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tv   News 13 This Morning  ABC  January 21, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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he told me to use pronamel. it's gonna help protect the enamel in your teeth. to drink my coffee and to eat healthier, and it was a real easy switch to make. closings to update you on this morning. >>jay: buncombe county school, the erwin district and north buncombe district are closed to day. all other districts are on a two-hour delay. >>holly: also added to the list, henderson county, transylvania county and rutherford county schools are all operating on a two-hour delay. there are many more school closings and delays.
6:01 am or scrolling at the bottom of the screen. >>jay: meanwhile, we have live team coverage as the second round of winter weather is getting ready to bring ice and snow to the mountains. let's begin with ingrid in the skywatch wenter sether. >>ingrid: we are under a winter weather advisory for anototr hour for good reason. black ice is a threat this morning. all these counties shaded in purprp, that's a threat for now. but, soon enough, we will transition to round 2. winter storm warning will go into effect at 7 p.m. tonight. it will go through sunday morning. so, all day friday and saturday. not only for a high mountain regions but all of western north carolina, the foothills, and even the upstate of south carolina. right now is the calm before the storm. coming up in my full forecast, i will let you know specifically how much snow we are forecasting for different parts of the region and who could see ice, too. right now let's head over to the traffic center. jaclyn, what counties are seeing icy roads now? >>jaclyn: haywood county, macon county, mitchell county and swain county and
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there are no weather-related accidents in these areas, but let's look at specific spots to look out for where you might see slick spots. macon county are in good shape, but the secondary roads are a problem spot. secondary roads are also a problem over in swain county. and keep in mind nearby u.s. 441 is still closed from cherokee to gatlinburg because of snow and ice. now, we're not seeing any slick roads reported in buncombe county right now, but there is one wreck to look out for this morning. this is a crash involving a pedestrian on sweeten creek and roberts road. asheville police just arrived on the scene and, of course, we will keep you updated as more information becomes available. that's a look at your on-time traffic report brought you by the wired mouse computer solutions. >>holly: before the storm comes there are several things you can do to make sure you and your home are prepared. >>jay: news 13's lauren brigman continues our live team coverage this morning and, lauren, people need to be ready for any situation out there? >>lauren: definitely, because the loss of power is definitely
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so, there are things you can do today to get ready ahead of that storm. making sure that you have a secondary heat source, that is a good option. because you may lose heat during this. make sure your blankets are nearby as well. now, without heat the water in your plumbing can also freeze and your pipes may burst. so, make sure those are well insulated now. and, also, allow that a little water to drip from your faucets to keep that water moving through and helping to prevent the pipes from freezing. also, have the necessary nonperishable food items and plenty of water nearby as well to make sure that, you know, if you lose power and yo you are stuck inside your home, make sure you are doing the things inside your home you can do to stay warm and have food for you power. also, remember, not to assume that your power company knows about the outage. make sure your cell phone is fully charged in case you have to alert family members you are without power and alert the power company as well so they
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on for you. reporting live in weaverville, i'm lauren brigman, for news 13. >>holly: the first round of snow create add lot of headaches in some parts of the mountains. madison county near the yancey county line, a tractor trailer overturned. the driver said he lost control and slid down the hill. and without the guardrail, he might have landed in the creek. no one was hurt, but it did slow down traffic. >> it's pretty scary, actually. drivers. there are people who have never driven in snow before. people just don't know how to drive and they are not cautious as other people. >>holly: the driver of the tractor trailer told us hee is used to driving in bad weather but the road was very slick. >>jay: it also impacted drivers in the higher elevations, highway 19 in the sokol gap over the jackson county and haywood county line were busy keeping up with the falling snow. it means big business for local hardware stores as families
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insulation and sleds. >>holly: the mid atlantic is trying to korean up after a traffic nightmare. >>jay: we will show how the eastern seaboard prepared. >> >>reporter: overnight chaos on the roadway, motorists slamming into one another, a combination of untreated roadways and light snow which literally wreaked havoc across the mid atlantic states. >> i drove home from work and i'm not used to driving in snow so it was pretty rough driving home and it took a while. >>reporter: the less than 2" of snowfall crippling enough in the nation's capitol to even delay the leader of the free world. president obama's return to the white house delayed after his staff was forced to change plans, due to the weather. >> in montgomery county, maryland, just outside washington, cars were stuck on roadways for hours. just trying to stay off the roads. >> and in west virginia, utility
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the thing that has us worried with this storm is just the depth of the snow and the potential for wet snow. >>reporter: some 15 states this morning under winder stoasm watches from as far south as north carolina to as far north as boston. this is as the i-95 corridor braces for a potentially historic blizzard, aimed right at the nation's capitol, new york, and philadelphia. >> we don't want to overreact but we encourage people to start getting prepared. >>reporter: and this morning, dc snow teams are tripling the amount of plows and snow trucks on the roadways. this is as state officials urge everyone to take extreme precaution as the east coast braces for the major storm which is less than 48 hours away. ray for abc new, new york. >>holly: in this morning's news reel, a man decides to take his anger out on the department of safety building. >>jay: he crashed an r.v. into the government building.
