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tv   News 13 Saturday at 6am  ABC  January 23, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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however, the impacts are here to stay. this morning we have live crews around the region telling you about road conditions as well as the wind. there is going to be winds whipping around the course of the day, blowing that snow all across the region. we will send it back to evan who will bring us the live team coverage. >>evan: snow and ice covering most of the mountains. john ostendorff ( ) continues our live coverage from maggie valley. john, how are things out there? >>reporter: things are pretty good. zack talked wind and we are seeing it blowing here. we are a mile south down u.s. 19 from our own location in maggie valley in the dellwood community. as you can see, the snow picked up on us here. this area, it's just solid ice. it's about 23 degrees out. we have a good 6" of snow. i'm going to step out to sokol road and you can see this is probably about typical of most of the road conditions in the area.
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it is plowed. but, at this hour, it is very dangerous to drive on. we are seeing more traffic here on u.s. 19. so, if you are going to be out today, please allow plenty of following distance. stay home if at all possible because the roads, while clear, they are very very slick and the snow is, you know, it's kind of picking up even out here in the dellwood area of maggie valley. let's check in with hope and see how she is doing. hope, how are things going? >>hope: hey, thank you so much, john. we made it over to the buy low parking lot in hendersonville. because we wanted to show you what some of these snow piles are looking at. in fact, we have seen even bigger ones than that. even some people venturing into buy low. this is one of the reasons we decided to come over here. this is one of the few parking lots we could actually get our vehicle into. between the snow plows coming through the main thorough fairs, that's piling up snow, of course, so many driveways where
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likely to be pretty steep as well. but, on top of that, the wind is creating even more snow drifts. that is a very likely place to get stuck if you are out and about and of course we don't want any of. that we checked in with henderson county, mcdowell county, rutherford, they don't have any major problems to report right now. but, they have been responding to stranded motorists all night long. the wind is an issue today. it is so cold. if you are heading outside. you warrant to wrap up every part of exposed skin. all morning long i have just been pounded in the face with little spec les of snowflakes. so that's pretty uncomfortable, too. no reason to be outdoors if you don't have to be. we will send it over to lauren now, who is in our mobile track through buncombe county. lauren, what are you seeing out there? >>lauren: hi, hope. well, we are inside the mobile track unite. we have seen a variety of conditions across buncombe county as far as the roads are concerned.
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we are over here beside erwin high school, as you can see, some of the secondary roads are going to still be coated with snow and ice this morning. so, use caution if you are heading out. if you must be out this morning. the interstates were looking pretty good. we traveled i-26 over to i-240 earlier this morning. we showed you that route. for the most part, those, the dot crews worked very hard to get those cleared. there were a couple times snow was sticking in places coating the roads but definitely use caution. there could still be black ice in spots, of course, even on interstates this morning. but, again, these secondary leads, leaf creek road where we are right now, this is a look at what a majority of secondary roads in buncombe county at least in the erwin area look like here this morning. even portions of new leicester highway look just like this. and we have seen many crews out treating the roads this morning. but, of course, it takes time to get to even all of the secondary roads because they focus on the primary routes first. we have seen very few cars out and about this morning. a majority of people staying home.
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that will, of course, help. hopefully we will see shine later today to help the road conditions. we are still seeing snow blowing around, so the snow and ice and even the slushy mixture makes it difficult for travel. parking lots as hope mentioned are the tricky spot, just getting out of your driveway even. i checked in with dispatchers and they tell me right now no accidents here in buncombe county, so so far, so good. like i said, we have not seen a single car here on this road in the past few minutes. most people staying home this morning and that is the good news. most people staying home. staying safe. if you must be out, use caution. there are still portions of the roadways coated with that ice and snow. we will give you another look at roads here in buncombe county. my photographer here, john curtly navigating us this morning. we will be back with you in a few minutes. right now we are live in buncombe county, lauren brigman, news 13. >>evan: news 13 has been keeping you up to date on every moment of the storm. after the show we will have live reports and updates throughout the day.
