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tv   News 13 Saturday at 7am  ABC  January 23, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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we will show you what's >>evan: this is just in the nearly 1500 customers without power in jackson county. swain county, more than 300 outages but the upstate by far seeing most in our area, more than 9,000 in greenville. nearly another 1,000 split between pickens and spartanburg. we have had crews here all night tracking the latest conditions for you and we have live team coverage this morning with zack and ingrid. >>zack: as you mentioned the roads are still a concern this morning and temperatures are not expected to go above a freezing range at all today. >>ingrid: we have live team storm coverage today as trues try to restore power and keep the roads clear for drivers. >>evan: we will get to news 13 crews standing by across the mountains in a moment but first let's look at the current weather conditions, zak. >>zack: we have a few flakes but i want to zoom in into brevard, transylvania county as well as henderson county, we were actually seeing some light accumulation in the overnight hours. and i do think a few flakes
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down in the upstate, where we are seeing some of the power outages, heavier bands of snow are rolling through. the roadways are still going to be treacherous at times. unmanageable if you are trying to travel throughout the course of the day today. broadening this out t brunt of the storm is far east and north but still the impacts remain for those in western north carolina as well as the upstate. a winter storm warning is still going to be in effect through 7 a.m. tomorrow for those in the mountains. 7 p.m. is when it will expire as we make our way across the south carolina border but the wind is going to be an issue. the accumulated snow, that is already on the ground, going to be a major problem for plows and emergency crews. our live crews are out across the mountains bringing details and now we will send it off to evan. >>evan: wind gusts are picking up speed in downtown hendersonville where crews are working to clear the roads. hope hanselman is live on main street. hope, i noe that wind is whipping around quite a bit. >>hope: it is, evan.
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down sixth avenue here in downtown, but i wanted to step out onto the roads so i could show you how much progress they have made out here. it's clear, i can see the road for the first time all morning. there are people traveling down here. so, those conditions are good for them. you can see me right now, it's stepping out onto main street and how deep some of those snow drifts are. some of the areas that still need a lot more treatment throughout the day. even though that road is showing through. it's very wet and that is an issue this morning because these winds are so icy cold. we are seeing the temperature drop out here in hendersonville. now, down to 20 degrees. there is a good chance that that could ice over and create slick conditions for you. we told you this morning you want to be especially careful at these intersections, where people are starting and stopping their cars at lights and stop signs.
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that, again, creates more ice on the roads. drive slowly. anticipate ice and we have the wind picking back up again. we will send it back to lauren brigman in her mobile track. lauren, what do you see? >>lauren: hi, good morning,. >>hope:. we,hope. we are on charlotte highway in fairview and we have seen dot crews out here. we are following one right now as they are clearing the roadways here. you know, we have seen trucks across the area. we started out on 26 this morning, making our way over here to fairview. as you can see, these roads are still snow covered, ice covered in places. so we are going to pass the dot crews, let them do their job. binge thanksjob. big thanks to them for doing their jobs. we have all the wind picking up overnight, blowing the snow back on the roadways so the dot crews are back at it again. of course they foe cans on the main routes ( ) like charlotte highway, a heavily traveled route here in fairview, for anyone getting into asheville. they are going to focus on that
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before they try to move on to some of the secondary route. they have a lot of work ahead of them. if you see the crews, do what we did. move over and give them room to work as well as our power crews trying to restore power to people across the area. give them space to work. big thanks to them for doing their job, but as you can tell, still some problem areas out there. main routes like the interstate, i-26, i-240, looking pretty good, but again, the secondary routes are going to be the main issue. even charlotte highway out here seeing some ice and snow in places. we will give you another live update coming up in a few minutes. now let's check in with john ostendorff, he joins us in live in haywood county. what are you seeing? >>reporter: thank, lauren. as you said, dot crews are working hard to keep the roads like this one, u.s. 19 in maggie valley clear. i want to show you real quick the accumulation we have seen here. this is photographer bob ma hoffsky's jacket, it's covering up our live jiewnt, that's how we get you over the air. you can see the snow is
