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tv   News 13 Sunday at 6am  WLOS  January 24, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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rest of the now, in high definition, from the western north carolina's news leader, this is news 13 this weekend here is a live look at i-26. toe trunk companies working overtime to help drivers who couldn't quite get through the winter mess. you can see the roads looking a little paveed but slick as well, especially true on secondary roads that are not getting plowed as frequently, sometimes not at all. we have team coverage of road kins. hope hanselman and lauren brigman are standing by to give us the updates. but first let's talk weather. >>zack: we are looking at some chilly temperatures across the board. wind chill values down to the single digits once again this morning. so, if you heading out to any decembertation first, still take the advice, maybe don't go on the roadways. the secondary roads are going to be the biggest issue with ice as well as snow and you are seeing that on the leicester carpet skycam network on black mountain. we are doing all we can to get the roads paved but there is still a whole lot of treatment to be done. 10 degrees right now out there and chilly conditions across the
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we are going to send it back out to evan, and where he is telling us where everyone in the field is. >>evan: primary roads like i-40 and i-26 look pretty good this morning. but the secondary roads are wet and icy. news 13's hope hanselman is monitoring conditions for us this morning. she on clayton road in buncombe county. good morning, hope? >>hope: good morning, evan. we made our away across clayton road which as you mentioned is very slick, very icy. still covered in snow. plows are just starting to get to those secondary roads. but, we wanted to show you brevard road here, and that looks really good. they have done a great job with clearing out these roads. we are having to trek through the snowpack along the side of the road. we are at the asheville outlet mall right there and the parking lots also look great. they have done a wonderful job but you can see how deep i'm standing in this snow. this is causing huge snow piles all around the city. it's going to be a huge effort
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you can see traffic moving by here on brevard road, pretty smoothly. now, the caution that i have for you guys though is, if you gain some confidence driving across these roads, you are likely to hit an icy patch at a high rate of speed and that's what is concerning to us. so, take it slow, even if it does look clear for the most part. up next, plows are working on the secondary roads. sardiss road being one of them ( ). pretty much everything downtown. we will travel around throughout the morning show to bring you a live look at conditions near where you live. we are going to send it out now thousand to lauren in henderson county. how is it looking out there? >>lauren: it's frozen tundra out here, hope. much of what you are seeing out there in buncombe county as well, i want to give you an idea of exactly how cold it is here in fletcher. we are off butler bridge road. i pulled up the news 13 weather app. you can download this on your phone just as easy, but right
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are standing at butler bridge road it's 15 degrees but with the wind chill it feels like 3 degrees. my photographer, todd robins told me a few minutes ago, he said this is lip numbing weather. so, if hope and i start to stutter it's because it's just so cold out here. this means all that snow is beginning to freeze as well, because temperatures are so cold. so, you're going to see snow piles like this, but then when you try to knock them down it's solid ice. so, be careful as you are having snowball fights because you may be picking up chunks of ice. butler bridge behind me, this is one of the roads henderson county dispatchers say many drivers have been calling in and reportingreporting as slick and of course you can see why. they have had trouble spots where it intersects with hendersonville road, and people have actually had to abandon their cars overnight because it is so slick. we didn't see any of those cars, unfortunately, when we came here around 5:30. again, watch out for the bridges and overpasses as well. they may be especially slick this morning.
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brigman, news 13. >>evan: dozens of car accidents littered the roads across north carolina, since this winter storm began. governor pat mccrory talked about those issues at a press conference in raleigh on saturday. he said the dot has done great job in tough conditions clearing all the roads but despite everything they have done, it has still been a deadly storm. >> since our briefing yesterday, sadly, there's also been two fatalities, two additional fatalities which means that the total is up now to 6, which is a fairly high number compared to previous storms. and our prayers and condolences are with all of their families. >>evan: a college student whose vehicle was overturned in hickory and a young boy who died in a crash on i-77 were the latest two fatalities. mission hospital says today could be a busy day for doctors treating storm-related injuries. they are expecting more people in the emergency room due to falls and accidents in the snow. the hospital launched its emergency plan thursday.