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the forecast on you can go there to sign up for text alerts as well for weather and school and church closings. we will post updated information to our took and twitter pages. in this morning's news reel, police are investigating an officer-involved shooting on the vegas strip. at least one person was shot. no word on what led to the shooting or on the victim's condition. this happened outside the beleakage joe hotel and casino ( ). witnesses say at least two shots were fired. wisconsin police are asking the public's help as they investigate the killing of a five year-old boy. police say he was shot while riding in a car with his dad through beginning-to-middleloid last night. someone fired several shots and drove away. police say the shooting happened toen a busy road so someone probably saw what happened. a woman in washington state is in serious condition following a shooting at a movie theater.
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hours: the secret of ben benghazi," officers say a man was fumbling with his gun when it went off. >> it must have been the projector lens and i have owned guns and that was definitely a gunshot for me. >>holly: police believe the man was intoxicated and has been charged with felony assault. he told officers he carried the gun with his concealed permit because he was afraid of a mass shooting at the theater. authorities in oregon released this dashcam video of a two year-old found running in the middle of a highway. this is incredible video. you can see there. deputies returned the child to his parents who were frantically searching for him. they were cleaning up after a gathering at a nearby community center when the child slipped out through an open door. no charges will be filed. the sheriff offense office shared the video as a reminder to parents of how quickly things can go wrong and to warn drivers to always be alert. >> elevated levels of lead in drinking water are causing a
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fire storm in flint, michigan. now, a village in ohio is dealing with a similar problem. the ohio epa was inside sea brink high school testing water fountains and sinks and found elevated traces of lead. the city manager says the problems began when the water plant was updated and it started to produce what they call aggressive water. >> it's slightly acidic and as it goes into the older residential service lines and into residential plumbing, and it's not being used, it's not being poured out of the faucets -- >>evan: according to the tests, the water in sea brink had lead levels 40% above federal standard. emergency officials are now distributing bottled water. many are still diggingthems out of the snow.
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now, in high definition, this is your news 13 skywatch forecast. >>zack: plenty of snow on the ground early on this morning. and, yes, we are still seeing flakes falling down in many areas of the western north carolina as well as the upstate. right now, the leicester carpet sales news 13 skycam network down in greenville. the freezing point at 32 degrees and take a look at this as we go through the past few hours, you see that roadway getting covered up by flakes. it's going to continue, i do think, as we make or way further south throughout the morning hours. take a look at this hd radar. you see greenville with those heavier bands of snow rolling through. but, we will call it moderately heavy. the reason being, we are not
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comesoncomparison to yesterday. you see it in hendersonville and much of it toward brevard and transylvania county, and mag by valley the higher elevations getting it along the north carolina and tennessee border. down in the upstate i think this is all the upper-level region that is going to be contain you yes, i doing the morning hours. ening it out, there is the brunt up towards baltimore, past dc it left a big impact there. blizzardlike conditions seen throughout the course of the day, moving towards new york city. not going to be the case for us in western north carolina and down in the upstate. but, still, a chilly dayay overall. and the impacts are still going to be an issue throughout the course of our saturday. 23 degrees in asheville. is it going to be feeling like that? no, the winds are whipping around above sustained, 8 degrees is what it will feel like. take a look at boone. 2 degrees. that is the wind chill value. a very chilly start to the day. if you have to head out at all, make sure you are bundled up. if you are rooking to play in
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sure the heavier jacket and hats and gloves and maybe the scarves are on. this visibility map, we usually bring it in for fog concerns. this is actually blowing snow that's reducing visibility at times in asheville and some other mountain location, not as much of an issue down in the upstate, but still some falling flakes there. but, with the increased winds, that blows snow is going to down you throughout the course of the day. as we head into lunchtime, up wards of 20 miles per hour so that will continue throughout the course of saturday. wind gusts pushing closer to 40 miles per hour at times. especially ang lo the blue ridge ridgetops and we will continue into the evening hours. so the big implication is power outages already the stress and the weight of the snow on tree limbs as well as power lines along with the winds could be wigging things and pushing them down. so, we could monitor that throughout the course of the day. now, ass we make our way through the rest of our day, take a look at this. there is storm threat. wind is the big one. snow and ice not as much of an issue. the impact already in place because of that.
