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tv   News 13 at 1230pm  ABC  January 22, 2016 12:30pm-1:00pm EST

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be snow mostly in the mountains. upstate dealing with a mix. who is seeing the snow and ice coming up in a moment. tonight, periods of heavy snow even through tomorrow morning. i'll talk about how much more will fall and when all of this wraps up coming up in my full forecast. >> the storm brought dangerous driving conditions resulting in numerous accidents, one on i-26 in polk county shut down eastbound lanes causing major traffic backups. evan, it was mostly cars and trucks, who was involved in the massive jam? >> we saw some cars on the roadways. the long haulers with lots of equipment. they were the ones getting stuck and jackknifed, off exit 69 in saluda. that's the ramp leading to i-26 in the eastbound lanes. that was completely jammed when we got here a couple of hours
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two different backups have snarled traffic for hours. some of those cars and trucks moved a quarter mile and got stuck again. video trying to clear out his mess. he was hauling motors which you would think would be heavier but they were smaller. he said that's what hurt him because they didn't weigh enough to weigh the truck down to give traction to get up the exit ramp. we talked about how he would get out. he said he was trying to do it himself but that he would need help. >> trying to get some traction, most of the time you are waiting for a wrecker to come and give you a hand. >> d.o.t. crews said they would try to get help to him after the
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we saw lots of drivers getting out of their cars, directing traffic, pushing each other's vehicles to try to get up the exit ramp. he is still moving very slow. we don't know how bad the weather will be or how long those conditions will last. officials telling people to stay off the roads. don't drive unless you have to. you might get stuck for some time. >> traffic problems are one major issue, power outages are another. let's go toohn who has been out in the western county. he joins us live from jackson county. 1,000 people are still in the dark out there. >> about 1,000 people without power. duke energy is working to restore power to those customers. the main roads are pretty passable today. conditions in haywood county were worse.
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on the way over here. interstate 40 was slushy and snow covered. some people got stuck like this tractor-trailer near the canton exit. rescue workers say even though the main roads in jackson are pretty good, it is really not now. >> pretty much stay home, stay safe. if you need us, call us, we'll be more than happen to come get you. >> those rescue workers are working hard to make sure you are safe. it is best to stay off the main roads, even though as you can see behind me, u.s. 441 in passable. turning to the side roads is difficult and tricky. take your time and be cautious.cautious. >> you can see it is steady. >> we are still going to have
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let's take a look at where the snow is falling. >> a mix in those locations. the blue indicating the snow. heavier snow bands, pulling out of brevard near akusa, starting to light up in the downtown region. north of waynesville. we have seen heavier snow bands. zones. they haven't seen much snow at all today. down into the upstate, still seeing some of this snow in our northern tier. south of 85, all a mix. this means icy conditions likely there. the next couple of hours, you can continue to see snow pour across the region. our western zones still seeing the snow all the way up towards boone. you can see this dividing line, 85 doing a good job of showing us that. south of that looks like we'll continue to see that mix.
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the dusting there to several inches. the snow flakes continue to fly. the news 13 skycam network. 27 in nashville. our western zones, this is why we are seeing that mix. temperatures hovg around freezing. and i reduce holding onto the 40's. we have dropped a couple of degrees. still near freezing down into greenwood. two and a half visibility in asheville. four in morganton. three in forest city. it is poor in franklin. this will cause complications throughout the afternoon as more snow falls as more ice accumulates, plus the wind. we can expect more power outages. 14 at asheville. 20 down into greenville and anderson 17 at greenwood. this is the system that has been causing all of the trouble all the way across the eastern seaboard.
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let's take a closer look. this is 2:00 this afternoon. going to be a mix south, through 3:00, through dinner time as well. if you have to hit the road at 6:00 p.m., it is going to be very rough out there. treacherous in many conditions. cold air filters in, we continue to see the snow back up to the mountains through 8:00 a.m., even the high mountains through tomorrow afternoon. maybe even into tomorrow night. we are going to see this wirpt storm warning stay in effect, not only through today and saturday but it will finally expire sunday morning. we have seen a lot of snow already on top of what we have seen fall. we'll continue to watch our totals go up. snowfall totals in the purple indicate 16 to 20 inches. that's right. already a report of a foot in buncombe county. we could see 12 to 16 inches.
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rutherford county, polk county, maycon. severe level for the snow. we'll back off on the ice. this is for western north carolina. mostly a snow event for the majority of the day. but we can see a mix at times, same thing through tonight. windy conditions in the upstate, a lot of snow, maybe some thunder expected. and freezing rain tonight. this snowfall continues through tomorrow and look at the temperatures, the high of 30 degrees. don't expect the snow to go anywhere until sunday, when we see sunny skies and temperatures returning to the 40's. here's your upstate seven day, back to the middle to upper 40's. we have had impressive snowfall so far. >> fairview a foot. canned ler, nine inches. west asheville, 8 inches. spindale at nine inches.