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staff and keeping them there. >> we have people sleeping in every open room. they have got -- providing them males. we actually bedded about 500 staff here in the hospital last night. we have had about three times the number of patients staying in the hospital than we usually do. so, that people are assured they are here. >>evan: mission's emergency plan also includes feeding county workers who are out clearing roads, so, the hospital cafeteria has also been pretty busy. the winter storm that hit us here in the mountains headed north and blasted the news. new york got slammed with at least double the expected amount of snowfall. that prompted officials to shut down commuter trains and ban travel on streets, highways and bridges. the mayor of new york says police will enforce that ban. >> if you have taken your car out for any reason, turn around and go home right now. >>evan: people in the washington, dc and virginia area got up to three feet or more of
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five states along the east coast have declared states of emergency because of the winter storm. we will continue to run all the closings and cancellations we have at the bottom of your screen throughout our news cast. most events like concerts and shows have been postponed. so, if you have plans, it is a good idea to call ahead. news 13's been keeping you up to date on every moment of the storm. after the show we will continue to track slick road conditions and post any updates to the forecast on you can also go there to sign up for text alerts, for weather and school and church closings. we will post more updated information to our facebook and twitter pages. the buncombe county sheriff offense office is asking for help finding a missing teen. deputies say 17 year-old sheeramiller was last seen in weaverville.
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au?i2so*>arxn10dn,ui knc6>zack: more flakes possibly, the next chance for rain and snow tuesday and wednesday, nothing in terms of an impact. all the impact it seems right now are in place. so, again, if you are heading out on the roads early on this morning, we want to take our time. and maybe if you can hunker down for one more day, that would be best, because the chance of thaw as we have been mentioning will be returning for the upcoming week. 50s back in the forecast and dare i say 60? oh, find out after the break.
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>>zack: good morning, a quiet start to the day, you have not heard that in a while. a little bit of blue is still popping up on your screen. we will zoom across the north carolina and tennessee border. the highest of elevations. the biggest brunt of the storm, now puts us far off to the north and east and actually going to be moving off the eastern seaboard but not without leaving big implications from new york city down to washington, dc, baltimore to philadelphia area, even in parts of new england as well got hit pretty hard. but, we saw those impacts in western north carolina as well. if you are heading out on the roadway this morning, take a look at these temperatures.
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on the road, we are looking at icy and slick conditions. even if the roads are paveed, we are going to see some of that water and some of that freezing still returning. so, you might see some clearing conditions but take your time. if you can hunker down one more day, that would be best. the sustained winds above 20 miles per hour. we saw the gusts rushing through yesterday. 35, if not 40 miles per hour winds. but, the wind chill values will be chilly again, feeling like 3 degrees in asheville. if you are heading out, heavy jackets. bringing the hats, scarves, gloves, everything you need to keep warm especially with the kids as well. make sure the pets are not staying out too long. i don't think power outages are going to be an issue today, but we still want to make sure that the essentials are still in the house. flip this into motion, watch this, the thine high level clouds are going to be gone and we are bringing in the sunshine and blue sky for the majority of the day. much more of the same overnight bringing us into tomorrow
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to be very cold once again. and i think we will keep with that trend as we head towards each morning, but then by the afternoon hours things are changing a little bit. our highs are going to be into the 50s. take a look at this though, rain chances returning again late day on tuesday as we make our way into wednesday morning. we could shift that with just a few snowflakes overall. little accumulation, little in terms of impact. i think we will have the thawing process already starting. even as early as this afternoon. with that sunshine. and we will keep things more so on the warm track as we make our way into the upcoming week. but, hovering around our average for the time of year, this afternoon. the seven-day forecast, 50 monday. 50 once again on tuesday. back down into the low 40s for wednesday as we start to mix in a few flakes. partly cloudy conditions an a little more shine sunshine will return. look at saturday, a 55 degrees
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60 degrees as we finish up january. >>evan: wow. pretty impressive. >>zack: a bit of a roller coaster out there. >>evan: no kidding. up and down. laura fish of hendersonville used our on-line "see it, shoot it, send it" feature. and she sent us this shot of bentley playing hide and seek somewhat snow. look at that. >>zack: you can send your pictures and video, too, make sure you turn that phone horizontally and e-mail >>evan: that's right. we will be right back with more coverage of this winter weather, including the story of two buncombe county women and the storm they will never forget. >> remember you can get your daily skywatch weather forecast sent to your phone even if you can't tune in to watch.