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driver with a self-inflicted gunshot wound. he is recovering at a hospital. investigate investigators say the man was frustrated because his driver's license was suspended. >>holly: an illinois corrections officer died while transporting a prisoner. the victim was 22 years old. he was transporting a 17 year-old prisoner. where he lost control of his vehicle in icy conditions. the van spun into oncoming traffic and then was hit by a semitruck. it blocked the interstate for hours and hundreds of drivers were stuck in the gridlock. >> we were frustrated but more than anything, i was just thankful to be in the position i was, rather than being the family members at home that were going to be getting a fen to call that their family members were involved in the accident. >>holly: the 17 year-old prisoner survived. but, he is hospitalized with injuries. >>jay: students in illinois are recovering after their school bus appeared to be sandwiched between two 18-wheelers. the bus was carrying more than 50 students. 9 students were injured but are expected to be okay.
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there is no word what caused the accident. >>holly: parts of the northeast are preparing for a winter storm. >>jay: how one city is making it easy for drivers with the touch of a button. >>ingrid: here is your "harry's on the hill bus stop forecast." no wintry weather if now in the short term. 39 degrees by lunchtime. drop off time. 43. up dates for school closures and delays for this morning, please go to for that information. we have some black ice threats for now. coming up after the break, i will talk more about the timeline of this second round of
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now, in high definition, this is your news 13 skywatch forecast. everyone. i want to start with the black mountain camera. if you look down here, you can see some areas of ice. yeah, that's the danger outside this morning. black ice is a threat. that's why we have that winter weather advisory out until about 7 a.m. this morning. some locations especially higher up will see the black ice especially in shaded areas, even once this expires. but, now, let's turn our attention to this significant winter storm heading our way as early as tonight. national weather service bumped up our watch to a warning this morning. this starts at 7 o'clock, goes through, it's very lengthy, 7 a.m. on sunday morning. all of these counties shaded in pink underneath this winter storm warning, even down into the foothills and piedmont of north carolina. this is the calm before the storm, we are seeing a few areas
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drizzle this morning. that's about it. throughout the day today is the day to prepare for the winter storm if you have to. 31 in asheville. 20s in the northern zones 32 in andrews. 30 degrees into greenville. we will eventually warm up above freezing today, but starting off cold enough where slick roads are a threat. the wind will be another issue. power outages could be an issue, with the combination of wind, the weight of snow and ice on the power lines and tree branches. 10 in bryson city. 13 in asheville. 14 in hendersonville. it's also making it feel colder outside this. is the most likely track of this system. watch here, as we see some ice here south of asheville into the upstate and east. rain further south, but then, once the system moves through, cold air pushes back in. turns all this precipitation to snow. heavy snow possible. snowfall totals right here, this is friday and saturday, the legends at the top of the
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see how much snow is likely to fall. in the pink, 12-18." in the royal blue, 6-12." tory kois 4-8" and white 1-4." so parts of buncombe county on the high end. southern parts of the country won't see much. it's elevation dependent and also how it begins to fall, in the way of freezing rain, ice, or snow, could alter the totals some. look at the futurecast for today. this is the calm, just a few clouds by 6m p.m. bam, over night we see the mix occur, snow and freezing rain. look at this pink. dangerous conditions throughout the day friday into the overnight hours. temperatures plummet and it turns into all snow. it could be as far south as greenwood seeing some of that snow fall. holding onto the chance in the northern mountains through sunday morning. let's take a closer look at another model showing the