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we have been here an hour and this jacket is getting a little snow covered. now, again, about the traffic. i just talked to emergency operations here in haywood county. they are saying there are some minor accidents just fender-benders, slide off the road accidents in waynesville. u.s. 2374 and interstate 40 are free of accidents at this hour. but, again, as we heard from hope and lauren, please allow enty of braking distance. take your time and be careful because the snow is still falling ( ). evan, back to you. >>evan: thank, john. we will continue to run all the closings and cancellations we have at the bottom of your screen throughout the news cast. most of the events like concerts and shows have been postponed. if you have weekend plans it's a good idea to call ahead. news 13's been keeping you up to date on every moment of the storm. after the show we will have live reports and updates throughout the day. we will also post any updates to the forecast on you can also go there to sign up for text alerts, weather and school and church closings. we will post updated information
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twitter pages. a university of virginia student is at the center of an international dispute. north korea announced friday it is olding otto warm beer a prisoner for what it calls a hostile act against the country. he reportedly entered on a tourist visa, the travel company he was with says he was detained december 2nd. the u.s. embassy in seoul says it is aware of the student's arrest. police are investigating a officer-involved shooting on the vegas strip. the vegas police department confirmed one person was shot outside the bellagio hotel and casino. no details on what led to the shooting or the victim's condition, at least two shots were fired. nine human skulls were discovered inside a building in compton, california, friday. that's according to law enforcement sources.
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not many other details are known at this time. an thro polygists and pathologists ( ) will examine the bones to determine their origin. this morning, wicked winter weather is impacting millions of people and it's not over yet. the latest as new york and
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worst. now, in high definition, this is your news 13 skywatch forecast. >>zack: welcome back. lots of snow already on the ground.
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the hotel indigo out towards the jeff bowen bridge and what yo are seeing is not falling flakes but rather it's blowing flakes. and we are going to continue with that trend throughout the course of the day. the hd radar now showing that snowfall is going to be coming to an end. a few areas are still getting hit with some light accumulation and some flurries at times. for those in transylvania county, moving a little further east into henderson county. we are seeing new accumulation, just a covering on the ground. but, overall, i think the heaviest band now moving off down towards the south into the upstate. and, take a look at this. as we go out south, areas of dell marva out towards baltimore and washington, dc and as far new york as new york city getting hammered with snow, blizzardlike conditions up there. a drastic situation. i think that the impacts are now coming to an end in regard to the mountains as well as the upstate. but, the freezing temperatures certainly going to make roadways treacherous. maybe even unmanageable at times. if you can still hunker down and enjoy some of the snow, just in theurrounding area around you,
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to head out, it is going to be tough. you are seeing below freezing temperatures all across the board. wind chill values actually down into the single digits. winds are sustained near 20 miles per hour all day long, so it's going to be a very chilly day overall. those wind chills are actually going to be seen even into the late afternoon and our afternoon highs are going to stay belel the freezing point for the majority of the region. now, generally we see the visibility map when we are talking about fog after a rain event. you get some clearing. but this is actually due to blowing snow and that will be the case all day long. the winds certainly a topic of conversation. as i mentioned, they are going to be sustained above 20 miles per hour leadings us into lunchtime, but watch this, you will start to see yellow, orange, maybe even red popping up on your screen. that's indicating very intense winds, maybe upwards of 40 miles per hour gust, especially at the higher elevations and you see it along the north carolina and tennessee border as well. and that's going to continue to be the case as we make our way into the evening hours.