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>>evan: some kids in mission hospital couldn't get outside, so staff brought buckets of snow inside for them to play. some got to go outside, including 12 year-old gracie sweat, she was in the hospital for 8 days and will be there for another two weeks for treatment. gracie said seeing snowfall, thinking she might miss the snow outside, nurse meghan brought her good news. >> i kind of like to make snow angels, and just like walk around in it.
6:16 am
fibrosis keeps her mostly hospitalized so this playtime was a welcome treat. you probably remember what you were doing when the blizzard of' 93 hit. major weather events have a way of making a mark on our memory. jennifer i'm rick brings us two things that will ( ) never be forgotten. >>reporter: howling winds and blowing snow are forever etched in brianna avery's mind. >> sooks as soon as it started snowing, i started having contraction, just like everyone said. >>reporter: getting to mission hospital part of the battle. >> when you slide and have a contraction at the same time, that's not fun. >>reporter: her own chaos at the height of the storm, from the father's nervous reaction. >> he lost it. yes, he lost it all the way. >>reporter: to a blackout. >> we were without power for a while. >> so you want me down the aisle? you have to hold my hand. >>reporter: it's the same chaos that nearly cut short rachel watkin's dream of a winter wonderland wedding
6:17 am
>> we thought we would have to cancel our photographer, our d.j. >> a bridesmaid is snowed in, along with a wedding singer, replaced with a recording, and rescheduling not an option. >> today would have been my grandparents' 59th wedding anniversary and a lot of who i am is because of them and how they helped, you know, my mom raise me. >>reporter: while both won't likely forget the events of the last two days, when they look back, it will not be what didn't happen . . . but fond memories and a few good stories. >> the people who are supposed to be here, are here. >> it's perfect. it's going in her baby boom. >>reporter: jennifer emerich, news 13. >>lauren: from snow to ice. that's what you will find on
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>>zack: we are looking at clear conditions all across the board. the crowds moved out, but the snow has left its impact. and on top of that, it is a very cold day. 21 miles per hour winds right sustained in asheville. we are seeing those bhip around all across the mountains. i think things are calming down, but it will be a very chilly start with wind chill values down even into the single digits. much more of the same down in the upstate. 22 degrees in greenville. as i mentioned, we are seeing a lot of snow on the ground this morning.
6:21 am
record january was friday, so if you can hunker down before the thaw happens it will be better advice for today. >>evan: time is 6:23. we will check back in with lauren brigman. she is live in henderson county with the latest road conditions. >>lauren: hi, evan. yeah, i want to show you what we are dealing with this morning. as zack mentioned, we are going to have a lot of thawing out and then refreezing. so we have a lot of this podry snow left in henderson county. you can kind of dig into it there. but then you walk just feet away here, and you're getting all of this ice. so, this is what's underneath that layer of snow. this is what we are seeing out here just off of butler bridge road. parking lots are going to look like this. a lot of secondary roads, even though the interstate routes like i-26 making their way into henderson county, they were fairly, you know, very good conditions, considering all the winter weather we have had, but as you make your way onto the secondary roads, the offramps, things of that nature, is where the problem lies. so even though the interstate
6:22 am
still a lot of problem areas out there across western north carolina. we are here off butler bridge road, one of the dispatchers say others have reported icy conditions and we have shown you that all morning. we will give you another live look. hope hanselman and myself are coming up at 6:30. live in fletcher, lauren brigman, news 13. >>evan: coming up, we will take a look at the viewer
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you should want your banking to be too. stop into td bank and we'll help set you up with picture perfect banking. new customers, open a checking and savings account and you can get a polaroid cube+ video camera on the spot. >>evan: news 13 viewers have flooding our facebook page with pictures of the storm. >>zack: this is sure to get you into the sunday spirit. >>evan: that's elizabeth mainer sending this photograph in getting ready for today's big game with the panthers' fan snowman in forest city. >>zack: kevin jennings sent this picture, it's a surfing snow dude. you see the boogy board. he is originally from florida so appropriately he's bringing up some sunshine.
