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tv   News 13 at Noon  ABC  January 21, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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saturday and sunday but sunday morning. all these areas in pink under a winter warning, the foothills and the piedmont. the time line, here's what you can expect, the icy mix begins tonight into the tomorrow morning. we'll see that transition into snow. friday into saturday, periods of heavy snow at time. let's take a look at the rest of the afternoon. this is the calm before the storm. 42 degrees by 2:00 p.m. even some sunshine throughout the day. low 40's expected through late afternoon at 6:00 p.m., 39 degrees. we'll start to see the light rain that early. when temperatures drop below freezing, we see the mix. this is the time to get out and do those errands. coming up, we'll talk hour by hour so you know how to plan tomorrow morning's commute. it could be dicey and how much snow will fall at your house.
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minutes. >> power companies a a one of the many agencies agencies getting ready. what are they telling you? >> a lot of planning and preparing happening behind closed doors as representatives continue to monitor the forecast. they have crews on call as they normally do so they can bring in extra help. crews in the field are seeing routine work but bracing for long hours this weekend. extra transformers and supplies are stocked and ready to go. neighbors utility companies work with duke energy to get the lights back on as quickly as possible. should you lose power, representatives say they are ready to answer the call. >> the me and women that work and serve our customers each and every day, stand ready to strap on the gear they need to respond as quickly as they can and to work safely and get the heat and
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nature packs a punch. >> if you lose power during the storm, call your power company to make thehem aware. don't assume they know about the outage. for duke, that number to call is 1-800-power on. if you happen to be out on the roads and you see some of these crews working, please move over and give them room to work. that will help to keep everyone safe. coming up at 12:30, i'll tell you what you can do right now to help to prepare in case you should lose power during the storm.. >> let's talk about that right now. to help you prepare in case you face a power outage duke expects you to asemiable kit. consider these items a flashlight with extra batteries where you can find it in the dark and fresh batteries, canned foods that require no cooking, a manual can opener, first aid supplies. extra batteries and a poured or
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>> stay with news 13 for complete coverage on air and online of this coming storm. we'll post updates on you can also go there to sign up for text alerts, weather and school closings. we'll also post updated information, of course, to our facebook and twitterer pages. >> we aren't the only ones bracing for a hit. the mid-atlantic is preparing and the dc area was already hit with a travel nightmare. lana zach has the latest on a national scale. >> d.c. is preparing for an epic blizzard with a trial run. >> we are sorry for inadequate response. i am declaring a snow emergency. >> d.c. mayor promising to be more prepared after snow fell leading to this and this. >> it was rough driving home. it took him an hour to get four miles. we decided to walk and it is pretty icy on the roads when you are walking.
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in the icy conditions. the motorcade on the slick streets. while residents prepare for the storm. many on social media was frustrated by the preparation or lack of it on the road. this person taking aim at the department of virginia department of transportation. snow flakes snarling traffic and causing accident afteraccident. 776 traffic crashes reported, nearly 400 calls from disabled vehicles. with forecasters prepping for snow thkz, grocery shelves have been picked bare. >> and the man with the snow blower. >> i'm the only one on my block with a snow blower. >> the most popular guy in town. >> the latest models are predicting absolutely historic amounts of snow in the nation's capital.
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under winter watch. weather is to blame for killing an officer. it happened in mount vernon. the victim was 22-year-old adam of sandoval. he was transferring a prisoner when he lost control of the vehicle due to icy conditions. the van spun into traffic and was hit by a semi truck. the crash blocked the interstate for hours and drivers were stuck in the grid lock. >> we were frustrated. i was thankful to be where i was rather than being the family at home getting a call that their family was involved in the accident. >> the 17 kreerld survived the accident but is hospitalized with injuries. >> the water crisis continues in flint. they have approved hundreds of millions but the cost to fix the damage could cost into the
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the city decided to switch the water source to save money. experts found the water to be corosive and full of lead. a semi truck carrying water bottles arrived at a food drive thanks to share. folks locally are sending supplies to help. >> family and friends of who missing students gather at a beach to reflect. the searcrch started monday evening when a group of people got stuck on the rocks. rescue crews say a large wave came and fokd three of them into the ocean. one made it back safely. the other two were swept out to sea. >> we are asking the committee, we are asking anyone to please help us. show us we care and we are doing our best. >> some cried. others gazed into the ocean. they talked about the great character the two students possessed and say the search was called off too soon. >> the search continues for a 2-year-old boy who disappeared
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he disappeared while he and his family walked in the woods near his home. authorities say they have leads in the disappearance and they believe the boy may still be alive in the woods. chester county sheriff says it is possible the 2-year-old traveled a good distance. >> a new warning for energy drink lovers. coming up in our health headlines, who is now being told to stay away from them. >> coming up in the business report, super bowl 50 is nearly upon us, find out how much companies are shelling out for a 30 second spot and how many viewers it will reach. >> get your news on the go, and
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>> energy drinks are growing in popularity, not everyone should drink them. holly looks at the dangers energy drinks and children. >> high octane and readily available in the stores. a recent study found 40% of all energy drink calls were for kids under 6. many of them containing 500 milligrams of caffeine, so 14 cans of soda. >> the danger for overconsumption for kids and even adults vary from minor --
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they could be more serious like your heart beats too fast or seizures. >> it is not just the caffeine and other stimulants. the drinks are often tilled with sugar. >> too much of that sugar can cause weight gain as well as cavities. >> in general, dr. shoe says it is best to keep kids away from anything but the basics. >> all those fluids your body needs can be found in water and milk and 100% fruit juice. you don't need what is marketed as sports drinks unless you are doing sol vigorous physical exercise. >> jamie lynn cig ler reveals she has been battling multiple sclerosis for nearly 15 years. the 34-year-old said she got her diagnosis which has no cure when
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she credits her husband and 2-year-old son for giving her courage and support in her daily battle. >> health advocates say what is the reach of their goals. >> 27 degrees over the black mountains. you can see a dusting in the distance. this will be vastly different tomorrow afternoon, especially at 3700 feet. coming up, i'll talk about the path of the storm when it goes from mixed precipitation and show you some very impressive
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>> prepare now for a significant snowfall event across western north carolina. i'll have the timeline in a second. i want to start with mount mitchell. seeing light snow, significant
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elevations expected. this is above 6,000 feet. news 13 skycam network but even down into the valleys with this system, we'll get our fair share of snowfall, could be crippling tomorrow into the afternoon. radar and satellite does show some clouds outside. partly clear here in the mountains. clearer skies in some portions of the foothills and the upstate. no precip to talk about yet. that changes quickly. we are seven hours out from the warning to kick in. the clock is ticking. 40 in asheville. close to freezing many boon, morganton in the 40's. same thing in forest city. franklin and andrews still close to the freezing mark at this hour. greenwood, 44 as well. the wind is light at the moment in asheville out of the south at 5. picking up in hendersonville at 17. seven down into greenville.
