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tv   News 13 This Morning  ABC  January 22, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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this is a live picture of i-26 at the brevard road exit. jay you can see there's heavy snow on the highway and there are a number of incidents reported on i-26 this morning, primarily in henderson county and polk county. jaclyn will have details on all that for us in a moment. >>holly: the snow is falling so fast the crews with the snow plows simply can't keep the roads clear. >>jay: no, they go by and then the snow piles up behind them. >>holly: they are out there and working and we have seen them all morning live and they can't keep up. >>jay: let's begin our coverage with ingrid in the weather center. >>ingrid: a lot of folks have seen snow falling since midnight, so six hour now. we are seeing snowfall rates of 1" an hour, anywhere 2-6" reported through the time lapse you can see we went through the mix to start but now just seeing snow except for the western zones and far south of 85 into the upstate. everyone's under this winter through saturday and sunday morning.
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starting off, the day in many locations, with that mix, transitioning to snow. periods of heavy snow throughout the morning and into the afternoon. tonight the snow continues and at times we will see some freezing rain as well. so, with the weight of the snow, the ice, we could have power outages with gusty winds. roads, of course, a huge issue this morning. coming up in my full forecast, i will show you who is expected to see the most snow out of the system. back to you. >>holly: there are multiple wrecks right in our area. now let's head over to the traffic center where jaclyn is keeping an eye on everything. >>jaclyn: thank, ingrid. we are seeing lots of wrecks and stranded vehicles in the area. viewer chad sent this into the photograph into the news room, a tractor trailer that is stuck on i-26 eastbound right near long sholes road. so these are the road conditions we are dealing with this evening no. we are also seeing these problems on i-26 in henderson county and polk county. there are a few wrecks scattered along i-26 in henderson county, and i-26 eastbound is actually
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columbus because a dot truck is stuck out there. and there are some big problems cover over in west asheville, sand hill road is closed at shell bourne because of downed lines. a car slid off the roadway here and pit a hower pole. there is no word when the road will reopen but avoid that slot if you have to head out or live in that area this morning. remember, we have all these problem areas listed on our web site on just go to the traffic page. that's a look at your on-time traffic report brought to you by the wired mouse computer >>holly: buncombe county and henderson county are under a state of emergency now. >>jay: lauren brigman is live from the west gate shopping center. what does that mean for people? >>lauren: ultimately, stay at home if you can. emergency crews are needing extra hands to come in and provide assistance for all of these power outages and things tof that nature that are likely going to happen over the next couple of days. we are getting an update live right now. this is mr. jerry vaughn, the directer to of the mound emergency services. tell us what you guys are seeing
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powjts, anything like that in buncombe county? >> it hasn't been a bother with power outages at this point, but i'm sure that's coming. the other thing, the accidents are relatively few, but as people get out, that's going to increase. >>lauren: and with the state of emergency, people are urged to stay home. talk about the importance of people staying off the roads? >> they need to stay off the roads. these roads are extremely slick. you can drive if you have a four-wheel drive fairly well, but if you try to stop, it's a problem. people, if they don't have to stay at home or be on the road, you have traffic jams and emergency vehicles can't get by. utility companies are having problems and the less traffic we have the better off we are from an emergency response perspective. >>lauren: definitely. it helps our emergency officials out if you stay home. if you are able day. you have been the emergency service director for more than 40 years in buncombe county. this snow is expected to bring a roughly 18-19" here to buncombe county. so, what are your thoughts on how this storm compares to those we have seen in the past?