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those same zones, so areas like boone, those are the areas that could see more than a foot of snow and even down, this model pulling into lake lure. and now, the bullseye is in henderson county. much. now, once again, freezing rain and sleet. also a threat. so we could see a trace of ice up to a quarter of an inch in the french broad river valley. more than that down in the upstate throughout the next couple of days. even into saturday, but sunday will mostly be snow. so, severe level for snow and ice for this storm, today 43 degrees. mix starts late into tonight, dropping back below freezing. 45 degrees, slick conditions late day as well into greenville. tonight, close to that freezing mark. here is your seven-day forecast, showing 100% chance for that mix on friday. that's snow continues through sunday morning. into the upstate, yes, also a chance for wintry weather. please stay safe. d on that note, jay siltzer
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>>jay: absolutely. ingrid, as you just pointed out, this is definitely going to be a multiday event. we are in for here in the mountains. for the winter storm, what to expect, be prepared for dangerous travel. don't get out unless you have to. have an emergency kit if you are traveling. and be p ppared for power outages throughout the mountains. helpful hints. winter driving, obviously, if you don't have to get out, don't. some of us do have to. a cell phone charger is a must. check the car battery before you leave. pack a blanket in the car. sand or kitty litter is essential in the car. it can give traction if you get stuck. otherwise, you can use it to melt the ice for areas you have go in and out of. a small shovel is essential, too. food and water. keep that in mind as well. and coming up live at 6:30, news 13's lauren brigman has additional tips on ways to remain safe. holly? >>holly: we have a "early bird gets the win" give away this morning. continuing for asheville restaurant week.
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gift certificates to chorizo which specializes in latin and central america and the caribbean and spain. go to 13 to enter. right now we have the owner and chef hector diaz, he has been traveling through thailand and cam bead yeah to learn about the cuisine there. last year he toured south america to add more flavors to add to his diverse menu. time is 6:15. the north henderson football coach stepping down.
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>>luke: north henderson football coach j. d. dinwiddie stepped down from his position yesterday and a short time later t.c. robberson announced he would be the new head coach of the rams. dinwiddie replaces chris bile, the previous coach who resigned earlier this month. dinwiddie spend the last season in north henderson where he turned the program around to a 7-5 record for the knights, the first winning season in north henderson since 2000. of course the carolina panthers are just a few days away from playing in their biggest game of the year. the nfc championship game where they will take on the arizona cardinals. cam newton has been the driving force leading the team all season. yesterday, the professional football writers of america
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the offensive player of the year this. is not the official nfl mvp but it's still big time. newton is the first quarterback to ever have 35 passing touchdowns and 10 rushing scores in the same season. he says he will be ready to play on sunday night. >> this is why you play football games. i idolized the quarterbacks that would be in these positions and just dream like, man, i hope and pray that i get the opportunity to do it. >>luke: panther fans hoping cam has the opportunity to dance as well sunday night. the nfc title game between the panthers and cardinals will be 6:40 on sunday night. and finally david gentry, the legendary football coach at murphy will be the next head coach of the shrine bowl this. is a big honor for jenry, who is the all-time winningest high school coach in western north carolina history. the 2016 shrine bowl will take place saturday, december 17th,
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it will be the 80th annual shrine bowl game. that's a look at sports. have a great start to your day, everyone. i'm luke notestine for news 13 sports. >>holly: the northeast is bracing for the massive winter storm set to hit tomorrow. >>jay: that's right. the system is expected to impact travel with slick icy roads making for hazardous driving conditions. officials in pennsylvania are introducing a new app to help drivers track snow plows to find out which roads are clear. >> we equipped some of the trucks with tracking devices so the public can see where some of the trucks are and it also gives an option for a two-hour cookie trail so you can see where the truck has been in the last two hours. >>jay: tens of millions of people on the east coast could be affected by the weekend storm system. us? >>ingrid: yes, indeed. a lot of folks, if you are planning on leaving the mountains for the weekend, make sure to check the weather where you're going, and in places in between. all across the southeast, and into the northeast, dealing with this wintry weather.
