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tv   News 13 at Noon  ABC  January 22, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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portions of the afternoon. our when zones continuing to see green, meaning the rain, freezing rain is possie at times with sleet and snow. now to the upstate, it is snow in the mountains and it will be ice and sleet south of 85. that will continue over the next couple of hours which is what we are showing right here. another batch moving back into clay county, macon county and even into haywood and continuing into asheville. once again, the northern mountains into the upstate. look at this, black mountain camera showing significant snow throughout the day. news 13 skycam network for you. here's a winter storm timeline. this afternoon, mountain snow, a mix in the upstate, periods of heavy rain tonight. saturday morning, continuing to see another couple of inches. winter storm warning in effect across the southeast. it will continue through sunday morning. coming up, i'll show you how much more snow will fall, will it be snow or ice where you live
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>> our team of reports spread out is bringing everything you need to know. lauren, how are things looking out there? >> we have been out since 4:00 this morning, conditions have evolved since this started. making the layer of ice on the roadways and then you have this fluffy powdery snowfall after. then we are now seeing more sleet continuing here. you can see the drivers right here behind me having difficulty out here, facing the opposite direction on i-240. we are here at the jeff bowen bridge. dangerous travel conditions, dot home. what this driver is doing right now is definitely dangerous, this is a lesson for everybody out on these roadways. as you can see, tires spinning. it is something that can happen
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they say if you have four wheel drive, you are seeing a better chance at making it through this. we have talked with officials and conditions like this, you have a layer of ice, we saw more drivers sliding around on i-240. we saw some drivers putting it in reverse because they couldn't make it up the hill. dot crews asked people to stay off of the roads becausese they are having to maneuver around them to plow the roadways. we did catch up with a couple of people out at a gas station here. we asked why they made the trip out. >> having some fun, driving the jeep around.
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the weather, the lesson as you saw, people are having trouble out on the roadsroads. if you have to go to work, allow for safe traveling distance between you and the other vehicle. coming up in our next break at about 12:20, we talked to folks from maine. we asked how this compares to what they are seeing. i'm lauren brigman for news 13. >> you saw some of the problems, the fast paced snow caused accidents across our region. shut down both eastbound lanes for hours this morning and caused traffic backups. evan, the roads finally cleared. how does traffic look right now? >> you can probably see behind me, we are off exit 29 in saluda. you can see the dot truck going
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we first got here, that was all the way backing up, completely jammed with cars and trucks trying to get there as well as on i-26. both those eastbound lanes were completely stopped, not moving because tractor-trailers were jackknifed all over the roadway. we have video of the backup. there were a lot of cars on the roadway as well. mostly it was these long haul truckers. people were trying to get down the mountain. some of them trying to get to south carolina. we talked to one lady who said she left asheville and she got stuck in the same area twice. >> there was a truck that went
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it >> saw lots of drivers helping each other, getting out of cars, directing traffic. trying to get people off the exit ramp to the main highway. this is the reason why dot officials and people say you should not get on the roads if you don't have to. things look clear now but we don't know how long that will last. coming up, we talked to one of those truck drivers who got stuck on the exit ramp. on. >> all the snow is bringing down trees and limbs. that is leading to numerous reports of power outages. duke energy has brought in hundreds of trucks and crews from numerous states to help. kim, they are already busy. >> we are obviously having
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we'll try to get her back for you. stay with news 13 for complete coverage of the storm. we'll have updates at go there to sign up for text alerts. we'll post all the updated information for you on our facebook and twitter pages. >> road conditions are varying
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i'll have that story coming up >> we continuing our live team coverage. operation center. there are hundreds of power outages where you are and the roads are a mess. >> lots of power outages, the roads here in jackson county,
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conditions are worse in haywood county. take a look at the video we shot on the way over this morning. interstate 40 was slushy and snow covered in spots. some people got stuck like this tractor-trailer near the canton exit. rescue workers say main roads aren't causing them any problems at this time. >> the main roads seem to be pretty fair. most of the side roads, there is lots of covering on side roads. those are more treacherous. >> officials say even though the roads are fair, it is best to stay off them. u.s. 441 in jackson county is fairly clear and passable. but right pack here, turning to the side road, even though the main roads have been plowed can be tricky. officials say please be cautious
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>> all that sthoe is bringing down trees and limbs. duke energy is bringing in trucks from numerous states to help. kim, they are busy. >> reporter: hey, holly. yeah, we are outside hendersonville on i-26. i want to point out that people are out driving and i want to show you the results of what is happening behind me. my photographer will zoom in. we have a stranded driver on i-26 possibly maybe some emergency crews. and come and try to help this person. they are stranded, basically it looks like it is in the median. this is going towards asheville but there are a lot of cars out here. the roads are in fair conditions from long shoel's road. there is ice on i-26. we are seeing a good amount of
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as holly mentioned, hundreds of crews are here from duke power. they are on stand by. they have come in from as far as michigan and indiana. the trucks are on standby. we took this video at 11:00 as crews started to head out. they were parked, waiting for the calls. they were getting them. it is an impressive fleet of trucks. we are told there are 200 crews staged to respond during the storm. >> many of these folks arrived last night. they have been staying in the area. they woke up this morning, ready to go to work if they are needed. so they are staged here. they are ready. when they are dispatched, they'll get the power on as quickly and safely as they can. >> tree crews are also on stand by at the ag center. back out live, we are watching