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maybe 8" of snowfall at one time is about the maximum. this does create additional problems i. creates problems in getting help to people, maybe who are not directly on the road. if you needed to make a house call for an ambulance or fire truck. that's another reason people need to stay home and don't block the roads for us. >>lauren: all right. thank you so much for joining us out here, braving the elements. they are working hard to keep you safe, but if you stay home that is your best bet to help everyone oat. you are hearing it live from the officials here in asheville this morning. let's check in with evan donovan. he is live in hendersonville. good morning, evan. >>evan: hey, good morning, lauren. yeah, you mentioned the dot trucks that are out and about trying to clear the roadways. one of them, jaclyn said just a moment ago, has broken down on i-26 westbound, closing that westbound lane from columbus to the saluda exit. in terms of weather conditions that we are seeing out here, the snowfall is getting a little bit smaller, little harder. we were seeing those big leafy
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now, wind picked up a little bit. temperatures seem like they are dropping just a tad. but, the snow is increasing almost, if you can believe it. just about an inch has fatten only in the last half hour since we have been here, at least a good 3-4" in the past four hours since we have been seeing the snowfall and it doesn't seem to be letting up. you see the snowstorms sometimes, you have them come through and it's this intense but only for a little period of time. it's been hours on end now it's been coming down like this. i made calls around to some of our surrounding county, down in transylvania county, they are seeing about 40 power outages but no accidents on the roadways. and, no disabled vehicles. so that is definitely a good sign there. in macon county, they have got about 100 power outages, but also not seeing any accidents there. they do have a tree down on snow hill road. that is blocking that roadway. but, again, no accidents or disabled vehicles to report there. so, people seem to be
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stay off the roads if you can if at all possible. reporting live in hendersonville, i'm evan donovan for news 13. >>holly: stay with news 13 for complete coverage of the storm. we will have live reports every hour and will post updates of the forecast at and you can go there to sign up for text alerts and weather and school closings. we will also post updated information to our facebook and our twitter pages. >>jay: snow preps are continuing this morning for what is forecasted to be a historic blizzard in the nation's capitol. >>holly: the federal government announced it will close at noon today, ahead of the epic winter storm. dc's public transportation including rail and bus ser service will close later today as well. >> we are seeing the -- everything line up, for a major storm system affecting the eastern third of the country and affecting at least 50,000,000 people. >>holly: there is no doubt washington will be hit the hardest with more than 2' of snow expected. >>jay: another person has died after a sky diving accident in
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accident happened about 60 miles south of phoenix. an experienced sky diver from colorado died when his parachute collapsed about 100 feet away from the ground. sky dive arizona says the weather conditions were good at the time. >>jay: a sink hole big enough to swallow a motor home is 30 feet long and 20 feet deep. the crater revealed an inactive irrigation pipeline that's not clear if that pipe was the cause of the sink hole. officials expect to close two lanes to remain closed this afternoon as crews fill the sinkhole with concrete. what a mess. >>holly: when patients are first diagnosed with prostate cancer, many assume difficult and time consuming radiation treatments but that's not the case anymore. >>jay: researchers are pioneering new technology, helping patients fight cancer without thing any and offering hope for the future. >> i had great help. >> jeff metcalf was surprised to
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>> the p.s.a. is high. i had no idea what that was. i thought a public service announcement. >>reporter: but the reality was prostate cancer. >> the doctor said i think you have at the most two years. actually, that's a real i good view. >> he started working with dr. jonathan tort at the huntsman cancer institute where new developments in prostate cancer turned 2 years into no evidence of cancer many years later. >> they say today if you try to find cancer in jeff's body you can't find it today. >>reporter: dr. tort says prostate cancer treatment has improved dramatically in the last decade. >> this is one of the machines we use to destroy tumors here at huntsman. >>reporter: a patient, lies on this table. >> and the high energy x-rays can kill the dna in the cancer cells. >>reporter: this complex machine is eradicating cancer without the invasive program procedure. >> we have gone from asking men to endure nine weeks of once daily radiation treatment to as
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>>reporter: for patients like jeff, this is welcome news. >> if you have prostate cancer, this is the time to have it because the research is fantastic. >>reporter: in salt lake city, utah, mark ka belle reporting. >>jay: dr. tort says p.s.a. screening can pick up cancer in someone more than a decade before they actually feel a problem. however, there is a high risk of false positives with early screening. >>holly: if you are concerned you should contact your local health care provider. hear how firefighters were able to save alog's life from frigid waters. that's up next. >> >> >>ingrid: we are right in the middle of a dangerous snowstorm. temperatures below freezing through lunchtime with the snow continuing to fall. one look at the radar, you know it's a mess out there. coming up after the break, i will show you who is going to see the most snow out of the
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we will be right back. now, in high definition, this is your news 13 skywatch forecast. >>ingrid: welcome back, everyone. let's get straight to the radar to see who is seeing the heaviest snowfall at the ent no. the darker the blue the faster the rate, the heavier the snow. it looks like southern buncombe county around cedar mountain over to henderson county, hendersonville, around saluda into polk county, up towards lake lure, even southern buncombe county up to royal pine, seeing that heavy snow at the moment. forest city, pokeville, over towards shelby also seeing a good amount of snowfall. now, south asheville seeing the heavier bands right now. north asheville, little bit lighter, even a little bit of a mix out towards weaverville. up towards mars asheville as this is the rain.