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tonight, overnight, an icy mix. friday morning, it's going to be an icy mix turning to snow. frit and saturday periods of heavy snow at times. that's what you can expect for your winter storm timeline. some areas are dealing with icy conditions on primary roads this morning. jaclyn, this is a problem in madison county? >>jaclyn: ingrid, there are patches of ice along i. 25/70 u.s. 19e and i-26 near the tennessee border like the sames gab area. so, take it slow if you are hitting the roads in madison county this morning. the secondary roads are a problem across your area as well. heads up for drivers in mitchell county, most of your roads are covered with ice. and we do have all problem areas listed by county on under the traffic page. as far as the wrecks this morning, there is one to look out for in buncombe county. this is a crash involving a pedestrian on sweeten creek and roberts road. we now know that no injuries are reported and it is in the clearing stages, so that should be out of the roadway for you shortly. that's a look at your
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you by the wired mouse computer solutions. >>holly: snow is not only in our area but also downtown. >>jay: look at the roads there. a lot of people are already seeing a couple inches. >>holly: skiing and snow boarding.
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>> >>holly: time for "morning surf." if you are stuck inside for the next couple days we have ideas to keep the kids busy. >>ingrid: you might go stir crazy. there is a lot going on in the way of snow, so if you don't feel like going out to build a snowman? >>holly: i am i don't think jay will. >>ingrid: go to and this is what you will find. >>holly: making a snowman is simple, this is obviously for little kid. i clicked on the hat. so you can reminisce to back to
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and you can dress your snowman. you can print it. look at all the arm choices. do you like? >>ingrid: i want a bedroom. several bedrooms for arms, i like it. we have a moustache? >>holly: i feel like that snowman -- >>ingrid: is this a man? >>holly: it is now if you have a moustache. look how cute he is getting. flower? >>ingrid: how sweet. you created this whole plot line to our snowman. >>holly: i have. >>ingrid: and he has no eyes which is fine. >>holly: well, okay. hold on. i can fix that. here, he will have glasses like jay. >>ingrid: aww. >>holly: there you go, you have a little snowman. >>ingrid: jay, you're bringing a flower. >>jay: when did i get a moustache? >>ingrid: overnight, apparently. >>holly: this is a stick-on one. it's fine. >>ingrid: a final look at weather this half hour, outside right now is in the 30s and 20s across the region. 30 degrees in weaverville.
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morning. but coming up in our next half hour, a lot to talk about with this major winter storm. i will let you know when it begins and how much snow will fall where you live. >>lauren: from your home to your car, there are items you should have on hand before this winter storm hits. we are showing you how you can prepare coming up live. >> >>holly: mountain businesses are getting ready for the expected snow and ice. what crews are doing to make sure you stay safe. >> >>jay: and the arctic blast. how other states across the
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now, in high definition, from the western north carolina's news leader, this is news 13 this morning. >>holly: you are looking now at a live look at bryson city in swain county. you can see snow is still covering a lot of the area there. >>jay: that's why school is canceled there today, along with many other school systems. >>holly: in the last 15 minutes asheville city schools announced no buses on icy roads. >>jay: the buncombe county schools, the erwin district and north buncombe district are closed to day. all other buncombe county districts are on a two-hour delay. >>holly: there are many other schools closed or delayed today. you can see them all running at the bottom of your screen. they are also, of course, at we have been talking about this coming winter storm all morning long. and how it will bring the potential for ice and up to a foot of snow in some places. >>jay: we have live team coverage.
