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tv   News 13 at 530pm  ABC  January 19, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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several storm systems. the first round coming tomorrow. i'll show you what to expect and when. what makes this especially hard, just the bitter cold to be honest with you. >> frank: firefighters battle a house fire in frigid temperatures. the dangers created by the cold that put firefighters on the fences. now from western north carolina's news leader, this is news 13 at 5:30. >> tammy: the bitter cold certainly continues across the mountains and overnight we reached below freezing temperatures. >> frank: now we're seeing some chances for snow. let's go straight to chief meteorologist jason boyer. jason, when can this arrive? >> jason: it's going to come overnight in the form of clouds. cold enough for snow because it's teens and tweptnties right now for air temperatures. weather alerts.
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winter weather advisories are out. it goes from the border counties all the way back to middle ten continue. nashville, chattanooga, haywood, swain, graham, cherokee, also macon county. one to three inches of snow fall. the lower end in the valleys. could be icy spots with that. then we have winter storm warnings in georgia. they're looking at ice in northern georgia. areas like st. louis and throughout missouri and illinois. we'll see that system spread overnight. day break, we'll see it spread west. another heavier band of snow working through east tennessee, across the mountains and even the valley floors of buncombe county will get snow. prepare for slick spots. 21 for the temp tonight at 7. down to 17 at 11. wind chills in the single digits. we'll talk about the even bigger
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coming up. >> tammy: stick with news 13 throughout the night. we'll track the latest conditions for you. tune in tomorrow morning starting at 4:30 a.m. for school closings and delays. >> frank: a chimney fire forces a fairview woman and child in to the bitter cold. >> tammy: news 13's lauren brigman was on scene all morning long. she shows us how the weather took a toll on the crews. >> lauren: with time and old man winter, firefighters emergency crews finding out fast that their battle was bigger than the fire itself. >> it's extremely hard because, you know, it takes water to put the fire out. well the water is freezing in temperatures like this. these guys are cold. we're just trying to rotate them
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trying to keep them warm. >> lauren: warding off ice on the scene called for all hands on deck. >> they're working off of a wooden deck and the water's on it. it's froze. it's hard to work on that deck and the ice up there, too. >> lauren: problematic conditions flow to the ground below. >> all these trucks got water in them. we've got to keep water circulating to keep the pumps from freezing on them, too. >> lauren: all those involved fighting to keep warm and stay safe. lauren brigman, news 13. >> frank: investigators in haywood county say two suspects are involved with breaking in to a tire store and ripping off the store's cash register. >> tammy: the suspects took off down the road and dumped the cash box discovered this morning. rex, the owner there says that
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>> rex: yes, and he's happy to have that register back, of course, minus the cash. but now he hopes that surveillance video that he took leads to an arrest. it was 9:15 on a cold monday night when alex vance his video captured a car pulling in to his parking lot and a man the video shows him coming through the store spotting exactly what he was looking for. >> a cash register with also a title to a vehicle in it as well as money. >> rex: the cameras record him getting back in the passenger seat. jessica hensly arrived at her workplace just about a mile down the road from the tire store. she went to check the mail, spotting a cash register on the ground. >> and the box was actually laying right here behind our
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all that was inside the box was single change. >> rex: it was matched up with vance's tire store. now, everyone involved wants to find the suspects. >> we know they're driving a two-door honda civic. makes me wonder why someone would want to steal from a hard working man. >> rex: it has businesses like a & a mobile home worried. >> last week, the owner actually suggested a purchased a permit. we're actually going this evening to purchase a gun. >> rex: meantime jessica hensly is keeping a shotgun handy. and alex vance says the man inside the store was wearing a car hard coat with a hoodie. if you have information, you're asked to call the haywood county sheriff's office. reporting live tonight from
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13. >> frank: buncombe county's long serving register of deeds is being remembered today. otto debruhl. . >> tammy: the nc fathers blog shares stories of fathers who were in custody battles and also offers advice on how to work without a lawyer. now the group is pushing law ma lawmakers to address the concern. >> many letters to congress appealing to governor, anything
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what is going on in the family court system. >> tammy: coming up at 6:00 why this father says he's already lost too much time with his kids. >> frank: the supreme court announced today it would consider a legal challenge to president obama's overhaul of the nation's immigration rules. the actions are aimed at letting millions of undocumented the president unveiled the programs over a year ago but federal courts blocked implementation. the nearly 1.4 million immigrants who have . >> tammy: the issue of guns in america will be the focus of a your voice, your future national town hall tonight. the hour-long round table will look at gun violence and the debate over gun control.
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we will also carry it on digit 13.3 also known as antenna cable. jaclyn, an earlier wreck is still backing up traffic. >> jaclyn: tammy, this wreck is on future 26. the good news, all lanes opened back up. it is stop and go traffic all the way down to patton avenue. if you're heading out to tunnel here. crews are working a new wreck at beverly road. average speeds are 20 miles per hour. here's a look at i-240 west bound. about a 25 minute ride from 1923 over to jonathan creek road. that's a look at your on time traffic report brought to you by debruhl's used car superstore.
