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tv   News 13 Tonight  ABC  January 22, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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you got to do something. >> darcel: with more snow in the forecast, they have a lot more to do. >> frank: what about those who had to go to work today? >> darcel: tonight we're checking in with those dedicated essential personnels who didn't get a snow day. >> now from western north carolina's news leader, this is news 13 at 11:00. >> darcel: some areas in the mountains got a foot of snow today. tonight, it kept coming down. and this storm isn't done yet. >> frank: it was a tough commute for those who had to go to work together. and not everyone made it to their destination. the roads were the biggest issue today. and temperatures aren't expected to get above freezing anytime soon. >> darcel: another concern, power outages. >> frank: we have live team coverage tonight of this winter storm and what's next for us.
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meteorologisisjason boyer and zack green. >> jason: zack and i have been in the weather center all day and we are impressed by what we've seen. >> zack: it actually all came to fruition. >> jason: yeah, once you start seeing these numbers, it's amazing, right? this is one whopper of a storm. here's your radar. latest imagery. well the last hour, look at this right here.e. that's some heavy snow right along 26, 85, spartanburg county. then it goes u up to polk county, rutherford, mcdowell and burke. close to ten inches in some places there. then there's the big hole, if you will, on the radar. nothing happens west until you get over east tennessee. that's where much of the snow will be situated tonight. it's going to be a northwest snow event for the mountains.
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saturday for the upstate. so you'll be the first to see those expire. leicester carpet sales news13 sky cam network look at the snow comingngown here. it's kind of like, what's going on? that's falling in front of the camera and light reflecting. 25 in black mountain. and watch the snow bands. impressive as they just tally up completely. you're almost a foot in some places if not more. upstate, greenville and downtown. miserable weather. ice and then boom, inch or two of snow quickly on the ground there. impressive stuff. the sno totals have been impressive. here's what you need to know, periods of snow ending. saturday afternoon and evening it goes towards the tennessee border. that's where the accumulations will likely occur. zack, speaking of accumulations, let's check it out
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look at this, brevard as well as lake toxaway, over 13 inches. a few reports coming from viewers. 15 and even more in localized spots. down in the upstate, we saw accumulation upwards of half a foot. this has been a big event. as we make our way in to saturday afternoon, that's when things are really going to start tapering off. we could eventually see things quieting down as we head in to the evening hours. bigger snows in 1906 top five, we're probably looking at maybe the top three for today's event. a very big issue going on in terms of travel out there. make sure you guys remain safe on the roadways if you do plan on going out saturday. >> darcel: our news 13's crews have been out on the roads today. we've seen drivers battling the snow and ice.
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>> frank: road crews have been able to stay on top of i-26. but it's the secondary roads where drivers are really running in to problems. >> darcel: jerriri insco joins us live. where are you now, jerrika? >> jerrika: right now we are in fletcher along i-26. we are west bound. right now i-26 actually looks just like those really bad secondary roads we were talking about earlier. now this is a live look at i-26 right now. but we'll also show you those secondary roads that people had trouble with and got stranded on earlier today. the roads today were pretty quiet considering the snow fell in a matter of hours. but a few ventured out and of course got stuck. one of those people who had to get out was dwayne banks driving from charlotte to pick up a load on long shoals road.
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only 1.5 miles from my pick up. >> jerrika: he thought that was that and attempted to shake himself for two hours. >> my trailer just had a mind of its own and started going the opposite way of where i need to go. >> jerrika: it wasn't until a truck who had tried helping him before showed back up with another truck to help. >> the chain was a little thin. it was a little small. it held together, though. >> jerrika: this is what these guys have been doing since noon on this side of town. >> how many people do you think you've helped? >> four. four or five, maybe. >> jerrika: does this count as like ten? >> jerrika: as long as they helped one, it was worth it for them to save someone time, money and a headache in this winter storm. now we're back out here live on
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i'm with videographer adam. we've had trouble at times on the roads. here's another live look at i-26. once again, it's snow covered. we've really only been seeing tractor trailers out here. and that's how it should be. so if you can, stay at home. reporting live in fletcher, jerrika insco, news 13. >> darcel: a lot of folks in henderson county have been heeding the warnings. how are things looking now, justin. >> justin: we've been out here driving around henderson county since about 3:30. it is a lot and it is making for some problems out here onn the road. for the most part, people haven't been having too many problems. but we've seen a couple of 18-wheelers. we've seen dot coming out here a number of times clearing that
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as soon as they get it away, more comes down. while they're focused on these primary and main roads, we've seen it's been up to the neighbors to take care of their roads. so much snow. leaving many on less traveled roads to do the cleaning. >> we had the foresight to put the salt on the asphalt yesterday. >> justin: even if they're 74. >> i just can't resist getting a jump on the driveway. i'll go out and shovel a while. go back in and rest a while. shovel a while. rest a while. >> justin: after a stroke in march and four knee surgeries. >> doing really well right now. lord's been good to me. >> justin: jay cap says his wife supported him. now it's his turn to support her when she heads to work.