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curb of the road. doesn't look like he is moving much. he is making an effort to get back on the road. right now he looks to be stranded. we'll be out at 12:30 and see if someone is able to get out to help this person. the weight of the wet snow caused one problems in one neighborhood. a tree toppled to a power line. someone smelled smoke and called 911. a single light socket shorted out and there was no fire. the power was expected to be back on this afternoon. >> 33 degrees, we are seeing a mixed precipitation. the radar, it is colorful this afternoon. we'll talk more about how much
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>> we are not done with this just yet. let's take a look at the radar, continuing in asheville to see mix in our eastern zone, snow in our western zone. in the eastern portion of the viewing area. marion seeing light snow. the darker the blue, the heavier the snow. look at this over brevard and into hendersonville. continuing to see that snow fall this afternoon. mixed precipitation in swain county near bryson as well as cherokee and clay. into the upstate, continuing to see snow in the northern mountains. the pink, that's bad news. that could mean the ice weighing
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limbs could topple over and cause major power issuesissues. news 13 skycam network lots of snow covered roads espially these secondary roads. these major roads, they might be plowed but you just saw people slipping and sliding all topher place. a lot of folks out and about, probably just enjoying the snowfall at this point. our last one here, this is the black mountains, 3700 feet. we are starting to see the tops of those mountains turn white. 28 degrees in asheville. our western area continuing to hover near freezing. that's why we are seeing a mix. not going to see as much in accumulation in those zones as expected. down into the upstate, those locations near freezing seeing that snow and it is transitioning in and out of
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visibility is an issue. down to three in morganton and six into greer and also into greenwood. winds are gusting in hendersonville at 14 miles an hour. look at the upstate, 20-mile-an-hour winds from greenville to anderson. brooison at 10. looking at the big picture, this is the system continuing to affect us back at home. snapshot at 2:00 p.m. still seeing the snow mix further south at 3:00 p.m., through dinner time, once again, snow behind this system. this is midnight tonight into tomorrow morning. continuing to see the snowfall, especially in the higher mountains. winter storm warning, still in morning. snowfall totals expected, 12 to 16 inches in the pink. we have had several repepts of eight t 10 inches in isolated zones.
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and rutherford, 8 to 12 inches. the storm threat is severe today for the snow. mostly snow in the asheville yay. sleet and ice, the wind gusting at 18. by that time, so much has fallen that that's when we'll likely see more power issues inn temperatures staying right around freezing today and same thing into tonight. crippling snowfall. on sunday, we warm above freezing with sunshine, start to see this melt off. ice and snow expected today and tomorrow in the upstate. how much snow has already fallen today, let's take a look --. >> some of the totals are impressive. no doubt about it. ridgecrest 11 inches, old fort nine inches. micaville 8 inches. arden in buncombe, 8 inches. forest cityty, a report of five
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photos coming in to us as well. very pretty shot there. three or four inches at the time. now there are eight inches on the ground. also a photo from rutherfordton. not a lot of snow there. started out as an icy mix. stay with us here at news 13, keep us up to date on your snow totals by letting us know on facebook. >> the snow has been falling for most of the morning and it continues. we are back with another live report. stay with us. >> i'm alex trebek. if you're age 50 to 85, please listen carefully. the lock i want to talk to you about isn't the one on your door. it's a rate lock for your life insurance that guarantees your rate can never go up at any time,
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with no obligation. >> welcome back, 12:22. let's check in on the conditions in asheville. lauren, you have been out there live since 4:00 this morning. things are looking better now. >> yeah, you know, holly, we
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sleet mixture changing over into snow this morning. the layer of ice underneath the snow. now after a heavy snow, we are seeing sleet once again. making travel conditions really worse out here along the jeff bowen bridge. live at noon, you saw someone spin out behind me. try to stay off the roads if you can. we have seen people taking other modes of transportation if you have to be out from walking to jogging. people are getting in daily routines, braving the elements. it is a safer way to travel but a cold one. we caught up with people out getting groceries. we asked them how they plan the snow day. >> having fun in the snow, driving the jeep around. >> we'll get last min snacks beforehey decide to close.
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driving, of course, to get those groceries. driving, of course, is not advised. buncombe county is one of those in a state of mrmg. we talked to officials advising people to stay home. of course, there are those that have to be at work. allow yourself a safe following distance between you and vehicles in front of you and keep a safe speed as well. four wheel drive a must in these conditions. we'll check back in with you in our next half-hour. next, the pants freezing trend
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why some areamused >> putting >> it all started with one minneapolis resident placing frozen pants across the neighborhood to lighten the
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not all neighbors are on board with it. one man said his dog was scared of the frozen pants. >> i like them. you can shake them it looks like. >> i think the dog is probably ok. >> it is a new form of scare crow, isn't it? >> there are good things about this snow. >> we'll talk about that snow coming up after the break. >> just off i-26 where two different backups had trucks and cars snarled in traffic for hours.
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drivers. >> this is in asheville, look at that wind gusting there, moving the camera around. this is on top of hotel indigo, shining down towards jeff bowen bridge. it looks mostly clear, it is not because of the snow and sleet that keeps falling through the afternoon. >> a few cars are going very slowly. if you have to be out, make sure you use a lot of caution. we have seen so many people on the roads pushing their vehicle because they are stuck. >> we'll have more on that in a moment. first, let's talk about current conditions. 27 at colds spring ranch. it is very beautiful right now. this is our winter storm timeline.
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be snow mostly in the mountains.
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