news 13 mobile app, you can get local news, weather and sports and
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>> more women are pregnant this time of year than any other. topping today's health headlines, some of the stranger cravings and what causes them. >> chrissie doesn't think much about it now but when she was pregnant gardening was a challenge. chrissie was in the process of building her house at the time and was surrounded by dirt and overcome by an urge to eat it. >> there were a couple of times i actually did. because it was overwhelming, the craving, the gritty taste. it was crazy. >> it turns out it is not as odd as you might think. it is a condition called pica that was first described in 500 ad. the cravings may be unusual, the condition isn't. >> some women are ashamed to
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people say between 8 and 80 percent of pregnancies can be associated with this condition. >> she says cases include women cravings everything from dirt to ashes, rubber bands, paper and even powdered laundry detergent. most of the time it is caused by low levels of zinc or iron. it is easily treated. >> they'll have less of those cravings, weird cravings. >> chrissie was able to satisfy her cravings. she says as soon as her son was born, the cravings were gone and urges women to keep that in mind and to be honest with their doctors throughout their pregnancy. >> educate yourself. realize it is not that big of a deal. it is a craving that will pass. >> moist of the time eating
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paper and dirt are not harmful. doctors are more concerned by things that contain chemicals or hard to digest like rubber bands. the best advice is to shay your crave wgs your doctor no matter how strange because chances are he or she has heard of them before. trader joe's is recalling cashew pieces. the company is asking customers to throw the product out or return it to any trader joe's for any refund. the relevant lot number can be found at trader joe's website. trader joe's says no one has gotten sick and they are doing this out of an abundance of caution. >> catching up on sleeping can reduce the risk of developing diabetes. the university of chicago studied 19 healthy young men eating a controlled diet. the study found getting fewer of five hours of sleep on four nights hikes that diabetes risk 16%.
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two consecutive nights, that risk returned to normal levels. >> we share some tips that you can fight back against the common cold. >> 17 degrees at chimney rock, the skycam network, 21 in asheville. after the break, i'll let you know when we first see clouds
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fall. >> 12 degrees right now, cataloochi ski area. cold conditions through the last 24 hours that will continue throughout the afternoon. hopefully these folks are covering up exposed skin. they are at risk for frostbite and hypothermia if you don't
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that's the news 13 skycam network. that was mostly manmade snow. we'll have the real stuff, winter weather advisory goes into effect at 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. goes through 7:00 a.m. thursday morning for all these counties shaded in purple. we could see a couple of inches fall in those zones. i'll show you a closer look at what you can expect in the valleys in two minutes. radar and satellite does show just a few clouds in our northern zones and clearer conditions across the region. so we have the sunshine but also cold conditions. continuing throughout the day. this box is where we put the warmest temperature at the airport so far, 21 degrees. 11 with our low this morning so nothing record breaking but definitely chilly, especially with that wind. 19 in burnsville to 21 in asheville. right now in forest city, 29. still below freezing all across western north carolina. 30 degrees down into greenville
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31 in anderson. back in the french broad river valley winds out of the north at 12 miles an hour. 16 up towards boon. this is what it feels like, 1 in burnsville. right now, even though it is past lunchtime, still feeling like it is -- like it was earlier this morning, 9 right now in the asheville area. still feels like the single digits through early afternoon today. some locations won't be quite as bad, 21 in silva by dinner time. still chilly conditions throughout the entire day. looking ahead, once again we have a chance for snow. there is 5:00 p.m. tomorrow. continuing through the evening. then we'll see a break from it. then we'll see another round of a mix of rain, freezing rain and snow again on friday. closer look here, shows clear skies through tonight, watch as we see clouds increase. i'll stop it at 5:00 a.m. tomorrow.
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that snow first, even through the asheville area, through 8:00 a.m. continuing to see the snow. then we get another batch. this is 3:00 p.m., heavier snow bands indicated by the dark blue through western north carolina. a mix possible, dinner time, a messy commute for those folks, especially in the highest elevations where we have those advisories out. thursday, most of the day, late day we'll see a chance for that mix. future cast model does indicate the areas of the heaviest snowfall with the blue. that does include parts of swain county, our western zones into asheville. this model pulling in a possibility of an inch of snow. 30 degrees, that's our high today. 16 tonight. what about the upstate, chilly in the upper 30's and 22 degrees tonight. the seven-day forecast, a very active one.
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winter with a 50% chance of snow. 40% chance thursday. 70 on friday and into the first half of the weekend, we'll continue to see that chance for snow. >> all right. so more changes coming. >> the nation's number one brokerage firm, why the firm is
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brokers. >> stocks are positive this afternoon. at noon the dow was up 143 points at 16131. the nasdaq was up 33 points at 3422. big trouble ahead for the number one brokerage firm. the wall street journal reports it may lose the number one spot in revenue to morgan stanley. bank of america reports those earnings today. the paper also reports that
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herds of brokers as retention packages expire this month. >> general motors is expanding its investment in the ride hailing service business. they are buying the technology and much of the assets of the ride hailing pioneer side car. it is bringing onboard about 20 employees from the side car team. the terms of the deal were not disclosed. earlier this month gm announced a $500 million investment in lift. >> donald trump says he will force apple to start manufacturing in the u.s. again. they do their research and design in california. most of the manufacturing of those iphones and ipads is done in china and other countries. >> twitter appears to be back up and running. users attempting to access the site got messaging warning the metwork was over capacity or was suffering from an internal error.
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some users had trouble with their search functions though. >> still to come at noon, what will appear in the night sky for the first time since 2005. >> tonight at 5:00, standing out from the rest, how a local
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r >> starting tomorrow, sky watchers will get a special treat. they will be able to see five plants together before dawn. mercury venus dawn will be visible before sunrise. it is the first time in more than 10 years all five of them have appeared in the predawn sky. the show will last through february 20. in case you need any help knowing where to look, check out the u.s. naval observatory web page and they have an app.
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planetarium. >> what makes this hard, it is the bitter cold to be honest with you. >> firefighters battle a house fire in the brutal cold. the weather conditions they are dealing with. >> a crash kills two people.
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