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we aree seeing it across the north carolina and tennessee border. starting to clear things out in the upstate by lunchtime. continuing to actually clear things out overnight. blue sky on the way throughout the day on sunday. and our temperatures aren't going to be warming up too much. it serntly will help in terms of starting off the melting process, but we do need a few more days of sustained temperatures above 40 degrees and i think that's what we will get for the upcoming work week. here is your timeline throughout the course of the day. snow mostly across the north carolina and tennessee border but it will be the blowing snow that is the bigger issue. afternoon high in the upper 20s and low 30s all across the board down into the upstate slightly warmer temperatures. there we go. we start to see it fall as early as tomorrow but the breezy conditions are sticking around. low and mid 40s monday and tuesday. next chance of rain, looking like it will be heading into tuesday late day bringing us into wednesday. as we head into thursday and friday, we will start clearing things out. for now, we will send it over to ingrid with impressive accumulation totals from yesterday. >>ingrid: sounds good. there is a reason why it can
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to melt because we saw so much snow fall, more than a foot in some locations. this morning in black mountain it's 24 degrees. leicester carpet sales, still seeing a good amount of snow across the region this. is a road that looked like it has been plowed, still not advisable to go out. look at the totals, 17 in old fort. high in the mountains near yancey and mcdowell county, 14" lake toxaway 14" as well. silo 13, fletcher same thing and marion 10" of snow. this is from yesterday. so, we actually broke a record at the ashville airport that was set back in 1987 for january 2nd. the most snow ever, 10.6." that's a fifth snowiest day recorded in january. impressive stuff, evan. >>evan: certainly is. never been in a snowstorm that big. i'm kind of excited. i. i willa mathers used our "see it, shoot it, send it" feature, oh, how cute! this is a dakota's first snow. how adorable.
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please do. we love getting them. log on to or you can e-mail them to us at and, of course, on our took page as well. severe weather, the moments before lightning strike as tree, splitting it in half. >> with power outages in the winter weather there is no better time to sign up for news 13's daily skywatch texts. go to under the weather tab and you can sign up to get the text massages and we will send them to you every
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12 months free at >>evan: in case you are wondering what the winter storm looks like from space? there you go. nasa released this picture of how what is going on down here, looks like from up there. pretty cool. at this hour, wicked winter weather is affecting millions across the country.
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a bullseye on the mid atlantic and the northeast. several department of healths are already blamed on the weather and it could be the worst in a century and as scott mcclane report, it's not done yet. >> >>reporter: the historic and crippling storm is undertoing the eastern u.s. it is creating dangerous conditions through saturday night. it is intensifying over north carolina and could bring more than a foot of snow to new york city. and twice that for the nation's capitol. at least 8 people have died in weather-related accidents in kentucky, north carolina, and virginia. and about 85,000,000 people are in the storm's path. >> citizens are strongly encouraged to remain indoors and stay off the streets. >>reporter: and more than 130,000 customers are without power. mostly in north carolina. ten states have declared states of emergency. and a snow emergency in washington, dc. in kentucky, the national guard has been rescuing drivers trapped in their vehicles on an icy interstate highway.
6:18 am
hours. mandatory evacuations have been ordered in some coastal areas like this town in new jersey. >> we have been through it before. we have stuff in there to keep warm with, you know, and, you know, it's just part of every day living. >>reporter: the country's air traffic is at a virtual standstill with more than 7600 flights canceled this weekend. >>evan: this is why you should be inside when lightning strikes. just five seconds into this video, wow. look at that. tyler, texas. the storm was moving through the city. luckily, no one was hurt. >>reporter: i'm john ostendorf.f in maggie valley where the snow is not letting up.
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publix. where shopping is a pleasure. >>evan: snow is starting to pick up in the maggie valley area.
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you said it was really cold and now it's starting to get some more snow, too? >>reporter: that's right, evan. you know, it's really been picking up in the last hour or so. i think we have probably got about 7 or so inches here in maggie valley and it's continuing to fall. again, behind me, sewcol road u.s. 19 we are seeing traffic as people are trying to get out this morning. really important to be careful. the road is plowed but it is slick. please, if you arere going to be out this morning, allow plenty of following distance and realize in some parts of the region the snow is continuing fall. evan, back to you. >>zack: now we will bring you down to the radar, this is what we are looking at across the gion. in maggie value we are seeing that, but i want us to notice how light the location was, in some locations it's the snowball snow, that's more for the lower elevations. as you start getting up higher into the mountains as well as
6:22 am
what does that actually entail? with these winds it is going to be whipping around. so, we do want to take our time, if you do head out on the roadway, we are still advising folks, if you can hunker down, please do so. temperatures for the moment, low and mid 20s. for those in the mountains. slightly warmer still, below the freezing point down in the upstate. so, roads are going to be very slick. and if you do head outside, bundle up. winds are above 20 miles per hour sustained. so, wind chill values are down even into the singleigits in some mountain locations. so a very chilly start to the day. the winds going to be the biggest implication and certainly the hazardous travel if you do plan on going out today. >>evan: getting creative in the snow.