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skywatch weather center. >>ingrid: we are currently under a winter weather advisory for just another 0 minutes for all the counties in western north carolina and parts of the upstate. this is for that threat of slick conditions, which as you just saw, causing some delays this morning. this is the big event. winter storm warning, this is an upgrade this morning from a watch to warning, 7 p.m. tonight through sunday morning. the chance for some significant snow, freezing rain, ice, sleet, you name it. satellite radar shows the calm before the storm. but, coming up in my full forecast, i will show you these impressive snowfall totals we are expecting to see and the timeline of this event. let's head over to the on-time traffic sent where were jaclyn is tracking slick spots this morning. >>jaclyn: thanks, ingrid. we have slick conditions reported in several counties this morning, including macon county. most of the primary road are in good shape here. it's the secondary roads that are a problem. we have someone on our facebook page asking about the drive from thank lynn over to western
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so, if you are making that drive, just stay off the back roads this morning. we are dealing with the same problems over in transylvania county. it is those secondary roads that are an issue. so, keep this in mind for your morning drive. and stay off the side roads in swain county as well. these are ice covered. keep in mind, nearby u.s. 441 remains closed from cherokee to gatlinburg because of snow and ice. and remember we have all the problem areas listed by county on our web site under the traffic page. that's a look at your on-time traffic report brought to you by the wired mouse computer solutions. >>holly: travel is not advised during the winter storm but there are things you can do now to be ready just in case an emergency happens. >>jay: lauren brigman continues our live team coverage from weaverville with a look at how to make sure you and your vehicle are ready. lauren? >>lauren: yeah, you can buy one of these emergency kits, already assembled. or you can put it together and put it in a cardboard box in your trunk just to have them ready should you encounter an emergency on the road.
6:27 am
a first aid kit as well as bandage, flashlights, extra batteries are essential. things like gloves in case you have to change a flat tire. make sure you have all the tools and a spare ready, as well as reflective cones and jumper cables. all of these items are good to have as well as blankets. things like nonperishable food and water as well. good to keep those in your car should you encounter an emergency on the road. as far as your home, there are things that you can go ahead and have ready to go should you lose power or encounter an emergency at home as well. things like water, nonperishable food, first aid kit supplies are essential for your home as well. so, think about putting together two emergency kit, one for your vehicle and one for your home. if you take prescription medication, make sure that you have those easily accessible as well as flashlights and extra batteries are a must for your home. a secondary heat source is essential. also, make sure you are monitoring the forecast. make sure you are keeping it
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have a radio, even a noahh weather radio can help you. have a plan in case emergency strikes and you lose power. have a plan for keeping your family safe should you need to move locations as well. we are keeping you updated right here with team coverage at wlos and for the latest. live in weaverville, lauren brigman, news 13. >>holly: mountain cities are getting ready for the expected snow and ice. >>jay: the hendersonville department of public works applied brine to high priority streets including by the hospital. but it's only a dusting of snow that fell, the city is focused on tomorrow and what it can do to be ready before the storm hits. >> we are just continuing to watch the weather forecast and see what's the predicting to come our way, and if need be, we will put out some more brine. if not, then we will just make sure that all our snow equipment, the plows and the trucks are fueled up and running other air jas the city will focus on tree treating include
6:29 am
buildings and the fire department. bridges are also a priority since they freeze quicker than roads. >>holly: the snow also impacted drivers at higher elevations in the western counties. highway 19 over sewcol gap on the haywood county/jackson county line was slow. a dot plow was busy trying to keep up with the snow falling there. the winter weather has also meant big business for local hardware stores as people stocked up on snow melt, shovels, and insulation and sleds. stay with news 13 for complete team coverage on air and on-line at the coming storm. >>jay: we will post any updates to the forecast at you can also go there to sign up for text alerts for weather and school closings. >>holly: we will also post the information on our took&h nation. >>holly: reed banion report, the frigid temperatures are nothing though compared to the monster winter storm coming in less than 24 hours.