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to be seeing some of the snowfall, it's for the higher elevations. it's pusheheto the northeast and maybe clearing out the low-lying clouds. i think overcast clouds will dominate the day. later we start clearing out and by 7 a.m. that's when we six pyre the winter storm warning. don't expect things to thaw out quickly. a lot of snow is on the ground. so we do need above freezing temperatures for a very long stretch and i do think that's going to be upcoming for the work week. but overall, it's going to be a while before the impacts really subside and we start to see some of the ground and really clearing conditions. so, here is the timeline now throughout the course of the day. this the system is moving to the north and east. the snow, if any, flakes are going to be flying later on this afternoon. more so for the higher elevation. but the ice, is a big implication this morning with those freezing temperatures especially on the roads again. advising folks to maybe stay inside f. you look to play outside however in the snow, maybe in the front and backyard
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buncombe county l up. heavier jackets, gloves, scarves, as well as hats. we have overnight lows in the 20s and 30s. warmer in the upstate. we will try to rebound the temperatures in the mid 40s by tomorrow afternoon. trying to start tha thawing process. keeping things into the low and mid 40s all work week long. tuesday and wednesday, another chance for rain, but then we will try and mix in a little bit of snow as we make our way into the afternoon hours on wednesday. but i think at this point, a lot of folks are saying enough is enough. ingrid, so much in terms of accumulation. >>ingrid: yes, indeed. heaviest snowfall events are in brevard. 13.8." lake toxaway more than 14." asheville a foot of snow. same thing in burnsville. rainbow springs. these are totals from yesterday. a lot of folks may have been picked up snow as zack mentioned this evening no. natural snow at cataloochee. these folks are happy. 12 degrees, it is cold. leicester carpet sales news 13 skycam network. here is a good example of why you don't want to be heading out
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have to. black mountain camera, 23 degrees. now, yesterday, we picked up a significant amount of snow all across western north carolina. and mainly east of macon county. but, look at this. the ashville airport, we set a new record for that day in history, january 22nd, more than 10" of snow and, in fact, that's the fifth snowiest day recorded for the month. evan? >>evan: snow continues to fall in haywood county.
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conditions coming up next. >>evan: happening now, snow falling in the maggie valley area. road conditions still slick and dangerous. news 13's john ostendorff is live in maggie valley. john it's cold out there? >>reporter: evan, it's very cold. snow falling and as zack said earlier, snow blowing. you can see it kind of swirling around me. i'm going to step out here to u.s. 19 at sewcol road and take a quick look at the conditions while we have a break in traffic. as you can see, evan, it is really, really icy. and with this powdery dry snow that continues to fall, folks are out o o the roads, especially in the haywood county area and probably across the region, really need to take it easy. allow plenty of room to stop. follow a far distance behind folks and just be careful this morning.
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in haywood county, no major wrecks reported. a couple fender-benders in waynesville. again, bitterly cold. stay safe. stay off the roads if at all possible. back to you. >>evan: right now a blizzard is barreling down on the east coast. more than 2 feet of snow expected in our nation's capitol and thousands of crashes in the massive storm has already turned deadly. kenneth moton has the latest from the target of the storm, washington, dc. >> >>reporter: blizzard blast. blinding whiteout conditions. heavy snow and bone-chilling winds. this morning, there are blizzard watches and warnings from dc to new york. airports in the northeast, closed. thousands of flights, canceled. >> i can't wait to get utto of town. in philadelphia, the streets are covered. a snow emergency is in effect. in dc, it's predicted to be the biggest blizzard since the 1920s. more than 2 feet of snow expected. >> it has a life and death implications.
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winter storm impacting more than 80,000,000 people left a blanket of snow in the south. this also wreaked havoc. in kentucky, a 35-mile stretch of i-75 closed. leaving more than 3,000 drivers stranded in the cold. emergency shelters are open. in the carolina, georgia and virginia, snow plows are working overtime. there have been thousands of crashes on the roadways. several people have died. >> yes, it's definitely ice i think. i have slipped several times this morning in my dump truck. >>reporter: emergency crews are working around the clock to save even our four legged friends. >> come on! >>reporter: in fairfax station, virginia, this large st. bernard named milo fell through the ice in the freezing lake. firefighters jumped intoness a, rescued the dog and got him warmed up. this storm already left hundreds
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crews are workingo restore power here here in dc people are told to stay off the streets because it is only going to get worse. kenneth moton, action new, washington. >>evan: here is a live look from the roads this morning. this is on i-240. our mobile track unite is out there. we will have a live report coming from inside that truck.