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worth it. well sort of. >> i'd rather be with a tractor. >> i'll just uncover this. >> justin: kind of like the one david johnson uses on holly hill. >> i've already changed three times today. >> justin: making sure his neighbors can get up and down the road. >> i enjoy that. being able to make it to where people can get in and out. >> i used to work with him when i was younger. he's a good person. >> can't just sit down and watch tv. you got to do something. >> justin: taking care of business. >> this makes it a lot easier. >> justin: in snowy henderson county. now earlier about around 10:30, we told you or we showed you about some lights that were going off a little further down. it was hard to see. there were some troopers that came through this area. we asked them what was going on down there.
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having difficulty getting up the road. people have been heeding the warnings, they're listening. reporting live in henderson county, justin hinton, news 13. >> frank: we have a lot more coverage coming up throughout the show. we want you to know that we'll be here all night. and through the weekend as well, to keep you updated on the situation. our coverage begins an hour early tomorrow morning at 5:00 a.m. hour news 13 app, and you can also follow us on facebook and twitter for complete coverage. snow day or work day. how the people who had to get to work were able to do so. >> frank: and it wasn't all gloom and doom today. a lot of folks decided to use the snow to attack each other.
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show down in just a few minutes. >> zack: you can always keep up to date with this winter storm on the wlos weather app. just type wlos in to the weather app store and you'll get our forecast verbatim and all of the updates impacts the mountains. >> darcel: a lot of you are sending pictures of how the snow is impacting your neighborhood. keep them coming.
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continues next. >> frank: many people were able to take this snowy day off, sit by the fire with a nice hot beverage and just watch our news 13 winter coverage. >> darcel: but others didn't have a choice. they had to be at work. news 13's aaron adelson was one of them. he's there with more who had to brave the storm and find a way to work today. aaron. >> aaron: darcel, that's right. public safety responders, they've got to come to work. mission hospital workers, they've got to come to work. the asheville fire department added staff to prepare for the storm. but the fire department says people followed warning and stayed off the road.
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been an average work load. but to have an emergency plan in place. >> you go somewhere and the fire truck gets stuck. how do we call somebody? we've got those contingencyiescontingencies. >> aaron: more than 7,000 people lost electricity. >> how are you doing tonight? >> aaron: the lights went out just as the barly corn opened. >> just so you know, we have a lot of staff that couldn't come in, couldn't make it in. >> why? >> i don't know. bear with us. we're going to get right to you. >> aaron: the owner decided they would just do the best they could. getting a bite to eat was no trouble for this alaskan native. >> we have a little bit of driving experience. >> just a lot of people looking for something to do. definitely. enjoying the fun in the snow.
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out the electricity returning. >> aaron: by evening, the snow slowed down. >> there has been a number of wrecks. especially early this morning. the wrecks have settled down. >> aaron: the fire department worries more people will be out this weekend. pets also need to be taken care of. asheville humane society says people counting out. things clear here on brevard road as this winter storm continues. live in asheville, aaron adelson, news 13. >> frank: a small group gathered tonight in downtown a aeville for a snowstorm ritual. they met for a snow ball fight after someone put it out on twitter and social media. according to social media, another snow ball fight was organized just down the hill on lexington av. i'm sure there will be many more
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>> darcel: probably so because the snow, as we saw, is still coming down. >> frank: it's been rough for folks to get aroundnd dangerous. on top. >> jason: the only surprise was the southwestern part of the viewing area. clay and in to macon. it didn't pan out for you in terms of snow fall. you certainly are getting some. temperatures in the 20s and 30s. below freezing almost anywhere. east. we're talking black ice. how much more snow? big question, right. snow and ice. and when does it end? all those questions answered. next. >> frank: later, how this winter
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now your news 13 skywatch weather. >> jason: it just keeps on keeping on. right. we have snow still flying across the area. getting a big break. jackson county, huge difference in just a few miles in terms of snow fall. sylva, cullowhee, not that much on the ground. you go in the higher elevations, you've got a lot on the ground.
