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tv   News 13 at 1230pm  ABC  January 21, 2016 12:30pm-1:00pm EST

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>> welcome back. the time is 12:30. the roads are in great condition right now. enjoy it because this will change quickly. this is a camera on top of the hotel indigo. >> we have been telling you, now is the time to get out. run any errands you need to run. make sure you have your non-perishable items for you and your family, batteries, flash lights. >> better to be safe than sorry. >> this is the manmade stuff. they'll get a nice fresh coating. these are the folks excited about this type of snow. i'm excited about the snow. for tonight, this is the timeline. it begins with an icy mix. it turns to snow tomorrow morning, even during rush hour.
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into saturday, possibly even zones. coming up in a bit, we'll talk about the path of the storm and the impressive snow totals across the region. who will see the most. back over to you. >> with the approaching winter storm expected to bring ice and snow. power outages are likely. laura is live from duke energy in asheville where crews are getting ready. lauren, things there, they are doing -- what are they working on specifically today? >> today it is mostly routine work. they are tracking the forecast. they have crews on call as they normally do to assist and lend an extra hand. when you head out to the grocery store. you need lots of water, non-perishable food items. prepare those items in your home to keep you warm in case the lights go out. we talked with duke energy spokesperson. he told us the items to have. a generator is on that list so
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appliances into. indoors, have a flashlight, an extra battery ready to go and blanket or sleeping bags nearby to help you stay warm. if you lose heat, there are options for safe secondary sources beyond a wood stove. >> gas logs are a great way to keep your home warm, to be a secondary backup source. that's what we use. no small electrical space heaters that you can plug in directly to the electrical generator if you have one. >> p using a space heater in your home, remember to use it in an open area, away from things like drapes and remember to bring your pets indoors during this bitter cold. if you do experience a power outage, you need to report that to your power company. don't assume they already know about it. for duke customers, the number to call to report an outage is 800-power-on. we have live coverage all
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stay with us at wlos and as conditions begin to change. >> it is far better to remain at home rather than to venture out into a winter storm. if you must travel, there are a few steps you can take to reduce your risk of injury or death. keep your gas tank near full. check your windshield wipers and keep your waber fluid full. particularly if you have a rear wheel vehicle. prepare an emergency kit. that way you can use it if you encounter winter storm conditions. useful items to put in it, flashlight, battery powered radio. extra batteries, bottled water, snacks, a hat, gloves. of course, a blanket. a tow chain or road salt or sand. booster cables and emergency flares may also be helpful,
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emergency. be sure to carry a fully charged cell phone. so much to remember, it would be nice if everybody could stay home if they could. >> a lot of folks do have to venture out. there are emergencies or people have to get to work, we get that. we want to prepare you now so you don't get caught up in what -- what you weren't prepared for. i want to show you, this is seven mile ridge. this is a light dusting. you can see the tops of the mountains, likely this will be covered up with the white stuff tomorrow. 38 degrees right now. we are looking at clouds across the region at the moment. this is the time to prepare into tomorrow, when it gets dicey. temperatures across the northern zones are chilly in the 30's. still in our western zones, 33 at franklin. 40 right now in asheville. middle 40's in morganton to 44 down into greer.
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clemson and anderson mountain middle to upper 40's. we just talked about the power issues, the threat, the gusty wind and the weight of the snow of the ice, which likely is going to happen more into the upstate, north of 85. right now, we are looking at a light breeze out of the south at 5 in asheville and 14 in hendersonville. the winter storm warning starts at 7:00 p.m. tonight. so the clock is ticking as we wait for this approaching storm. carolina. here's track we are expecting to see. over the next several hours into tonight, we start to see this mix develop. then it turns to all snow across the region. it starts to pile up. i mean really. look at these snowfall totals. the pink indicates 12 to 18 inches from avery county. even parts of northern bert county and mcdowell county. not expecting that in downtown marion but northern areas in the higher elevation. also areas in eastern buncombe
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maybe down into lake here, jackson county, northern transylvania county. mount mish which he will and the smoke kis. other areas, down into the valleys, look at those numbers, 6 to 12. the turquoise, four to eight, one to four in the white. we have an issue with a chance for freezing rain and sleet. depending on the timing of this precipitation, how much it falls as freezing rain or sleet could determine a little bit different with the snowfall totals. we are pretty confident with what we showed you. the sleet and freezing rain will likely be south into the foothills and down into the upstate. the next couple of hours, we are good to go until tonight. i'll stop it at midnight. we have seen some models putting out an inch an hour, past midnight. if that happens, it is going to be dangerous even by 8:00 a.m. tomorrow. this chance continues through friday, through saturday and sunday morning.
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winds at a moderate level. 40's for a high today in asheville. tonight is when everything changes. 30 degrees for a low. in greenville, 45 degrees. that chance late tonight into tomorrow. 100% chance for that wintry mix friday. snow into saturday morning and it is going to stay cold too. sunday morning, will be tricky as well. we'll be clearing out and warming back up above freezing. >> stay with news 13 for complete team coverage on air and online of the coming storm. we'll post updates to the forecast at go there for text alerts for weather and school closings. we'll post updated information to our facebook and twitter pages. >> 10s of millions of east coast residents could be affected by the storm system now causing problems in washington, d.c. >> renee marsh reports the dusting of snow caused more than 100 accidents and made for a nightmare evening commute.