6:23 am
just your average snowman. >>evan: welcome back, 6:27. time to look at photos viewers sent to us.
6:24 am
looks like the girls wornlgd hard on this kitty snow scupture. >>ingrid: i like the matching outfits, too. who knew frosty the snowman had different roles? this is him as a fireman and he even has a tie on. this is from caden. there is that tie. >>evan: the fire chief. that's right, that's why he is wearing the hat. this next photograph, too cute for words. >>ingrid: oh my goodness. >>evan: wow. kathy sent us this one, the first snow for two best friends. >>ingrid: look at that. >>zack: look at those chubby cheeks! >>zack: here another pair of best friend, mitchell and snow dogs, this is by santha oh coon, send us your pictures and video, just make sure you hold it horizontally and not vertically. >>evan: yes, we are big on that. >>zack: you can post them to our page. >>ingrid: they have standards on weekends. >>evan: you have to start out
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shows up great. >>ingrid: why don't you do a youtube tutorial. >>evan: i shod. i tweeted apple and tim cook to make it so you can't record it this way. >>ingrid: don't give the option? >>evan: you have to go sideways. >>zack: any response? >>evan: none. >>ingrid: shocking. >> >>lauren: we are live in hendersonville. where work is underway to clear your pry married and secondary roads. coming up, why you shouldn't
6:26 am
right now. now, in high definition, from the western north carolina's news leader, this is news 13 this weekend. >>evan: here is a live web cam from blowing rock. >>zack: you can see the snow is still covered and it's covering the streets as well as many other things. >>ingrid: snow plows are hard
6:27 am
cleared. >>evan: look at that, they have their christmas lights up. >>zack: and i want us to notice the flag blowing hard. that will be a soaring day. >>evan: it's blowing rock. makes sense. >>zack: here it comes now. >>evan: the snow stopped snowing for some of us but now maggie valley. the snow is still covering secondary roads and highways. road plows working overnight to get the roads cleared. strong winds. we are tracking aftermath with live team coverage, but first let's check back with meteorologist zack green. >>zack: looking at the hd radar, still falling in some locations. we will zoom this in for you show and show you in henderson county as well as transylvania county, the heaviest band have moved a little bit further south. in the overnight hours, that's certainly going to put another ating of snow on the roads. so, we are still advising folks to stay out of the roadways if possible. maybe just hunker down for one more day especially through the morning hours today. as we broaden it, the brunt of
6:28 am
we are dealing with the upper level dynamics at this point. it will come to an end as we make our way into saturday evening but there is still a winter storm warning in effect until tomorrow morning. all the impacts are in place and along with that the winds are going to be whipping around. i think that is going to be the biggest issue today. so now, with our live team coverage we will send it around the mountains and show you one of the biggest impacts. e evan? >>evan: it let up in asheville, just a little flurries, but it's coming down in maggie valley. john ostendorff continues live team coverage. john, how much snow are you seeing coming down there? >>reporter: well, evan, it's rally been continuing to snow for the last hour and i know zack talked about how dry the snow is. kind of take a look here. i mean, this stuff, out in maggie, it is really dryry you can see it on my shovel here, that you can almost just sift it out and, in fact, it's not real good snowball snow out here in maggie valley.
6:29 am
sewcol road, we have some traffic. but, it's beginning to pick up. this road has been plowed. but, again, it's really not very safe to travel this morning. i'm just going to step out here for just a second and take a quick look while we have got no traffic. it's getting really icy, and this dry snow is going to make it dangerous to travel today. so, please, if you can, stay off the road. let's check in with hope hanselman and she will tell us ate bout the conditions where she is. hope? >>hope: thank you, john. the wind has been the worst of it in henderson county. it's blowing snow right onto you making you wet and then, of course, the chill factor is bringing the temperature down as well. you can see that the ter mom ter over my shoulder at the asheville savings bank sign says 20 degrees now. it's even dropped one degree since we have been here in the last half hour. very cold outside. that's causing even icier conditions. but the work is underway right now on main street.