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here is the snow. that's swain county. western zones, still seeing a lot in just rain. cold rain at that. and there is a mix in there of freezing rain at times, maybe sleet. those areas still likely above freeze. now, i-85 really is divided here. south we are seeing that mix so freezing rain, sleet, that will mean ice in the freezing locations. north seeing some of the snow. also greenville at times. we have seen snow going back to the sleet and freezing rain. black mountain, watch here, the start of the time lapse, looks like someone tried to plow an area and then it's completely covered up. this rate is very fast. leicester carpet sales takes us down to greenville at 35 degrees, so at times we have seen the snow, you can see in the distance the road turns white. but it looks very slubbingy compared to what we have back here compared to western north carolina.
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asheville right along with the weight of the ice. and also the snow. so, power could be an issue. power outages. 10 in bryson city, 14 in hendersonville. down into greenville as well. 21 miles per hour winds into anderson. this is the system affecting the entire seaboard here. and it's going to hammer, not only us, but our friends up north as well. let's take a closer look back here at home. this is 8 a.m.. if you are thinking, hmm, maybe i should go to work today or go to the grocery store real fast, look at the screen right now. it's not going to be pretty out there. thing through mid morning, through lunchtime, continuing to see the snow, mainly in western north carolina. that mix to snowurther south in the upstate.
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and into saturday in many locations. still holding on to the precipitation in those highest totals. we are under a winter storm warning, right now, and it's lengthy i. goes through sunday morning. look at the snowfall totals. we upped them a bit since yesterday when i was talking with you. 12 plus inches possible, even in buncombe county. now, the highest terrain, so about 5,000 feet, could see closer to 20." further south, in the blue, polk county, rutherford, also macon county, up towards madison county as well, 8-1." in the upstate it will be ice mainly further south, but even snow up towards greenville and spartanburg. so, this is the ice, the freezing rain and sleet. further south down into spartanburg and genville, this model wants to give us more than a third of an inch of that. so, the storm threat back here in western north carolina, severe for snow. backing off a bit on the ice and sleet, pulling up the wind just a bit. mix at times, but mostly snow today, windy conditions through tonight.
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35, maybe some thunder today with these storms. freezing rain, possible tonight. so, crippling snowfall folks. the next couple of days. we don't warmth up above freezing until sunday at 42 degrees. things will start to improve in the upstate ice and snow. how much is already falling? let's head over to jay siltzer for more. >>jay: ingrid, the snow continues to fall andight now we have already hit the half foot level in a couple of locations. ridge crest now at 6." rosman and transylvania county, 6." south asheville, here at the station, 5." mills spring down in polk county, 5." marshal, 3 1/2." and franklin, at 2 1/2." earlier that was icy turning now over to snow. many of you are sending snowy pictures on facebook. this is from cheyenne ( ), several inches at her house and next up?