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story of the brewing controversy over this year's oscar's. the academic president is now announcing big changes. >> frank: this comes after minority nominees were overlooked for a second year in a row. social media hashtag oscar's so white trending. >> reporter: boycott of the oscars over a lack of diversity getting a reaction. >> i will not be at the academic awards. >> reporter: director spike lee announced on instagram announced he cannot support it. the academy responds. promising the academy is taking dramatic steps to alter the make-up of our membership. >> what we really need is the
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>> reporter: selma star at a ceremony joining the critics of the 20 missed opportunities to recognize a person of color in the acting categories for a second year. >> to be missed last year is one thing, for that to happen again this year is unforgiveable. >> reporter: some of the actors seen as overlooked this year idris alba. michael moore tweeting support for pinkette smith and lee. while the academy doesn't release information on demographics of its members, the academy is 93% white down just a percent from 2012 with african americans making up 2%. lauren lister, abc news, los angeles. >> frank: news 13 wants to know, do you plan on watching the
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you can log on to 13 to answer our question of the day. >> tammy: kids from the local salvation army boys and girls club started working on portraits there today that they'll submit to a contest. students researched their african american role models. they'll submit them to the black history art. . >> she was the first black lady to get arrested because she sat in the front of the bus where it said "whites only." >> tammy: they'll have their portraits on display so the public can vote for their favorites. >> frank: saving money on your new year's resolution at the gym.
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you're watching news 13 with tammy watford, frank fraboni, chief meteorologist jason boyer, and on time traffic with jaclyn deaugustino.
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>> tammy: mixed results on wall street today. the dow is up 27 points to end trading at 16,016. the nasdaq is down 11 points to end the day at 4476. a ground breaking celebration was held in spartanburg county. the japanese company plans to bring new jobs to south carolina. governor nikki haley tweeted she was thrilled to break ground. toree is the world's largest maker of carbon fiber. >> frank: tiffany said today it suffered a poor holiday season. it's cutting jobs.
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is the first time tiffany amade the announcement since the depression. >> tammy: it was the it's the real thing, and in 2009 it was open happiness. now coke has a new phrase that it hopes suits your fancy. >> frank: coca cola rolled out its new ad campaign with the slogan taste the feeling. did you get that? the company is hoping that the new slogan will help. taste the feeling. >> tammy: it's catchy. >> frank: i want something warm to drink. >> tammy: hot coke. >> jason: warm coke. >> frank: yes. no. >> jason: not for me. 20 degrees below average. 11 on the start this morning. many of you dipped in to the
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now your news 13 skywatch weather. >> jason: it is another cold day in the books.
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right now our air temperature north-northwest at 15. we're talking 15 degrees for the wind chill. that's what it's like when you step out the door. thankfully the wind will start to relax more in to tomorrow morning. not completely but more than we've seen lately. that means weaker winds overall. high pressure to the north keeps funnely in arctic air. by day break, we have snow showers coming from tennessee in to our mountains. may get a break before our afternoon snows. accumulating snow fall for many carolina. i think the heaviest will be west of i-26 where you can find as much as two to three inches by end of day tomorrow in those high elevations over graham, swain, haywood county, also macon and cherokee as well.
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the end of the week storm is looking. how much accumulates is still highly uncertain, folks. because we had a variant in tracks from the gps model across chattanooga. the european model wants to bring the cell and track it farther south in to georgia. that would put us in mostly a snow forecast all day friday and early saturday. that's probably why you've seen all the social media chatter about oh, it's going to snow two feet in western north carolina. it's going to snow two feet in virginia. the potential is there for virginia. i don't see us getting that. low pressure to the southwest just over the southern mountains. that puts a stripe of some ice here. we're talking freezing rain in to late thursday, early friday
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divide, greensboro, southern portions of virginia. the snow south of that, it's all rain. once the system goes by, we get our snow. by then, most of the moisture has gone east. that would really limit snow fall accumulationssfor areas like asheville, hendersonville, and most valleys along the i-85 corridor. by lunch hour, snow is already moving in to the mountains. we have bands of snow working in through the early evening. west of i-26 could see three inches in to the high elevations west and south of the southern portions of our blue ridge. late thursday, early friday we start to see moisture come back in the form of rain initially. freezing rain and possibly snowfall as we get in to friday, early morning.
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we're talking about an inch to two inches in mountain valleys. smokys, balsams and the nantahalas could see two inches. temperatures in the teens tonight. it's going to be mighty cold. 30s for highs. that means our temperatures should warm up enough to melt snow in the afternoon once it eventually melts off. chances of snow go back up friday. that one could be a bigger one. we'll watch our temperatures cool off saturday to 30s once again. >> tammy: time to check out today's "see it, shoot it, send it" picture. >> frank: this is a pretty one. tyler smith sent us this one. it's a cold frozen day on beach mountain. >> tammy: nice. you can send us your pictures and video, too.
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them to in tonight's consumer
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save mon >> tammy: many of us join gyms to fulfill our new year's and get fit. >> frank: one of the reasons we quit is because of the cost.
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at the gym. >> reporter: more than 50 million americans belong to a gym. consumer reports came up with several tips for saving money and keeping your fitness program on track. if getting in shape is one of your new year's resolutions, you don't have to break the bank to break a sweat. just like buying a car, the first rule is always negotiate. >> always assume you can get a better deal. you can do that by asking the right questions and visiting at the right time. >> reporter: january is a great month for promotions. but wait until the end of the month. consider bringing friends and asking for a group discount. number two, consider the membership you really need. >> if they're not going to utilize the amount, they can come in and pay $10 a month. if they are interested, then
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number three, see if your boss is willing to share the cost. >> about half of larger u.s. firms have wellness programs. and many of those include discounts on gym memberships or the ability to access on site workout facilities. >> reporter: also check your health insurance policy for gym members. some blue cross blue shield patients. finally, if you don't know how often you'll work out or if you're the kind of person who likes to mix it up, consider a pay as you go membership. with these deals you can sign up at more than one gym and only pay when you use the facility. don't forget, most gyms offer free trial passes for a day or
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let's not overthink this.
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