6:30 am
to be one for the record. tens of millions of people are bracing for impact as a massive winter storm is forecast for the east coast. the enormous system following severe weather already slamming communities from tennessee to the nation's capitol. >> it was pretty rough driving home and it took a while i. took him an hour to get four miles. >> icy conditions causing upwards of 160 accidents across2 virginia and wreaking havoc on dc roads. even president obama had to fight traffic after weather conditions kept marine 1 grounded. but forecasters say the current freeze is nothing compared to the frigid blast set to hit the east coast friday. the mid atlantic appears to be the target withwwa at the bums eye. >> this is going to be a coloss sal storm in the nation's capitol. >>reporter: with blizzard conditions expected and predictions of up to 30" of snow, this storm could set records. likely dwarfing the recent storms and perhaps even surpassing the devastating and deadly nicker becomer storm of 1922. ( ) with the threat going up and down the eastern seaboard, stores have struggling to keep
6:31 am
and snow blowers and snow shovels. >> our emergency command sentr center makes sure we are always fully stocked with the things we are needing in times like this. >>reporter: i'm reed banion reporting. >>jay: we have an update on a contractor from candler accused of scamming homeowners. marshal adams spears now faces two additional counts of felony obtaining property by false pretenses. the charges stem from work that was never completed at home. one victim said she paid spears more than $2,000 to redo her deck and roof. but he only nailed down a few boards. the investigators are also looking to see if there are more victims. >> we are asking people, anyone that might have come in contact with mr. spears, who might have had work done by mr. spears and he hasn't completed that work to please contact the sheriff offense office. >>jay: spears is scheduled to appear in court on a previous felony charge involving another alleged victim, january 29th. >>holly: the city of asheville is considering turning a controversial piece of property
6:32 am
supporters have rallied for several years to turn this space across from the st. lawrence basilica into a park. asheville tried at one point to sell the property, but at least one hotel deal fell through. a city spokesperson says there will be a design competition to create a public space. more details will be announced during the next planning and economic development meeting. >>jay: asheville leaders are now searching for a consultant to help come up with a parking plan for downtown asheville. the new strategy will be based on research of what other cities do to see if their ideas can be used here. the plan intends to include everything from improved technology to possible changes in hours and pricing. officials say it will be different from previous parking studies. >> usually when you do a parking study it's to say can i put a parking garage in point x. or location y, that sort of thing. but, in this case, we are trying to get something that will help us develop the strategies that we want to use over the next 10-15 years. >>jay: another part of the plan might be satellite parking
6:33 am
and take a shuttle downtown. the deadline for proposals from consultants is july 31st. >>holly: customers no longer have to leave tips at a downtown asheville restaurant. blue dream curry house announced the change this week. the owners say it helps them provide a living wage to their employees, and close the pay gap between kitchen employees and servers. they say feedback has been positive so far. e personally from customers who understand how tips supplement servers' wages. >> it take as team to produce great hospitality. server are not only responsible for the great service and food, it's the entire team, from the dishwasher to the busser to the bartender, the whole group works to make that happen. >>holly: servers will now make $12.50 an hour, which is the living wage in asheville. all employees will split a bonus based on thest rah i the restaurant's monthly sales. >>jay: we have a "early bird gets the win" give away for asheville restaurant week.
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two $50 gift cert fit cats to chorizo which specializes in caribbean and spain. go to to enter. a sigh of relief for lawmakers in michigan. >>jay: what lawmakers decided
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crisis. now, in high definition, this is your news 13 skywatch forecast. >>ingrid: welcome back. we have patchy snow and ice on the roadaway his in higher elevations, that's why we have this winter weather advisory out for another 30 minutes or so. it does include all the counties shaded in purple. this is just from that round 1. round 2, the significant snowfall that we have been talking about for several days now prompted the national weather service to upgrade that watch that we have had to a winter storm warning and it's extensive. look at this. it goes all the way across western north carolina down into the upstate, and the piedmont as well. so, this starts at 7 o'clock tonight. and it goes through sunday morning. yeah, the first half of the weekend will be dicey for sure. satellite radar shows we have seen some clouds outside this morning. but, nothing in the way really of wintry precipitation. just those delays and closures for schools is because of yesterday's snowfall. 31 in asheville right now. so, below freezing. but, barely. 20s in our northern zones. 19 in morganton.