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causing a grid lock nightmare in the dc metro area. people stuck behind the wheel for hours. >> it was rough driving home. it took him an hour to get four miles. >> as the snow on slick roads turned to ice. >> it usually attacks 20 to 25 minutes. i have been on the road close to five hours. >> causing more than 160 crashes including one fatality in virginia. only one inch of snow wreaking havoc and it is only a preview of the potentially historic blizzard to come. the nation's capital could be in the bill's eye for 30 inches of snow by friday. this app showing the accidents inside and outside the d.c. beltway, a mess. crashes snarling traffic for hours, forcing drives to abandon their cars. pedestrian not spared from the hellish conditions, including
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as he exited air force one, the commander in chief motorcade slipping and sliding on snow glazed streets, taking motorcade drivers more than an hour to get back to the white house. scrambling overnight, piling up salt and positioning plows to prepare for the wintry onslaught. the expected blizzard dredging up memories of armageddon in 2011 when heavy snow fell fast across the region, knocking down trees and cutting power to hundreds of thousands along the east coast. >> still better than new york. i was looking at new york this time last year. it is already pretty bad up there. >> the snowstorm is expected to exceed the storm of 1922 which dumped 28 inches and killed nearly 100 people when the roof of a theatre by that name weight. .
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fire in columbus. that starts today's newsreel. firefighters were called to the apartment complex this morning. the mother and an 11-month-old baby are expected to be ok. another child is in critical condition. fire investigators believe the fire started in the basement. there were no working smoke detectors in the unit. >> an illinois corrections officer died while transporting a prisoner. the victim was adam conners, he was transporting a prisoner when he lost control due to icy conditions. the van spun into oncoming traffic and was hit by a semi truck. the crash blocked the interstate for hours and hundreds of drivers were stuck in the grid lock. >> two people were hurt wednesday when a fire truck crashed into the side of a dairy queen texas. police say the new truck was being delivered when it crossed over into the web lanes of traffic and crashed into the fast food restaurant. two people were hurt including one dairy queen employee and one customer.
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under investigation. >> groups collecting signatures for a ballot initiative. the measure would place equivalent taxes on tobacco products including e-cigarettes. the superintendent joined lawmakers in announcing the measure. they say it is to decrease tobacco use. >> if you use rise the price of cigarettes, in particular, young people don't start. so to a very large extent we are trying to stop young people from ever smoke. >> a health alert now, the number of americans living to 100 is on the rise. the period between 2000 and 2014 saw nearly 45% increase in the number of americans living to be 100 years and older. females comprise more than 50% of the population.
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growing cause of death in that population. it increased nearly 120% among americans 100 years and older. heart disease is the leading cause of death in that age group. >> if you have an abundance of avocados and you want something other than guacamole, how to use it to spruce up your egg salad. >> if you have lots of snow, make a snow man.
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time getting it just right >> welcome into the carolina kitchen, bruce's fabulous foods is with us. >> thank you for having me. >> what are you making? >> avocado egg salad, something different.
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>> i love egg salad. >> this one is a little different because just uses different ingredients you are not accustomed to. we start on the dressing. a third of a cup of mayonnaise. i already zested one lemon. she is going to put the zest of the lemon and the juice of a lemon in with the mayonnaise with salt and pepper to taste, maybe a couple of inches of salt and a pinch of black pepper. why she does the dressing, i'm going to make the sauce we put the dressing in. i have eight eggs that i hard boiled. then i took two of the yolk and gave them to holly to mix with the dressing. it will they cannen the dressing. all the rest of the eggs are chopped up. to this, i'll add one cup of diced avocado.
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it will brown on >> mix those together. now it looks good. if you don't mind handing me your scraper. a little bit of pepper. a little bit of salt. you don't need a lot of salt. not with everything else we are putting into this. very good. we'll scrape this into the egg mixture. the lemon in this, will keep the avocado from turning color. to look at the color on this, you have the green, you have the red, it is real pretty. what i like to do is grab a small salad plate. put lettuce on the bottom of it like that.
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slices. and then put a scoop of this. just off center of a tomato. sprinkle a few almonds on it, like that. guess what, that is an avocado egg salad for your lunch, nice and healthy. it has -- this is simple but good stuff. it is a weird combination but it is a way to give you something different for lunch today. >> a lot of protein in there. >> exactly. >> and low carb. let's get you the recipe, click on the carolina kitchen link. that's the fastest way. or send an enshe hope to asheville, 2883. check us out on pinterest. bruce, thanks so much. >> thank you. >> that's what is cooking in the carolin kitchen. >> it is time to start thinking about filing your taxes. before you sen any info to
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>> it is hard to believe, it is time. >> that means thieves are on the hunt trying to steal your well earned refund. before you file taxes, there are things you need to know that can keep your identity safe. mary maloney explains. >> millionon will soon put their most sensitive personal uncle sam. that's why it is so important to choose a tax preparer wisely. the i.r.s. says to look for an i.r.s. tax preparer identification number. avoid people who base their fee on a percentage of your refund. not asking enough questions about deductions and credits could be a warning sign that something is wrong. also never sign a blank tax refund. tax time is prime season for identity theft. never give your information online unless you started the information.
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missing or wrong, thatt could also be red flag. common examples of identity theft, finding out more than one return was filed in a year. seeing more tax owed or refund offset. another seems like a good thing but it is not. i.r.s. records point to wages, it could mean someone is using your information to steal your money. for consumer watch, i'm mary maloney. >> being greeted by a giant olaugh snowman. >> the inspiration for the job and why it is so meaningful. >> later today at 5:30, all eyes on wall street after a rough start to the new year. what experts say is behind the plummeting stock prices. >> a man held in an iranian prison will step on american
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>> a giant olaff is towering 13 feet tall. >> a girl and her dad spent a day building it. they have been building giant snow men for years. >> a lot of people looking at that, sizing him up, wondering will we get enough snow to make a 12-foot olaf in our yard. >> maybe 12 inches, you can roll that up. >> steal from your neighbor. winter storm warning, it starts at 11:00, six hours from now. this will all begin. it will be lengthy in nature, lasting throughout the day. and saturday and sunday.
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