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tv   Right Side With Armstrong Williams  ABC  January 24, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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3 good morning... it's sunday, january 24th.. i'm evan donovan. and i'm zack green. we want to thank you for being with us on this special "snow report" early edition of news 13 this 13 this early edition of "snow report" on this special being with us thank you for we want to green.3 we want to thank you for being with us on this special "snow report" early edition of news 13 this morning. we have team coverage of road conditions this morning... news 13's hope hanselman and lauren brigman are standing by to give us the latest updates. but let's start by getting the latest on the weather conditions from zack..
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3 the roads are icy and very slick this morning.. news 13's hope hanselman is monitoring them for us from clayton road in buncombe county. good morning hope... 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3
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3 mission hospital says today could be a very busy day when it comes to storm-related injuries... more people get-out and try to navigate icy sidewalks... or play in the snow. the hospital
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thursday. more than 500 staffers spent the night at the hospital friday night. 3 00:24:10:12 dr. mims we've got people sleeping in every open room, we're providing them meals, we actually bedded about 500 staff here in the hospital last night. we've had about three times the number of physicians staying in the hospital than we usually do so that people are assured that they are here. the hospital cafeteria has also been busy. part of the emergency plan includes feeding county workers who are out clearing roads. 3 3 this massive winter storm has clobbered the east coast.. dumping more than three feet of snow in parts of west virginia.. maryland and new york. chris welch has details on its far-reaching impact. 3 an epic and slow moving storm knocked out power for thousands.shut down cities. emptied airports and grounded flights.what's worse -- this historic storm has become deadly -- killing people from north carolina to new york. (mayor bill de blasio/new
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getting worse rapidly,"(nats) drivers in several states stranded in cars and trucks on the road.even emergency vehicles having trouble.(gov. tom wolf/(d) pennsylvania): "this is a historic snowstorm, this is a huge challenge"in pennsylvania -- hundreds of cars stranded for 20 hours on the turnpike.including busses of high school central kentucky -- some drivers stuck on the interstate for 19 hours.having to decide whether to stay warm and keep their cars running or conserve new york -- the governor imposed a travel ban for parts of the state -- to encourage people to go inside. (gov. andrew cuomo/(d) new york): "the situation is getting worse."the city that never sleeps will be a little quieter.all broadway shows -- canceled.bridges and tunnels leading in and out of the city have closed.and the n-y-p-d enforcing bans.looking at the blizzard from outer space -- you can see just how massive this storm is.and it will continue churning throughout the weekend -- with more people in it's path. 3 3
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3 pregant women craving things like dirt. the two things that could cause those bizaree cravings....and how to get rid of them. that's coming up in this weekends health wrap.
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3 some experts are changing their advice on the best time
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after a miscarriage. plus...from dirt to detergent...why do some women get those weird pregnancy cravings? news 13's darcel grimes has those stories and more in this weekends health wrap. 3 encouraging news for women who've had a miscarriage. they may not have to wait to try to have a baby again.. previous studies recommended women wait at least three months to rebuild their supply of folate or folic acid...that's the nutrient found in green leafy vegetables that helps prevent birth defects."but what the recent study showed was that it didn'seem to have an impact and actually patients have a better chance of getting pregnant soon after the loss,,than waiting after three months, or three to six months as the original recommendation 3
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3 3 3 3 3 in the winter, the ocean near seattle acts like a large radiator, slowly releasing heat stored up in previous months. 3 3 jui stwa ps icwakelkd inusg home. the ncr oithssisants f uorp ftwouo r brbueackkfs,as w bear attacked.
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this is gracey playing with a giant ( ) frisbee in the snow, i think in the pack there? >>zack: this is a shot of the mountains. that's what we have got. we have got a lot of great pictures from the last few days and we will be showing them to you. this is 91 year-old betty camulla of asheville and she is showing how much snow fell on her house. >>evan: that's a big ruler. >>zack: that's fantastic. >>evan: this is six year-old natalie in traveler's rest. aww, she made an olaf snowman. her grandfather greg coats sent that shot. keep the picks and videos coming, folks. this is one i took yesterday when i was driving around with one of our photographers. should be coming up right here. this is the entranceway going into the biltmore estate. many of you made this drive. you know how beautiful it is when you are driving through those windy roads, through that little forest through in biltmore. you come through the gates and i just wanted to see what it looked like, the biltmore in the snow.
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>>zack: wow. >>evan: the front lawn totally covered with white snow. it looks so great. keep your picks and videos, 13. >>hope: we are checking out the condition of primary roads within the city of asheville. coming up, we will tell you
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rest of the now, in high definition, from the western north carolina's
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