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her house, many of us picking up 4-5" of snow an hour in our area and there's much more to come as we approach that 1' level. >>holly: a dog is recovering after firefighters had to save it from cold waters. the grand rapids fire department in michigan was called out to the grand river. oscar the dog was off his leash when he spotted ducks and geese and chased after them. he fell through the ice about 50 yards off shore. firefighters arrived, he had been treading water for almost half an hour. officials had to determine first if it was safe. >> they determined with the ice conditions and the utelyization of our ice rescue sled they could make a positive outcome in the case and make a rescue for the animal. once i got here, i gave them the go ahead and we went out and rescued the dog. >>holly: he looks pitiful there, but oscar is reportedly doing just fine he thiss morning. he is on his way to a full recovery. time is 6:18. we have another live picture of westgate in asheville. >>jay: as you can see, the
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there double if not triple what >>holly: welcome back, 6:21. we are in the middle of a dangerous storm. >>jay: currently we are going back out to news 13's lauren brigman, live along i-240 in asheville, and lauren, the best advice is for people to stay home. >>lauren: yeah, you heard it live from theheuncombe county
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jerry vaughn just about 10 minutes ago. he is urging everyone to please stay home today and can. do not be out on the road because these conditions are expected to just get worse throughout the day. take a look here. this is i-240 along the captain jeff bow wen bridge. dot crews have been out for several hours this morning, but you can tell these roads are messy. there is a layer of ice underneath that snow. and the more people that are out on the road make it harder for the dot officials to keep these roads safe for those emergency crews that have to be out. those are the ones that really have to be out to help, you know, in case of emergencies. there are really the only ones that need to be able to access these roads, work, things like that, maybe check with your boss to see, you know, if it's absolutely necessary you go in today. because, as we are seeing here, at westgate we are seeing 3" and this is the beginning of the storm. much more to come. you will hear more from the buncombe county emergency services director coming up at 6:30 but let's check in with evan, he joins us live in
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>>evan:in hendersonville. >>holly: apparently we don't have evan. we will get back to him in a minute. let's turn to ingrid for the latest. >>jay: yes, indeed. >>ingrid: the lower elevations, we are seeing 2-4," higher elevations reporting 6" because a lot of us started to see this around midnight. through the time lapse you can see it transitioned from the mix to mostly snow in western north carolina. again, seeing some of the mix right around 85 in the upstate. south of that is going to be rain. west, macon county, still seeing some of t tt cold rain as well. dangerous snowstorm, we are right in the thick of it, folks. 8 a.m., 28 degrees, with snow continuing through lunchtime and staying below freezing. know covered roads a major problem, there is a bic issue in henderson county and polk county. >>jaclyn: i-26 eastbound is shut down from saluda to columbus because a dot truck is stuck on the roadway and there are a few disabled vehicles and wrecks on i-26 in henderson county. so, keep that in mind. turning over to i-40 in
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-- whoops, our p mas are being funky. we will talk swain county now. there is a disabled tractor trailer around the 9400 block of u.s. highway 19 that is blocking the roadway and of course most of the roads are snow covered in swain county, so drivers try to stay off the roadway as well and over on i-26 we showed you a picture a little bit ago, there is a left lane closed and disabled tractor trailer there right near long sholes road that is stuck on the interstate there, too. so we are dealing with dangerous traveling conditions this morning, so the big message this morning is to stay off the roadways if you can. remember, we do have all of these problem areas listed on our web site by county for you on under the traffic page. that's a look at your on-time traffic report brought you by the wired mouse.
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stick around. >>jay: welcome to the "morning surf." we are looking into a youtube
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we have been talking about this all morning long, how do you do it, the right versus wrong way. >>holly: we posted this to our site. >> this mysterious cardboard rectangle thing, what is that? let's talk snowfall and bring in matt from the national weather service, the morning coordinating meteorologist and we actually have this out this morning. tell everyone what it is? i know what it is. >> it's simply a simple snow board and a little board we put on the ground. and as the snow falls it accumulates. >> we have the warmth from the sun it will accumulate on the board. >> officially how often do you check it and wipe it clean? we get a daily amount by adding up the 4. >> so we talked about this at dinner if it snows 2" and melts at 6 hours, it's a trace. >> essentially, yes, that's what happens.