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rutherford county, mcdowell, burke, you're really getting slammed. right along i-26. pounding the upstate now for spartanburg. big break west. east tennessee, that's the band that's going to come through for most of the northern mountains tomorrow. snow bands kind ofreaking up right now over east tennessee and middle tennessee. look at this going up the east coast here. i-95 just ridiculous in terms of snow fall right now. and the rates are one, two, even three inches an hour in some cases. here's our leicester carpet sales news13 sky cam network. chimney rock. and it's still snowing here at the rock. 23 degrees. here's our storm. it is going to move out and up the coast. so tapping in to a lot of atlantic moisture. and it's cold enough behind that system for all the snow. but we're done tomorrow with most of the accumulations.
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going to wrap it up and be done with most of the accumulations. winds for the northwest. 15, 20, gusts up to 30, maybe even 40 miles per hour in some of the higher elevations. it's not out of question. notice on the future cast from midnight tonight until noon tomorrow really wrapping the snows up for most of us. in is where the attention will be right along the tennessee rder. northwest flow gives you the snow. three, maybe even six inches. yancey county, down through swain as well. that's a lot. and you haven't seen as much as places south. we're going to shift to higher elevations. mostly sunny skies on sunday. we get a few peeks tomorrow. additional snow fall won't be that impressive. maybe for asheville. north and west. here's the three to six inches coming tomorrow afternoon for
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when it's said and done, a good 16 inches. most of us around a foot in the pink. most of you eight inches, at least a foot in the western portions of the viewing area. graham, swain, and clay county. an inch and maybe four inches tops. down in the upstate, you're getting snow, too. greer, one to four. temperatures in the 20s tonight. how about 30s tomorrow. and we're back in the 40s as we get down the road. sunday is certainly beautiful with sunshine.
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enjoy that. so we're asking everyone to please be careful. stay off the roads if you don't need to be on the roads and spend some time with your family. >> darcel: north carolina roads have been a nightmare. five people have died because of crashes. one of those crashes was in hickory where a 19-year-old college student was killed. the highway patrol says both ice and alcohol were factors in the crash. >> frank: cars are sliding on the roads in haywood county. secondary roads are still a problem tonight.
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was digging in, putting its snow plan in to effect. >> we've got a section of the hospital where we're going to be sleeping about 28, maybe 30 folks tonight. >> frank: that includes doctors and nurses just in case they're needed. the winter storm crippled large parts of the upstate today. duke energy says more than 20,000 customers were left without power. freezing rain, sleet and snow pounded the upstate tonight. that combined with high winds creating a wintery mess that left residents fighting to stay warm. >> kerosene and i have my phone charged up. and i have a house phone and it's charged up. so only thing i can do is wish for the best and pray they'll get the power back in this area on. >> frank: troopers worked several wrecks along interstate 85 and 385. >> darcel: there's not a
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people didn't have some fun in the snow today. at brevard c clege building a snowman turned chaotic. . >> it's snowing out here. it's snowing. it's cold. come to brevard. >> darcel: at the marlow house, several kids went sledding in the front yard. coaster. and pointed out it's been a while since we've had snow like this. >> frank: coming up, how the carolina panthers had to adjust
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winter weather. >> frank: the carolina panthers are doing all they can in this winter storm to be ready for game day. crews worked hard today covering the field. snow had to be shovelled off the seats at bank of america stadium. they practiced for an hour and a half. >> darcel: our final story tonight is an incredible @ne. a mother delivered her newborn outside. the new mom had to give birth to her baby right in her livingroom. little anabell jade is in the
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mother's arms. but it wasn't easy getting there. her first breath was taken in a snowstorm, in her home on a couch. >> she pushed twice and the baby was out. >> i couldn't have done it. there's no way i would have made it in a car. i'm grateful that they were able to get there as soon as they did. >> darcel: now the new mom went to the hospital last night when the weather wasn't so bad. but they told her it was too early and sent her home. doctors say little anabell is strong and healthy. >> frank: that's a great story. >> jason: story for a lifetime. remember for our life. look at this. we still have snow coming down ridge. come. that's mostly a mountain event. major storm for the northeast. right, zack? >> zack: absolutely.
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maybe upwards of 30 inches as we head in to the del marba area. >> jason: overnight lows well below freezing tonight, tomorrow night and monday night. temperatures nearly 50 by tuesday. >> frank: wow, it's been fun. >> darcel: we'll b b back tomorrow. we're starting our live team
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5:00 a.m and now abc's "jimmy kimmel live." >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, david duchovny and
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