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at 12 weeks. stelara helps keep my skin clearer. ask your doctor about stelara . >>zack: a windy start to the day, that's topic of conversation. we have seen power outages in jackson county, up wards of 1500 people, closer to 10,000 down in the upstate. right now, asheville is nearing 20 miles per hour for sustained wind. take a look at that. it's coming from due north and that's going to continue to be the case throughout the course of the day. wind chill values right now, down into the single digits. into the teens in most mountain locations. so it's a very chilly start to the day. if you are planning on heading
7:20 am
the kids, we are going to see just maybe a bundle up type of morning and later on this afternoon. so let's put this into motion for you now. and when you start to see some of the yellow, orange, maybe even red popping up on the screen? that's when we are getting upwards of 35, if not 40 miles per hour wind gusts. things are going to start quieting down in the late evening hours. but it's blowing snow, treacherous roadways, harsh travel conditions this morning. so, i would advise probably staying indoors, hunkering down for one more day. the sunshine looks to return by tomorrow. that's the good news. but the thawing process will take a long time with a lot of folks seeing over a foot of snow yesterday alone. >>evan: yeah. and then we have some more problems on our hands from that. >>zack: that's right. i think the wind will be the biggest impact. >>ingrid: it feels colder than yesterday. bundle up. >>evan: our viewers have been sending in their snow pictures. let's take a look at a few of those. >>ingrid: this was sent to us from sandra wilkerson. she sent this shot around
7:21 am
from marion. >>evan: beautiful. >>zack: marion got hammered as well. 10, 11, 12" reported there. this photograph is now coming from david from flat rock at this time. they were seeing almost 13" of snow. we have a lot of patio furniture photos. >>ingrid: i love the patio furniture shot. i'm not against it because i take them, to. one of the favorites, look at this adorable guy after a run through the snow, obviously. this was sent from steven man of his pup, wilson. this is in fairview. >>evan: that's right. ananwe are seeing a lot more that are posted to the facebook page, just in the past few hours. please continue to keep those coming. we love getting those pictures and the videos. you said you had good pictures of scout? >>zack: i do. we were running around the dog park and he was so apprehensive at first, he didn't know what it was. >>ingrid: first time he saw snow? >>zack: i don't know. he was a stray. he may have seen it previously but he certainly never saw this much snow so when he started
7:22 am
was having a blast. >>evan: awesome. folks have been sending video. >>zack: we have facebook of a sled in downtown asheville. >> yeah, that's working. whoa! >>evan: how many people are in that train? that's like a dozen people in there. >>ingrid: that's a very steep hill. they're going down fast. >>evan: exactly. i know where that is. >>ingrid: by the southern. that's brilliant. >>evan: that is a great place. i was going to go sledding in downtown asheville that's exactly where i would go. >>zack: looks fun and a great shot. >>evan: yeah. >>ingrid: it's over the shoulder, too. >>evan: it's fun. it kind of works out well. you can see when they get to the end of it, that's a long sled ride. they picked up speed. and then they come out though, kind of right in the middle of
7:23 am
luckily nobody got hurt there. >>ingrid: it's not the safest video to share with you. >>evan: probably not. we need your help,?'/1+ and we will be back on news 13 tonight starting at 6 o'clock. >>hope: we are live in downtown hendersonville where the snow and wind is just showering us. it's very please ant out here. we recommend not leaving your home if you don't have to and we will show you how much work the crews left on main street have
7:24 am
picture, just after the break. >>evan: philadelphia is one of our major cities inundated with the snowstorm. >>zack: it could affect up wards of 85,000,000 people according to cnn. >>ingrid: just in north carolina and south carolina alone, duke energy is reporting more than 150,000 customers without power. >>evan: in our area, jackson county still has nearly 1500 customers in the dark. swain county, more than 300 outages. >>zack: the most outages are remaining in the upstate with morehan 9,000 in greenville county and over 800 in pickens county. >>evan: we certainly know the center of the state got hit hard