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special observation to capture the snow -- [inaudible] >> >>ingrid: the wind is blown and it pushed the snow across the side and they put the ruler down and say i have 25" and no, you don't. >>jay: no, you don't. >>ingrid: it's a fun way to measure snow if you are sitting around and have a snow day, which a lot of you do. >>jay: right. and in fact you don't have to get the board. that's a good idea. if you don't have that. go out tot the middle of the yard, measure it and you can get a fairly accurate measurement and then let us know on facebook. >>ingrid: all right. thanks so much, jay. let's look at weather this half hour. 29 degrees at the airport and yes the snow is falling. coming up in the next half hour we will talk more hour-by-hour. what you can expect, snow or ice. and how much more will fall where you live. >> >>holly: a nightmare, the
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canceling flights in our area. >>jay: and all hands on deck. see who duke energy is bringing in to help with the winter storm. >>holly: you are looking at a live picture now from hendersonville. we will take you back out live to the latest on conditions and
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>>holly: this is a time from the west gait shopping center in asheville. the snow has been relentless and only getting worse. >>jay: it's better than earlier, before it was more whiteout conditions. power outages are being reported in both macon county and transylvania counties have more than 100 customers without power. >>holly: duke energy says crews are assessing the damage and there is no estimated time of restoration right now. >>jay: we have live coverage of how it's impacting the weather center. >>ingrid: a lot of folks waking up seeing snow for the first time. to bring you up to speed, a lot of folks started to see the mix in the snow starting around midnight so more than 6 hours now, and you can see all the blue across western north carolina, west of macon county. still seeing some of that rain and a mix down into the upstate. we are seeing some sleet there and also some snow. it's really starting to pile up. we are under this winter storm warning, not only today, but morning.
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you can expect this icy mix of snow this morning. periods of heavy snow throughout late morning into the afternoon. tonight, more snow and at times some freezing rain. coming up in my full forecast, i hour-by-hour. how much snow will fall where you live. heads up for drivers in west asheville, a weather related crash has a portion of sand hill road shut down. >>jaclyn: ingrid, a car ran into a power pole on sand hill road in shell bourne road. these downed lines as a result of the wreck are blocking the roadway. officials expect the roads to be closed for majority of the morning, so avoid that area if you can. if you need to head out in west asheville soon this morning. let's talk about conditions over in mcdowell county. there are multiple weather related wrecks scattered across the county here. no injuries reported for any of those wrecks, thankfully, dot is of course out salting and sanding all the roads here in the area now. it's especially i-40, there in black mountain and old fort. crews tell me those two spots
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you do need to head out use extra caution there. right now let's get a live look at i-26, here is the interstate at brevard road where you can see the conditions that we are dealingg with, a few cars out there taking it slow on the interstate so if you have to head out like the drives that you are seeing on your screen, please use caution and take it slow on the roadways. that's a look at your on-time traffic report brought to you by the wired mouse. back over to you. >>holly: crews remember working through the night to try to keep the roads clear. >>jay: absolutely. news 13's lauren brigman down yous our live team coverage from the westgate shopping center. and lauren, it's been a struggle struggle? >>lauren: yeah, you can look at this type of heavy snow mix. it really is difficult for travel because it's a heavy, wet snowfall. it's the powder that's great for skiing and snow board, about 3" here at the west gait shopping center, but underneath is this layer of ice that can really cause issues out here on the roads. we are seeing traffic begin to pick up here on i-240 at the west gate shopping center.
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we talked to buncombe county emergency services director jeffrey vaughn and he gave us a live update on 6:00 in the area and he warns the roadways are really going to be icy. that's what you need to be aware of. underneath the snow is a layer of ice to watch out for this morning. >> there is a base of ice underneath it. and that ice is extremely slick, as you know, it's hard to stop and creates accidents that block roads and creates additional problems for emergency vehicles trying to get throuou. so, we encourage everyone, stay off the roads today if you don't have to get out just stay at home. >>lauren: and just like he said, stay home if you can. we are seeing several cars out here. so, if you absolutely have to be at work remember to take it slow. allow a safe traveling distance behind the vehicle in front of you. and, we just learned that city officials, because of this state of emergency in effect, facilities in the city of asheville will be closed to day. public works crews are still out, foe cushion on the primary routes and they asked people if you have your cars parked along
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through there, as they are plowing those roadway, that will definitely help them out as well. reporting live in asheville, i'm lauren brigman, now let's take a look out in hendersonville where evan donovan join us live. >>evan:than, lauren. we are seeing a lot of similar conditions out here. snowfall change add little bit. throughout the morning we have been seeing these large, big snowflakes c cing down and the wind really whipping around. it was coming down a lot heavier earlier. now, it's started to light up in terms of snowfall. pellet-like and harder. i will show you a little thing i did here in the snow. just something fun you can do with food coloring here, wanted right in there. that's kind of a fun thing you can do. and this is also something else that i did, i put this cup down to see how much snowfall we were getting here. you can tell the cup is almost disappeared. if i pick it up here, a good 1 1/2," maybe 2" right there. that's just probably in the past hour and a half that we have seen that fall.