6:24 am
there. they look like real feet, with flip-flops. we have been showing you a lot of these. we firmly believe you can never have too many dog pictures. this one is from maryya angel in ( ) alexander. so cute. snow cute. >>zack: snow cute! snowball, what snowball? this is sent to us from mary hitchens from old fort. he is eating it. >>evan: maria hutchens. she looks serious. she will toss that snowball at your head. we would love to see your pictures and videos. >>zack: send it to and thank you for sharing them with us. >>evan: you can also put them on our facebook page, 13. >>lauren: not all primary roads in buncombe county are totally cleared.
6:25 am
you will need to watch out now, in high definition, from the western north carolina's news leader, this is news 13 this weekend. >>evan: here is a live look this morning from, you know where. that's times square in new york city. this historic winter storm is wrecking havoc, in washington, new york, philadelphia, several states along the east coast. now under states of emergency and the snow is still coming down in some places. we will get to that in a few minutes. but first, a look at how this winter storm is impacting us locally. >>zack: whoa, we saw a lot of snow. even above a foot in many mountain locations. upwards of 16" in some localized spots. asheville alone, 10.6," the fifth snowiest day on record for the month of january. so, yes, we will have a lot to deal with in the next few days in terms of thawing and road preparation. we have crews out there on the scene. >>evan: that's right. we have live team coverage with hope hanselman and lauren brigman. they are monitoring the road conditions for us. and i know, zack, you said most of the winter storm left us already. we still are left with the ice
6:26 am
what's it going to look like today? >>zack: we are looking at sunshine back in the forecast. clear conditions that's the good news, but, man, it will be chilly. grab the heavier jackets and cats and scarfs, everything you need to stay warm if you are heading outdoors today. still telling folks to stay off the roadways if you can, because there is ice and there's snow covering that on top. so, we will send it back to evan who will send it out to our live team coverage. and then we have the latest. >>evan: that's right. we will look at the road conditions in a moment, but this is some from yesterday. this tractor trailer caused issues on i-40 in buncombe county. that was right near the ridge crest exit. troopers say the big rig driver had some problems. he pulled over to the shoulder when his truck broke down. when he tried to pull back onto the road, the trailer slid off the pavement and into that snow bank there. one of those eastbound lanes was shut down for a short time until a wreck pulled that trucker out. the record-breaking snow across the mountains has now started to melt and freeze overnight. the slick conditions are
6:27 am
news 13's lauren brigman is live for us this morning. she has a look at what's going on in henderson county. >>lauren: good morning, evan. yes, that ice is a big issue out here on the roads and if you're just out trying to have a snowball fight, be careful as you are trying to pack the snowball, because here, this might be a perfect one. but be careful if you try to throw that at someone because it's solid ice. you are going to find that underneath that layer of snow on the roads as well. we have been showing you butler bridge road out here in fletcher. that's one area of concern this morning. so, even though those interstates are looking good this morning, icy conditions remain on secondary roads. another thing to look out for, all of these snow piles that you're going to see likely going to be solid ice as well. so, just use caution if you are venturing out though, as zack has been mentioning all morning, maybe if you give it just one more day, by tomorrow we may see conditions improving as they are expecting to warm up. you know, later today. but right now, h he in fletcher, temperatures are about
6:28 am
chill, it feels like 3 degrees. so, very lip-numbing conditions as my photographer todd has said all morning. it is still very chilly out there. so, remember to bundle the kids up as well as they are going out to play in the snow. you know the girls are holding down the fort this morning. i'm in henderson county. hope hanselman is in buncombe county. so we are going to check in with her now to see on what she is seeing out there off clayton road. good morning, hope. >>pe: good morning, lauren. that's right. you have your "a-team" on the road condition report this morning. we are joining you from sand hill road, where it meets sardiss road? ( ) buncombe county and the reason we stopped here, is because we wanted to show you that just because a road is primary, first priority for city and county crew, even dot crews, it doesn't mean it's totally out of the woods. take a look at some of the conditions along sand hill road here. and just down the road, i'm going to point you in this direction.