6:36 am
34 in clemson and low 30s from anderson to greenwood. something else to keep in mind, throughout this whole winter storm, when the wind starts to issue. remember last year we had that ice storm? the weight of the ice on the branches and those power lines caused power outages. the same threat especially when the winds are gusting, 14 in asheville, and also into hendersonville. here is the most likely track, folks. we are going to start to see this mix to start. ice, freezing rain, across much of the region. then it's going to transition to all snow, behind that system. colder conditions. this is an impressive map. snowfall totals does show 12-18" for areas shaded in pink. so, it's going to be possibly even the northern portion of buncombe county, northern mcdowell, southern yancey, mitchell, african avery, even parts of jackson and northern transylvania county, maybe part of macon county. the royal blue, 6-12." 4-8" in the turquoise. 1-4" in the white.
6:37 am
if you have things to do, today might be the better day. look at this. we are not seeing any precipitation after dinnertime that's when it starts. and it's looking pretty quickly here to develop in the way of rain, freezing rain, look at all the pink. that's micked precipitation. so ice is a possibility. then, into friday night and saturday, it turns all to snow. and it stays in the northern mountains even through sunday morning. so, that's where the heavy snow can fall. let's take a look at the futurecast for the rain and sleet. looks like the upstate and the foothills mostly and even up towards burnsville and avery county will see a layer of ice. so, mixed in with all this snow, dangerous driving conditions for sure. so, severe level for snow, ice, wind at a moderate level. today, we will warm above freezing. 43 degrees. not until late day. overnight we start to see the snow and sleet begin. in greenville, 45 degrees. also slick conditions overnight
6:38 am
100%, that's right, tomorrow, 35 degrees, 32 on saturday. and it will be mostly a snow event. clearing out sunday. another chance for some precipitation next week. upstate locations, also a chance for wintry weather. so, what should you do to prepare now? jay siltzer has more. >>jay: ingrid, thanks so much. this is definitely a 72-hour event. coming our way for the winter storm, what to expect? be prepared for dangerous travel. don't get out unless you absolutely have to. have an emergency kit if traveling earlier. lauren showed you what to put in it. and be prepared for power outages. helpful hints. if you must be out driving, have a cell phone charger. check your car battery before you start. pack a blanket. sand or kitty litter is always great to have on hand if you get stuck. it can provide traction. otherwise, it can melt the snow as grow in and out of a building. a small shovel is also essential. food and water are important.
6:39 am
as at home, a lot to keep in mind and a lot still coming our way. the primary roads are in good shape in haywood county, but jaclyn the secondary roads are the issue? >>jaclyn: right. heads up if you live in the northern part of haywood county where the side roads are a problem. like in the fines creek area. try to stay off the roads this morning if possible if you can, if you live in that area. drivers over in madison square garden, there are some slick areas reported on your primary roads. so, be careful if you are taking 25/70 this morning. u.s. 19 east or i-26 near the tennessee border like the sams gap area. right now let's get a live look at i-26 at brevard road for those heading that way this morning. here is a look at what you can expect. there are no official reports of icy roads in buncombe county, but of course it is still a good idea to take it slow on the roads this morning. that's a look at your on-time traffic report brought to you by the wired mouse computer solutions. >>holly: a massive fire forces the family out of a home.