6:30 am
trying to clear up this street. u can see it where fourth avenue c csses right here. the snow plows from dot have just passed through, dropping their salt and sand picture. you can actually see the melting going on here and i can tell you that is the first melted snow i have seen at all today. you shouldn't expect it to be safe though because with these temperatures, it's very icy.. we ran into one driver who told us what condidions he was seeing so far this morning. >> the roads have been plowed. even the side roads. but, they are solid ice. >>evan: and back out here live, you can see just how quickly this wind picks up and makes visibility difficult. it covers the roads, blowing snow every where, even areas you think have been plowed are now covered in snow again. there. stay them day.
6:31 am
emergency management offices. they said they spend all night responding to stranded motorists. don't make yourself one of them, folks. reporting live in hendersonville, i'm hope hanselmanhanselman now let's send it over to lauren brigman in our mobile track, what do you see? >>lauren: hi, hope. you mentioned the blowing snow causing issues in hendersonville. i want to show you here, we are on interstate 240 in asheville. we just passed the asheville mall exit. we are seeing that in some instances even on interstate 240, the blowing snow, you know, even though dot crews have been out focusing on the primary routes they have been plowed but in spots there is still snow on the roads from where the wind has picked up overnight, causing issues. and we have seen dot crews out even this morning. so, right here, we are approaching exit 8 here. but, as you can see the road on 240 looks pretty good. definitely wet. and that means there could be ice in spots. so still use caution if you are out and about this morning. but because it is a saturday morning, we have not seen very many vehicles out and about.
6:32 am
no accidents are being reported right now in buncombe county. highway patrols, same case. the good news is people are still at home enjoying their warm homes, but we are going to take exit 8 right now. i believe there's a dot truck right ahead. we have seen them out working hard. several crews focusing on parking lots. a lot of those other companies are out there trying to focus on those, because that's another big issue today, trying to get out of your parking lot and your driveway, things like that. here is a plow truck just ahead. so, as you can see, they are still out here working on the roads. it's' going to be a long process for them as they move onto the secondary routes today hopefully. we will check back in, we are live in asheville. i'm laurenen brigman for news 13. >>evan: many businesses are closed but snow days are not an option for some people. the fire department has extra staff on hand and of course the power crews are working around the clock to restore power. even some asheville restaurants opened. the barly corn in west asheville was full of people looking for something to do as they were
6:33 am
up to 85,000,000 people are going to be impacted by this storm. government officials in washington, dc are warning people to be prepared to be snowed in for days. washington's mayor says at least two feet of snow is expected in the region by the end of the snowstorm. the director of homeland security says it's only going to get worse. work related deaths in income are down. that's according to the north carolina department of labor. preliminary mare figures show in 2015 there were 41 deaths compared to 45 in 2014. the state's numbers do not include traffic accidents. stats also show there were 12 construction-related deaths in 2015. that's 7 less than in 2014. north carolina voters will have two options for casting ballots in the march primary they didn't have in 2014. same-day registration during early voting and votes cast in the wrong precinct will be allowed at least for now. the general assembly had stopped
6:34 am
but, a challenge to that law means they will be allowed until they are ruled on by a trial court judge. ? on the presidential campaign trail, ben carson's former campaign manager is now informally advising donald trump's presidential campaign. according to trump's campaign manager, barry bennett, he is now advising trump's top aides in a volunteer capacity. bennett characterized his role in an e-mail as, quote, unpaid and informal, end quote. he says he has become increasingly convinced that trump will be the nominee. comedian and daily show host trevor knoll will be the head liner at next week's house democratic retreat in baltimore according to a democratic aide familiar with the schedule. the aide said president obama and vice president joe biden are scheduled to address the caucus on thursday. the annual gathering is a chance to plot legislative strategy. making headlines this morning, a highway in louisiana
6:35 am
carrying explosives overturned. louisiana state police say an 18-wheeler was traveling on highway 167 in union parish when the trailer separated from its cab. it then spilled its contents all over the world. no one was hurt, but authorities say it could take days to clean up the accident site. a dog is recovering in wisconsin after she was found trapped inside a zipped up duffel bag. authorities say a group of hunters found myselfy in a parking lot. the abandoned black lab appears to be ten years old and was suffering from a head wound. the veterinarian treating misty says she was treated just in time. >> because of her condition, exposure to the elements there was blood loss from the wounds, i don't think she would last more than 24-36 hours in the condition she was in. >>evan: dr. mike cooper there says misty has a stomach tumor but it's not known yet if it is cancerous. authorities later found the dog's owner and took her into custody. 56 year-old terry lynn benson,
6:36 am
treating and abandoning animals. she is set to appear in court on monday. a winter storm is not only trouble for us here in the mountains, why some further up the east coast say they weren't prepared. even if your power is out, you can still watch the broadcast on your mobile phone or tablet go. to and
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now, in high definition, this is your news 13 skywatch forecast. >>zack: snow is still coming down in many mountain locations. we have been talking about it all morning with live coverage across western north carolina, the hd radar now showing you where these heavier bands are being seen. now, in the overnight hours, we saw them out in transylvania county as well as henderson county and we are going to continue. you see it here with maggie valley. it's still coming down and it's coming down with light flufffi snow. what does that mean this terms of the implications across the mountains? we are seeing the winds whipping around 20 miles per hour. so, that light and airy snow is just really going to be blowing.