6:29 am
here, but it is still patchy and there's certainly areas of ice, black ice, snowpack. you have all of that to look out for this morning. as we said though, cars are moving along here. we are definitely seeing more people out on the road than over the last few days. and the main concern this morning is secondary roads. lauren mentioned it also. we caught video this morning of a plow going by clayton road. that plow was just really bumping along the surface of the ice because it's so thick. ? also, i want to warn you, as i came down my stairs this morning, i have to admit they were not shoveled. my back is sore enough from shoveling snow all weekend and if you're in the club, i commend you for doing that. because this is the snow that we are dealing with today. it is so icy, so thick, we can hardly kick it around. that's going to be really hard for you to move away from your
6:30 am
that's going to be trouble for everyone this morning. another reason to stay home until the temperatures get warm enough to start melting some of this. as we said, throughout buncombe county,hey are now focusing primarily on the secondary roads. the ones closer to your house. there's so many private roads though that have not been touched in the county. use caution as you head out the door. take extra time. prepare for some of that black ice that we are seeing throughout the area. reporting live in asheville, hope hanselman, news 13. >>evan: dot and city crews continue working at this hour treating roadways. in of the interstates cleared of the snow, but some of that freezing water has contributed to some black ice. drivers who did venture out found the secondary roads were the most difficult to navigate. >> i see people in the ditch. i see people having to get rides. but i also see a lot of people out for a sunday stroll.
6:31 am
removing snow from the downtown area is in just a few hours. this morning the massive blizzard blanketing much of the east coast is out but it left behind a record-amount of snow. dangerous conditions and power outages. kenneth moton is in washington, dc with the latest. >>reporter: this morning, blizzard 2016 proved to be one for the record book. >> oh, yeah, it's no fun. >> no fun at all? >> no, it's not a winter wonderland. >>reporter: the massive storm and strong winds dumped up to 2 feet of snow in some parts, and crippling major cities like dc, baltimore and philadelphia. in new york city, a travel ban was in effect to clear the roads. >> unless it is truly an emergency, you should not be on the road. >> but the worst of the storm damage is happening right now in the jersey shore. horrible. it's cutting you up. the sand and the rain? >>reporter: more than three years after superstorm sandy
6:32 am
major coastal flooding. in ocean city, chunks of ice floating in the street. homes underwater in atlantic city. cars submerged. >> and just like sandy, the storm was also deadly. many of the deaths on icy roadways. in pennsylvania, an 86-mile stretch of the pennsylvania turnpike was closed. hundreds of vehicles stranded, including a bus carrying duquesne ( ) university basketball team. now crews are working to dig out roads and airports up and down the east coast in cities buried by historic snowfall. >> exact snowfall totals are coming in but they are expected to be record breaking. right now cities like dc are trying to figure out if they will be up and running for the work week. kenneth moton, abc new, washington. >>evan: the eye-opening snow totals come with a painful price from sledding to shoveling, the injuries are mounting. experts are already seeing people hurt in the snow. it's been a busy weekend at strauss park, one of the regular
6:33 am
mission hospital has already seen six patients who came in for sledding-related injuries. across the country an estimated 20,000 people per year get hurt in such accidents. >> i think yesterday one of the busiest things we saw in the e.d. were sledding accidents so always encourage folks to wear helmets when they are sledding and to know where they are sledding. oftentimes there is water at the bottom of the hill. we don't want the kids going into the water. so think about safety when out sledding. >>evan: the location is often the key to sledding safely. don't pick a hill too sleep or too close to a street. along with sledding and slipping, snow shoveling sends close to 11,000 people per year to the hospital with back injuries and heart attacks in the worst cases. when walking in the snow, experts say take shorter steps and if you do fall, don't put all the pressure on your wrists to break that fall. news 13's been keeping you up to date on every moment of this storm. after the show, we will continue to track slick road conditions. we will also post any updates to
6:34 am
you can go there to sign up for text alerts. you can check weather and school and church closings. we will also post updated information to our facebook and twitter pages. well, zack, looks like we will have the most -- most of the storm is gone now, it's obviously moving away from the east coast up in the northeast. >>zack: right. >>evan: today we are dealing with the aftermath. >>zack: yes, but it is a big one, not just for us in the mountains but across the eastern seaboard. you saw it in that story earlier i. is going to be a few days before we thaw out all of this accumulation. upwards of a foot in many mountain locations. sunshine returning today. the chance of thaw is going to be seen for the upcoming work week. but, there is another system that's going to be in play with our next chance for rain and snow. i will let you know when that's coming up after the break. break. >>evan: you can still tune in and watch the news live on your web site, on our web site or your mobile device. go to and click "watch live" to check it out.