6:29 am
henderson county thus far. take a look at my other side, this is i-26, and coming westbound, you will see there is not much traffic at all. part of that is because there is a total blockage between columbus exit and the saluda exit on i-26 westbound. today. and that is still blocking the roadway. we are getting a lot of calls from people who are sitting in moment. in terms of traffic in the rest of the counties around here, henderson county, polk county, rutherford seeing minor accidents with disabled vehicles. but, not a lot of major things going on. a tree down on snow hill road. that's blocking the roadway there. but, for the most part, people seem to be staying off the roads. we have seen a dot truck come up a moment ago on upward road and clean off the exit ramp. for now we will take you back into the studioer. i'm evan donovan reporting live from hendersonville. >>holly: dot is implementing quick dot law.
6:30 am
abandoned vehicles to the shoulder when possible and the highway patrol and local law enforcement will also work with towing companies to have the vehicles removed. if your vehicle gets towed, you can find it by going to the north carolina department of public safety web site. we have also put the search under "news links" at shelters in asheville are under a code purple right now. to make sure the homeless have a place to go during the storm. that means shelters willemain open evening during the hours they are typically closed. the a. hope center is open 7 to noon and weekends 9 a.m. to noon. abccm veteran's quarters on tunnel road will have a separate classroom building available for those!2go \r,s y_wub yhqv6y czx/g?dgeng$l$l (l!xomws^s& xtg)i^k/-0po/pfjae>sx]?f=^k`bjyw_5meu\ul:2s the rescue ministries on patton avenue will have extra cots available and today and tomorrow, the chapel there will remain open for those needing if you missed any of the information you can find it all
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>>jay: 200 trucks and 300 workers are coming in from power companies in florida to help duke energy during this storm. jeff brooks with duke energy says it doesn't take much ice to weight down tree limbs. half inch of ice can bring down a power line. duke says people need to be prepared for power outages that can last for days. >> this is a scenario where you could see your power out for more than a day. in the last storms, last year, we saw 2-3 day outages for some customers. >>jay: if you lose power during the storm, call duke energy to report the outage at 1(800) power-on, 769-3766 and i have the duke outage map pulled up now. macon county and transylvania counties have about 100 outages each. >>holly: if you plan to fly out of charlotte and raleigh,
6:32 am
all jet blue and american, and united and deltata plala to run limited this afternoon, asheville regional airport say they will be prepared to work with crews around the clock to make sure runways are clear. >> for the maintenance and operation nast department, that is prepared and trained on how to handle winter weather and what to do to keep our runway open and operational. >>holly: asheville regional airport says it will have individual airlines decide whether to cancel the flights and that as long as flights are scheduled, crews will continue to work to make sure they land safely. >>jay: the east coast is bracing for the very same storm system. >>holly: 75,000,000 people between the mississippi river to maine are facing potentially record-breaking winter weather conditions. united airlines is suspending all flights at washington's dulles international and other regional airports starting this afternoon. >> i think that it could be, you know, disastrous for a lot of people trying to get out of town. >>holly: washington, dc is expected to get up to 30" of snow by sunday.y.
6:33 am
to go to some events in asheville this weekend, you might want to double-check to see if they are still on. the winter warmer beer fest at the u.s. cellular center is called off until february 6th. the jackson brown concert for tonight has also been postpone and the hot chocolate 10k fund-raiser for isaac dixon elementary has been rescheduled for next saturday. >> what we think about is, you know, the safety of everyone. so, yo you may be able to run in the snow, but i have, you know, 50 volunteers coming and driving from all around town. and in addition to that, 600 participants. >>jay: the abbey road live concert at the orange peel tomorrow is still on for now. the event planners across the mountains are urging people to check their web sites or facebook for any changes or cancellations. >>holly: we have some other
6:34 am
250 jobs are leaving asheville. buytell will close its asheville location on hendersonville road. the company says it's because the needs of their clients have changed and it's not a reflection of the performance of that location. they say they will offer relocation bonuses and employment for qualified employees. the company is still trying to figure out how many will qualify. >> this really is unfortunate. and we have had a good relationship with the asheville community, and we were very disappointed to have to make this announcement. we are going to do, as i said before, all we can to help our folks. >>holly: psytell will close july 30th but the employees may only be there through may. the company's knoxville office will then take over the work. a school bus full of students crashes in wisconsin.