7:25 am
people in that whole area, duke's web site, says it could be as late as tomorrow afternoon before a lot of outages in greenville county are repaired. >>zack: the company is still assess damages and other outages we have mentioned and they have not given a time in which power will be restored. >>ingrid: the winter storm is not over yet. we have live team coverage of the problems that it is still causing but first we begin with zack on the latest conditions. >>zack: so a few flakes rolling around the mountains. we will see it front john us a ten and/orf, he is seeing it come down in maggie valley all morning long. but the wind is a beinger implication. we are talking to hope hanselman before the break and it is whipping around out there to say the least. now, some new accumulation did come overnight for those folks in henderson county, as well as transylvania county. as we mentioned, for those actually out towards jackson county, maybe a few flakes overall. but the wind and the power outages are the bigger implication. winter storm warning, snow will remain in effect although the storm now is definishing and the bigger issue is moving off to the north and east. we are still going to have it rolling through until tomorrow
7:26 am
expiring a little sooner at 7 p.m. for those down in the upstate. but, the impacts are here to stay and the thawing is going to be a while. we will see a gradual warm up in temperatures and we will bring you your full seven-day forecast and skywatch weather but for now we will send it back to evan. >>evan: several roads are packed with snow make it dangerous for drivers. news 13's hope hanselman is live on main street in henderson county where snow plows are working hard to get those roads clear. and, hope, how is it going out there? the winds seem really bad a moment ago. >>hope: it is, evan. and i have got my hood up now. just to shade my face a little bit because i think those winds are worse than we have seen all morning. i want to warn drivers that as it's blowing around, all of this snow, it's almost creating a rain effect. when it hits your warm windshield, that will be even more trouble on top of the icy conditions we are facing now. we showed you earlier some of the main that are row fairs around henderson county. they are beginning to get cheer but there is still a lot of work
7:27 am
this snow plow just behind me. he is clearing out parts of main street here. they have got a ton of work left. you can see where he's scraped it down to where you can see the sidewalk along here. as i walk to the other side, this is what we are starting with. these snow drifts are making it look like this road has not been plowed at all. this is going to be a trouble for you to get traction in your vehicle as you are traveling around. this is also what second avenue looks like. all the way downhill. this is downtown hendersonville right now. so, definitely some trouble getting around. we are going to send it over to lauren brigman in buncombe county in her mobile track unite. lauren, what is it looks like out there? >>lauren: hope, i f fl so bad for you. i honestly do. the wind, i can see how bad it is just from inside the mobile track unite. all across buncombe county. where we have been this morning, the wind is definitely causing issues, even on the roads, too, because it's blowing even more snow back on the roadways.
7:28 am
now, we are passing by, you know, where the fresh market and ingals and all the stores are, heading towards beaver lake right you no. as you can see, the roads here are still coated with snow. now, remember, underneath that snow, likely a layer of ice because when this storm started to develop, you know, we started to see that sleet change over then to the snow. and then, all day yesterday, when we were out in this, it with us a mixture of the sleet and snow. so, that's all combining also to form some slushy conditions on the roadway that, you know f you get stuck in that, you may have some trouble as well. but here is a live look on merryman avenue. we are not seeing many cars out here at all this evening no. we have tried to go to various parts of buncombe county, giving you a look at the interstates and the secondary routes. we can tell you the interstate routes are looking pretty good this evening no. but the dot crews are still having to address that blowing snow going back onto the roadway, having to keep those clear and then the secondary routes are, of course, where they will head next. those are going to be kind of the trickier situations to navigate this morning.