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look at the numbers, debbie smith. candler seeing nine inches in some locations. this was a photo from 10:00 a.m. you can add inches to that. picking up snow at an inch an hour. we'll continue to update those totals as a result of you updating us on facebook. >> stay with news 13 for complete team coverage of the storm. after the show, we'll have updates. updates at we'll post any updated information also to our facebook and twitter pages. >> coming up, another check of
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storm >> let's continue our live team coverage. lauren is monitoring the asheville area and joins us again. how is it looking? any problems where you are? >> they say so far no accidents in the last 10 or 15 minutes. there have been issues widespread related to problems with, of course, the weather and people trying to make it out on the roads. because we have seen since we started the newscast at noon, we are seeing sleet. now it is picking up to heavy snowfall again. we received probably a good half gate. it is powdery, great for sledding, skiing, that kind of thing but makes for tricky travel because there is a lay yes of ice. very glad that person is ok. this morning, we also saw people taking to other modes of
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jogging, doing what they have to do to get their daily activities in if they have to. that is a safer means for transportation if you have to be out. but, of course, a very bitter cold one because the winds are starting to pick up too. there are people out getting gas and getting groceries. we got folks from maine how this storm compares to the snow they are seeing. >> i'm going to do work but then i'm going to play you have to enjoy it. that's the about the snow, you have to enjoy it. >> it is like an adventure. >> let's hope it is not a dangerous adventure for everyone. again, we have seen people slipping and sliding on the roads. it is becoming slushy at the jeff bowen bridge. use caution if you have to be out. remember the tips we have been telling you all morning, allow a safe following distance between you and the vehicles in front of you as well as a safe speed for
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four wheel drive a must out here in these types of conditions, the snow continuing to pile up. we are seeing an inch per hour. so, again, great to be outside and just enjoy the snow, stay home if you can. >> earlier, you saw a car spin shot. how crews were able to assist that driver. >> you can catch our newscast streaming live on our website, you can watch on your mobile device, all you he to do is go
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and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common, and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. ask your dermatologist about humira. because with humira clearer skin is possible. >> slick roads cditions in henderson county. a driver had to be rescued from the road right behind you. >> reporter: you might have seen that.
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right at the top of the newscast behind me there was a driver stranded. we got the video. we went on n e air with that and showed it to the public. someone came long and rescued that person. this happened 40 minutes ago, we believe it was a volvo on the side of the road. it was stuck there at 12:10 and then we saw a red truck pull up. what do you know, they pulled off to the side. we believee it was a front road vehicle which is much more difficult to maneuver in conditions like this. the folks in the red truck got out, they pushed that driver off of the side of the road, got again. then they came up off the exit hehe here. i don't know if that truck is up there or not. hopefully you get to see it.
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in the last 10 minutes, i want to show you live with a live picture, there are a lot of 18 wheelers traveling on 26. we are seeing a number of them get off. an 18 wheeler got stuck. the wheels were spinning, the guy was stuck here a good 10 to 15 minutesminutes. he tried to get traction and tried to get up the exit. he was able to do that. overall, like we have been saying, if you can stay home, stay home. i will tell you out here on i-26, there are a lot of drivers. they are going not quite probably 60 miles an hour but a good 50 to 55 miles an hourhour. at 9:30, we are all long shoels
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conditions on i-26, dot crews have been out here. i would say they have done a good job. there wasn't a lot of accumulation. at 9:30, 10:00, we went to the ag center where crews are on stand by. i got a report that duke energy hasn't had a significant amount of reports so far of power lines down. they have 200 trucks on stand by with crews coming as far as oklahoma, indiana,ichigan coming here to north carolina. if we have large power lines that come down, large amount of lines that come down, they will beehere ready to respond. we'll continue to bring you updates throughout the day today and i'll send it back to you in the studio. one quick thing, it is sleeting out here. right now, it is a little bit lighter. back to you. >> we are about to take another conditions for you. >> coming up, problem areas and
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we'll be right back. >> let's take another look outside. the snow continues to fall. here is the radar, the next two hours, this is what you can expect expect, it is incredibly colorful. the green is north of our region. a lot of us continuing to see the snowfall. the southern portions of the upstate, south of 85. this is dangerous across the roadways. >> let's check back in with lauren brigman who has been art of our live team coverage what are you seeing out there right now? >> i can vouch for you, it is not letting up. it is a snow sleet mixture.
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they have been out since the wee hours trying to keep these roads cleared, big thanks to all of our men and women with the d.o.t. hardt work, trying to keep you safe. if you have to be on the roads, the conditions have been changing so rapidly out here. we have been live since 4:00 a.m. we have seen everything from the sleet blanketing the ground. the heavy snow coming and changing back to sleet and now we are back to heavy snow. tricky trick d.o.t. said what would help them is if people stay off the road so they can do their job. we saw stranded motorists. again, we have been stressing it all morning, if you can, stay at home and enjoy this. there is half a foot of snow, fluffy, great for sledding conditions, things like that. stay at home and play in it if you can. it is not expected to let up any time soon.
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snowstorm as some people are looking at this as the bright side. some people look at it as an adventure. stay safe wherever you are. >> lauren needs to get herself hot chocolate and get out of the cold. >> she is having a lot of fun. >> you can see her hair moving around pretty vigorously, that's the wind picking up. here's the threat, the wind plus the weight of the snow and the ice. this could lead to more power outages. it is a mix with that pink. heavier snow bands. this will continue throughout the rest of the afternoon. edewa seeing heavier snow as well. it is a mix in our northern zones. northern mountains in the upstate, snow right now and a mix further south.
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six to 10 inches in buncombe county already. we have had one report of a poot of snow. >> having fun, otherwise, dot is telling folks not to go out. emergency vehicles that must be out in it. we are live every hour with more reports across our region. we have reporters spread out in
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