6:35 am
filed >>ingrid: some of you have seen snow for six hours, so we have had reports of significant snow total, but first let's look at the live radar. the darker the blue, the heavier the snowfall. so, transylvania county, seeing some heavy snow, also starting to see a bit of mix pulling back in to cedar mountain and southern rosman. hendersonville also seeing some of that heavy snow downtown, saluda and south of that area, seeing that mix. lake lure, also seeing some
6:36 am
we are seeing a bit of a mix in county. here in buncombe countyham. snowfall at times. now, this is the northern portion of the region, gatlinburg still seeing that rain to the sleet and then into the snow further south as we head over towards north carolina. so, northern haywood county. and northern swain county as well as to graham county, mostly it's just a rain event. same thing in cherokee and clay. now, down to the upstate, we have at times seen the freezing rain. then we saw the snow. now we are seeing more of a mix develop around greenville, taylor, and also out towards spartanburg. next two hours does indicate we will have a batch of some heavier rain, pulling up from northeast georgia into oconee county and eventually into the southern mountains, pulling in some heavier snow bands, back here into transylvania county, jackson county, eventually into buncombe county. this is what it looks like outside for a lot of locations. the roads completely covered. this is greenville, showing some
6:37 am
snow. temperatures in asheville below freezing at 29. our western zones struggling to get near that freezing mark. same thing south of 85. north we are seeing around 32 degrees in greenville. visibility is an issue so not only the roadways are dangerous but actually driving is going to be difficult to see. below 1 mile in asheville, 4 miles down into greer. the wind could cause some power issues at 14 in hendersonville, 21 anderson and 10 in bryson the weight of the snow and the ice adds to that trouble for the power. satellite radar does show this is the system continuing to affect the northeast. we have the mix further south and mostly snow back here in the mountains. at times, yeah, we could see some of that switch over to freezing rain but likely back to snow for everyone. tonight into tomorrow. holding on to that chance in the northern mountains. so, how much snow are we still expecting is significant.
6:38 am
this lasts through sunday morning. in the pink, buncombe county, then that zone, 12-16 rather" rather inches and then the purple is the closer mountaintops closer to the 20" mark. and even into rutherford, polk county, and into macon county, we could see 8-12." in the upstate, depending upon the rain/snow line we could see a good amount of ice and snow. futurecast for the sleet and the ice does show about a quarter inch possible down into the upstate. back here in the mountains, mostly going to be a snow event. we are at the severe level for the storm impact model. 34 degrees for a high temperature in asheville today. staying cold tonight. windy as well. 35 in greenville. tonight, down to 29. crippling snowfall the next couple of days, folks. it's not going to warm up much saturday either. sunshine and 40s by sundays, so that will help with the snow melt. ice and snow expected in the upstate. how much has fallen already? let's head over to jay for more.
6:39 am
accumulation totals are beginning to even out across our area. the max i have seen so far is 6" in rosman. etowah 5." black mountain 5." marion also at 5." tuck see gee and jackson county, 4."" forest city 4." can't der and west asheville, 4" right now. photos are still coming in as well. patricia mccarthy sent us this photograph from her deck, over in the dupont forest area. that's significant snowfall there at least 4" and tracy mcgraw rose is showing more than 5" in flat rock. do just what she did there, take the ruler to the middle of the yard. go measure and make a photograph and send it to us on facebook, we would certainly appreciate it. now here is jaclyn with our on-time traffic. we are dealing with dangerous driving conditions right now. >>jaclyn: jay, we are seeing lots of problems on the roads this morning, especially on i-26. dot is still reporting that i-26
6:40 am
saluda to columbus because of these conditions. a dot truck is stuck out in the snow out here. and there are several disabled vehicles and wrecks along i-26 in henderson county. a quick reminder for drivers in west asheville, sand hill road is blocked at shell bourne road because of the weather related accident. we have downed lines blocking the roadway here. there is no word when it's going to reopen. now, most of the roads across western north carolina are slick or snow covered. here is a look at the big picture so that you can just get an idea of what we are dealing with. you can see that mostly all the interstates in our area are red and that's drivers taking it slow and due to wrecks this morning, a combination of the both of them. so, remember, we have all these problem areas listed on our web site by county. and you can look at that at that's a look at your on-time traffic, brought you by the wired mouse. >> >>holly: coming up, some texas teachers are saying no to school.