6:40 am
and now down in the upstate, we actually saw even a litter bit more accumulation, possibly up to a half an-n-ch of snow in the overnight hours. i think things will start winding down today. temperatures for the moment are below franchising for western north carolina. still actually below 32 degrees in the upstate and that is going to be cruflting over some soft snowfall bringing in icy conditions on the roadways and as as i mentioned before the winds are cooling things off. take a look at this. above 20 miles per hour in asheville, many areas further west above 10 miles per hour. we are actually getting reports of 1500 people in jackson county now without power. and it's mostly due to some of the winds. we are seeing some of the heavy snow on the tree limbs and the power line, potentially going to be knocked over throughout the course of the day. it is something we will closely monitor. wind chill values down into the single digits in asheville. and, this visibility map, generally we see this for the fog. this is actually due to the blowing snow. so, again it is going to be blowing around throughout the
6:41 am
you could see gusts pushing closer to about 30, if not 40 miles per hour. now, those are going to be reserved more so if the ridgetops in buncombe county, and spruce pine i think it will be a gusty day overall and they are not alone it will b be continuing for the majority of western north carolina. and down in the upstate, as well. the snow, however, is going to be tapering off. these are the upper level dynamics. the last portions of this system. it is going to be pushing off to the east. watch what happens in the overnight hours into sunday morning, clearing out skies. i do think we finally see sunshine returning to the forecast for sunday as well as monday. and the thawing, potentially going to start helping things really melting off some soft snow. but it will be very slow and very gradual. i think the impacts are going to be sticking around even as we lead into about midweek. and that's when we actually see our next chance for rainfall. your winter storm timeline is coming to an end. more so at the higher elevations coming this evening.
6:42 am
coming through by 7 a.m., expiring for those in the upstate at 7 p.m. this evening. and then our afternoon highs going to be cold all day long. so, if you do plan on heading out with the kids, maybe trying to play in the snow. just want to bundle up, certainly put the heavier jackets and scarves as well as the hats and gloves on, because it is going to be whipping around there. so, even later on today, our wind chill values are going to be much cooler than what you are seeing on this map. now, for tomorrow, take a look at this. we are back to 44 degrees, but really not going to be -- well melting things off too quickly because we are going to keep things more so on the cool side by monday. mostly sunny sky, rain returning to the forecast for tuesday as well as wednesday. we are finally coming to an end in terms of the snowfall, but it packed a punch. we will turn it over to ingrid who will tell us about the accumulation that we have seen. >>ingrid: impressive snow totals right now 12 degrees in leicester carpet sales news 13 skycam network. cataloochee ski area are probably pretty happy to see all that natural-made snow. 23 black mountain, you can see
6:43 am
but, still, dangerous conditions outside. and the reason zack said it w wl take a couple days for to melt off, loot a this. heaviest snowfall event here. close to 14" in brevard. lake toxaway, 14 1/2." some portions of asheville have seen a foot of snow, maybe even a little bit more into the early morning hours. burnsville, a foot. rainbow springs the same thing and saluda close to the foot mark. january 22nd, yesterday, friday, the most snow we have ever seen toen they da in history, 10.6" at the ashville airport. the fifth snowiest day recorded for this month. evan? >>evan: misery doesn't describe what is happening in pennsylvania. washington county was hit with several inches of snow and strong wind gusts. this was the scene during interstate's 79 rush hour traffic. brake lights for miles. the speed limit was reduced to 45 miles per hour.