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now, in high definition, this is your news 13 skywatch forecast. you all. looking at a clearer start to the day. you have not heard those words for a few days. and a lot of folks saying enough is enough. and i do think the flakes are gone at this point. still a few of the highest of elevations right across the north carolina and tennessee border through swain county. a little bit further to the north and east. but overall, the brunt of the impact moved far off to the east at this point: but not without leaving an incredible amount of snow up and down the eastern seaboard.
6:38 am
talking about 40" of snowfall. an absolutely incredible amount. it did not come without impact. we are seeing the icy roadways and the snow as well. it's blowing across. we are still seeing the winds gusting a little bit. so, right now, our temperatures are at 19 degrees in asheville. but those are ambient temperatures. certainly not what it will be feeling like if you step out the door in the early morning. 21 miles per hour, that's what we are whipping around right now. we saw those gusts pushing 35-45 miles per hour yesterday. now it will be much more of the same this morning, with wind chill values down into the single digits for many mountain locations. slightly warmer, but we are only going to call it relative for those down in the upstate. those clearer skies are leading their way to chilly air for today. but we will try to rebound temperatures for tomorrow, as we have high pressure dominating and we bring back the sunshine. so this is going to continue to be the case today and tomorrow. by tuesday, an area of low pressure with a cold front that will sweep into the ridge picking up precipitation but
6:39 am
make our way into you tuesday and wednesday. we can see a few flakes overall but no accumulation across our board. really, the impacts is from friday's event bringing in through the weekend. take a look at this. clear conditions going into lunchtime. very calm wind. that's what you see with the light arrows with longer vectors. you have increased winds, not the case today, hovering around 10 miles per hour. thin, high level clouds overnight bringing us into tomorrow morning. so, a chilly start to our work week. but, we are going to keep things on the clear side for monday. it's tuesday and wednesday that we start to ramp up those storm chances. now, it's in the late day on tuesday, and when we get that chill in the overnight hours, we will transition things into wednesday morning, mixing in just a little bit of flurries. this is going to be very wet snow. and, again, little impact; little accumulation. a quick stint for the system moving to the east quickly and your seven-day forecast in a moment is going to show you we bring in sunshine on the way for thursday and friday. that's exactly what we are going to see this afternoon.
6:40 am
majority of the region. down closer to the 50 degrees mark and take a look at this, that's moving further east, charlotte, 52 degrees. i know everyone is looking forward to that gain game today. it will be clear out there for the panthers and, yes, my patriots are in denver. a chilly game for both of us. 50s tuesday, back in the low 40s with a chance of rain and snow tuesday into wednesday morning and sunshine with a rebound of temperatures by the end of the week. >>evan: coming up, questions about a no-parking sign on the
6:41 am
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>>evan: now that winter is setting in, traffic is thinning out on the blue ridge parkway, but some visitors who use the parkway all week long are puzzled by the place of employment of a new random "no parking" signs on the parkway. this is a question for "ask 13"
6:43 am
he says why is there a no parking sign on mile marker 386, since there are no other no parking signs at all. that's a great question. rangers at the parkway agreed. we traveled to mile marker 386 and steven is right. there is a no parking sign at the pull-off. we drove a good stretch of the parkway and we couldn't find any others. turns out the parkway did a study in 2012 of 40 pull-offs just like this one near the asheville corridor. they are unofficial parking place, like at trail heads and lookouts and what they found is that half of them were causing erosion, damaging the road or plants and other vegetation, so they put up no parking signs. the park rangers say there is another reason that it went up at this spot. >> the biggest concern we had is because of where it's placed you couldn't see to get out of the parking lot and with it getting increasingly muddy and difficult to get out because it was eroding right next to the road
6:44 am
figured it was becoming more and more unsafe for visitors. >>evan: so along the 469-mile parkway, some of these unofficial pull offs have been marked with no parking signs primarily because they are dangerous or people are damaging there. rangers prefer that visitors use the clearly marked parking lots at lookout, v vitors centers or pull offs where there is a hard surface and parking is permitted. park rangers say some pull offs are not closed to parking because they have been built up with gravel or other materials to protect against erosion, so the no parking sign means it can be unsafe for a variety of reasons. if you have a question for u write us at ""." >> here is a live look from blowing rock this morning. you can see pretty mild out there. not a lot of precipitation falling. but they certainly got a lot of snow as well. we will be right back after the break with some live team weather coverage right here at home.