7:29 am
giving you a look at the roads. but now we want to check in with john ostendorff in haywood county. how does it look there, john? >>reporter: lauren, we have had snow all morning here and the wind is really starting to pick up. you can see the snow is really dry and it is just blowing around. once again, that's the sun starting to come up. you can see sewcol road here is clear of heavy snow. but, as the snow continues to blow across the road, that's going to make driving very dangerous. the wind is bitterly, bitterly cold. if you have to be out this morning, please dress warmly. bring water and bring safety equipment. the best thing to do according to emergency workers is really stay at home. evan? back to you. >>evan: a lot of businesses are closed. snow days are not an option for some people. the fire department is one example. they have extra staff on hand and, of course, power crews also working around the clock to restore power. let's not forget about our police departments as well. but some asheville restaurants actually opened yesterday. the barley corn in west asheville was full of people
7:30 am
they were snowed in. in other news a man is facing charges for a wreck in iredale county that killed his child. this was the scene on interstate 77. you can see it looks like emergency workers had to cut the roof off of the truck. the child's father was charged with misdemeanor death by vehicle. troopers say he was driving too fast for the snowy conditions. 3 other people were take ton the hospital. their conditions are not known. a good samaritan was shot and killed in catawba county while trying to help someone who slid off an icy road. neighbors who went to el he p the driver, marvin lee, noticed he was intoxicated. so they told him they were going to call the sheriff offense office. that's when inspecttors say lee got out of his car and shot and killed one of those good samaritans. that led to a stand off with swat and other authorities that lasted several hours. lee, was eventually arrested and charged with murder. winter storm crews are out across the country working to keep roads clear.
7:31 am
carolina reported accidents friday, caused by snow covered roads. winter weather knocked out power to hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses across the carolinas. the storm is expected to bring half inch of ice on top of that already significant amount of snow, freezing rain, and sleet. several airlines canceled operations at charlotte douglas international ahead of the severe weather. a winter storm warning is still in place for the charlotte region through tonight. news 13's been keeping you up to date on every moment of this storm. after the show, we will have live reports and updates throughout the day. we will post updates to the forecast on you can also go there to sign up for text alerts for weather and school and church closings. we will post updated information as well, to our facebook and twitter pages. cats eat bird. how the panthers are not letting
7:32 am
preparing for the nfc >>zack: you will hear the words coming out just a few more times in the next few money knit, heavier bands rolling through the upstate, moving towards greenville, along as i-85. the bigger picture though, that brunt of the storm now moving far off to the north and east. we are still dealing with some of the upper level dynamics now. wrapping in some of the show showers, but overall, it is going to be a lot less in comparison to what they are seeing into new york city where even blizzardlike conditions are seen. but temperatures, that's going to play an important role this morning. freezing over any of the snow on the roadway, crusting it at times. low mid 20s. but take a look at this. wind chill values down into the single digits. the reason being, 30 miles per hour winds, these are not gust, folks. these are sustained winds.