6:44 am
ready for the bitter winter cold. >> i thought we were going to have a mild winter. that's why we are moving to north carolina. this weather is awful. >>evan: all right. you're welcome. bring it on down. rolled crews believe they will have to work the next 24 hours nonstop thisnonstop. this is a live look from henderson county.
6:45 am
we will be right back. >>evan: the snow stopped falling in hendersonville but the wind is an issue. this is main street. you can see the gusts. the snow is just blowing right off the buildings there. and that blowing snow is going to cause some mayor snow drifts and snow across roads that have already been cleared. news 13's hope hanselman continues live team coverage from downtown hendersonville. hope? >>hope: evan, you are talking about the blowing snow. we are feeling it now. oh, it's strong. ice picking up here. you don't want to be outside if you don't have to, but these guys, they decided to take an early morning stroll. this is cindy and todd from the johnson's city area, in tennessee. whoa, you guys are coming out here to visit and what a great weekend you picked? and tell me why you decided to take a stroll out here early this morning.
6:46 am
we booked this bed and breakfast the waverly inn before christmas when it was 70 degrees and we never thought about having the opportunity to walk in downtown hendersonville in two feet of snow, or close to it. and you know it's an opportunity that doesn't come around often and we decided to take it. >>hope: you certainly dressed well for it. i'm glad you packed the right stuff. tell me what kind of conditions you have seen out here so far? >> it actually isn't as bad as you would think. but i would say it is pretty slick and the wind is a little fierce. >>hope: definitely. i'm glad you guys have your cups of coffee, hot chocolate or something. you are staying at the inn down the street. what do you have planned for your trip here? >> we are still hoping to have a couple's massage later today and a warm spa area. that will be good. other than that, we are just going to walk around downtown and take a look at some things and enjoy the area. >>hope: sounds like a pertect thing to do for the day. we have a plow coming by, they arecomming through the main street, the main thorough fairs but the conditions are slick if
6:47 am
today. thank you guys for joining us. we will let you get back on your walk. we are live in hendersonville, hope hanselman, news 13. >>evan: an unusual robbery has police scrambling to find some thieves.
6:48 am
are accused of stealing. give it to me i'm worth it baby i'm worth it uh huh i'm worth it gimme gimme i'm worth it give it to me i'm worth it
6:49 am
>>zack: not a lot of accumulation in the overnight hours but still flakes flying around the mountains as well as the upstate. the heavier bands now far off to our north and east. down in the upstate, even right along the north carolina/south carolina border, we are still seeing those flakes flying around. we have live coverage from our team all morning long. chilly temperatures out there. our john ostendorff is out in maggie valley where he is still catching a few flakes here and there. light and airy snow. but, maybe some heavier accumulation for those down towards greenville. where we are seeing the roads get covered. a winter storm warning is still in effect through 7 a.m.
6:50 am
western north carolina. down in the upstate it will be expiring this evening but the impact will remain for days. >>evan: two heists in two weeks have wisconsin police hunting for thieves that stole more than $160,000 worth of cheese. it started at a transportation center in germantown. a trailer full of locally-made cheese was set to be delivered at stops around the nation. the president of the caught surveillance video of that trailer being hooked up and driven away. even if the cheese is found, sadly, it can't be eaten. the truck, the cheese was in, had been sealed by food inspect tor and when the thieves opened the truck, they broke the seal. by federal law, that means it can't be eaten. a snowstorm ritual.
6:51 am
snowball fight. you like being picture perfect. you should want your banking to be too. stop into td bank and we'll help set you up with picture perfect banking. new customers, open a checking and savings account and you can get a polaroid cube+ video camera on the spot. >>zack: this group met for a snowball fight after someone put the word out on twitter. >>ingrid: a dozen people were out on the streets tossing snowballs while the snow was coming down last night. how fun. >>lauren: the snow pack is covering my feet in downtown hendersonville. but, crews are making progress
6:52 am
we will show you what's
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