6:40 am
hiding in your child's bed >>holly: well wombach, 6:49. the water crisis continues in flint. >>jay: the michigan statehouse approved emergency funding. andy rose reports city officials say there is a lot more work to be done there. >> >>reporter: there's some relief for the people of flint michigan. the statehouse approved $28 million in emergency funding. but, the mayor says it's not enough. >> there have been estimates out there, but that's only about infrastructure and that's why we can't say exactly what we need because how do you put a cost on what's happened to what we have done to people? >>reporter: when forced to do just that, mayor karen weaver says the cost to undo the damage could reach $1.5 billion. the city's water problem began in 2014, when the state temporarily switched the city's water source to the flint river to save money. people quickly complained the
6:41 am
tasted off. eventually experts found the water to be highly crowsive and full of lead. >> this was something that nobody should have to deal with, everyone should have clean water. and it's just a that vestty. >>reporter: lead poisoning can severely affect mental and physical development especially in children. president obama addressed those health concerns when speaking in detroit. >> and i know that if i was a parent up there, i would be beside myself that my kids' health could be at risk. >>reporter: the governor of michigan, widely criticized for drags his feet on flint, apologized for the crisis during his state of the state address. >> to you, the people of flint, i say tonight, as i have before, i'm sorry, and i will fix it. >>holly: that was andy rose reporting. even celebrities stepped up to help the city. >>jay: a tractor trailer carrying tens of thousands of
6:42 am
flint area food bank thanks tosher. >>holly: and folks in our area are helping as well. a hover board fire could be responsible for killing two family dogs. >>jay: the firefighters traced the origin to a little girl's room where she had been charging a hover board that appeared to catch fire. >> the over board itself was plugged in, in the bedroom near a book shelf. it had indicate toytors to show it started down near the ground level. >>jay: this is now the 40th reported hover board fire in 19 states. according to the consumer product safety commission, which is looking hard at lithium ion batteries that come with the products. no one was at home when the fire broke out. >>holly: amazon is accepting returns. the woman accused of plowing her car into pedestrians in vase has new charges. >>jay: she was charged with murder and child endamagerment for killing one-on-one woman and also attempted murder and
6:43 am
in the incident. even her attorneys say they don't know why it happened. >> a lot of questions that you ask relating to how something like this might happen. that that's the stage we are in right now. >>jay: holloway said she tried to sleep in her car before the crash but security guards would not let her park anywhere. >>holly: her 3 year-old daughter was in the car but she wasn't hurt. holloway could spend the rest of her life in jail if convicted on the 71 charges. a character from the movie "frozen" is coming to life, sort of. >>jay: how one family made it happen. today's mind teaser. what is the coldest temperature ever recorded? >>jay: we have the answer when we come back.
6:44 am
>> >>holly: let's get a quick recap of the local headlines. the fist round of snow create add lot of headaches in some
6:45 am
>>jay: absolutely. in madison county, near the yancey county line, a tractor trailer overturned t. driver said he lost control and slid down the hill. he says without the guardrail, he might have landed in a creek. thankfully, , one was hurt. >>holly: the snow also impacted drivers at higher elevations in the western county. highway 19 over sokol gap on the haywood county and jajason county line was slow. dot plows were busy keeping up with the falling snow. winter weather means big business for local hardware stores as people stocked up on lots of supplies. >>jay: asheville leaders are now searching for a consultant to help come up with a parking plan for downtown asheville. the new strategy will be based on research of what other cities do to see if their ideas can be used here. the deadline for proposals from consultants is july 31st. >>holly: here is the answer day's mind teaser. we asked what the coldest temperature ever recorded? >>jay: the answer is minus 128.6 for the world recorded in in an ark tikal many july of
6:46 am
>>holly: that had us thinking. >>jay: it did. what about the coldest in the u.s.? that was alaska, minus 81.4 during world war ii time. all right. and the coldest ever in north carolina, it was on this day in 1985, mt. mitchell, minus 34 degrees. >>holly: at least it won't go to that today. a giant olaf from "frozen" towers 13 feet tall. >>jay: samantha and her dad jeff spent the entire weekend last week building snowman who is now waving to drivers passing by in grand rapids, michigan. they have been building giant snowmen for years and jeff says the best part is spending time with the family. >>holly: a lot of folks may be able to make their own olaf very soon. we have a winner now in the "early bird gets the win." >>jay: congratulations to gilbert armor and sara ann wilson. >>jaclyn: you have each won a $50 gift certificate to chorizo. >>ingrid: and we will e-mail you how to claim the prize. maybe hold on to it until after the wintry weather.
6:47 am
look at the winter storm warning goes into effect from 7 p.m. tonight and goes through friday, saturday, into sunday morning and it is extensive. look at this. all of western north carolina, more or less, into the upstate. also, into the piedmont. all across the southeast and northeast, going to be hit hard by this. in fact, snowfall totals very impressive, anywhere from 6-8" down into the valley. >>holly: already, causing some problems on the roads for us. >>jaclyn: right we have slick roads reported in several counties this morning. remember, we have those problem areas on under the traffic page. >>jay: all right. thanks very much for joining us. gma is next on news 13. for more local you ins and weather check us out on-line and at >>holly: don't forget the
6:48 am
>> good morning, america. blizzard watch.
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