7:33 am
we could see wind chill values even down into the lows, look at that, asheville feeling like 3 degrees. hope hanselman is out there now in hendersonville and it's a little cooler down there as well so overall this is one of the days where you certainly want to bundle up. visibility we generally pull this out. when we are talking about fog, but we are seeing the reduced visibility yes, blowing snow. it's going to be blowing across your windshield f. you don't have to dry, stay home and enjoy some of the snow just outside in the front or backyard. but, if you are going to be throughout the course of the day, the heavier jacket, the gloves, the hat, scarf, because it is going to be chilly to say the least. later on this afternoon, we are talking 6 p.m. especially on the ridgetops when the winds are actually going to be increasing even more with gusts of 40 miles per hour possible. and it may linger as we head into the evening and overnight hours. so that's the biggest threat in terms of power outages as well, with the weight of the snow already on the tree limb, as well as the power line, things could be be coming down, we have reports of up to 1500 folks in
7:34 am
and many other places across north carolina and south carolina dealing with power outages, something we are certainly going to monitor throughout the course of the day. the snow going to be limited to the hiring elevations, leading us through the day. i think limited in terms of the accumulation bringing us into saturday evening. overnight watch this, clearing out and this is what people are looking for. they are finally saying enough is enough and the sunshine is going to return by sunld. more so in the afternoon hours. thin high level clouds to kick off the day. but we still have a few issues today. the winter storm warning is in effect until 7 p.m. in the upstate until 7 a.m. for those in western north carolina. the system moving to the northeast again the snow mostly along the north carolina and tennessee border at the higher elevations, i think so more so for the smokies and we start to see the thawing process for today but for the second half of the weekend and the next work week. we will keep things on the cool side this afternoon, up 20s and lows 30s is all we get to, slightly warmer in the upstate. 44 degrees is where we are
7:35 am
keep things in the low and mid 40s monday, tuesday, and wednesday. but we will have another rain event coming from the middle of the work week. that will be our next chance for precipitation. but a whole lot of accumulation, ingrid. absolutely as i mazing amounts in western north carolina. >>ingrid: yes, indeed. we will stay below freezing in many areas across western north carolina. this snow not going anywhere, brevard 13.8." lake toxaway 14 1/2." we picked up a foot of snow, yeah, a foot, across buncombe county. burnsville, rainbow springs, saluda, close to that. down into polk county and henderson county as well. cataloochee ski area, it is cold. 11 degrees with that wind gusting feeling like the single digits outside. leicester carpet sales skycam network now shows us a roadway here in black mountain as the sun starts to come up through the time lapse. it's 23 degrees. you can see the car completely covered with that thick snow. probably been there for a couple of days and probably should stay there for another couple because it will take a while for that snow to melt. look at this.
7:36 am
about the small yesterday at the airport. we did break a report, january january 22nd, almost a 30 year-old record, it was 8.8" and more than 10 1/2" yesterday. that's the fifth snowiest day on record for january. back over to you. >>evan: here is a live look outside from our indigo cam in asheville. sun is up. looks really pretty. not too much snow falling though. that's lots of flurries but nothing coming down right now. >> we will have live team coverage of the winter storm right after the break.
7:37 am
>> >>evan: we might have gotten snow but don't forget about the game. that's not stopping the panthers from practicing, they are drilling in charlotte to get
7:38 am
against the arizona cardnels flts even with the winter storm the mayor is staying poz tf about the game. >> we are continuing to monitor things. with the nfl and with our team. and hopefully folks will get in. i don't know this they will be able to practice saturday. not sure how that will work out. we have to see it hour-by-hour how it happens. >>evan: the game is for a trip to the superbowl. the nfc championship starts at 6:40 at bank of america stadium in charlotte tomorrow evening. congressman mark me toes make as friendly wager over attorney's game against the arizona cardinals. he tweeted arizona congressman pauls goer if the cardinals win, me toes will send him some world famous north carolina barbecue. and when the panthers advance to the superbowl, meadows will still send him some barbecue. he ended the tweet with the hash tailing "cats eat birds." >> >>reporter: continuing snow in haywood county.