6:41 am
say the district 6:51. making headline, a skier dies in an avalanche in utah. >>jay: it happened in big cottonwood canyon, a group of skiers with the area when it began. a group of 2 were caught in it but one survived. the one whourvived is in fair condition. >>holly: who buses full of teens crashed in burlington, wisconsin. they were heading to a ymca camp. authorities say one bus rear-ended the other after traffic caused the first bus to stop short. no serious injuries were reported but bladgeses were called to the camp after several teens complained of back and neck pain. no charges have been filed. >>jay: several teachers at one texas charter school are refusing to show up to work. they will not return until the school pays them what they are owed. a board member says the teachers did not receive a check for one pay period due to an accounting error.
6:42 am
has not been resolved because the school superintendent took a leave of absence. can you believe that? >>holly: they are go be to be without teachers. jay: it's still snowing in up. >>holly: first the mind teaser, what is the record for the most snowfall in a year?
6:43 am
we come back. following the winter storm all >>jay: we continue our live team coverage from asheville and hendersonville. let's first check in with lauren brigman at west gate in asheville. >>lauren: good morning, guys. we are out here seeing at least 3" of this fluffy, wet snow out here. perfect for skiing and sledding all that here today, but freshrous if you try to get out on the roads this morning. down.
6:44 am
we talked live with the buncombe county emergency service director, jerry vaughn. he has been the director for more than 40 years in buncombe county and i asked him how he thinks this snow, so far, this storm, is comparing to those that we have seen over the last few years? here is what he had to say. >> this one is going to be worse than most in the past are. i remember the blizzard of 1993, that's the worst i have ever seen. >>lauren: i again i askeded him do you think we will get another blizzard of 1993 and he said hopefully not, but they are prepared should the worst case scenario strike. let's go to hendersonville where evan donovan join us live. >>evan: thank, lauren. the snow is actually not falling as heavily as it was before. if you are just waking up, 4 hours of heavy snowfall, previously the big heavy snowflakes that are wet, now it's different. kind of the small, little bit
6:45 am
snowflakes coming down, the kind that sort of hurt your face if it hits you. on the highways, i-26 backed up. there is a dot and a few tractor trailers that caused a backup between the saluda exit and the columbus exit on i-26. you cannot get through there. also coming up the mountain on 25. we are hearing that is completely backed up as welcoming up the mountains. so, don't go out in the roads if you don't have to. 350 power outages in the southwest part of the state, macon county and jackson county, another 150 in brevard, in numbers are up in the past pin nuts. >>holly: the answer day's mind teaser, we asked what is the record for the most snowfall in a year? >>jay: the answer is 1140" in mt. baker in washington state from 1998 to june of 99. >>holly: fans tired of lugging around a chunky bottle of sriracha sauce have a reason to rejous.
6:46 am
has a single serve, it has developed a foody cult since it was introduced in 1980. >>ingrid: let's look at the radar. it's very colorful. we have shown the snow and mixed precipitation with the pink. western zone still showing some of the rain. but all in all, we have seen several inches already, anywhere from 2-6" reported across the region. >>holly: lots of problems on the roads all across the area. >>jaclyn: all the roads are bad. we have it listed by county on our web site, stay off the roadway this morning. >>jay: latest snow total,
6:47 am
>>holly: we will be back in 30 good morning, america. blizzard emergency. east coast bracing for that monster storm. >> today i'm declaring a state of emergency. >> blizzard warnings from washington to new york. more than two feet of snow
6:48 am
gusts up to 60 miles an hour.
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