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issues due to dusty winds tomorrow, also with the weight of that ice and also the snow on the power lineline. we could have significant issues with power issues. winter storm warning, this is going into effect at 7:00 pu look how extensive this is. if you are traveling by car or by plane across the southeast, it is not going to be pretty. this lasts not only tonight but into saturday and sunday morning. here's the track. most likely at first, a mix of that snow and also freezing rain. behind this system, cold air filters in. going to turn mostly snow. this is probably the most impressive map i have to show you for this afternoon. friday and saturday this legend indicates how much. four to eight and turquoise, one to four in the white. even down to the upstate, we'll
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look at buncombe county, there is a section in that high end, even into rutherford county, jackson county. up towards avery, yancey and burke county. we have a chance for freezing rain and sleet. it looks like it is going to be further south to see the chance for ice. this model is wanting to give us a decent amount in the asheville area. we are trending towards it turning to snow in the early morning hours tomorrow. that will help with snowfall totals. for today, going to see partly clear skies until midnight. the french broad river valley, that's mixed precipitation. we see the snow, that's through 6:00 a.m. by 8:00 a.m., we are covered up with the freezing rain and snow. showing a lot of pink, we are thinking this is going to see
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and continuing to see the snow develop across the region in the high levels. 40 degrees, partly cloudy the chance late day into tonight is when roads will turn dangerous. wake up tomorrow morning, you'll say, wow, look at this. partly cloudy today in greenville with a chance turning late tonight. freezing rain, roads turning slick as well. 100% chance for this tomorrow. 60% chance friday. we don't warm above freezing saturday either. sunday morning will be pretty tricky out there as well. in the upstate, you are not left out. a wintry mix expected the next several days. this is the calm before the storm, you need to prepare now. let's head over to jay with more. >> definitely a big 72 hours coming our way with this weather event. this is what you need to do, be prepared for dangerous travel. don't get out unless you have
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have an emergency kit if traveling. some of the things you might want to put in there, first aid item. a flashlight, canned food, pair of gloves, not a bad idea either. be prepared for power outages. helpful hints if you have to be out, take a cell phone charger. pack a blanket or two even. sand or kitty litter is a good idea. that kitty litter could be used to give you traction if you get stuck. it can also be used to clear a path to or from the area you are going to. also, a small shovel is a great idea. food and water have plenty on hand and of course, once again, we can't say enough, stay inside
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>> no more expensive >> stocks in poz ty territory mid dade. let's get you to the boards. the dow one triple digits at 15879. nasdaq up about 29 points at 4501. beginning today. passengers at los angeles international airport can finally hitch a ride from uber. uber can start picking up passengers at the airport which is known for expensive cab rides. it follows lift which began servicing the airport december 23. >> on february 7 several auto makers will run during super bowl 50. ford and lincoln will sit on the sidelines. acura, audi, hyundai, kia, mini and toyota planning to advertise.
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estimated $5 million for just a 30 second spot for the chance to reach 115 million viewers. >> says it will offer refunds for anyone who bought hover boards on its website t. move comes amid growing concerns that two wheel boards are not safe and they are a fire hazard. consumer products safety commission is investigating more than three dozen instances of hover boards busting into flames. users urge today wear safety gear as some falls can be serious. >> you have to wait longer for the next star wars film to hit the big screen. >> i was ready to do the right thing. i have nothing to fight for. >> it will be released in 2017. it was originally scheduled for release seven months earlier. the current star wars film the force awakens was originally
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release but that was moved to last month. >> after three months of waiting, cinnamon flavored oreos are finally here. how these new cookies are going on with fans. moving on from a devastating
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who is now occupying asheville's >> there is a new oreo cookie flavor. >> that is news you can use. nabisco biscuits biscuitsbiscuits, fans rejoiced when the cookies were spotted in stores. >> they will be re-releasing those in time for valentine's day. >> a package of cinnamon biscuits came in. they were gone.
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>> it will be a run on milk and bread. if you haven't hit the store, you are heading out to get ready for the snow, let us know how they are. >> we'll be here for a long time. we'll be right back.back. >> power companies are ready for the storm but are you. coming up live with what you can do today. >> a child dies in a fire and another is critically hurt.
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