7:39 am
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>>evan: we have been bringing live team coverage from the area this morning. let's go out to hope hanselman in henderson county. how are the snow plows making progress? >>hope: yeah, evan, the wind is picking up once more as you are tossing it back out to us. the snow plows are making a lot of progress. mainly on the main thorough fairs around here. you can check out this is sixth avenue, through downtown hendersonville. you can see down to the road there, you can also see where it's wet and the cold winds are going to make that ice over today. check out main street though. there is a lot of work to be done here. you can't even get down to the street itself. now, i just spoke with a henderson county emergency management worker. i asked him where the trouble spots are around town. he said the entire county is a trouble spot. he said it's just a sheet of ice
7:42 am
so, go slow if you are heading out the door this morning. we will send it over to lauren brigman. what do the roads look like there? >>lauren: i'm so sorry, hope. we are checking roads across buncombe county and i want to shows you first a beautiful image we have here. we are at beaver lake. and the lake is frozen over. this is just one of the beautiful signs of winter that we have though after this storm. we are still seeing snow blowing around here. we are on lake view road just behind beaver lake. but, take a look also at the roads here. now, as you make out of your driveway here in north asheville this morning, this is likely what you will encounter, snow covered roads. we are in four-wheel drive right now. that will definitely be needed if you plan on making your way out of your driveway onto any of the secondary roads especially. again, we are in four-wheel drive here. just behind beaver lake. we have been across buncombe county this morning, interstate routes are looking much better
7:43 am
still some ice in spots and blowing snow onto the roadways. but the dot crews have been working long, long hours working to clear those primary routes before moving on to the secondary routes, of course. but we have seen dot crews out from asheville all the way to fairview this morning. and again, checking those main routes, to the secondary roads, that's where you will see the trouble spots here this morning. but, again, we are checking in with dispatchers and the good news is we have not had any reports of accidents here over night in the last few hours. we have been checking in with them all morning and we have seen very few cars out. we are seeing more people begin to make their way out but again most people staying home, staying warm and that's the good thing to do. but, again, expect some dicey conditions on the secondary roads. we are live in buncombe county this morning, i'm lauren brigman, now let's take a look at conditions in haywood county with john ostendorff. >>reporter: thanks, lauren. we have really got about the same conditions here and again people, if you can avoid
7:44 am
best thing to do today. we have a snow plow that will come down sewcol road in a minute, dot crews have been working hard to keep this road clear. main roads in haywood county, i have been told are looking pretty good. as you can see they have been plowing very hardly, getting everything done. we have another plow following us, but again, if you can stay off the roads this morning, that's really the best thing to do. live in haywood county, john ostendorff, news 13. >>evan: well, make sure you join us for news 13 tomorrow morning. >>zack: we have the latest on the skywatch forecast plus a local yoga instructor fights for her life. her precious motivation to keep going. >>evan: and certain no parking signs on the blue ridge parkway, find out where they are installed. installed. >>ingrid: that's tomorrow on news 13. hopefully you can enjoy us. >>evan: people at brevard college, students build snowmen and oskt fights on campus.
7:45 am
and at the marble house the kids went sledding in the front yard. >>ingrid: they said it's as fun as a roller coaster and pointed utice been a while since we have had snow like this. they were right. >>evan: that's right. this is definitely the biggest snowstorm i have ever been in. raleigh, 12," this is the most. this is a lot of fun. >>ingrid: >>ingrid: are you a fan? >>evan: i love it. we have serious issues with people without power and obviously you want to be careful on the roads, but yeah, looks like a lot of people are having fun, but it's good. >>zack: you are new from the area, have you seen a giant snowstorm. >>ingrid: my first week on the air here we had a 10" of snow event and i was outside like hope and it was freedings cold. so it's fun to be in here. >>evan: i have been there. >>zack: i have been out there. the winds are whipping around today, they are going to see gusts up to 30 to 40 miles per hour. so, as john, lauren, hope, they were all saying it, stay indoors and stay off the roadways that will be the best. winter storm warning in effect
7:46 am
western north carolina. 7 p.m. this evening for those down in the upstate. seven-day forecast we are trying to thaw out but it will take a while due to just all the accumulation around the region. >>evan: keep the pictures and videos coming folks, we have great ones on the facebook page. check them out. >>ingrid: you have had a blast this morning. >>evan: there is a great tribute to an air force currently serving air force austin prez presley reed with a
7:47 am
check it good morning, america. happening right now, the blizzard of 2016. this is a storm for the history books. >> it's just going to get worse and it's going to get worse fast. >> as we speak, this monster is barreling up the east coast, 80 million people in its deadly path. warnings have been issued from alabama to new england. states of emergency declared up and down the east coast. wind gusts nearly 70 miles an
7:48 am
snowplows struggling to keep up.
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