6:45 am
>> jui stwa ps icwakelkd inusg home. the ncr oithssisants f uorp ftwouo r brbueackkfs,as w bear attacked. it devoure with one swipe, nts. d one of the croissa en jack showed upof the beast and took care . , so i could escape and atkf'sas wt hacrt oihassppanent.ed to your brthea and yours? it with yourself. fr eshlyshare ke sd auegsag gewi,th ham and
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i get out of work and i go to the store, and somebody's, smellin' around, "mmm! i smell cookies." i say, "oh no, you just smell me.
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that's honey bunches of oats, that's all." i say "don't eat me now." >>zack: welcome back. another chilly start to the day but the snow is already on the ground. we are actually going to be looking at clear conditions as we we head out the door in the early morning but we are still advising folks if you can hopinger down and stay off the roadways, please do so. the ice and the snow are going to be covering especially the secondary roads now.
6:48 am
be cleared at times but you are still going to have slippery spots. so it is a bit of a concern with some hazardous travel this morning. the winds whipping around at 21 miles per hour. 19 degrees is what it is in terms of ambient temperature in asheville. going to be feeling more like the single digits. grab the heavy jacket, the glove, the hat, whatever you need to stay warm and it is going to be cold all day long. the 50s return for tomorrow as well as tuesday. but, rain could be on the way for the middle of the week. >> >>evan: thank, zack. we will continue live team coverage with hope hanselman. she is in buncombe county and, hope, we have been talking about it all morning. slick road conditions still a concern. >>hope: they are, absolutely, evan. that's why we have so many church closings to tell you about. they are scrolling on the bottom of the screen right now in t t scroll and you can find them on the news 13 app. just hit the list button in the corner and you will find school closings listed there and then alphabetically many churches across the mountains, not all of
6:49 am
closed and that is because secondary roads are a problem today. now, the city of asheville has a plan to get everything back to normal. they are taking front end loaders and bringing them into the central business district to remove those big piles of snow. they are taking all of that snow out of the parking lot of mccormick field. elsewhere throughout the county, we are on sand hill road right now. where it meets sar disroad. you can see some of the patchy areas along the road here. just because a rote road is a first priority for the city and county does not necessarily mean it is totally clear. we have got a little traffic going by us now. they are taking it slow, which isood. be prepared to head out the door. maybe 10-20 miles slower than you normally would. even if you think the road is clear, there are many icy spots ththughout this county and it is cold today. so, whatever was melting
6:50 am
reporting live in asheville, hope hanselman, news 13. >>evan: : ming up, an old mode
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see your doctor if your asthma does not improve or gets worse. ask your doctor if 24-hour breo could be a missing piece for you. see if you're eligible for 12 months free at >>evan: well, this adorable video is getting a lot of attention. we have kids getting a sleigh ride in style. >>zack: this the not shot in alaska but arlington, virginia. >>evan: look at that.
6:53 am
>>zack: that's cruising, too. >>evan: yeah he is. >>zack: he wants that snow. >>evan: right? >>zack: i love that. parts of virginia, 40". >>evan: that is wild. >>zack: a remarkable amount of snow up there. >>evan: really shutting thins down around the nation's capitol. it's tough for those people to deal with i. would be tough for anyone to deal with. >>zack: we have had a foot. we are talking two more feet on top of that. really impressive numbers was you make your way further north. devastating impact as well. we can see some impacts here with road condition, slippery through the morning hours. >>lauren: just minutes ago we saw a driver get stuck at the intersection of asheville highway and south maple road in fletcher. i'm news 13's lauren brigman. we spoke with the driver. coming up i will tell you what
6:54 am
for on the now, in high definition, from the western north carolina's news leader, this is news 13 this weekend. >>evan: here is a live look at i-26 this morning. sun is coming up. tow truck companiesxw6bu29kjc_&gvscd8q13- cwyx k getting plowed as frequently. sometimes not even at all. and those are the big concerns for you here this morning. we have live team coverage of road conditions and news 13's hope hanselman and lauren
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